The Whispering Verses Chapter 414: Moonlight Grand Cross


The violent shaking of the ground indicates that the altar is about to collapse.

Shade once again recited the incantation in the fish-man language, and the golden pearl flew out of the blood. There was no blood stain on the surface. The slightly viscous scarlet liquid gathered along a smooth arc. Under the pearl, it gathered into a large droplet before falling into the altar splattered with blood.

“I need you to help me now.”

Xia De looked at the pearl emitting golden light and said in his heart:

“Just like in Blood Feast at Lakeview Manor.”

The entire floor of the temple collapsed, and the raging blood-red waves roared. But the walls and the corridor outside the temple were not affected at all. The only level ground in the temple is the high platform where the altar is placed in the deepest part.

The golden pearl above the **** water, and Shade in front of the altar, the two golden light sources, are so strange in this extremely dangerous scene. Golden embers floated around, and behind the dim yellow sky overhead, a beam of light seemed to envelope the high platform.

She is chuckling:

[Outlander, seek my help, do you know what you should say now? 】

Xia De looked at the pearl in front of him, and the pearl was reflected in his eyes:

“Of course I know.”

【So, please start. 】

The murmur seemed to be singing.

“You are me”

With the palm of his right hand facing upward, he stretched his hand under the pearl, and then lifted it up. The palms felt obvious repulsive force, and even the black holy emblem pattern representing the evil **** appeared vaguely in the palms.

【I am you. 】

However, in the narrow gap between Shade’s palm and the pearl, a transparent woman’s palm slowly emerged connected to Shade’s wrist. Her transparent silver palm held the pearl, and Shade’s hand held hers.


Close your eyes and moan softly, then take a magical breath. As his chest rises and falls, the golden luster on Shade’s body becomes brighter.

He turned around slowly, and on his right hand, the pearl emitted light like the sun.

The intoxicating color made Shade’s eyes pause for a moment, but then he looked up at the collapsed temple in front of him.

The seawater has surged up from below, and the disappearing zenith allows him to see the complete dim yellow sky.

Although the temple collapsed, the return ceremony of the sea is still not over. Feeling the power as strong as the sun held in his palm, Shade thought that he might be able to do something.

[I thought you would choose to store this pearl in the god’s gift box and use it when needed. 】

Although her silver transparent palm was close to Shade’s palm, Shade could not feel the touch or temperature at all. When Lakeview Manor first saw her arm, Shade was semi-conscious. At this time, I could really see her palm, but it was so unreal.

The sound still came from my ears.

Compared with the golden light that looked like jumping flames around him, the silvery touch on his hand was so weak. It was like Shade had grown long silver hair, and like a silver figure was staying behind him.

“If you don’t absorb it immediately after you get it, are you waiting to be stolen?”

Xia De asked in his heart, although the probability of being stolen is very low, he will never take any risks at this time:

“However, after absorbing divinity, the overflowing power of divinity in ten minutes cannot be wasted. Although the church has almost won, I think I can do other things.”

As the stranger breathed calmly, the golden luster on the pearl clung to his arm and spread throughout his body like a chain. The golden spots on his body became stronger and stronger, dyeing the life ring that appeared on his back into dazzling pure gold.

【So what are you going to do? 】

She chuckled in her ear.

“I’ve been running around with a fishing rod for so long, I should catch a fish, right?”

Xia De asked with a smile in his heart, then closed his eyes and sighed:

“I feel the power.”

The beating frequency of the heart gradually becomes consistent with the vibration frequency of the pearl in the hand. Her voice is very gentle, and she is always by Shade’s side:

[The spiral of the fish tail symbolizes the original fish-man and the original secret of the underwater abyss. In the old deep sea temple, the Scarlet God once rested here. 】

[You listened to the story of the old **** “Lord of the Scarlet Spiral”, and you learned one of the blasphemies of the old **** “The Lord of the Scarlet Spiral”. 】

[You have obtained the spell – Walking on Water. 】

“The **** of the drowned allowed me to breathe underwater; the **** of aquatic creatures gave me the ability to walk on water. The old gods of this world are really interesting~”

The golden pearls in his hands gradually faded. When Shade opened his eyes, the dark golden light in his eyes slowly subsided.

