The Whispering Verses Chapter 492: Hidden things in dreams


The red light in Luther King Weiss’s right eye, which was covered in black pus, became even stronger. Following his astonishing roar, Jinwes waved his right hand and made another forward diving gesture.

Only this time, he didn’t come with flames and heat waves. His body actually disappeared in the air, and then appeared directly in front of Sha De.


Without time to dodge, Shade could only raise his two-handed sword with his right hand and hold the sword behind him with his left hand to block.


The huge right hand was like swatting a fly, knocking Shade away.

Above the sea of ​​fire, the moonlight sword turned into dots of silver light and disintegrated in the air due to the huge collision. Shade, who was in the air, fell backwards with his hands and feet falling forward.

After falling to the ground, he had no time to get up, and immediately rolled sideways in the sea of ​​fire, avoiding the giant black hand that hit the ground.

While the opponent slowly raised his arm again, Shade stood up and summoned the moonlight sword again. Holding the sword in both hands, he slashed twice more on the black pus in front of him, and then immediately stepped back:

“Doctor! How can the other party move in space!”

He shouted at the top of his lungs.

“He is the master of dreams, and whatever he does is normal! But don’t worry, after we broke into this place, I used thaumaturgy to make the rules of the dream closer to the real world. After all, the other party is not a ring warlock and will not appear. Even more exaggerated abilities, and the so-called space movement, cannot be used often. ”

Dr. Schneider’s voice came from the left side of the first floor, almost directly above Shade’s head:

“Detective, do you need my help?”

“I don’t need it for the time being, I can still handle it.”

The giant hand swept along the burning ground again. This time, Shade did not dodge backwards, but took a step forward and disappeared, and then appeared behind Jinweis. The giant hand was too big, and the sweeping attack movement could not hit the side of the body, so Shade found the right opportunity to stab the opponent’s head. Seeing that the wound still recovered immediately, he detoured to the side before the black right hand struck. Directly behind Jinweis, trying to continue the attack from this “safe position”.

“You! You won’t forgive me!”

Unexpectedly, his body was more agile than expected. After turning around, his normal left hand was about to grab Shade’s face.

“Chains of great sin!”

The dark rune chains flew out of Shade’s sleeves and clung to Jinweis’s left hand, trying to tie him up. But Jinweis’s mouth, which was half normal and half covered with black pus, opened at this moment, and the black pus almost spurted out at Shade’s face.

Xia De’s body disappeared again and appeared behind the other party. The chains in the sleeves flew out again, binding the opponent’s legs. But even in this case, Jinweis could still keep his legs still and hit Shade with his right hand.

Xia De grabbed the chain in his hand to dodge, trying to get the chain to bind the opponent’s terrifying right hand and limit the power of his right hand.

But at this time, from the sky above the hole above his head, strange rainbow-colored light spots actually fell down.

“What is this?”

The burning basement floor emits dark light with the appearance of those light spots. These lights construct a standard circular ritual matrix in the flames.

Ding Dong!

The sound of a bell came from somewhere, and then with a clattering sound, dozens of black metal chains flew out from the glowing ground. Almost instantly, they **** the irrational dream from all directions. Owner.

He struggled violently, but as the light from the circular array on the ground became stronger and stronger, Jinweis’s left eye slowly closed, and the red light in his right eye was extinguished little by little. He seemed to have fallen asleep again in his dream, fixed in the circular area in the center of the sea of ​​fire by dozens of black chains, and finally became motionless.

“That’s it, Detective.”

The doctor’s voice appeared from above his head again. He held a black bell and jumped down from the edge of the hole in the floor on the first floor. Because it was strengthened in the dream, this posture is very chic.

Xia De nodded hesitantly and put back the chains of sin. The doctor glanced at the runes on the chain and raised his eyebrows, but instead of commenting, he praised:

“Detective, you have made great progress recently, and now you are able to fight against this kind of monster with ease.”

“He is actually not strong.”

Xia De emphasized it again, and then signaled the doctor to deal with this thing as soon as possible.

“No problem, I’ll let you experience spiritual alchemy next.”

The doctor asked Shade to hold the bell and keep shaking it, while he smeared paint on Jinweis to write runes, and in a way that Shade couldn’t understand, he used his fingers to leave flickering bands of light in the air. , let those light strips coincide with the ritual matrix.

Dr. Schneider calls the process of extracting “spiritual crystals” “spiritual alchemy”, which is a very advanced and cutting-edge knowledge.

The entire alchemy process lasted for a full hour in the dream. After the doctor’s ritual matrix and spells were smeared in almost every corner of the basement, he finally made Shade stop ringing the bell.

The two temporarily left the basement by jumping, and stood on the broken edge of the first floor floor. In the light of the fire, they saw that the black light below was gradually replaced by pure white, and became stronger and stronger.

“Detective, the other party’s negative emotions seem a bit strong. Use your moonlight to purify it.”

The doctor suddenly suggested, then closed his eyes, and Shade pointed his hand downward:

“Silver Moon!”

The powerful silver light suppressed the surrounding sea of ​​​​fire for an instant, and when the light extinguished, there were even dots of moonlight in the white halo in the basement.

