The Whispering Verses Chapter 366: Words and gold rings


The witch did not recognize the badge that radiated heat in front of her. She just squinted her eyes and looked at the coat of arms belonging to the duchess on the badge:

“Earlier there were rumors in Tobesk that the Duchess of Saradir had a man who could spend the night at her manor.”

Lecia glanced at Shade.

“I originally thought it was just a rumor, but I didn’t expect it to be true.”

Although he was a little surprised that the other party recognized him directly, Shade did not panic. He had already thought about what he should do if he really had to face the witch:

“Ma’am, could you let go of my hand?”

Anyway, he was sure that Sivi Avora had no intention of killing him directly.

“Mr. Hamilton, are you really a man? Or, what exactly are you?”

The witch asked softly, getting closer and closer to Shade. Shade could even count the number of her eyebrows.


Lecia suddenly coughed:

“Miss Aurora, I don’t know what you are doing, but please don’t embarrass my…friend.”

The witch turned to look at the princess:

“Friend…Oh, Your Highness, I admit that I am a ring warlock, so please tell me, is he a man? If you give me the answer, then I can agree with you tonight Proposed transactions, all transactions.”

The witch’s obsession with the curse is far stronger than business.

“Of course Shade is a man.”

Lecia said, raising her head slightly to expose her white neck. Although she guessed that Miss Aurora was also a witch from Miss Carina’s identity, she didn’t understand the purpose of this question because she didn’t know about the witch’s curse.

“Of course it’s a man? It seems like you haven’t done anything yet…”

The witch was thinking, her eyes shifted to Shade again, and then moved down very rudely, just like Miss Carina back then. Shade narrowed his eyes, then disappeared out of thin air and appeared next to the sofa behind the witch. He had already prepared the casting materials.

“Ma’am, this is not polite.”

Xia De shook his head and said:

“Space movement… Raglai’s space jump.”

The witch said the name of this thaumaturgy, then looked down at her palm:

“Interesting. Really interesting.”

She laughed a few times, then shook her head and sat back on the sofa. Lesia also sat down, and both ladies looked at Shade who was standing there, so Shade sat next to Lesia.

“Have you slept with Carina?”

This was another rather impolite question, and Lesia frowned and looked at Shade.

“Of course not.”

Xia De immediately shook his head:

“This is really rude, madam. I originally thought you were a well-educated lady. Miss Carina and I are just a cooperative relationship.”

Thinking of the badge on the neck and the kiss on the forehead, he added:

“A deep partnership.”

“So she is so sure that you are not affected by the curse… Or, she is so sure that you are really human?”

Xiwei Avora asked inquiringly.

“What else can I be if I’m not a human being? A person made of stone?”

Xia De asked rhetorically, and then gave an example:

“I escaped from that fishbone pirate ship…”

Miss Aurora looked at him sharply, her eyes no longer filled with helplessness and confusion, but with vigilance. She came to Coldwater Harbor to be the second chosen one to escape from the fishbone pirate ship.

The wind outside the window was very loud, and Xia De’s thoughts were very clear:

“But I haven’t been infected with any **** mermaid curse, so maybe I am the kind of person who is immune to the curse. Ring magicians will always have their own unique abilities. Madam, what do you look like?”

“You…escaped from the Bone Pirate Ship.”


Shad knew what she was thinking of, and he succeeded. The witch was no longer obsessed with what he was, but was attracted by the news of the second chosen one.

“Lecia, please take the maid to another place first. I have something to discuss with this lady. The matter of the ring magician is not suitable for you to listen to.”

Although the tone was slightly commanding, the princess still stood up. She knew Shade had many secrets, so she wasn’t surprised.

“Miss Aurora, Shade is my friend.”

The princess said to the witch before leaving with the maid.

Waiting until the door was closed, Sylvie Aurora squinted her eyes and looked at Shade again, with a dangerous look in her golden pupils.

“Miss Carina told me about the second chosen one.”

Xia De said, looking at her.

“She even told you this?”

The witch’s voice was very soft.

“Of course, but I shouldn’t be the kind of person chosen by fate.”

“How do you prove it?”

“No need to prove, because I am indeed not. The second chosen one is related to darkness, and I have no special power related to darkness.”

The witch did not speak, Shade smiled:

“I am a student of St. Byrons. Before entering the manor just now, I met our vice-principal, Mr. Sanchez, and used my special ability…”

Point to your ear:

“…I learned some very interesting things. Madam, aren’t you curious why there happened to be a team of natural church ring magicians at your banquet?”

“What do you know?”

“I have friends in church.”

This is true.

“The Natural Church, three days ago or two days ago, received a letter from the Thirteen-ring Warlock God Caller.”

The witch looked at her feet, which was the direction of the second floor.

“Of course I don’t know the content of the letter, but when I think about it, there happened to be a group of ring magicians from the Church of Nature, and two professors from St. Byrons happened to be nearby, and they talked about something about it. Dark things. Miss Witch, why do you think the professors are here? Just because this is an important ritual node?”

