The Whispering Verses Chapter 493: Gifts in dreams


“What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Shade stopped and showed an expression that suddenly sounded like there was no gas in the house, the doctor asked doubtfully.


Shad couldn’t even control his voice. He looked eagerly at Dr. Schneider in the bright yellow light of the streetlight:

“You mean, you can hide things in dreams?”

“Of course, skilled ring warlocks who are proficient in psychic and dream abilities can do it, but what’s wrong with you?”

Dr. Schneider is very worried:

“Is Jinweis’ dream just now still affecting you? Do you need me to do a simple check-up for you?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Xia De can’t wait to get the answer at this time:

“Doctor, I want to say that the poet-level relic [The Dream of St. Byrons Comprehensive College] used to determine whether St. Byrons Comprehensive College really existed when I enrolled in school was from the early days of the establishment of the college. Does it exist? ”

Xia De asked an irrelevant question, and the doctor nodded in surprise:

“Of course, it was the dream of the founder of the academy, the legendary thirteen-ring warlock and witch Miss Feliana. Of course, it existed when the academy was established.”

Shad almost had an expression of ecstasy on his face:

“So the first time I heard Miss Mary Feliana’s name was when you introduced the relic to me?”

The doctor couldn’t understand Shade even more, but he still nodded:

“Although I am not you, I can answer, yes. After all, didn’t you just come into contact with the field of occultism at that time? It can even be said that you just had your own memory ability.”

As he answered, he looked at Shade up and down very worriedly, as if he was really worried that Shade was still affected by the dream.

Shad looked up at the mist over Tobesk, at the three moons behind the mist, and in a trance he saw Miss Feliana and the moon witch Miss Olanode:

“I asked the librarian about the rules that had always existed for admission. At that time, I actually ignored it. When I heard her name for the first time, it turned out to be like this. I didn’t expect this!”

He said words intermittently that the doctor could not understand, and then suddenly took Dr. Schneider’s hand and shook it:

“Doctor, I really want to thank you this time, thank you very much!”

Xia De had a serious smile on his face. Although the doctor didn’t know what happened, he still said:

“Well, I hope I can help you. If you have any psychological problems recently, you can always come to me.”

The doctor was very worried about Sha De’s mental state.

“No problem, I’m healthy.”

As he said that, Shade pretended to show his pocket watch again:

“Look, doctor, it’s so late, and I suddenly remembered that I still have some urgent matters to deal with. Then I’ll leave it to you to report the news about Jin Weis to the church. I really want to go home. It’s urgent, I really can’t wait to go home.”

“Then you go back first.”

The doctor nodded somewhat at a loss. Shade showed a big smile to the doctor, then let go of the doctor’s hand and ran quickly to the intersection.

The doctor looked at his released hand, stood under the streetlight of Lewis Street, and looked at Shade’s back in astonishment:

“Could it be that No. 6 of Saint Teresa Square is influencing him? Are you in such a hurry to go home?”

The middle-aged psychiatrist muttered to himself. Seeing Xia running away, he looked back at the location of Black Corner Alley:

“Or is the power of the devil affecting him? If I had known that Luther King Weiss had the power of the devil, I should not have brought the detective here. Although it is only a very slight power, it still affects the weak ring warlock. There is a threat.”

Looking upward, towards the attic of the Jinweis family, eyes narrowed slightly:

“Fortunately, the detective found nothing.”

He said softly, and his tone suddenly became stern:

“So, this is why you told me that Luther Kingwes can extract soul crystals?”

The doctor’s left eye glowed slightly with red light. He made a gesture of listening, and looked at the attic with a somewhat angry expression:

“I know he’s fine this time. But I also said, don’t make your own decisions. What if the detective is really affected?”

Dr. Schneider looked down at his palm again. When he shook his fingers, there was a dark crystal in his palm. The thick pus was trapped inside the crystal, squirming like a living thing.

He said softly:

“Fortunately, I have extracted the power of the devil, otherwise I will definitely get into trouble when I report Jinweis to the church. But where does this devil come from?”

The doctor threw the crystal into his mouth, chewed it a few times and then made a swallowing motion:

“It’s delicious.”

Licking his lips, he frowned and looked up at the gloomy night sky in Tobesk. The mist and clouds blocked the stars and the three-wheeled moon, and only the weak moonlight shone down. Today is not a good weather:

“Well, this is the smell of human pus? This ancient evil actually appeared in Tobesk? This is really not good.”

He muttered to himself and twitched his nose:

“The stench of the devil has come to Tobesk.”

Moving his steps, he entered the shadow that was not illuminated by the street lights. Only his scarlet eyes were still shining:

“It’s really troublesome.” (Devil language)

(Little Mia is running)

When Iluna, who visited Shade early in the morning, sat down at the dining table on the second floor of Saint Teresa Square, what she saw was Shade’s excited expression:

“Did you accidentally take any stimulant drugs for breakfast?”

