The Whispering Verses Chapter 2676: Three generations of Brontës


Chapter 2675 Three Generations of Brontës

“Ben Brontë and his brother, now Edmund Brontë, Baron Brontë, are the sons of the previous generation of Baron Theodore Brontë. The old The baron has passed away, and I went to see his grave. Although there was a skeleton buried in it, the person was not Theodore Bronte, and the age of the skeleton did not match.”

According to Shade’s knowledge, Theodore Bronte had two sons and one daughter. The eldest son, Edmund Bronte, inherited the title and became the staff officer of the First Regiment of the Royal Army. The York Bronte whom Shade met in 1854 was his second son, the grandson of Theodore Bronte.

“The bones have been replaced? So the old baron is not actually dead?”

The dancing firelight caused the light and shadow on the black-haired lady’s face to constantly change. She took a sip of wine and nodded slightly:

“Yes, and not only alive. I used astrology in the woods to try to find him, before he showed up here tonight. Yes, Theodore Brontë, now Before our eyes.”

Xia De sighed:

“Theodore Bronte is his second son Ben Bronte?”

She nodded again, very satisfied with Shade’s sensitivity:

“I only investigated for a week, and I’m not sure what methods he used. This man was quite cautious. I didn’t come here to investigate him, so I didn’t use any drastic measures. But the second son of the old baron , it is definitely the old baron himself. Ben Brontë has never existed. They have been the same person since they were children.”

Xia De immediately pointed out the unreasonableness:

“But the time doesn’t match up, right? Although I don’t know the specific time, but when the old baron died, Ben Bronte had already been born. It can’t be that they have never been together in these years. He is a time traveler, not just an ‘immortal’!”

Ms. Helena Carter smiled. Miss Danister told Shad this name:

“As long as you understand. The only thing I don’t know now is whether Theodore Bronte, who is nominally dead, is really his name, or whether Theodore Bronte is just his name when he lives in The identity of that era.”

But Shad knew this:

“I know some things better than you, Theodore Brontë = Benn Brontë, they really belong to 34 years ago in 1787, when Theodore Brontë was 19 years old

So Theodore Bronte is who he really is, and Miss Denister and I discovered his next identity after ‘Ben’ in the past. He did not choose to use the identity of the eldest son of the family. His false identity was that of the second son of the family. ”

Although it is currently unknown what happened at other time points other than 1787, the general story of what happened to York Bronte in 1854 has been basically determined. But if it were just like this, he wouldn’t have become a “Dead Apostle”, so he must have experienced other things.

“It seems that you have smoothed over this matter, so that’s fine. Let the two of you resolve this matter. Since you have seen him in the future, I’d better not get involved.”

Her tone was very brisk:

“Can we get down to business now? Why did you come to this era again? Just to investigate Bronte? This shouldn’t be considered trouble?”

“Of course not, I encountered a humanoid Keeper-level relic.”

He briefly described the [Hide and Seek Boy], and the knowledgeable former librarian certainly knew about this relic;

“Have you never heard that this kind of relic has the power of time? Is it the influence of the Chosen One incident?”

She looked around:

“Before and after you appeared, I felt no trace of abnormal whispering elements. Could it be that the relic changed the rules? It seems that you still need to communicate with the girls of your era.”

“But the time I am currently in is unstable and I have no control over it.”

The black-haired lady shook her head:

“Since it is an unstable state, as long as one party exerts a little force, you will fall to that party. I don’t have the talent of time, but I know that the thoughts and emotions of ring magicians will affect themselves.

Since you can’t control it, try to make yourself think ‘I have to go back to the future’. This might work. Thoughts are also power, let your thoughts turn into thrust. ”

This method sounded feasible, so Shade immediately thought, “Little Mia is still waiting for me to come home.” But because Shade knew that the cat was being taken care of by Luvia, he was not anxious at all.

“Is there anything else that I must go back and finish right away”

Looking at the people playing around the bonfire in the wedding banquet, Shade recalled that he really had something very important to go back and complete:

“I promised Iluna that I would dance with her at the banquet! I can’t break my promise!”

Eluna is very busy at work, and due to her status, she cannot visit Shade’s home often. Shade actually always feels that he has neglected her, and even Luvia often asks Shade to take the initiative to find her. Iluna.


