The Whispering Verses Chapter 407: Church’s Countermeasures


“If I am not close to the ocean, my heart will be”

The princess raised her hand to cover her chest. Shade subconsciously thought of something, but then realized that it was the piece of [Desire] flesh and blood that had an impact on him.

“I feel empty in my heart and feel very uncomfortable. It’s really uncomfortable, as if my soul is entangled with fiery chains. I try to get closer to the ocean. This distance now is the largest distance I can endure. Although I still have that urge, I can feel the call of this red ocean, but I can take it for a few hours. ”

“What does that feel like?”

Xia De asked again.

“I can feel that there is something calling me in the deep sea, calling me to become one with you.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath:

“As long as I close my eyes, I seem to have come to the huge ancient underwater temple in my dream and see it”

“Open your eyes!”

Shad suddenly raised his voice, and Lesia looked at him doubtfully.

“Don’t look at that thing again, it’s not a good thing.”

The huge mermaid corpse in the temple is the body once used by the evil god. Regardless of whether the body still had power or not, it was not something a mortal should be looking at.

He looked towards the end of the ocean. The yellow sky and the red ocean seemed to merge completely at the edge of his sight. According to the ritual steps, after the red ocean appears, the huge mermaid corpse will carry huge waves and completely engulf the cold water port.

Now that the mermaid corpse has not appeared, Lesia can control the urge to step into the ocean. But once the body came offshore, Shade was worried about the princess’ condition.

This curse is far stronger than he thought.

Shad did not leave Lesia’s side, and before the power given by the flesh and blood faded, he went to find the witch, Darkness, or the cult priests on the coast. He stood with the princess and watched the rain falling harder and harder, and the violent waves becoming more and more violent.

In the sound of rain, what Shade felt was tranquility. He rarely had the opportunity to stop and look at the world like this.

“Talk about it”

Lecia spoke again, she hesitated:

“Why does it feel like your skin has become so good after you were gone for a few hours? What happened to you?”

Xia De thought about that beautiful face that almost changed his aesthetics, and the corner of his mouth trembled:


“Mermaid? I have heard rumors that the Aurora family is related to mermaids. Ms. Sivi Avora, does she really know mermaids?”

“No, it was introduced by the cultists.”

Xia De touched his face:

“Have I changed a lot?”

“The change is not big, it just looks better.”

Lecia blushed a little.

Shad has not yet found a mirror to observe his face, but his body shape and appearance have gone through so many changes that people whom the original owner Shad knew would probably not be able to recognize him even if they meet him again.

In just twenty minutes, the waves that were originally just hitting the beach could almost hit the small garden behind the manor.

As the sky gets darker, the color of the ocean becomes darker and darker. Although this metaphor is not appropriate, the color of the ocean is gradually changing from inferior wine to the color of real blood.

Amidst the sound of huge waves, accompanied by the long sound of conch horns coming from nowhere, the whining sound made everyone in the offshore area subconsciously look into the depths of the ocean.

The largest wave to date is emerging from the point where the sky and the sea meet. And behind the tide, a huge thing could be vaguely seen, coming with the ocean current.

“It’s finally here.”

Shad raised his head and looked up, looking through the gaps in the grape trellis and towards the sky over the grape vines. He reached out to catch some rainwater and found that the rainwater falling from the sky also turned red.

[Outlander, you feel blasphemy. 】

“There seems to be a problem with the rainwater. You guys, go back to the building quickly.”

He immediately turned around and said to the two maids, but the maids shook their heads.

“You guys, go back.”

Lecia also said the same, and the maids behind her handed the fishing rod to Shade and ran towards the building with an umbrella. Only Shade was left holding the fishing rod, while Lecia held the last umbrella to protect the two of them from the rain.

Shad’s judgment was absolutely correct. As the sound of the conch horn from an unknown source echoed in the sky, the red rain gradually became thicker until it resembled blood, leaving large disgusting traces on the ground.

From the courtyard in front of Aurora Manor, staggering people walked towards the beach with heavy steps. They didn’t pay attention to Shade and the princess under the grape trellis. Their eyes were dull and they had red and swollen fish-man tattoos on their faces, which was exactly the same as Lesia’s situation.

Now Shade knows where so many cursed people come from. This abnormal rain can actually spread the curse, but the efficiency of spreading is far inferior to the mermaid statue as the source.

As the red rain and the new victims stepped into the ocean, in the far distance under the sky, a dazzling white beam of light shot from the bottom of the sea toward the sky. And as that beam of skylight connected the clouds and the ocean, the indescribable female body that was both beautiful and ugly at the same time, as if it had traveled from behind the curtain of distant time and space, emerged from under the water.

Around her body, the shadow of a huge building complex could be vaguely seen. Based on the height of the building complex, the woman with only her upper body exposed was probably about the same height as a five-story building.

Because of the distance, Shade could only vaguely see her appearance. She and the illusory ancient stone buildings surrounding her body were coming with the waves. The wall of water that has risen will probably hit half of the city at once.

More than a dozen figures flew overhead, including ring warlocks from the church and professors supported by the academy. At the same time, the giant steamships anchored in the port set off together, going against the direction of the tide, and under the protection of various auras, headed towards the monster behind the waves.

The drum sound that seemed to shake the earth suddenly sounded, which was in the direction of the Church of Nature. The drum sound was accompanied by the sound of an unknown metal horn, and it actually suppressed the sound of the conch for a short time.

In a position that Shade cannot see for the time being, the ancient lighthouses guarding Coldwater Harbor on the seaside are glowing slightly. Mr. Edmond and more tower keepers are cooperating with the church to debug the lighthouses. , waiting for the power of these lighthouses that have been guarding the coastline since ancient times to be fully awakened.

Seeing that the giant mermaid corpse had appeared, Shade also wanted to go into the sea to see the situation. But Lesia beside her suddenly groaned, and the umbrella in her hand fell. She covered her forehead and almost lost her balance.


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