The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2399:



Reverend Qingxuan opened his eyes, looking at Yu Lingzi’s back, with a complicated look on his face.


Yu Lingzi has a hot temper, but she is not a particularly impulsive person, and she is also very rational when facing major events. Because of this, facing such a major event as Master Long Dong being humiliated, she did not rush to settle accounts with Gu Zheng, but first came to Master Qingxuan to inquire about the situation.


Facing Yu Lingzi’s inquiry, Master Qingxuan had to remind her that Gu Zheng should not be provoked. However, from Yu Lingzi’s snort when he left just now, Master Qingxuan felt that her reminder might have had the opposite effect. Yu Lingzi seemed to have committed a crime, and she seemed to want to do something he didn’t want to see.


“Hey, evil debt!”


Reverend Qingxuan sighed in his heart, divulging the heaven would be punished by the heavens, there is a limit to everything, if the speed is grasped properly, the punishment of the heavens is not unbearable.


“Who told me to owe you! Whether you can understand it depends on whether you think you have this disaster.”


Sighing again in his heart, Master Qingxuan said, “Fellow Daoist Yuling, do you still remember my dream?”




Yu Lingzi, who was about to reach the entrance of the cave, turned around and looked at Master Qingxuan suspiciously, but Master Qingxuan closed his eyes again.




Reverend Qingxuan asked Yu Lingzi to ask himself what he said.


Yu Lingzi’s eyes widened suddenly. She felt that this was a reminder from Master Qingxuan. After considering the direction, Yu Lingzi immediately recalled the dream that Master Qingxuan had had in her memory.


“Who would be like me, after so many years, still clearly remember the many dreams you had.”


Yu Lingzi shook her head and smiled wryly. When she walked out of Master Qingxuan’s cave, her eyes widened sharply again, and cold sweat instantly appeared on her forehead.


Reverend Qingxuan will remind her of the dream, so this dream must be a very special dream, and among the dreams that Yu Lingzi remembers about Reverend Qingxuan, the most special dream is the one that Reverend Qingxuan had the day before he ran away from home that dream.


It was an afternoon, and Daoist Qingxuan, who woke up from a nap, told Yu Lingzi that he had just had a dream, in which a giant green dragon told him to go to Tianling City to practice Taoism, where he should be. Places to go.


When Master Qingxuan told Yu Lingzi about this dream, Yu Lingzi even made fun of him for dreaming in a hundred days. But it is undeniable that it is precisely because of this dream that Master Qingxuan’s heart to seek the Tao became more determined, and he really came to Tianling City.


After being exposed to Taoism, Yu Lingzi realized that the green dragon in Qingxuan’s dream was exactly the green dragon among the four images.


“Could it be that the guy named Tie is Qinglong?”


As soon as the terrifying idea came up, Yu Lingzi rejected it again.


“He can’t be Qinglong, how could Qinglong be in the mortal world.”


Yu Lingzi laughed at himself, with a thoughtful look on his face.


“The dream guided by the cruel thief can’t be wrong. It must be the dream about Qinglong. Then that guy is not Qinglong, and he must be similar to Qinglong. There are indeed many existences similar to Qinglong in the prehistoric world. , they have the same name, that is – Innate Spirit!”


A drop of cold sweat rolled down from Yu Lingzi’s forehead, and the wind made Yu Lingzi feel icy cold.




Remembering the reminder of Master Qingxuan’s adventure, Yu Lingzi who looked back at his cave couldn’t help but smile.


“Cruel-hearted thief, what happened at the banquet, you ordered the disciples in the sect not to spread it!”


Yu Lingzi transmitted sound to the closed cave.


“Got it!”


There was a tinge of relief in the voice transmission of Master Qingxuan.


After returning to the Zongmen, Yu Lingzi punished Master Longdong in a rare way, and punished him to meditate for a year and not leave the customs, and the affairs of the Zongzhong were temporarily taken over by the second elder.


Regarding what happened at the banquet, Yu Lingzi also kept Master Longdong and the others silent. However, why did Yu Lingzi make such a decision, no matter whether she was asked by Master Longdong or the other two elders, she did not explain the reason.


When many things are emerging, there will be a lot of troubles. As the saying goes, there are bright and dark, yin and yang.


The troubles of the ancient dispute in Tianling City are gone, but the troubles on the other side have not been resolved.


A few days later, the fourth elder of the Canglan Sect, who had suffered at the hands of Gu Zheng, finally caught up with the Qianzong team.


At the beginning in Tianling City, the Four Elders used the witch tool to calculate Gu Zheng, and after Gu Zheng smashed the space of the witch tool, he suffered serious backlash. Now his cultivation base has dropped from the original Golden Immortal stage to returning to the Void In the mid-term, the decline in this cultivation base is not insignificant.




