The Whispering Verses Chapter 367: Wine cellar


“To be honest, Miss Aurora, I thought you would be the kind of person who wants to kill me.”

Xia De stretched out his hand, and the witch hesitated for a moment before taking it, and sighed softly:

“Why should I kill you? What good will it do to me? However, this is the first time I have shaken hands with a man since I became an adult.”

The witch’s hand was very soft, so Shade asked:

“How do my hands feel?”

“Your hands are very rough. Although they are recovering, I can feel that you have probably done heavy work before.”

She retracted her hand and waved to Shade’s head. The little black spider jumped from Shade’s hair into the palm of her hand, and then crawled onto her face, turning into an unnoticeable beauty mark under the corner of her eye.

“So this spider belongs to you? Did you really smell the smell of the ocean on me just now?”

“Of course, but not only because you have been to the seaside, but also because you have the smell of fishmen on your body. I originally thought that you had fought with fishmen before coming to Princess Lesia.”

The witch said.

“Smells like a mermaid? I haven’t met a mermaid, oh, I understand.”

Xia De thought for a while and realized that it was because he still had the scales of the drowned mermaid on his body. In this way, the original owner of the scales is really a dependent of the evil **** [Lord of the Scarlet Spiral] from the previous era.

The witch nodded:

“As long as you understand, remember to return the ring to me after the matter is over. In addition, the underground cultist has the strongest six rings. I think as long as you don’t provoke it, it will be no problem to escape alive.”

Thus, Shade ended his first meeting with the second witch he met in the Sixth Age.

Because he knew that Darkness would most likely go to Tobesk, Shade had no interest in helping the witch find him. After parting ways with the witch at the door of the room, Shade found Lesia again. The princess was very worried about Shade, but did not ask about the identity of Sivi Aurora.

“I’m going to take a trip to the underground wine cellar. Lecia, remember to bring your fishing rod with you. If you really encounter a problem, even if you reveal your identity as a ring magician, you must go to Miss Aurora for help.”

“But more than a witch, I hope you can be by my side at dawn.”

The princess said softly.

“Of course, I came to Coldwater Port to help you, how could I forget such a purpose?”

He replied, Lecia thought for a while and gave Shade a hug:

“Although I don’t know what you are going to do, be careful.”

Then she gave Shade a steam bomb. Shade was surprised and then carefully put it away.

There is still an hour before sunrise.

The Ring Warlock team of the Church of Nature is waiting on the second floor to attack again before dawn. Although Shade could not learn about the situation in the wine cellar from them, Miss Aurora directly told Shade that there were three ring warlocks and a dozen fishmen underground.

Shad’s original plan was to use illusion to enter the wine cellar and steal the texts if there was a chance. But the wine cellar of Aurora Manor actually has a secret passage connected to the gardener’s cabin in the garden.

That secret passage was built when the Aurora family owned this place, and even the murlocs didn’t know about it.

So Shade jumped from the third floor window into the rainy garden, and braved the rain to find the locked gardener’s cabin. After opening the door, I found that this was basically a utility room. The four walls were filled with shelves holding metal tools, and there was even a steam engine in the corner.

Push open the box in the corner and tap on the floor a few times to find the location of the trap door. After struggling to open the trap door, the dark hole seemed to lead directly to the underground abyss.

But if you shine the light from your fingertips, you can see that the depth below is only three meters.

Unlike the underground ruins in Tobesk, this secret passage seems to be only used for emergency escape, so it is very narrow. Shade even had to lower his head to pass. The height of the secret passage was only about 1.7 meters.

On the way down, we only encountered a fork, one way forward, and the other leading to the storage room where food and water were stored.

So Shade walked along the straight path forward, and soon he came to the end of this secret passage.

While illuminating the front in the darkness, Shade still thought that if he had a manor, he would also build a complicated secret passage. After all, the space is so big, it would be a pity not to build a secret passage.

According to Ms. Avrola, this secret passage leads to the inner mezzanine of the wall in the wine cellar, where new wine for aging is stored.

Therefore, when Shade opened the secret door as carefully as possible and climbed out, he could only see rows of wine barrels and no trace of the fish-men.

Use the illusion carefully, and the silver mist flows quietly against the ground. After coming out of the inner mezzanine of the wine cellar, I finally saw three strong men dressed as sailors, holding guns and guarding the entrance of the wine cellar. The common feature of the three men was that they looked ugly.

Besides them, Shade also saw a tall and thin man standing in the shadows. This one is a ring warlock. He almost blends into the shadow. If the voice in his ear hadn’t reminded him, Shade wouldn’t even be able to notice him.

In order to prevent being discovered by the ring warlock, Shade carefully controlled the mist of illusion to only exist in the area around him. But illusion is not invisibility. Even if it can achieve similar effects, it will be easily discovered by ring warlocks with sensitive senses.

He could only bend down and press against the wall, letting the rows of wine cabinets stand in front of him. It took a full ten minutes to make a long circle around the edge of the shelf and stay away from the door of the wine cellar.

The entire wine cellar was dark, and it seemed that except for the four people at the door, no one else existed. So Shade used the spell [Echo of Blood], and sure enough, in the confrontation with the Zhengshen Church team just now, the injured comrades of the fish people left blood stains on the ground during the transfer process.

Although it cannot be detected by the naked eye, in the [Echo of Blood] state, Shade, who has bloodshot eyes in his right eye, can follow the red halos that look like road signs in the dark all the way to the wine cellar. at the end and discovered a hole in the wall.

There should have been space behind that wall, but it was temporarily closed by a brick wall before it was sold to the Aurora family. When it was opened again tonight, the fishmen seemed to have smashed open the wall with a sledgehammer, and the masonry on the ground had not even been cleared away.

The cold, damp and fishy wind came from behind the hole in the wall. At the same time, weak candlelight and strange blue light could be seen in the darkness, and whispers whose content could not be distinguished could be heard.

“Is there any other exit behind the windy wall?”

This is what surprised Shade the most.


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