Today she specially took a day off and put on a beautiful dress to go on a date with Shad in Vista Grove

[Didn’t you come here today just for time resistance? 】

“She” asked with a smile, but no matter what, Shade couldn’t let Iluna down. Since he promised to dance with her tonight, he must not miss it.

And when this thought appeared, and I was eager to return, that familiar white light actually flashed before my eyes. So the black-haired lady who was standing next to her just now disappeared together with the bonfire and people wearing old-fashioned clothes in the background. At the same time, the banquet scene in front of her also changed to a more modern 1854.

Only ten minutes had passed since Shade left, but the banquet in the night seemed even more lively. He was standing in the courtyard of the manor. After a moment of surprise, he immediately strengthened the idea in his heart that “I agreed to dance with Iluna tonight” to prevent himself from returning to 1821.

“Iluna, Iluna, Iluna”

He even whispered the name of the eighteen-year-old girl, and before Shade went to find her, Miss Bell was the first to see Shade standing outside the crowd in the courtyard:

“I found him!”

The young witch apprentice quickly found Miss Winslet and Iluna, with an anxious expression on the latter’s face:

“Your favorite”

“My favorite pet is little Mia, my favorite color is purple, and my favorite place is home. I’m not lying.”

After confirming that the person in front of her was a real person and not an impostor, Iluna was about to ask about the situation when she saw Shade extending his hand to invite her:

“Iluna, let’s go dance together!”

With a happy expression on his face, the eighteen-year-old girl nodded subconsciously:

“Okay, no, no, no, now is not the time to dance!”

Eluna wanted to ask Shade to explain clearly, but she still put her hand on Shade’s, and Shade pulled her towards the dancing crowd:

“It’s troublesome to explain, but now that I’m not dancing with you, it’s hard for me to stay in this time. Come on, let’s go dance first, and then you can tell me what happened here.”

The witch behind him also heard his explanation, so she could only watch the two of them arrive at the dance floor area specially set aside on the west side of the courtyard. This area is quite large. Even though the normal wedding banquet in 1854 had just started not long ago, there were already many people dancing here.

Shad held Iluna’s hand with one hand and supported Iluna’s waist with the other. Iluna adjusted her breathing rate and quickly caught up with the rhythm of dancing with Shade:

“The boy asked us to find the ball in the past within three hours, and then deliver it to me now.”

“But I found no trace of the ball in the past time. In fact, there was not even a trace of the whispering element in the past time.”

The two stood very close to each other to ensure that every word could be spoken clearly. Iluna stepped backwards as Shade moved forward in the dance music. She suddenly felt that the appearance of the humanoid relic was not a completely bad thing:

“I just talked about this possibility with Miss Winslet. We have never heard of [Hide and Seek Boy] having time power before. It is possible that it only takes you because of the instability of local time. Sent over.

It itself was not in Ximu Town at that time in the past, and its leather ball, as an important relic derivative, was not in that era either. Therefore, the ball is still in 1854 today. The boy’s game is not that you find the ball in the past, but that we find the ball in the present and pass it to you, and then let you pass it to me.

This is a trap. If I focus on helping you find the ball in the past, I’m afraid it will fail this time. ”

They also did a lot of things in the short ten minutes that Shade was away.

“But it’s just a possibility.”

Shad reminded, Iluna nodded, and accidentally bumped into Shad’s chest:

“Yes, so you are”

Shad’s figure faded in front of her, and Iluna pursed her lips, using illusions that she was not very good at to prevent people from noticing Shad’s sudden disappearance.

In Shade’s view, Iluna was talking to him, and the white light flashed before his eyes again, and then he appeared among the people dancing around the bonfire in 1821 to the cheerful sound of the lute. .

But people were not surprised by his sudden appearance, because the mature black-haired lady reached out and took his hand, moving her body with him to the dance music:

“Looks like it’s going well, how’s it going?”

Looking at Shade with rose-red eyes, this lady was very good at dancing and immediately found the rhythm in the brisk music. At first, Shade was not used to dancing with strange ladies, but he soon got used to it:

“My female companion in the future said this is a trap. The ball is not in the present at all, but in the future. But this is just a guess, so we still need to find the ball in this era.”

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