Looking at the fourth elder who flew up Qianzong’s fairy artifact, the other three elders of Canglan Sect all stared wide-eyed.


The fourth elder’s aura was obviously much weaker, and he looked very weak. To be able to turn a cultivator in the early stage of Golden Immortal into what he is today, something must have happened to him.


Looking at the worry in the eyes of the other three elders, a wry smile appeared on the corners of the four elders’ mouths. Recalling the confident departure that day and the dismal ending, he didn’t know what to say for a while.


“What the **** happened!”


Elder Qi is almost dying of anxiety. He is a person who has suffered from Gu Zheng, and he has an indescribable fear of Gu Zheng.


The fourth elder smiled wryly again, and then told everyone what happened.


I have to say that the Canglan Sect has suffered more from Gu Zheng this time than last time. Last time, he only lost a rudder master and a sub-rudder disciple, but this time the cultivation base of the fourth elder has dropped to such a level, which makes people feel extremely distressed.


Compared to the loss last time, the members of the Canglan Sect seemed much calmer this time.




The Great Elder patted the Fourth Elder on the shoulder. Last time he saw that the Fourth Elder was dissatisfied, he wanted to let the Fourth Elder deal with this matter, which could be regarded as giving him experience.


For the Fourth Elder, the Great Elder knows a lot about it. He knows that the Fourth Elder’s arrogance stems from his own excellence! At a young age, he has reached the early stage of Jinxian, and he is thoughtful in handling things.


Send the Fourth Elder to deal with this matter, and the First Elder also understands that if the Fourth Elder is sent, he will be cautious. With a high level of self-cultivation, a variety of celestial artifacts, and careful thinking, the first elder felt that the fourth elder would not suffer a disadvantage, and even if he suffered a disadvantage, it would be just a small disadvantage. He did not expect that the matter would be so serious.


“I can’t help it, I’ve tried my best!” said the Fourth Elder.


“I know.”


There was guilt in the elder’s eyes.


“Boss, what are you going to do?” the second elder asked.


“To be able to get out of trouble under the calculations of the fourth brother, his own strength should not be underestimated. Being able to find the hiding place of the fourth brother also shows that this person is extremely careful. For such an enemy, once he decides to attack him , then you must try your best to kill him, otherwise it will definitely be a disaster!”


The Great Elder’s words made everyone nod, and he raised his hand and patted the Fourth Elder’s shoulder: “At the moment, the most important thing is to establish a sect. After I stabilize my foothold in Dongxu Mountain, I will meet this person in person. Don’t worry, fourth brother, this matter will not be left alone!”


Gu Zheng took the Lingzhu back to Jixiang Xiaozhu, but Master Yunqing separated from them on the way. He wanted to return to the sect to resign from his post in the city, and then come to Jixiang Xiaozhu as a clerk .


After returning to Jixiang Xiaozhu, Gu Zheng went to Kemanlou to have a look. Huang Ying’s business there was still booming, and during Gu Zheng’s absence, they did not give up time to practice. After all, the opening time of Man Ke Man Lou is not much longer than that of Ji Xiang Xiao Zhu, and they still have time to practice.


For Huang Ying and others, Gu Zheng did not report any expectations, but what should be handed over to them will still be handed over. As for whether one of them will create a fairy chef sect in the future, this is something unknown up.


Three sects have established sects on Dongxu Mountain, and immortal cultivators have appeared in Qingfeng City. After all, Canglan Sect will take over Qingfeng City, and this city will be different from ordinary mortal cities in the future. The people of Canglan Sect have already told the residents of Qingfeng City about cultivating immortals. Zong prepares to accept disciples. Although Canglan Sect owns the temporary residence right of Qingfeng City, the agreement between them and the other two sects is that one party will reside in the city for ten years. Therefore, when Canglan Sect was doing similar propaganda work in Qingfeng City, the other two sects also did similar work.


In the hearts of the residents of Qingfeng City, the mystery of the original immortals has been greatly reduced due to the entry of the three sects. Most people are very yearning for the world of immortal cultivators. After all, when the three sects were doing publicity, the most common sentence was “Cultivating Immortals can lead to longevity”.


There are already immortal cultivators patronizing the building full of customers. While the cooking skills of Huang Ying and others shocked the immortal cultivators, of course there was a little trouble inevitably. Just like some immortal cultivators, in order to show their extraordinary status, they intentionally or unintentionally break the rules! For this point, Gu Zheng had already expected it. When he “separated the family”, he also told Huang Ying and the others that if this situation happened, the rules came second, and life came first! After all, although Kemanlou follows some of the rules of Jixiang Xiaozhu, it is not Jixiang Xiaozhu, and there is no need to completely follow the rules of Jixiang Xiaozhu.


For Gu Zheng, the three sects turned Qingfeng City into a city for cultivators, which is a good and bad thing.


