The Whispering Verses Chapter 2675: The reappearing lady


Chapter 2674 The Lady Reappears

Compared with the manor 33 years later, the Collins Manor today is almost unchanged. And when Shade followed the dim path on the side of the mansion to the courtyard in front of the manor, which was illuminated by hanging kerosene lamps, he unexpectedly discovered that this wedding banquet was even more lively than the one 33 years later.

The outdoor banquet actually lit a bonfire in the courtyard, and the night was darker than in 1854. The guests were having fun, dancing around the bonfire, or walking and chatting with friends holding wine glasses, and no one noticed Shade’s arrival.

The development of the steam industry has made the times change rapidly. Even if it is only 33 years apart, people’s clothing styles at this time are very different from those in 1854. But fortunately, Shade was only wearing a white shirt, which at least didn’t look out of place.

Xia De doesn’t know whose wedding this is for the moment, nor does he know exactly what he will do when he is sent to 1821 by the relic, because he didn’t hear the rules mentioned by the relic at all.

However, the effect of “Beacon Acorn” has not expired at this time. He was trying to use the “time stamp” to find out whether there are time travellers in this era, but after activating the effect, he realized that he should not do this:

“The hermits say that the function of acorns is to find objects with different timestamps from their own, and it is obvious that the timestamps of everyone in the past are the same as those who lived in 1854”

Facing the crowd illuminated by bonfires and lights, he stopped to think, because after his perception was activated, he looked at the people dancing, joking, eating, drinking, and talking, but there was only one “time traveler” he perceived. , not everyone.

Taking a deep breath, the outsider himself felt a little confused. He covered his forehead, and a question that had arisen a long time ago seemed to be answered. It seems that he can travel through time at will not just because of the permission of the tree father’s power. It seems that he

“My soul does not belong to any time in this world.”

He stood outside the banquet under the moonlight, his figure looking so lonely at this moment.

“She” said softly:

【But all time is willing to accept you, and all time is willing to give you a timestamp. Whenever you are, it is your home. 】

Shad continued to look at the bonfire that suddenly rose due to the addition of wine, and people were laughing and screaming around it:

“So if the tree father hadn’t given me a time limit every time to return to the ‘present time’, theoretically, I could have been living with Chloe, Miss Feliana or Miss Violet. In the fifth era? Could it be that the tree father’s mission time limit is not to pressure or remind me, but to prevent me from actually staying?”

[This is a very dangerous idea. But you adjust your mood so quickly. 】

“Her” voice is very gentle:

[Besides, are you really willing to abandon the people of the present and stay in the past? 】

It only takes a little digging to find out that this grand summer wedding is the wedding banquet of the eldest son of the Collins family. The Mr. Collins who got married in 1821 was the Earl Collins whom he met in Vista 33 years later in 1854.

As for the only time traveler that Shade sensed nearby, he was also at this banquet. Beacon Acorn displayed its outstanding abilities. Shortly after Shade adjusted his mood and entered the banquet venue, he saw his target – York Bronte.

In other words, people now call him “Ben Bronte”. He was not repatriated by Shade’s “Journey Back in Time”. The time of repatriation was 1787. Today, Ben Bronte and his brother, Baron Bronte, the staff officer of the First Regiment of the Royal Army 33 years later, attended the wedding together.

The Witch also investigated information about the Bronte family when investigating the traditional nobles of Ximu Town. Ben Bronte died in 1829, eight years ago. The obvious thing is that “Benn Bronte” at this time is not Benn Bronte at all. He is still the person who should have lived in 1787.

Even though times have changed, Shade still stood in the courtyard of Collins Manor holding a glass of champagne. No matter what secret this Bronte has, the most trouble that Shade needs to solve now is the matter of the hide-and-seek boy who is a keeper-level relic.

“Although I don’t know what the rules of the game will be if both Iluna and I participate in the game, it is always right to find the black ball.”

He drank the champagne in one gulp and was about to take action when he suddenly felt a flash of white light in front of him. The scene in front of him was still a lively wedding banquet, but the prosperous bonfires were gone. Instead of the early gas lamps and kerosene lamps, there are modern gas lamps, and the clothes people wear are thicker and more modern.


