The Whispering Verses Chapter 491: Duel in the basement


“Doctor, this”

“Self-protection mechanism, we entered a secret area in his heart that he did not want to expose, so he prohibited us from leaving. Well, this is not very surprising.”

The doctor is very knowledgeable in making judgments.

The blazing flames licked the faces and arms of the two people. They did not continue walking inside for the time being, but stood at the door and looked at the inside of the accounting office.

This is still a fire scene, the room is quite large, and file cabinets and file cabinets collapsed in the sea of ​​​​fire are pressing against each other. The cabinet doors were all opened, and burning paper documents were scattered all over the floor, desks, and filing cabinets, as if someone had looted the place before the fire.

“Over there.”

The doctor pointed to the elegant desk in the innermost part of the accounting room.

Ignoring the black silk in the air, the two of them walked around the filing cabinets and found a man huddled next to the safe behind the desk. Money was scattered around him, but strangely they didn’t catch fire.

The man didn’t react at all to the footsteps behind him. The doctor raised his eyebrows and signaled Shade to speak, so Shade cleared his throat:

“Luther King Weiss?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the crouched and trembling figure finally moved. He turned his head, and what Shade saw was the face of a man crying in pain. Because there were no burn marks, the face could even be considered handsome. Shade was not sure whether they had found the right target.

[This is it. 】

“This is it.”

The doctor said, and then frowned slightly, because the crying man actually lay on the ground and slowly crawled towards the two of them, as if he wanted to hug Shade’s legs. He was not fast, so Shade took a step back and avoided it.

He had a very bad feeling.

Jinwes lay on the one-gold banknotes, crying, raised his head, and asked him with a trembling body:

“Sir, are you willing to forgive me?”

The sound did not come from his mouth, but from all directions, as if the house was talking.

Shade immediately looked at the doctor, and Dr. Schneider shook his head and made a speaking movement with his mouth:

“He’s asking you a question.”

The doctor’s mouth shape probably meant this, but Shade didn’t understand lip reading, so the possibility that Dr. Schneider was asking him if he still wanted to have a late-night snack couldn’t be ruled out.

“I have no obligation to forgive you on behalf of others.”

Although he knew that saying “forgive” might prevent the dream owner from losing control, Shade did not want to do anything against his will. In particular, he didn’t believe that the other party could beat the two of them.

The doctor laughed and made a continue gesture to Shadbi.

“You don’t forgive me?”

The lying figure asked tremblingly, eyes swollen from crying looked at Shade in surprise.

The surrounding flames suddenly stopped for a moment, but then returned to normal immediately.

The wind is blowing, even inside the closed fire place. The inexplicable wind did not shake the flames that were jumping again, but swept the black silk in the air and quickly gathered towards the body of the man on the banknote, dyeing the normal skin and clothes black. At the same time, thick black liquid quickly gushes out from the floor under the banknotes.

In almost an instant, the black liquid formed a circular black quagmire under the prone body of Luther King Weiss. The fluid in the quagmire continued to rise around him like a vortex.

But the crying man did not fall into the quagmire. Instead, the pus clung to his body and gathered toward the right side of his body.

“Detective, something is wrong.”

Dr. Schneider stood behind Shade and frowned.

The moonlight sword appeared in Shade’s hand:

“Doctor, would it be better if I lied just now?”

But Dr. Schneider’s answer was completely suppressed by the voices coming from all directions in the sea of ​​fire.

The malice conveyed by that resentful voice is simply more disgusting than the black pus seeping from the floor:

“You actually refuse to forgive me!”

The black Jinweisi put his hands on the floor and suddenly raised his head in the sea of ​​fire.

In front of Shade’s eyes, the left half of his body only turned black, while the right half of his body was completely wrapped in black pus. And when the pus covered the eyes, a scarlet light spot appeared from where the right eye originally existed.

Not only was the external pus gathering on his body, but the disgusting black liquid seemed to be gushing out of Luther Kingwes’s own body.

As he slowly stood up, the black pus covering the right half of his body expanded and grew rapidly like a small tree. Before Shade drew his sword, the swollen right half of his body exploded in an instant, and the surging pus caused the highest part of his right body to even touch the ceiling.

The giant black hand looks like a strange tumor that lives on a normal body, or a giant tree growing on the human body. The normal left eye full of hatred and the scarlet right eye looked at Shade at the same time:

“You! You actually refuse to forgive me!”

“Moonlight Slash!”

The giant black hand hit the accounting room floor with violent airflow, and the silver moonlight was completely blocked by the giant hand.