The girl with long brown hair said slowly, waving to the cat squatting on the table. The orange cat looked at her lazily, then turned its back to her.

“Xia De, is it because you are so excited that something good happened to you?”

The seventeen-year-old girl asked with a smile.

“Of course! I borrowed the poet-level relic [Dream of St. Byrons Comprehensive Academy] from St. Byrons on the grounds that I wanted to understand the [Sleeping] Spirit Rune! For this kind of special-purpose relic, the academy usually I couldn’t lend it out, so I used the librarian’s connections!”

“Have you borrowed it?”

Actually, Iluna didn’t know much about the relics that Shade mentioned.

“Yes, the college asked me to pay a rent of 5 pounds, and the relic can be delivered over the weekend through the poem manuscript pages in my hand. Today is Wednesday, and there are two days left!”

When Xia De spoke, the joy on his face could not be concealed at all. Although Iluna didn’t know the cause and effect of this incident, she still congratulated Shade for encountering a good thing.

Iluna came to visit this time to hand over the two holy emblem brooches of the Sun God [Old Man with the Lamp] that she had made into the hands of Shade and Luvia. Such a powerful alchemy item not only requires precious materials, but is also quite labor-intensive to make, causing great damage to Iluna’s own spirit and spirit.

She could only make these two brooches in the short term, but that was enough. After leaving Shade in a while, she has to go to the Prophet’s Association to hand another brooch to the female fortune teller.

“You happen to be here. When you go to see Luvia later, give this to her.”

Shad stood up from the dining table, took out a letter from the study and handed it to Iluna, indicating that she could read it at will:

“This is what I experienced last night. I encountered something related to Darkness.”

“Why does he always meet you? No, why do you always meet him?”

The seventeen-year-old girl was surprised at first, and then started joking. She opened the letter and read it, and Shade directly concluded:

“Although he only encountered a very slight force, it can be known from this that Darkness did not go directly to the location of the [Dark Realm]. And from the fact that he risked releasing [Human Pussy] to absorb negative emotions, Look, the injuries he suffered in Coldwater Port are probably not healed yet. Please help me ask Luvia whether the pus released by the Human Pussy Demon can only corrode a few targets, or can it be released on a large scale.”

“I know this. The church has given me a lot of information about human pus demons recently. Releasing a large amount of pus will cause the demon itself to be weak, because it is made of those puss. What do you think the demon looks like now? It has a mouth, and it needs the help of relics to speak, which shows that after breaking away from the seal this time, although it coexists with humans, it has not returned to its most powerful period, and it is absolutely impossible to release its pus on a large scale.”

Eluna said that during the two weeks that Shade was renovating the house and handling the commission, the two girls had made a lot of preparations to deal with Darkness.

“That’s it, I understand.”

Xia De nodded, the expression on his face recovered from joy:

“Iluna, you and Luvia should discuss whether to report the news to the church. It is best to let the church stop him in the city. If he still enters the [Darkness] Field], let’s take the risk again.”

“Can’t you come with me to find Luvia? From your place to the Prophet’s Association, walk quickly, you can walk there in ten minutes.”

Eluna asked doubtfully:

“Shad, do you have anything else to do?”

“Yes, I need to find someone to deal with some casting materials. And I just received the letter. I am going to see a twelve-ring warlock in the afternoon to ask about the [Light] Spirit Rune. You also know, [Darkness] The demons in the realm need the [Light] Spirit Rune to destroy them. Oh, and I’m going to attend Queen Diana’s birthday party at the Yodel Palace in the evening, so I need to prepare clothes in advance.”

Shad pointed to Miss Carina’s letter on the dining table and the invitation she received when she and Tifa went home last time.

The girl with long brown hair pursed her lips, her emotions can be easily read from her face:

“Oh, the banquet will be very interesting. It’s a pity that I have a task tonight, otherwise I must get an invitation letter from the church.”

The look of envy on her face was completely undisguised, and with Iluna’s current status, it was not difficult to get an invitation from the Church of the Sun.

“Then Shade, go have fun. Now that Darkness has entered the city, I think the matter about the second chosen one may end at any time. Whether it is the church or us, once they encounter each other head-on Darkness, then it will be the final battle. Relax before the battle. I still miss the scene where everyone danced together at the banquet where you were enthroned.”

She lowered her head to fold the letter written by Shade to Luvia. Shade stroked the cat that squatted obediently beside her hand, and the cat also rubbed Shade’s hand.

He thought for a while and asked:

“If you are not in a hurry to return to Blackstone Security Company, would you like to dance with me here?”

Xia De pointed to the open space in the living room:

“In front of the window, in the sunshine. But there are no guests, no beautiful dresses, and no music.”


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