The good thing is that while Kaijixiang Xiaozhu is improving his culinary skills, he is also doing the business of immortal cultivators.


It’s not good because the ancient dispute originally planned to use the power of faith of the residents of Qingfeng City, but because the general power of faith is useless and must be pure, so the ancient dispute has not increased in this area strength. After all, the conditions for generating the power of precise belief are harsh, and this is not something that Gu Zheng can have if he wants it, and it will work when he is anxious. Now that the three sects have established a sect in Dongxu Mountain, the residents of the city will know more and more about the cultivators, and it will be more and more difficult to generate the power of precise belief.


However, for Gu Zheng, the power of precise faith is not a necessity at the moment. What he is more urgent now is to turn the source of the five elements of his life into the spirit of the five elements of his life, and then open the eyes of the Tao to truly enter The realm of ‘Tao produces one’ in the way of diet.


After telling Huang Ying and others to go to Jixiang Xiaozhu to learn new dishes after closing the shop at night, Gu Zheng didn’t go back directly to Jixiang Xiaozhu. He sent out his spiritual thoughts to look for Bai Li.


Bai Li was the first person Gu Zheng met in Qingfeng City, and he was also the original owner of Jixiang Xiaozhu. However, many things happened later. When Huang Ying and others reopened the building, Bai Li had already given the Jixiang Xiaozhu to Gu Zheng.


Bai Li also wanted to practice, and Gu Zheng also passed on the exercises to him, and also gave him food training that could change his physique, and even gave him some pills for cultivation. However, after all, he is the current Patriarch of the Bai family, and he has more ties to his family’s great career, so he has less time to practice every day than Huang Ying and others.


After Shen Nian found Bai Li, Gu Zheng told him that someone would teach Huang Ying and others to practice in the near future, and asked him to prepare a house in Qingfeng City for cultivation as soon as possible. Qualified immediate family members can also practice with Huang Ying and the others.


Bai Li is naturally very grateful for Gu Zheng’s finding someone to guide them in their cultivation. He told Gu Zheng that there are houses suitable for practicing.


Since the house exists now, after finishing the conversation with Bai Li, Gu Zheng immediately went to the big house belonging to the Bai family in the city, and arranged some fairy formations suitable for cultivation in it, and then returned to the extreme Xiang Xiaozhu.


I have been on the road for the past few days, and I have no time to refine the inner alchemy. After returning to Jixiang Xiaozhu, Gu Zheng left the Lingzhu to look at the store, and he entered the room to start refining the inner alchemy.


After refining an inner alchemy, Gu Zheng frowned slightly, because two immortal cultivators were approaching Jixiang Xiaozhu.


One of the two immortal cultivators, Gu Zheng, knew each other. His name was Nan Chen, and he was the first immortal cultivator guest that Gu Zheng opened the Jixiang Xiaozhu in Qingfeng City.


At first, Nan Chen wanted to let Gu Zheng make an exception to cook for him as an immortal cultivator, but after seeing Gu Zheng, the very sensible Nan Chen didn’t ask too much, and came early the next day Jixiang Xiaozhu waited outside.


Gu Zheng felt that Nan Chen was not bad, so he let him enter the shop early, and cooked two dishes for him with the ingredients he provided, one was ‘steamed dried fish’, and the other was ‘mountain bitter gourd stewed bacon ‘, Nanchen who ate was deeply moved.


When Nan Chen came to Jixiang Xiaozhu, Gu Zheng was already in the hall, and he clasped his fists at Gu Zheng from a distance: “Fellow Taoist, we meet again!”


“Yes! Compared with the last time we met, Fellow Daoist Nan’s cultivation seems to have improved a lot!” Gu Zheng returned the courtesy with a smile.


“It’s all thanks to fellow daoists! Those two dishes cooked by fellow daoists back then brought back many memories in my heart. I said that day, if my cultivation can break through , when you visit Jixiang Xiaozhu again in the future, you must thank fellow Taoist!”


After Nan Chen finished speaking, he took out a box, and when he opened it, there were more than a dozen ingredients in it.


“I don’t know much about the ingredients, and I don’t know the grade of these ingredients, but I just collected them by the way if I feel good, fellow daoists, don’t dislike them!” Nan Chen said sincerely.


Of the dozen or so ingredients in the box, the lowest grade is ordinary, and the highest grade is excellent.


“Fellow Daoist Nan, I can’t accept this gift. It’s not because I think the gift is not important. I think Fellow Daoist can understand the reason!”


For Gu Zheng, business is business, and he doesn’t want to be involved in too many karmic fetters. Although the gift is given by others willingly, Gu Zheng will not ask for it in vain. Just like Luo Wufeng and Luan Qing gave Gu Zheng a gift, because Gu Zheng needed it urgently, Gu Zheng also accepted the gift from the two of them, but at the same time he also gave back the jade slip, which was regarded as an exchange.