In the shocking shock, the floor in the sea of ​​​​fire completely collapsed. Shade, who was unsteady on his feet, and the doctor, together with the dream owner who was infected by demonic power, fell from the third floor at the same time, crossing the disappeared second floor floor, smashing through the fragile first floor floor, and along with wood chips, stones, furniture and Together with the garbage, they fell heavily into the basement surrounded by flames.

Even if Shade had been prepared, this fall was not a light one. Fortunately, Dr. Schneider’s thaumaturgic blessing allowed him to immediately remove the boards and stones from his body and stand up from the sea of ​​fire.

The giant black hand slapped the ground, causing stones and garbage to splash everywhere. Amidst the roaring roar and the trembling of the earth, Jinweis also stood up.

Above the heads of the two people, the cross-section of each floor can be clearly seen through the holes extending from the third floor. And around the two people, except for the open space without burning objects at their feet, the flames completely surrounded the people looking at each other. them.

“Well, where is the doctor?”


Like a wild beast that had completely lost its mind, Jinweis rushed towards Shade. The giant black hand was raised high, but the imbalance between the left and right sides of the body made this movement seem a bit slow.

Shad did not try to compete with the opponent’s strength, but rolled to the left, avoiding the attack just in time before the giant hand fell.

He jumped up quickly with his left hand on the ground. When Jinweis tried to raise his right hand again, he slashed the opponent’s swollen right side of the black body with the moonlight sword in his right hand.

Black pus poured out immediately, but when Shade pulled away his moonlight sword, no scars left by the attack could be seen.

“Why are there no wounds?”

The giant tree-like hand has been raised again, this time sweeping along the ground. The heat wave hit. In order to prevent jumping too high and staying in the air for too long, and being slapped on the floor like a mosquito by the opponent, Shade chose to retreat this time.

Fortunately, the basement was very large, so Shade avoided it again. The giant black hands that swept over destroyed wooden boards and stone **** in the fire scene, making the red flames become more intense.

“He is the master of dreams, and he will not die in your hands no matter what!”

The doctor’s voice finally appeared from above. Shade looked up during the battle and saw the doctor standing at the break of the floor on the first floor. He was very lucky and didn’t fall directly into the basement like Shade and Jinweis.

“Xia De, can you delay and trap the other party for three minutes? Don’t let the other party leave the basement and give me three minutes to arrange the ceremony!”

What the doctor means is that if Shade fails, he will join the battlefield, but this will waste more time.

“No problem, we are just ordinary people after all. But what are those black puss?”

Xia De asked knowingly, but actually wanted to test the doctor.

“Negative emotions, very strong negative emotions, but they don’t seem to be contagious, so just be careful.”

The doctor replied, and then quickly left the position above his head.

“The doctor doesn’t seem to know what this is.”

Shad looked at Jinweis with his sword. The black pus on his body was undoubtedly the power of the “Human Pus Demon”. But compared to what I saw in Darkness, this power was pitifully weak.

Considering that the demon in Darkness has the ability to strengthen itself by absorbing negative emotions, it is very likely that Darkness has come to Tobesk, and after encountering Luther Kingweiss, Seeing his resentment and distortion, it left its own strength in him.

“Human pus should be considered a type of body fluid similar to blood. If you drop this into my eyes”

Xia De was also frightened by his bold idea, but no matter what, defeating the enemy in front of him is the key now. The opponent can be equivalent to an extremely weakened version of the out-of-control mentally retarded Ivan Darkness. This kind of combat experience is very useful.

“But why did the doctor meet so coincidentally!”

Jinwes, who still did not hit Shade after sweeping through, actually raised his right hand and jumped high from the sea of ​​​​fire. His body was almost higher than the ground on the first floor, and his huge black limbs hit him from the air while he was thinking about something. Sha De’s momentum is quite astonishing.

Shad rolled forward again. After feeling the flames coming from behind him and the ground shaking violently, he turned around and swung a moonlight blade with his left hand, and then continued to retreat.

The Moonlight Slash left a wound on Jinweis, but the wound healed almost immediately. While Jinweis tried to stand up, Shade seized the time and swung three more moonlight slashes.

Although it is impossible for Shade to kill the owner of the dream in his dream, this kind of damage can make Jinweis weaker to a certain extent.


His sanity seems to be getting weaker and weaker, and the color of intelligent creatures can no longer be seen in his normal left eye. Jinweis turned around with his huge right hand, and Shade was ready to deal with it with his sword. He wished that the confrontation between the two sides could last longer, so that three minutes would pass quickly.


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