The Whispering Verses Chapter 408: Tattoo on a fishhook


“Louvia, what’s wrong? If you can’t bear it, let Dorothy replace you temporarily.”

Holding the princess, Shade hurriedly gave advice in the rain.

“No, our souls are connected. Even if I go to Tobesk, this curse will still be there”

She was obviously holding Shade’s arm to steady herself, but at this moment she actually took a step forward. Shade immediately tightened the fishing line of the fishing rod, and then actually felt a strong force pulling him forward.

This is not like Lesia’s power. She is walking forward very slowly. Instead, it is like the fishing line is not only connected to Lesia, but also connected to something invisible.

“What’s going on?”

Xia De pressed his shoes against the soft beach, stretched out his right hand, and pressed it on the top of the princess’ long wet hair:

“Silver Moon!”

Silver light spilled out from the palm, not dazzling. But when the holy silver light shone on Lesia’s face, black smoke actually appeared on the swollen fish-man tattoo:

“Lecia, hurry up, break the curse stone!”

People staggered past the two of them, and after bumping into Shade, they took the initiative to take a detour.

Xia De reminded hurriedly, and the slightly sober princess raised her hand to touch the ruby ​​in her right ear. As the slender red ribbon was pulled out by her, the ugly fish-man tattoo actually started to move.


Lecia felt the pain, but she suppressed it and just snorted. She guided the red ribbon on her fingertips, trying to wrap around the moving fish-man tattoo on the surface of her skin. But the tattoo was so flexible that it actually moved along the skin of the face, through the neck and towards the heart.

Xia De was shocked. If the tattoo went from his face to the front of his heart, he would not be able to touch it.

“What am I thinking?”

Criticizing himself in his heart, Shade took the initiative to untie the fishing line wrapped around Lesia’s wrist:

“Lecia, I’m sorry.”

The hands shining with the light of the silver moon pinched Lesia’s neck, forcing the tattoo to be unable to pass. Holding a metal fishhook in her left hand, it pierced Lesia’s right cheek and penetrated the fish-man tattoo.


The red-haired girl suddenly held Shade’s arm hard, and Shade gritted his teeth and held the fishing rod with both hands:

“Lecia, hold on.”

“It doesn’t matter, you move quickly!”

Before she finished speaking, Shade had already raised the fishing rod, and the fishing line drove the fishhook to peel off Lesia’s face. What was peeled off together was not only the blood and flesh, but also the blood-red fish-man tattoo.

It is not flat. It has gained thickness after absorbing the blood on Lesia’s face.

After being “caught” by the fishhook, the small blood-red fishman fell on the beach, constantly rising and falling, and struggling, and because it did not actively take the bait, it could not trigger the characteristics of the fishing rod.

Lecia threw out the red ribbon from her fingertips, trapped the tattoo firmly on the fishhook, and finally couldn’t help sobbing.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

With his left hand, he reached into his pocket and took out the test tube containing water. After giving the water the power of gluttony, Shade gently dripped the water on Lesia’s face.

It was just that Lesia’s face had just healed, and Shade actually felt the pulling feeling on the fishing rod again. Looking up, the fish-man tattoo that was still struggling on the ground actually flew up and pointed directly at the giant mermaid corpse on the distant coastline that was fighting with the church and academy ring warlocks.

“Is there such a good thing?”

Shad originally planned to return to the sea to get close to the corpse, but now that he had a guiding object, which even actively provided strength to pull him forward, he could even save some energy.

“Lecia, how are you feeling now?”

Xia De held the fishing rod with both hands and tilted his body slightly backward to resist the pulling force of the tattoo on the fishhook.


The red-haired girl covered her right face and touched it a few times:

“Really on my face”

“There really is no trace at all, she is still so beautiful. I use Mia to guarantee it. I am asking, can you still feel the curse now?”


She immediately shook her head. Although she was still standing in the rain of blood, the curse spread by the rain had little effect on the Ring Warlock.

“Okay, you go back to the mansion first.”

“Okay, where are you going?”

She looked at Sha De in the rain. There were obviously many people around, passing by them and heading towards the ocean, but at this moment she only had Sha De in her eyes.

“I still have things to do.”

Shad looked at the coastline in the distance, with an expression of excitement on his face that Lesia could not understand at all. What he longed for was most likely there:

“I will never do anything risky, don’t worry about that. Just wait for me to come back, I will completely end the mermaid curse, so you don’t have to worry anymore. When the matter in Coldwater Port is resolved, I think we can finally Meet in Tobesk, and maybe we can spend an afternoon talking about politics, or you and I can go for a catwalk on the boulevards of the University District, where the evening sunset is beautiful, after you put on your makeup.”