Seeing the firmness of Gu Zheng’s words, Nan Chen couldn’t help but smile wryly.


“It’s good if I don’t charge it, you can use them to order food!”


Gu Zheng said it easily, Nan Chen also laughed, and the slightly awkward atmosphere before was relieved.


“Fellow Daoist Tie, this is my best friend Xie Xian. My best friend admires the culinary skills of Fellow Daoist Tie very much. He has been clamoring for me to bring him to Jixiang Xiaozhu!”


Nan Chen introduced to Gu Zheng the bloated man beside him.


“Tie Daoist, Nan Chen and I came two days ago, but Jixiang Xiaozhu was not opened. I heard that the chef over there was full of customers and learned how to cook from you, so I went there to taste it. Taste, the taste is really very good! However, their cooking skills are learned from Taoist Tie after all, so I am looking forward to the cooking skills of Taoist Tie! It is also relatively lucky, we planned to leave Qingfeng today In the city, Nanchen said to see if you came back again, who would have thought that Jixiang Xiaozhu would open for business!”


Xie Xian seems to have the characteristic of chatter, and he said a lot of words as soon as he opened his mouth.


Gu Zheng smiled slightly, then flicked his finger at the wall, and a light curtain suddenly appeared.


“The current Jixiang Xiaozhu is different from the previous Jixiang Xiaozhu. The current Jixiang Xiaozhu is only engaged in the business of immortal cultivators. The rules and other things are here. The two fellow Taoists have a look first. “




Nan Chen and Xie Xian’s eyes widened at the same time, the current Jixiang Xiaozhu is indeed very different from what they knew.


“Tasting delicious food can also increase Xianli?”


Nan Chen looked at Gu Zheng in disbelief, the two dishes he ate at Jixiang Xiaozhu last time did not produce any immortal power.


“The last time it was not a Xianchu restaurant, so the two dishes ordered by Nan Daoyou did not have the transformation of Xianli. Similarly, because it was not a Xianchu restaurant last time, the charging standard for Nan Daoyou is also relatively Low.” Gu Zheng smiled.


“Fellow Daoist, do you mean that if I order the same dish as last time, if I order it again this time, it will be the food that will produce immortal power?” Nan Chen said excitedly.


“That’s true, but the ingredients that Fellow Daoist Nan ordered last time are relatively unorthodox. I don’t have bacon or dried fish here.” Gu Zheng said.


“I have it here!”


Nan Chen smiled: “I have already prepared all the ingredients, and I also want to eat the ‘steamed dried fish’ and ‘mountain bitter gourd stewed bacon’ made by fellow Taoists!”


“Since the ingredients have been prepared by fellow daoist, naturally there is no problem with me. The dishes I cook later are guaranteed to taste better than what fellow daoist ate last time!”


Gu Zheng’s voice paused, and a businessman’s smile appeared on his face: “But, the price will naturally be high!”


“Naturally! Fellow Daoist, look at my ingredients, how much should I charge?” Nan Chen said.


“Nan Daoyou is the first customer of my new store, I will give you a little discount, I will charge you two blue fairy coins for two dishes.” Gu Zheng said.




Even though he was prepared in his heart, Nan Chen was taken aback by Gu Zheng’s quotation, two blue fairy coins, the price of two top-quality resources on the market! But the food he asked Gu Zheng to help cook was something that could be bought with money.


“Fellow Daoist, don’t forget, the food I cook can increase immortal power!” Gu Zheng laughed.


“How much can it be increased? I am currently at the early stage of returning to the void.” Nan Chen said.


“The immortal power that can be transformed by two dishes is worth ten years of hard work!”


“Ten, ten years of penance?”


Gu Zheng shocked Nan Chen. It is unimaginable that two dishes have been cultivated for ten years.


“That’s true!” Gu Zheng smiled.


Nan Chen swallowed his saliva: “I believe fellow Taoists will definitely not lie to But it’s still too unbelievable!”


“It’s okay, you will believe it after you eat it.”


Gu Zheng smiled slightly, and looked at Xie Xian who was eager to talk to him, but couldn’t get in the way.


“Seeing the excitement of Daoist Xie, but want to know about the diet?” Gu Zheng asked.


“That’s right, I just want to know about the food therapy of Fellow Daoist Tie. From the brief introduction on the light screen, the food therapy can cure many difficult and miscellaneous diseases, and its efficacy is no less than that of pills!” Xie Xian said.


“What’s so strange? Food can be transformed into immortal essence. Is it difficult to accept that food therapy can cure diseases?”


It seemed to answer Xie Xian’s words, but Nan Chen’s words were almost murmured, as if he was talking to himself, it seemed that he got rid of the previous shock.




Xie Xian finally came to his senses: “Fellow Daoist Tie is good at reading minds? Why did you know that I wanted to ask about food therapy before I asked?”


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