The Whispering Verses Chapter 2677: Dance of Three


Chapter 2676 Dance of Three

The flames seemed to be dancing with the lively atmosphere and brisk music at this summer evening banquet in 1821. The black-haired lady turned around in a circle and leaned her back against Shade’s chest, and then held Shade’s hand again. De Gao’s raised right hand turned back:

“Don’t worry about the ball, I’m already looking for it. As long as the ball is still in this manor or nearby, it’s impossible to find it.”

This lady with thirteen rings has the confidence to say such a thing, Shade nodded:

“Then I will go back first and tell my companions that they are very worried about me.”

He let go of the black-haired lady’s hand, turned back and held Iluna’s hand. The scene changed to 1854, and Shade found that he seemed to have mastered the trick.

And Iluna was surprised at first when Shade “appeared out of thin air” and hugged her waist again, and then realized that he was back again:

“How’s it going?”

“I found a helper in 1821, and she will help me find the ball. But what about now in 1854? Let Miss Winslet and Miss Bell find it?”

Compared with the young and cheerful dance music of 1821, this dance music today seems much more soothing, so Shade must adjust his dancing posture.

Iluna shook her head while leaning forward against him:

“If the incident caused by this kind of humanoid Keeper-level relic can be solved by just mobilizing human hands, then it is not worthy of the evaluation of the Keeper-level. Fortunately, we have mastered the method of dealing with this relic. Discovered by the Peace Church twenty years ago, the Keeper-level relic [catching gloves] currently in St. Byrons naturally restrains this hide-and-seek game.”

She looked to the outside of the crowd and saw that Miss Bell had disappeared. Only the witch was still holding the wine glass and looking at the two people with unclear eyes:

“The word has been passed on and the lady at the hotel should be back soon with gloves on.”

“Okay, I’ll go and talk to the lady from the past.”

As he spoke, he let go of Iluna’s hand, turned back and then sideways, holding the black-haired lady’s hand again, looking at him curiously with her rose-red eyes:

“Your time talent is stronger than I thought.”

“Thank you for the compliment, but there will be no problem in the future. The Zhengshen Church discovered a way to restrain this kind of relic more than ten years ago, that’s”

“Don’t tell me about the future.”

The lady who has put away the beige sun hat, which is an angel-level relic [Tree Shade Dream], said, her black hair looks very shiny under the night and firelight:

“Even if there is no way to deal with it, there is no problem on my side. But compared to the way to deal with this relic, I am actually more curious about Danist’s situation in the future.”

She moved closer to Shade, and the two of them assumed the same posture as the people around them:

“These days I have been thinking about what will happen in the future that will lead you to come to Vista Grove together. Judging from the last time you asked me several times if I wanted to see Danister, I think I should Guessed the truth.”

She looked at Shade at a fairly close distance, with a gentle smile on her face:

“My future self disappeared one day, right?”

Xia De was silent for a moment:

“Can I ask, what is the content of the time curse you received?”

Ms. Helena Carter still looked at him with a smile:

“I think if I really leave Daniste without saying goodbye one day, it should have nothing to do with this curse.

But since you asked, young sir, well, I am irreversibly transforming into a big tree. This process is not instantaneous, but happens slowly. During this period, my strength will not be affected, until the moment I die, my body will completely transform into a big tree. ”

This curse is consistent with her thirteen-ring status.

“Miss Daniste and I investigated from the future and you used a relic that delayed the curse until the moment of death.”

The black-haired lady nodded slightly, indicating that it was time for Shade to move:

“Yes, and because I used the relic, the power of the relic and the curse of time deepened. When I die, my body and my soul will become a cursed tree. Rather than an ordinary tree. I can imagine how powerful that tree will be, so I will arrange the disposal of the body before I die.”

“I noticed you were smiling as you told this story.”

“Those are things after death. If Daniste can really find me, I would also like to trouble you to confirm the status of my body with her. If the cursed tree still exists, please put that Get rid of this big tree and don’t cause trouble to others.”

Her tone was still relaxed, but Shade just wanted to sigh:

“Please don’t give me such an important task casually. Can you talk to Miss Danister? She told me that she wants to see you again no matter what.”