The battle around the giant mermaid corpse and the ruins of the temple continues. Whether it is under the water or on the platform around the ruins, the battle between the church’s ring warlocks and the Scarlet Secret Cult is coming to an end. The cult ring warlocks have been suppressed by the church almost from the beginning. Although humans do not have the upper hand in the battle in the water, But the appearance of some strange sea creatures reversed the church’s disadvantage.

First, the temple in front of the heart of the huge corpse collapsed, and then the oppressive golden light rushed into the sky.

“Space Stable Halo!”

Although the low voice could not suppress the violent waves, it still reached the ears of the high-level warlock with sensitive senses.

Shad stood on the crumbling altar in front of his heart. Blessed by the slight amount of divine power that overflowed due to the absorption of divinity, invisible ripples spread out around him with him as the center. The entire ruins of the past that appeared began to collapse.

This represents this ruins, the ruins of ancient fishmen who are being expelled back to the abyss of the sea.

Turning the pearl that had shrunk by one-third into a toy into his pocket, Shade left the altar carrying the fishing rod, stepped on the sea water rising up from under the collapsed floor, and walked outward along the disappearing corridor. Go.

As Shade walked, the ruins collapsed and disappeared faster. Scarlet seawater gushes out from the ground under the ruins, swallowing up pieces of building debris. At this time, both the ring warlocks of the Righteous God Church and the remaining forces of the Scarlet Secret Cult all evacuated towards the outside of the ruins.

The walls on both sides of the corridor collapsed, and Shade could see the murlocs looming in the tide, trying to attack the ring warlocks of the Righteous God Church who had gathered together to leave. But as the ethereal conch sound sounded, a beautiful creature with a human body and a fish tail actually jumped out of the deep sea, rescued the human ring warlock who fell into the water, and hunted the remaining ugly murlocs.

This is a real mermaid. The upper body is a real female body, covered with shells and water plants, and the lower body is a beautiful fish tail, with waves beating in the scarlet sea water to help them move.

“Mermaids and fishmen are mortal enemies. It is not surprising that they appear at this time. Tifa said that mermaids are the secret of the Witch Council. She cannot talk too much about local rumors. The Aurora family has a relationship with mermaids. So that’s it, Av. Miss Laura was able to summon the mermaid of a different species, so the council sent her to Coldwater Port.”

This is the secret of the witch. The third seat of the parliament, Sivi Aurora, is a member of the ancient ring sorcerer family and indeed has the oldest contract with the mermaid species.

Xia De was thinking, seeing that the ring warlocks from the Zhengshen Church had left the collapsed ruins, and the entire ruins had collapsed and submerged into the water. He dropped his frog legs in the rolling waves and jumped upward.

With his divinity overflowing, the power exerted by the spell made him fly from the last stone slab of the ruins to the top of the giant mermaid corpse.

“Stop him!”

The strange language of Gulu Gulu came from the very far shore, which represented that the high-ranking priests of the Scarlet Secret Cult were talking. The sound reached Shade’s ears across the rain curtain, and the next moment, the giant mermaid corpse, which was just following instinct and heading towards the cold water port in the waves, actually stretched out its right hand from the water, and then suddenly grasped it in the air. Shard.

Even without the support of the strange power in the heart, the huge raised palm is still like a mountain falling from the sky, with white bones appearing among the rotting flesh. The sea water fell from the sky, and the carcasses of dead fish, seaweed, stones and more seabed garbage hit Shade first.

The Rhodes card of Sun 1 flew out from Shade’s hand and stopped in the air. Shade put his right foot on the Rhodes card and kicked it hard. Under the influence of the spell to enhance his jumping ability, he changed directions in the air and avoided the huge closed palms.

It’s just that Shade couldn’t avoid the palm, but the Rhodes card in the air was directly caught in the mermaid’s palm. But this also means that the fishhook that has already been pierced on Sun 1 has also been caught by the mermaid.

“Took the bait.”

The fishing line is tightening automatically, as if the fishing rod is also jumping for joy. Although this clerical relic [Soul Fishing Rod] cannot obtain anything from a soulless corpse, it does catch good things.

