The Whispering Verses Chapter 2678: Changed rules


Chapter 2677 The changed rules

Flora Winslet stood there holding a wine glass, looking at Shade and the slightly green eighteen-year-old **** the dance floor. As Shade turned around again and again, she glimpsed a corner of the banquet 33 years ago.

The halo obscured the crowd in the background. When she focused on Shade, her powerful inspiration as an artist was able to outline the period of his “disappearance” based on Shade’s movements. Possible moves and dance steps.

As imagination and judgment fill in the blanks, and the talent of time inspired by the “time curse”, the figure of the disappearing man becomes clear little by little.

Until she was like an audience off the stage, watching the classical and modern wedding banquets being sewn together by the man, watching him dance and talk with the two ladies who were 33 years apart while he kept turning around.

At this moment, she suddenly had a strange feeling. She was not jealous of the immature eighteen-year-old girl or the old woman in the black dress, but she was surprised that she could actually see this strange scene.

On the road of pursuing art, she has reached a peak that most people can only look up to, but she still wants to see more and gain more. Perhaps the initial curiosity about Shade was just due to the witch’s primitive instinct and desire for the hot soul temperature, but at this moment she completely understood it in a trance –

“I must follow him. Only in this way can I see more scenery in this world and see the stories and pictures I am looking forward to. His soul attracts me like a candle that attracts moths. His life is the most beautiful gem that attracts me like a thief.

Now that I have seen this gem, I must not let go. ”

【But, what should Carina do? 】

The other me in my ear asked softly. The witch staring at Shade just hesitated for a moment and then didn’t care:

“There will be a solution when the time comes, and I think Carina can’t control this man at all, so I’m here to help her.”

Unlike other witches who would fall into a sense of moral inferiority in such situations, Flora Winslet does not have this problem.

Dancing Shade only needs to care about the emotions of his female companions, but Miss Danister, who is looking for the black ball, has much more to consider. This incident that happened due to an accident finally came to an end without any danger.

At 8:30 in the evening on the autumn night of 1854, when Shade held Iluna’s hand again, the eighteen-year-old girl smiled and told him the good news:

“Miss Denister and the others have found the ball, but the situation is a bit complicated and I need to go there personally to get it. You stay there for a while and then go directly to the corresponding location to join me.”

She explained the specific location where the ball was found, and then gently pushed and let go of Shade’s hand in a good mood. Shade turned around and faced the lady with black hair and black skirt:

“Don’t worry, Miss Danister has found the ball. The ball is really in the future time and space.”

As he spoke, he held the other person’s hand and moved towards the outside of the crowd:

“Let’s go directly to the corresponding location and wait. Don’t hand over relic derivatives in this place.”

“But is it really that easy?”

The lady in black skirt asked:

“Even though your era already had methods to deal with hide-and-seek boys, according to my experience, there has never been any humanoid relic that can be dealt with so easily.”

The black leather ball is still within the confines of Collins Manor, but it is not inside the manor, but in the woodland adjacent to the east side of the manor. It was the private woodland of the Collins family. In 1854, due to the abandonment of the old town, it had been turned into an unimportant hunting forest.

In 1821, when the city of Vista was just emerging, there were orchards that were carefully tended. And it was obvious that no matter how lively the banquet was, no guests would appear in the orchard. After all, even if young men and women cannot bear their inner desires, the garden behind the courtyard is more suitable for a tryst than the woods.

Because there are real bears and venomous snakes in the Vista Grove.

Shade and the lady in the black skirt arrived in the orchard, far away from the noisy banquet and noisy crowds. They stood under the apple tree in the orchard and looked at the nearby manor under the night. They felt relieved somehow. came to mind.

The next thing that needs to be done is to wait, but at this time the lady in the black dress asked Shade:

“From what you just described, you and Danister have a pretty good relationship, right?”

“Yes, Miss Daniste helped me a lot and helped me hide many secrets from the academy.”

Shad did not hesitate to praise the red-haired sorceress:

“Students and professors in the college also spoke highly of her. Miss Danister can be regarded as one of the most popular professors of our time.”

