The Whispering Verses Chapter 409: The Temple of the Fishman


While flying upward, Shade did not forget to find a mask from a bunch of small toys in his pocket and put it on his face. But because he rushed too fast, he almost lost his mask and threw it into the sea.


The tattoo finally jumped out of the water, raindrops hit Shade’s face, and Shade also jumped up in the turbulent waves. He was spitting water from his mouth while holding the fishing rod tightly with both hands.

Looking around, the huge rotting corpse appeared directly in front of him. The upper body is naked, only half of the waist is exposed from the water. The smell of putrefaction and blood rushed into his nostrils. The moment he saw the corpse, the fear almost made Shade let go of the fishing rod in his hand.

The buildings of the old underwater temple surrounding the mermaid and above the huge waves that were seen in the distance could finally be seen clearly.

The stone buildings are towering and bizarre, and the spiral buildings that violate normal rules reveal the strangeness of deep-sea civilization. The broken ancient runes on the buildings shone dimly under the dusky sky, and large groups of bones were scattered on the edges of the dilapidated buildings, emitting a phosphorescent glow under the dusky sky, which was strange and fascinating. be terrified.

The more you look at the building complex, the more you can hear rhythmic, rhythmic, and even wild ethereal chanting. The sound was completely unaffected by the sound of rain and waves. It was like a girl singing softly, and it was also like a hymn in a wild temple.

Simple, weird, scary, primitive and spiral, these are the words that naturally came to Shade’s mind after seeing the temple complex.

In the building complex surrounding the huge corpse, at the heart in front of the corpse, in the doors and windows of the underwater temple that seemed to be carved directly from the rocky hill, Shade actually saw the light of fire.

He saw the dark golden fire, and just by looking at the swaying light, he could feel the heat.

“This is”

His eyes widened in the rain. This familiar feeling seemed to be calling him. The desire enhanced by the flesh and blood of [Desire] is urging Shade to touch it and get it.

“As expected”

The temple complex floating on the waves and moving with the mermaid boulder is not an illusion or a projection, but the terrifying spatial influence caused by the power of this huge corpse, which creates the space around the corpse. In the abnormal zone, the ancient murloc temple that had coexisted with the corpse for a long time was also brought out of the old murloc city under the sea.

The high-level ring warlocks of the church are fighting around the temple of the Old Temple with a few murloc ring warlocks of the Scarlet Secret Cult. The latter have been preparing for the ritual for many years. In addition to the ring warlocks of the cult itself, there are even human ring warlocks. Helping them. But even though the fishmen can receive a boost in power around the temple, they are still suppressed by the church.

As the waves moved forward, murlocs kept emerging from the water, but they were quickly killed by the ring warlocks on the warship. Maybe they had been preparing for the sea return ceremony for many years, but it was a coincidence that they chose the day after the arrival of God Tobesk. The Church of the Righteous God will not make another mistake no matter what. Now the ring warlocks in the entire material world are paying attention to the results of Cold Water Port.

At this time, the professors of the college were riding on a gold ship, literally gold, following behind the mermaid. Various strange spiritual lights flickered, exerting an effect on this huge floating corpse.

It’s not that the professors want to defeat this corpse that has no self-awareness at all, but they are trying to calm the corpse and let it calm down again and not bring the waves to the cold water port.

The professors’ efforts were quite effective, otherwise Shade wouldn’t have to come up to him by himself, he could just stand on the shore and wait.

The power of the temple and the mermaid corpse greatly interfered with the perception ability of the ring warlocks. In addition, everyone was fighting. When Shade flew over, no one noticed him in the sky.

But when Shade looked up at the face of the giant mermaid corpse, a strange expression appeared on the pale face with eyes tightly closed. Before Shade could react, the mermaid’s eyes actually opened. What Shade saw in those eyes was a blood-red spiral.

A mouthful of blood spurted out and he quickly closed his eyes.

He was pulled and flew into the temple in front of the heart of the corpse. He fell heavily on the sticky and wet ground and rolled several times before he stopped. Looking up again, the scene in front of me actually had some double images. There were strange fish-man statues everywhere inside the stone building. Horrible blasphemous runes and terrible prayers excerpted from unknown books are engraved on every flat stone surface.

In addition to Shade, there are seven or eight people fighting at the entrance of the temple. Among them are the fish-man ring warlocks from the Scarlet Secret Cult and the ring warlocks from the Righteous God Church. The former gathered together and relied on the evil god’s magic to barely fight the two ring warlocks with eleven life rings emerging behind them. The scarlet light fell on them like a cover, but every time they were attacked by the church’s ring magicians, the scarlet light would become dimmer, and the murlocs would become weaker, but they still had crazy looks on their faces.

They are hoping that they can hold on until the huge waves swallow the Cold Water Harbor, and then everything will be irreversible.

“What are you going to do?”

The eleven-ring warlock with the sacred emblem of the sun on his chest couldn’t help but ask Shade who fell into the temple. Shade didn’t speak. He tightened the fishing line in his hand and felt the tattoo wanting to go. In the direction, he carefully bypassed the group of people who were fighting, and chose the second one on the right hand among the eight entrances to the temple’s vestibule, and then ran deeper into the temple along the corridor covered with seabed silt.

Neither side of the battle stopped him.

There seemed to be more people in the temple than outside. As they ran forward quickly, the sound of explosions, curses and running sounds came from everywhere around them.

The top of my head and my feet seemed to be shaking, and the sound of huge waves came from all directions. At the end of the corridor is a small prayer hall, with bones piled in the mud and human heads used as candle bases. Shade ignored it, still holding the fishing rod and moving forward under the guidance of the tattoo.

The further forward, the more terrifying the scenery you can see. On the stone walls on both sides of the corridor, scenes of ancient mermaid sacrifices were carved again and again. There were more and more corpses under the feet, and their shapes became more and more terrifying. In addition to some fish remains in the mud, there were even fresh human corpses.

Xia De could feel his heart beating violently. This was not fear, but anticipation, looking forward to what was waiting for him ahead.

“However, this corridor is very similar to the one I saw in [The Truth of a History (Fifth Age Witch War)].”

They are just very similar, which means that the two may have been built in the same era.


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