In fact, the two professors appeared here originally because of the ritual node.

“You mean…”

The witch groaned, and Shade showed a satisfied smile. The other party did not doubt the source of his information at all:

“Yes, I was resting at Sophia’s mansion and came here in the rain. It was really because I was worried about Lesia. Although I am not her lover, she is really my friend. But I got it accidentally The information makes my trip more valuable. I haven’t even had time to tell Miss Carina about the news I overheard. I think she will be interested in my information.”

“What level of warlock are you?”

The witch suddenly asked, and Shade hesitated:

“Second Ring. However, it was a month and a half ago that I officially became a Ring Warlock.”

“Promoted to the second ring in one month…I probably understand why Carina wants to keep you by her side. You are indeed very capable.”

Having said this, it means that Xiwei Avora will not be entangled in the issue of Shade’s identity for the time being. After all, the chosen one is much more important than him.

“So Mr. Hamilton, who is the other party?”

She asked again.

“Sorry ma’am, I don’t know either.”

In fact, no one knows better than Xia De. Seeing the witch and wanting to ask, Xia De added:

“However, I did hear some interesting rumors. Although they are just rumors, I have already confirmed them from the professors.”

“It’s okay, what’s the news?”

“The second chosen one has a devil in him.”


She asked in surprise:

“The devil of a different race is still…”

“A terrifying remnant of the Third Age.”

Xia De replied softly that he did not want to mention too much about such evil things.

“Oh, my God.”

Miss Aurora leaned back slightly, with a serious expression on her face. She didn’t speak for a long time, and she didn’t know what she was thinking.

The Witches’ Council is courting female chosen ones, but they will definitely not accept male chosen ones. Therefore, the purpose of the Witches’ Council and Shade is actually the same, and there is no conflict of interest between the two.

This is the reason why Shade revealed this information to Miss Aurora. Although the divination shows that Darkness will go to Tobesk, if the witch can seriously injure Darkness in the cold water port, just like Shade did in Lakeview Manor seriously injured the silver-eyed man, so Shade, Luvia and Iluna can better handle the follow-up matters of the second chosen one in Tobesk City.

“From the church’s perspective, the second chosen one is here. So what are you going to do?”

Xia De asked cautiously:

“Can I help you?”

“No, I don’t need you.”

She shook her head and frowned:

“If there really is a demon in the other party, then this is something you cannot deal with as a second-level person. It is very dangerous, very dangerous…Hamilton, I still doubt what you are, the witch curse can’t go wrong “But you are Carina’s, and you gave me very crucial information. I won’t let you have any problems with me.”

“Then I want to go to the wine cellar under the manor and see those fishmen. I wonder if you can help?”

The reason why I didn’t ask the witch to go with me is because the witch probably doesn’t want to pay attention to those ugly things at all. And now that she was going to find trouble with Darkness, she didn’t have time to play wine cellar exploration with Shad.

Miss Aurora thought for a while, then took off the gold ring in her hand and handed it to Shade:

“Sage-level relic [Ancient Witch’s Golden Ring·First on the right] can enhance the power of the Ring Warlock. The negative characteristics are… Judging from your expression, Carina lent her her necklace. You?”


Xia De looked at the ring in surprise, took it carefully, and put it on his hand. Touching the ring surface gently, a sense of strength surged up. This ring is very similar to the ring he saw in “The Truth of a History (Witch War at the End of the Fifth Age)” where the witch summoned the “Witch Council” after entering the white mist.

So he tentatively asked::

“Could it be that this is a complete set of relics? If a single piece is sage grade, what is the rating of the complete set?”

“I can’t tell you this, it’s a secret of the Parliament.”

The witch shook her head with a faint smile on her face:

“But there are indeed thirteen pieces, one for each person. Six rings, two earrings, one necklace, one hair accessory, two bracelets, and one button.”

Now Shade is sure that these things are the keys to entering the Witch Council. But having the key is not enough, he also needs to find the white mist door to enter the Witch Parliament, so that he can enter the [Witch Parliament] like the witches. Because of this, Xiwei Avora could safely hand over the ring to Shade.

Thinking about it now, about thirteen witches often meet there to share information, which is why Miss Aurora said that she communicated with Miss Carina in Tobesk yesterday.

“That’s no problem. But aren’t you interested in how I got here from Tobesk?”

“Compared to whether you are a man, compared to the second chosen one, this is not worthy of my asking at all. Thaumaturgy? Relic? No, no, not important.”

She said, and as she shook her head, her long brown wavy curly hair also swayed.

The witch sighed and stood up to leave, but after thinking about it, she said to Shade seriously:

“Anyway, your news helped me. Mr. Hamilton, I still care about whether you are a man, but from today on, you can be regarded as a friend of the Aurora family.”


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