The Whispering Verses Chapter 411: The prophecy of the fishman


“Do you think this is a place where you can come casually?”

Shad still wanted to argue with Darkness, but the old priest, who was suppressed and beaten by the church’s thirteen-ring warlock, suddenly asked loudly.

His fish-like face turned red, and the three holy symbols on the back of his hands and forehead were glowing:

“Be respectful, humans! Where do you think this is?”

Shad and Darkness looked at each other, both looking at the fish-man. The old fishman is surrounded by a transparent protective shield made of liquid, and the machinery controlled by the thirteen-ring warlock who created the church is trying to pollute them.

“The era of mankind will definitely be ended by the era of the deep sea. When the fire of civilization goes out and the world comes to an end, everything will return to the deep sea!”

The old fishman priest of the Scarlet Secret Cult prayed loudly in the common language of Delarion.


The witch cursed softly.

“You don’t understand, humans, none of you understand. Our Lord has long said that the world will eventually be destroyed. All of this is doomed, and none of you can escape.”

The fishman priest shouted loudly, and the holy symbol at the end of the temple seemed to be responding to his prayers. Those golden lights made him stronger:

“This is the temple of the great one, where the old rulers of the sea once stayed. The pagans only get the fate of death.”

As expected, the strange pressure became more obvious as it shouted. Not only the witch, the thirteen-ring warlock of the church, and Darkness, but even Shade, who had divinity in his soul, actually felt the breath. Not fun.

“Madam, I will help you deal with him later.”

Xia De whispered to the witch, stepping on the floor, and fluttering snowflakes fell from the sky. The oil painting on the top of the temple that depicts the tragic maritime war in ancient times seems to have been melted to create a large hole, but there is no dim yellow sky with rain behind the ceiling. Silver moonlight is shining from the ceiling.


The witch looked over.

Although the Mystery Lock cannot be used completely, the space formed by part of the Mystery Lock is enough to offset the suppression caused by some temples.

Shad said to the man from the Church of Creation:

“Let’s deal with this cultist first.”

After killing the fishman Shade, he can access the Holy Emblem and obtain the things hidden behind the Holy Emblem. He can do anything.

“Okay, be careful, its divination ability is very powerful.”

Speaking an unskilled Delarion common language, the middle-aged man rushed towards the murloc priest amid the falling snowflakes. Tiny brass machines drilled into his pores, forming a strange metallic layer beneath his skin. The old priest waved his hands, and the three spiritual runes [Murloc] [Ocean] [Impact] on the life ring behind his back flashed with aura:

“O spirit of the sea!”

As the ground beneath his feet trembled, a huge shark made purely of seawater jumped out from under the floor. But although it looked very powerful, it was smashed into light spots by the ring warlocks of the Church of Creation in the flying snowflakes.

Steam spurted out from his body, and his whole figure looked like a steam bomb about to explode. After knocking away the shark blocking the way, he hit the old priest who was standing there with astonishing force. However, the fishman’s body suddenly turned into sea water and spread all over the floor, and he tried to drill into the cracks in the ground.

The witch who had temporarily made a truce with Darkness glanced here, stretched out her hand, and the water condensed again, and the old fishman’s disappeared body reappeared.

“Moonlight Sword!”

Shad’s figure appeared above its head, and the two-handed sword fell fiercely. The old fish man raised his head and chanted a curse, the skin on his back squirmed, and dozens of slender octopus tentacles flew out from his collar, blocking Shade’s sword.

But this gave the church’s gentleman an opportunity. The buzzing brass machinery was shining all around the fish-men. After confirming that Shade’s body had disappeared again, the tiny metals surrounded the old fish-man and produced a violent explosion.

The power of the thirteen-ring warlock is still suppressed in the temple, so he can only use this simpler attack method, but this is enough.

After the explosion, the sound of loud coughing came from deeper inside the temple, and the Ring Warlock, Shade, Witch and Darkness of the Creation Church looked there together. The sea water emerged from the cracks in the ground and reconstructed the body of the embarrassed old fish man. He looked at the four humans under the falling snow with his eyes wide open as if they were about to bleed.