The red rain made his clothes and face look weird, but Shade still smiled and spoke, and the fishing line in his hand tightened and loosened to control the strength of the tattoo’s struggle:

“How can I say this before doing something big?”

He made his own joke.

“Xia De, you must be careful.”

In the end, he couldn’t say anything to stop Shade. Shade pulled the fishing rod hard and smiled at the princess one last time:

“Go back quickly.”

“You must be careful.”

“Of course if I can’t come back, let Dorothy take care of Mia and write to Miss Gothe. The ruby ​​ring your mother gave me belongs to you, and all the rest of my property will be shared by the four members of our group. Personally split with Mia.”

Although there is still a drop of divinity in him, Shade still wants to prepare for the worst outcome.

He does not think this is pessimistic, but feels happy for this moment.

As a foreigner without a family, the young student Sakhar died alone in a rented apartment. If Shade had not appeared, no one would have been able to inherit his inheritance; but his hometown is further away and will always be there. Shade, who couldn’t go back either, was able to find a friend who would inherit the inheritance.

“Xia De, you”

Before Lesia could finish her words, the fish-man tattoo dragged Shade forward. With a very funny look, he followed the tattoo with staggering strides. After passing the people in front of him who were staggering towards the sea, he screamed and plunged into the sea as if he had been tripped. After popping up from the water a few times, it never appeared again.

It was not like Shade was following the tattoo, but rather like he was being dragged into the sea.

The blood rain dyed the princess’s clothes red. She wanted to laugh at this moment, but she felt a little sad:

“Shad Suellen Hamilton.”

She turned around and picked up the umbrella, calling Shade’s name softly. With her back to the blood-red sea, she walked towards the house of Aurora Manor. At this moment, no one could see the princess’s expression:

“How many secrets do you have?”

Shad in the sea didn’t know what Lesia was thinking now. In fact, he was not swimming at all, but was simply being dragged forward in the water.

The flesh and blood of [Desire] allowed Shade to maintain a good vision underwater. Not long after entering the water, he saw those people who had entered the sea because of the return of the sea.

They “suspended” in the water in a strange posture. His eyes were wide open in a praying posture. The seawater flowed through the corpses, making a buzzing sound come from the corpses, but they clearly did not open their mouths. This is the ritual matrix for the large-scale ceremony of “returning by sea” in the ocean. Every person who voluntarily sends themselves back to the sea is part of the matrix.

And when Shad passes them, they will try to capture Shad. Because of this, Shade saw traces of fish-men on most of the corpses. This gave him more speculation:

“The mermaid curse is more serious than I imagined, not only because rain can also spread the curse, but also because most of the aborigines in this city actually have the blood of fishmen, and they are sent back to their ancestors to survive. ”

Grabbing the fishing rod, he quickly moved forward in the sea. Five minutes later, when Shade vaguely saw the color of the water in front of him suddenly darkening, he immediately realized that the huge mermaid corpse was right in front of him.

“How big is this thing?”

Only what Shade could see underwater, the mermaid’s lower body occupied an ocean floor space that was larger than the largest sea monster Shade could imagine.

He always thought that he did not have the so-called phobia of giants or the phobia of the sea, but when he saw himself under the water getting closer and closer to the giant creature entrenched in the ocean, and it was still squirming, Shade felt something in his heart Still couldn’t help but feel uncontrollable fear.

At first, you can also close your eyes and imagine the cute cat at home to relieve the increasingly fearful feeling. But as he got closer and closer to the giant mermaid corpse summoned from the abyss of the sea by the Scarlet Secret Cult, Shade felt that he could clearly “see” the more specific appearance of the thing even with his eyes closed.

The corpse has decomposed, and the part on the seabed continues to flow with the ocean currents, green and black horrible pus into the water, forming a long and thin water flow into the sea water. On the lightless seabed, the lines on the surface of the corpse are faintly visible. The raised scales are rotten, but the patterns are extremely clear.

Then the faint light can be seen, it is a spiral, a spiral connected to each other. Small spirals form larger spirals, and larger spirals form even greater spirals.

Accompanied by the strange sounds at the bottom of the sea, those spirals on the lightless bottom of the sea emit scarlet light, like open eyes, with a strange power to attract souls. Shade closed his eyes, and just by mentally sensing the patterns, he actually had the illusion that he couldn’t control his body.

“Just the lines on a corpse actually have such power?”

Fortunately, Shade didn’t have to endure it for too long. He didn’t get close to the giant corpse underwater. Instead, he was carried by the blood-red tattoo hooked on the fishhook and rushed directly to the top of the water.


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