“No, what I want to ask is, is your relationship with her just that of a student and a teacher?”

The lady in black skirt turned to look at him with a teasing smile on her face:


“Just think that I, as Danist’s elder, want to care about the private life of my students. I bet that Danist has also asked about your private life.

Do you and Daniste have any other feelings? In your cursed state, the age gap between the two of you isn’t that big. ”

Xia De felt a little embarrassed and hesitated for a long time before saying:

“I think we have no other feelings for the time being.”

But the lady in the black skirt refused to let go:

“But when you talked about her, your tone didn’t sound like you were talking about someone you respected. And I noticed something very interesting. You never called her teacher in front of me, yes, Not once.”


The lady in the black dress has smiled and narrowed her eyes. She likes this night very much. Even if she fails to find traces of the astrologer in the Vista Grove this time, she is still very satisfied with being able to come here this summer:

“I won’t interfere with the future, but it was really interesting to talk to you about Denise. It seems to me that she is still in the far north college, happy that the summer vacation is coming, The teaching assistant job I gave her was really stressful.

But with your description, I seem to have really seen her step by step into a mature girl and a responsible librarian. ”

“So, you really don’t want to meet Miss Daniste when she grows up?”

Xia De still asked without giving up, while the lady in black skirt still shook her head:

“She has already seen her at the age of eighteen. Young people, the future belongs to you. You don’t have to look back because of me, a person who is destined to go away. I am very happy that I can be the step for Danister to step on. There is a farther and higher road, but I don’t want her to always think about the road she has traveled. She should look into the distance.”

“You are really a teacher worthy of praise.”

Shad praised, and the lady in black skirt did not answer. Instead, she stood under the apple tree and looked blankly at the Collins Manor illuminated by the lights.

If she really does that well, she won’t leave without saying goodbye in the future.

The two talked for a while under the apple tree about the application of moon spells, and then a strong sense of voyeurism let Shade know that Iluna and the others had succeeded.

He said goodbye to the lady in the black dress again, and then tried to grasp the feeling of “back to the future.”

After the white light flashed, the orchard turned into a wild woodland. Iluna, Miss Winslet, Miss Bell, Miss Daniste and the five witch followers are all here, and Iluna is already holding the black ball.

When [Hide and Seek Boy] first appeared in the manor, Shade had no chance to observe it carefully. At this time, the light ball called by the sorceresses illuminated the woodland, and he could clearly see that there was actually a picture on the surface of the ball. Painful human face shape.

It is not appropriate to talk about how the ball was made at this time. When Shade appeared, Iluna reached out and handed the ball to him:

“Let’s end this matter quickly. I hope there won’t be a second accident tonight. If there is an accident, it’s best to wait until I get to work tomorrow and come back to me!”

Shad smiled and reached out to catch the ball. Just the moment his hand touched the ball, there was a click in the void, and the power of freezing time made all the ladies behind Iluna freeze. original place.

The eyeless boy’s hand appeared out of thin air, trying to touch the ball, but what the relics didn’t expect was that Shade and Iluna threw it upward at the same time, and the ball was thrown away by them. Towards the sky.

Shad’s figure instantly disappeared from the ground and then appeared in the air. He wanted to hug the ball, but the ball dodged like a living creature.

When Shade landed again, the frozen time began to flow. Together with Iluna and the ladies behind him who didn’t know what happened just now, he saw the ball bouncing on the ground a few times, and from the shadow of the big tree behind the ball, a boy without eyes came out. .

“What does this mean? You’re breaking your own rules?”

Eluna frowned and asked:

“You said you were looking for the ball, and we have already found the ball. Now as long as the ball gets to Shad and then passed to me, the game is over. What are you going to do?”

The boy kicked forward, and the ball slid forward and disappeared into the woods at night, but only Shade and Iluna could see that it had been kicked to 1821:

“You need to find it in two time and spaces. You have found it now, and you need to find it in the past.”

The boy pointed at Shad:

“I will never break my own rules, but I need you to prove that I chose you right.”

Xia De also pointed at himself:

“You talk like this, as if you are a child who has not grown up. Did you not get the gift yourself, so you blame me who got the gift?”

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