But no one seemed to notice Shade’s sudden appearance, because the next moment the white light appeared again, and Shade once again faced the wedding banquet of the “pre-steam era”.

[It’s not an illusion, you briefly returned to 1854. 】

Xia De understood immediately:

“That secret keeper-level relic has no ability to completely send me to the past. I am now in a state of time instability!”


This is not a guess, but a fact that Shade has deduced based on the current situation. Even though the relics each have their own special features, according to the time rules of the Sixth Era, it is not something that a Keeper-level relic can do easily by sending someone to the past. After all, [Hide and Seek Boy] is not a simple person. Time relics.

After thinking about this, it seems that the most important thing to do now is not to find the black ball, but to try to join Iluna in 1854 first. It’s just that Shade doesn’t know when the next time he will see 1854 again, and he doesn’t know where Iluna will go:

“Or, should I go directly to Miss Danister’s teacher? Although the tree hole in the forest is normally used as a one-way traffic from 1854 to the present, maybe speaking of it, since there is no time this time Restrictions, can I go directly to the forest to find the ruins leading to the [Space Maze], and then go home and take a look?”

[This is also a very dangerous idea. 】

“Why? This time I am not crossing through the twisted tree hole. There should be no rules that cannot leave the Vista Woodland area, right?”

It’s just that he failed to try his more bold ideas in the end – such as going to see Carina, the baby of this era, as if fate also prevented Shade from running around in 1821, just as he was thinking about plans At the same time, a mature black-haired lady wearing a beige sun hat and a black skirt separated from the lively banquet crowd and walked towards him.

In fact, Shade didn’t notice someone approaching him at the first time. He didn’t suddenly notice someone approaching until the lady was about to come to him.

I raised my head and saw a lady who was dressed incompatibly with this banquet. She looked mature in her thirties. Her black hair and black dress looked quite weird, and the leather belt that tightened her slender waist and That big beige hat is the last outfit that should appear at this party.

As for eye color, her eyes are the same standard rose red as Miss Danister. After realizing this, Xia De understood immediately:

“Is that you? I mean, hello, good evening.”

The black-haired lady smiled:

“Hello, young man, we meet again.”

This mature black-haired lady was the teacher of Miss Daniste who had a brief conversation with him in the woodland with her back turned to him the last time Shade and Miss Daniste accidentally entered 1821.

Xia De didn’t see the other person’s face last time, but he would not recognize the wrong person. After all, the possibility of a second thirteen-ring sorceress appearing in Ximu Town in this era is unlikely. This was the first time that Shade saw her head-on, and the lady was also looking at Shade up and down. She reached out and picked up a wine glass from the table behind Shade.

The light of the bonfire caused the long shadows of the two people to fall over the dining table behind them and onto the ground. The light and shadow intersected. A lot of amazing things really happened in this hot summer of 1821:

“Just now I was wondering if I had seen the wrong person, young man, it has only been a week since we last met. Why, do you miss this era so much?”

She smiled and joked, but no one around them looked at the two of them. Shade guessed that this was some kind of trick of the thirteen-ring sorceress, so he smiled sheepishly, and when he raised his hand, he noticed that his shadow was also moving:

“I’m in trouble again. This time I probably need your help. But can I ask if you’re here because you received an invitation from the Collins family?”

Shad glanced in the direction of the young married couple, but then looked at “Ben Bronte”:

“Is it because of this person?”

The former librarian followed Sha De’s eyes and nodded gently:

“You and Daniste also found a problem in your time? Yes, there is a problem with this Bronte. After I came to the local area, I communicated with the hermits in the forest and bought it from them Found some strange acorns and discovered Ben Bronte.”

But the hermits in 1854 did not say that they talked to this lady about time travel, but considering that the hermits in 1802 said that they would not tell the next generation about the identities and experiences of the time travellers, People, so it’s possible that the hermits in 1854 really didn’t know what happened 33 years ago.

“Ben Bronte is an aristocratic young man from Ximu Town who has a clear growth trajectory, but he does not belong to this era. The purpose of my coming here was originally to find traces of an astrologer, not because of time. I didn’t want to take care of things here when I traveled through time, but after meeting you last week, I investigated it out of curiosity.”

She stood side by side with Shade, looking at the people attending the summer night banquet with him. Behind them were champagne towers and various fruit platters.

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