“Very good, I think the quality of the finished product this time will be better than before.”

The doctor looked satisfied.

The two waited for another ten minutes, and after the halo gradually dimmed, they jumped back into the sea of ​​​​fire in the basement.

The light of the ritual matrix converged into the red flames, and Luther Kingweis, whose body returned to normal, lay on the ground. In front of his head, three white crystals the size of rice grains seemed to be shining, lying there quietly:

“Look, it’s better than I thought.”

The doctor said with a smile, bending down to pick up the crystals:

“Shad, we are going back. Although the adventure in the dreamland is interesting, it must eventually come to an end. Look, this time it went well, so I said I am a professional.”

He wanted to grab Shade’s hand, but Shade bent down and touched Jinweis’s head. After making sure that he could not feel the traces of human pus, he stood up and grabbed the doctor’s hand.

“What will happen to him?”

“Nothing will happen, this is just a bad nightmare for him. Oh, your moonlight clears his negative emotions, and the person’s mood will briefly improve for a while. Get ready, detective. ”

He motioned to Shade to close his eyes:

“Three, two, one!”


The light of the flame disappeared before his eyes, and his thoughts entered chaos again.

Perhaps just a second later, when his consciousness returned to consciousness, Shade suddenly raised his head.

He breathed heavily and straightened up from the edge of the bed in the darkness. The rapid switching between dream and reality caused him to fall into a brief confusion of thoughts, but he quickly understood all the situations.

Instead of talking to the doctor immediately, he reached out again to touch the sleeping Jin Weisi’s head.

After a brief moment:

[There is no trace of demonic power. 】

“Was it purified by me in my dream?”

With some disappointment, he retracted his arm, and the doctor who woke up, like Shade, reached out to touch Jinweis’s head again. In the darkness, it was difficult for Shade to see Dr. Schneider’s expression clearly.

“Very good, he is still sleeping, and will not remember that we appeared in the dream when he wakes up. This dream adventure went very smoothly, Shade, as expected, we acted together with you, and encountered unexpected things. The possibility will become lower.”

The doctor said with a smile, placing the three white crystals with gradually diminishing light in his hand and handing them to Shade. They looked like diamonds:

“What you want.”

Shad nodded. The matter seemed to be over like this. He wanted to inform Luvia as soon as possible that Darkness had arrived in the city:

“Doctor, I only need two crystals. You can keep the remaining one for yourself.”

“No, no, although it only requires two dozen orchid crystals to cast [Psychic Explosion], if you encounter an opponent with extremely powerful psychic powers, the psychic crystals may crack under the backlash of thaumaturgy, so prepare more. The grain is good.”

The two stood up from their chairs, restored the furnishings in the bedroom to their original state, and after confirming once again that Jinweis was still sleeping, they carefully left the house.

“This casting material requires contact with your fingers, so I suggest you find a coppersmith or blacksmith to inlay these three crystals on the ring. The dream crystals are very strong and extremely resistant to high temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them. ”

The doctor made a pertinent suggestion. After the two took off their gloves and shoe covers in the foyer, they opened the crack in the door and looked outside to make sure there was no one in the gloomy Black Corner Alley, and then walked out together.

Standing on the steps, he closed the door, turned the handle to make sure it was locked, and then returned to Lewis Street from Black Corner Alley. Although a long time had passed in the dream, it had only been forty minutes since they entered Luther Kingweis’s house.

It was already midnight. Although the gas lights on the street were on, there was no one on the street and it looked very deserted. Breathing the slightly cold air in the late summer night, Xia De was in a good mood at this time:

“Doctor, I really want to thank you for this. And this action really opened my eyes.”

“It’s nothing, it’s all small things.”

Walking along the street, the erected lampposts allow them to alternate between light and shadow.

Although the doctor was a little proud, he did not show it. The blue-eyed middle-aged psychiatrist was very calm.

“However, I noticed that you are actually able to bring the things in your dreams into reality.”

Xia De held the three crystals and said again that the two of them planned to find the carriage after leaving this neighborhood.

“Psychic crystals themselves are substances between reality and illusion. Through some means, they can be easily converted into reality.”

The doctor introduced softly.

At this time, two terrifying green light spots appeared on the street ahead. But if you look closely, it turns out to be a cat crouching in the shadows, staring at Shade. After Shade and the doctor got closer, the stray cat ran away along the wall again.

“The world of dreams is very magical, and things can be hidden in dreams. Not only special substances similar to spiritual crystals, but also some psychic magic, you can even hide any real substance in your dreams. ”

Because it was just a small talk, the doctor didn’t mind talking more to Shade.

Xia De nodded:

“So doctor, is this thaumaturgy of hiding objects in dreams okay?”

He suddenly stopped, opened his mouth slightly, widened his eyes, and froze on the spot.

The summer night wind blew against his skin, and flying insects danced in the last moments of their lives beside the gas lampshade above his head. It was as if a thunderbolt struck Shade’s head, and goosebumps even appeared on his arms.

“Hidden things in dreams?”

Before he realized what he had thought, he first realized that he had realized something important.


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