Shad’s body fell, but black chains sprang out from both cuffs at the same time, and they were intertwined with fishing lines and quickly climbed upwards. When Shade landed lightly on the head of the red wave that was still rolling forward, the chains of sin had already tightly wrapped the mermaid’s hand, ensuring that it could not let go of the fishhook.

Under the dim sky, the dim sun was behind the clouds, making the black chain seem to connect the sky and the blood-red ocean.

In this apocalyptic scene, the fishmen, mermaids and ring wizards in the sea all looked here, and saw Shade, whose head was like a black dot, holding a fishing rod in one hand and tightening the fishing line with the other. .

The ruins appear here because of the power of space, and can be driven away with [Space Stabilizing Halo]. But the mermaid corpse is really swimming from the deep sea to the offshore waters of the cold water port. If you want to stop it, you can only inflict harm.

As for what the church’s original plan was, Shade didn’t care. He just didn’t want to waste the overflowing power of divinity.

He is working hard to transform the overflowing power of divinity into the purest physical power:


As Shade roared, he gritted his teeth and raised the fishing rod high above his head. At this moment the fishing rod stretches, the line tightens, and the chains of sin shrink back.

Amidst the rumbling sound and the huge waves in the red waves, the mermaid stretched her right arm towards the sky, and then her whole body moved forward, and then slowly upward, and the part below the shoulders gradually emerged from the water. .

He was forcibly pulled up from the bottom of the sea by Sha De. The huge body under the shoulders completely lifted into the air, almost blocking all the light of the entire ocean. Under the shoulders, the lower body of the giant corpse was actually covered with tiny, spiraling and wriggling scarlet tentacles.

At this moment, the corpse finally broke free from the chains and fishhooks. With the prayers of the cultists on the shore, the corpse absorbed the last power of the sea return ceremony. It opened its eyes towards Shade below, and grabbed the ocean with its two rotten hands.

But it was already too late. Shade raised his head and looked at the terrifying corpse in the sky, with his two hands making crossed light marks above his head:

“Moonlight Slash!”

Huge cross-shaped traces of light flew into the sky, piercing the corpse and leaving cross-shaped holes in the strange yellow clouds.

The body seemed to be still in the air, and then the split body parts fell into the sea.

This is the first time for Shade to use [Silver Moon Slash] like this. Perhaps this magic technique has wider room for development.

“The Godcaller of Tobesk has regained his full victorious power!”

People stared at this scene in stunned silence. Bright yellow sunlight appeared in the dusky sky. The sunlight finally shined on the ocean from the traces of the moonlight. Because the clouds are in the shape of a cross, the light projected down is also reflected in the sea in the shape of a cross. At the intersection, it is Shade who is waving his fishing rod.

There were loud explosions under the sea surface. This was the base array for the large-scale sea return ceremony. It was because the core of the ceremony was destroyed and it was damaged. As the power of the ritual faded, although the towering waves continued to hit Coldwater Harbor, they became weaker and weaker. Until the old lighthouses standing on the sea cliffs shine together, and those lights finally calm the tide and calm the anger of the sea.

The scarlet color on the sea surface became lighter and slowly diluted. The sacrificed corpses from the bottom of the sea also floated up. The tide faded away the red color, and at the same time disappeared the giant corpse that seemed to have melted into the water.

It was 8:50 in the morning, still early in the morning. The strange colored clouds dispersed and the clear sky was revealed again. It was a nice day today.

Xia De, who felt that his eyes could not open, dived into the water again with the falling tide. He held the badge on his chest with his right hand, and with his keen senses in a divinity overflowing state, he finally discovered the traces of the witch and the enemy.

Above the undulating red waves, Ivan Darkness, whose body returned to its normal shape, rode an old wooden boat with the rudder entangled with water plants, sailing towards the shore at an alarming speed.

Behind him, Miss Sylvie Aurora ran on the waves, and strange species with human bodies and fish tails gathered under the sea around her, exerting the power to control the ocean for her.

Most of the mermaids are fighting with the fishmen in the sea. A small number of them followed the witch and helped her catch up with Darkness who was riding the relic boat.

Although the faded red waves were still raging, the two people heading towards the shore were not affected at all. They all saw the astonishing scene behind them, but no one had any intention of stopping.


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