Not even Darkness would help it at this time. Although the two parties have cooperated before, judging from the current situation, the Scarlet Secret Cult is doomed to fail this time.


The old fish man’s body expanded rapidly, and everyone immediately retreated. This looked very much like the opponent wanted to self-destruct. But he didn’t use the words of sublimation to fight to the death, probably because the consumption was too great and there was really nothing he could do. After all, even if Shade doesn’t appear, the old fishman is no match for the thirteen-ring warlock.

Twelve and thirteen are the difference between two words of sublimation and three words of sublimation.

“It is no longer possible to return it by sea.”

The church ring wizard who controlled the brass machine said, his hoarse and steady voice making it clear that the church was already in control of the situation. Unlike the Night of the Godfall in Tobesk, there will be no surprises in the Shadow of Coldwater Harbor event.

“You don’t understand, you don’t understand, the fire of civilization is already crumbling, and none of you understand.”

It screamed crazily, its hands and legs dancing uncontrollably. But if you look closely, it looks like a primitive sacrificial dance performed by people around the fire in ancient times.

This strange dance has a unique rhythm, and Shade feels like he sees something in it.

It jumped, shouted, laughed, and looked at four humans in turn:

“I saw it, I saw it, none of you will end well!”

But everyone ignored it.

“You, as a human being, want to abandon flesh and blood.”

The middle-aged man who created the church frowned slightly.

“You are surrounded by darkness but also bewitched by darkness.”

Darkness remained unmoved, the half-demon still laughing wildly.

“You are cursed but still dreaming of pursuing freedom.”

Although Miss Aurora’s face could not be seen clearly, Shade knew that the other party must be angry.


The old fishman looked at Shade, and Shade also looked at its cloudy fish eyes. The other party is an evil **** priest, a twelve-ring warlock, and even proficient in divination. Its comments on several people just now are very interesting.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Xia De asked softly.

“Do you think the audience under the stage is really the safest?”

The fishman laughed, its body more than three times larger than when Shade first came here.


“You are the most stupid one. You are riddled with desires, your body is broken, and your future is nothing. Even if the power of the past protects you, what will happen to you in the future? Your ending will definitely be more miserable than mine. You are so stupid. You are all fools. Why can’t we believe in the deep sea? ”

It suddenly stopped, then faced the holy symbol radiating light deep in the temple, opened its arms and roared:

“May the Lord of the Scarlet Spiral be with me!”

The mass of flesh on Darkness’s right hand expanded rapidly, and the flesh-colored structure burning with black flames formed a shield in front of him; the gentleman from the church called out all the brass mechanical creations he had released, and then knelt down on one knee , holding the large metal shields made of machinery; the witch snapped her fingers calmly, her body began to shake rapidly, and the color of her body faded little by little until it became completely transparent.

Xia De didn’t think that the leaves in his mouth could stop the next damage, so he took a step back, disappeared, and returned to the corridor.

He ran back along the corridor, then jumped forward suddenly, hugged his head and fell to the ground. While this isn’t at all decent compared to the other three, it’s at least effective enough.


A dull sound came from behind. Because his body was close to the ground, Shade could even feel the uneven ancient square bricks under him trembling.

There was a terrible sound above the head, and dust and mud continued to fall.


Shad stood up and patted the dirt from his hair while coughing. When he turned around and returned to the temple, the floor was splattered with blood and flesh, and there was a small hole where the old fishman originally stood.

But its death was not worthless. The holy symbol was also stained with the blood of willing victims, and the evil golden light became even more powerful. The power of the gods in the temple is suppressing non-believers here more and more strongly.

The rain was falling violently outside the temple, and the Scarlet Secret Cult was making its final desperate attempt. The giant mermaid corpse carried huge waves towards the cold water port. Although this battle did not last long, it was coming to an end.

The Witch, Darkness, and the Ring Warlocks of the Church of Creation also looked around in the smoke and dust of the explosion. The witch and the thirteen-ring warlock of the Creation Church were intact. Although Darkness was a little embarrassed, she didn’t seem to be seriously injured.

Under the light of the evil divine emblem, the four people observed each other.


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