The Whispering Verses Chapter 410: Witch, devil, fishman


When Shade saw the light ahead again, he temporarily left the narrow corridor covered with mud and came to the wider space inside the temple. This place probably used to be a library or something like that, and rotten wooden shelves can be seen everywhere in the mud on the ground.

The fish-man chief priest wearing a red sacrificial robe is fighting with Professor Sanchez, the vice-principal of St. Byrons Comprehensive College. Although the fishman priest only has nine rings, his power seems to be strengthened in the temple. But even so, it was still completely suppressed by Professor Sanchez, and the professor’s victory was already destined.

“Who are you?”

Like the church ring wizard at the temple entrance, Professor Sanchez also raised this question. But Shade still didn’t speak and wanted to go around them.

Neither the red-robed priest nor the professor had any intention of stopping him. The professor even reminded:

“The front is more dangerous. The power of God excludes non-believers like us. No matter what you want to do, for the sake of being a human being, I must remind you: Don’t move forward if it is not necessary.”

Xia De shook his head, walked around the two men and ran forward holding the fishing rod.

After Tattoo and Shade entered the corridor again, the air obviously felt heavier. After running a few more steps, the air stopped Shade from moving forward like a quagmire. Some kind of powerful force radiated from the front to the surroundings. It was a force that Shade was very familiar with.

Although the temple complex was large, Shade finally reached the end after running with all his strength.

This is the true temple of the past. When Shade emerged from the corridor exit, his sight went past the huge black stone pillars supporting the building, past the strange and weird fish-man statues and mermaid statues that filled the ground, and even past Among the four people fighting, he immediately saw the holy symbol hanging on the deepest wall of the temple.

The light here is weak, but the Holy Emblem exudes a dazzling golden light.

The weird and twisted feeling at this time was only slightly better than the last time I was directly watched by the evil god. Arriving at the temple, Shade even felt his skin crawling, as if he was trying to spontaneously transform into an aquatic form. But due to the reaction force of some powerful force in the body, this transformation cannot proceed at all.

The red spiral phantom becomes increasingly clear along with the double image in front of me. I could vaguely hear prayers, but it seemed like someone was whispering in my ears. That low and messy voice poured directly into his ears. If Shade hadn’t been used to various occasions of facing gods, he might have fallen to the ground and started twitching after leaving the corridor.

Among the four people fighting, the ugly-looking fish-man priest turned out to be a twelve-ringed man. Shade did not expect that there was such a ring warlock in the Scarlet Secret Cult. But since the other party dares to launch the ritual rashly, with such a high-level warlock around, he can understand.

Unfortunately, his opponent is a thirteen-ring warlock. Judging from the holy emblem hanging on his chest and his fighting style, this middle-aged man in a black trench coat who calmly controls countless small brass metal creations should belong to the Church of Creation and Destruction.

Besides the two of them, Shade actually saw Darkness, who had taken off her red gloves, and Ms. Sylvie Aurora, who seemed to have a hazy mist on her face. Of course, because he couldn’t see his face and his clothes had changed, Shade wasn’t sure who it was at first, but the hot badge on his chest reminded him that there was no second great witch in Coldwater Port.

Xia De immediately took off the gold ring on his hand and put it into his pocket, and was very fortunate that the red sea water made it impossible to see the original style of his clothes.

Shad was not surprised that the other three people could stand unaffected in the temple that was strongly affected by the power of the gods, but Darkness, who only had the sixth ring, could actually resist the pressure of being directly watched by the gods. This is somewhat unexpected.

Except for the twelve-ring fish-men, everyone’s power has been suppressed.

The battle between Darkness and Miss Aurora was extremely strange. The former was bent over, with a life ring belonging to a six-ring warlock appearing behind him. There were patches of dark vortex around him, and his strange right hand expanded into a huge The upper body of a flesh-colored, incomprehensible creature, with sulfur and black flames constantly spurting out from the monster’s laughing mouth.

Miss Sylvie Aurora barely fought back, not even showing her life ring. She had been using the teleportation spell to control the murloc statues in the temple to passively defend themselves. But there is no reason why this witch who is stronger than Miss Carina cannot defeat Darkness. Shade still remembered that Miss Carina dared to rush forward when facing the evil god, and she was able to successfully retreat.

The witch seemed to be afraid of the thing growing out of Darkness’ right hand, so she did not attack with all her strength.

“Why are Darkness and the Witch here too?”

Xia De thought in confusion, and then saw that the **** fishman tattoo on the fishhook that kindly brought him here actually dissipated.

The scattered blood blended into the temple and drifted into the forest of fish and mermaid statues. It seems that this is the real birthplace of the Mermaid Curse. It seems that the original curse spreader, the mermaid statuette, originally belonged to the temple.