The black-haired lady shook her head slightly, staring at him with rose-red eyes:

“She is still as stubborn as before, so I can only ask you to stop her. She is different from you. She has known me in today’s era, and you were not even born ‘now’ . If I have too much communication with her, will someone be watching us from behind? It’s really strange. I can feel it but I can’t see it. ”


Shade was startled. He kept dancing with the black-haired lady and turned his head naturally, but he also didn’t see anyone peeking at them.

Then he suddenly thought of something:

“I’ll go back and confirm the situation.”

As he spoke, he let go of his hand, and immediately took two steps forward after the white light to grab Iluna’s hand. The left eye of the girl with long brown hair was glowing slightly:

“That black-haired lady is very beautiful~”

She said this, and Shade laughed:

“Iluna, you won’t see us, will you?”

The eighteen-year-old girl nodded and pretended to have a relaxed tone. This was very different from Ms. Helena Carter’s real relaxed tone just now:

“Seeing that you didn’t come back, I wanted to know what you were doing, and then I saw you dancing with that black-haired lady. Who was that? I don’t think I’ve seen her before. Does Luvia know her?”

Xia De did not feel embarrassed, but explained softly:

“That lady is now deceased. She was Miss Denister’s teacher.”

He simply told the matter while dancing with Iluna, and also told Iluna to keep it a secret, and he would not tell it unless Iluna asked.

The eighteen-year-old girl was a little unhappy at first, after all, others had usurped her dancing time. But after knowing the identity of the other party, she became sentimental again. Iluna Beas was a kind and considerate girl in this sixth era.

Then she talked about this:

“Miss Daniste has come over with the relic, and Miss Bell went to assist her. Miss Winslet just said to me, let us not move here, she is worried that the relic will stare at the two of us, Prevent [Catching Gloves] from taking effect”.

“I understand.”

He gently held Iluna in his arms and swayed with the music. Looking over Iluna’s shoulder, he saw Miss Winslet still standing alone outside the dance floor looking at this place.

She was also looking at him at this time, and the two of them looked at each other in silence. Thinking of the newly obtained spell “telepathy”, Shade wanted to try to talk to her at this time. He thought it would be difficult, but probably because Flora Winslet was an owl, he gave it a try. It was successful:

“Would you like to dance together later?”

“Aren’t you busy?”

The witch’s voice also appeared in Shade’s mind, and he continued to move forward and backward with Iluna in his arms:

“I mean this matter has been settled. I have clarified some things about York Bronte, and there is nothing else at this party.”

“I don’t want you to ask me to dance because you think I’m lonely.”

The witch said this again, and Shade asked:

“So, do you really think I invited you because of this?”

Flora Winslet didn’t answer, she just turned her face away from Shade, and Shade took it as her consent.

In order to prevent the 1821 lady from worrying, Shade danced with Iluna for a while, then let go of her and turned around to hold the hand of the black-haired lady behind him.

The night of the summer night of 1821 seemed darker and darker, and the various characters around seemed to have become unimportant backgrounds covered by the halo. For outsiders, in this place where they absolutely did not exist, Times, only this black-haired lady is real:

“Don’t worry about prying eyes, my future female companion has seen you.”

He explained softly, and the lady dancing with him smiled and asked:

“Since you used such a description, then the person dancing with you is not Daniste. Tsk tsk~ Is that lady angry? I think you walked away for a while this time to explain my identity. ?”

“She’s not angry, she’s just worried about my situation.”

He continued to answer in a low voice without stopping his dance.

The searches on both sides of time and space were carried out “simultaneously”, and then Shade frequently traveled through banquets held at the same place 33 years apart to determine whether the black ball had been found in the corresponding time and space.

In the time and space of 1854, while dancing with Iluna in his arms, he whispered to her about the Dead Apostles and Bronte, and shared his speculation about Theodore = Benn = York;

In 1821, Shade continued to chat with the lady who had not asked his name so far about Miss Daniste when she grew up, shared little things about her time with the “Red Moon Witch”, and even Talking about the gifts given to each other at the end of the year last year.

As for Daniste Gustave when she grows up, that is the person this lady is destined not to see.

The light and shadow are floating, the night is deep, the moon and stars are sparse, the two banquets 33 years apart seem to have become one as Shade keeps turning around.

This is not just the feeling of Shade himself, nor is it just the feeling of Iluna who has a strange left eye that can see the past. This is also the feeling of the great witch who died in 1854.


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