The four people in the battle soon discovered a stranger standing at the entrance of the temple with a fishing rod, but no one knew what this man did.

“Stranger, help me defeat the people of the Zhengshen Church. When the tsunami floods the Coldwater Port, I will give you the treasures of the fishmen. Elixir, gold and silver vessels, ancient documents, and esoteric scriptures, you choose!”

The fish-man priest was the first to speak. Although his face was not as alienated as the captain of the Bone Pirate Ship or the oil painting in Mr. Jude’s safe, it was definitely the one Shade had seen in Coldwater Port. It most resembled Fish human face.

The skin on its body is entirely covered with slimy wrinkled scales, and the evil god’s holy symbol is engraved on the backs and foreheads of both hands. The person who is qualified to do this is probably the real controller of the Scarlet Secret Cult.

“Don’t believe these cultists. The sea return ceremony cannot be successful. Stranger, help me deal with him. The sacrifices in the city will be less. No matter what organization you belong to, we are all human beings, and the church will give you the right “

The church magician who controlled the brass mechanical creation spoke very directly, and did not use any words of justice to persuade Shade. But there’s something wrong with his accent, and he’s not from Delarian. This person should be temporarily transferred from Kasenlik by the Creation Church.

“Stranger, help me deal with this demon-possessed man. How about a bearer’s draft afterwards, for twenty thousand pounds? Banks in big cities can cash it.”

Miss Aurora also spoke. Although the two sides were very close now, the power of the evil **** in the temple was too strong, and she could not accurately sense what was wrong with Shade.

“She is a witch, don’t believe her!”

Darkness said loudly, his own voice was very calm, but the laughter of the demon transformed into his right hand was unusually shrill and harsh.

“Aren’t you going to make an offer?”

Xia De temporarily moved his eyes away from the holy symbol deep in the temple, and asked with a frown.


Darkness was stunned.

“I mean, the other three people have made an offer, why don’t you make an offer?”

Shad repeated it again, and before the latter looked over, his body suddenly disappeared inside the temple.

“Be careful! It’s the power of space!”

The demon in Darkness’ right hand suddenly said, and the strange profanity affected the space, but only Shade and Darkness himself could understand it.

The latter instinctively waved his right arm behind him, and the demon opened his big mouth to bite the moonlight sword swung by Sha De behind him.

The blade of the sword radiated holy silver light, and blisters appeared on the devil’s mouth as if it was burned, and foul-smelling black smoke emitted.

The power of the sixth-level warlock’s strange right hand was originally far beyond what the second-level Shade could contend with. But before the power of that piece of flesh and blood faded away, Shade could barely resist.

But that mouth was really powerful, but within two or three seconds, cracks appeared on the moonlight sword. Darkness’ left hand was about to dig out Shade’s heart, but another moonlight sword in the void actually struck down.

A strange dark vortex suddenly appeared in front of the Moonlight Sword. The two-handed sword thrust out of the void fell into the darkness and disappeared completely. At the same time, the sword in Shade’s hand was completely bitten into pieces by the sharp teeth.

He immediately retreated, but Darkness was probably still worried about the witch beside him, so he didn’t catch up.

“Last time you said you were in the sixth ring and asked me what ring it was. Do you have an answer now?”

Shad asked softly, glancing at the holy symbol on the deepest wall of the temple.


The half-body demon in the right hand suddenly roared, and extended its arm to bite Shade, but Shade’s body disappeared again and appeared further away.

“Is it you? The man on the roof?”

The middle-aged man suddenly realized.

“That letter of report with the ‘one shilling’ piece of paper sandwiched between it, was it written by you to the Natural Church? Wait, your signature is”

The church ring warlock with a Kasenrik accent suddenly glanced at Shade with wide eyes, but he did not tell the people of the “God Caller”.

“You actually reported me?”

Darkness stared at Shade.

“It was you who wanted to kill me with the puppeteer script, so I had no choice but to report you.”

Xia De responded.

The expression of resentment on Darkness’s face became even stronger:

“You found our location first. How could I let you leave alive? Wait, something is wrong. My companion paid the price with his life because of a clerical error, and made you suffer bad luck when you encountered a level 0 relic. How could you Still alive?”

“Level 0 relic? So good luck is level 0?”

The image of the monster in the pool flashed before Shade’s eyes, and the corner of his mouth trembled:

“Level 0.”

This is the first level 0 relic he has seen in this world. Although the other party didn’t show any power, considering the weird infection that can melt almost any soul, and the way he calls himself “Desire”, it doesn’t seem to make sense that the other party is level 0.


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