The Urban Legends of Monsters Chapter 3: The journey of a story is difficult (3)


Zhang Ergou never thought that one day he would become a Taoist priest.

By the way, his current name is not Zhang Ergou, but “Zhang Yi”, and his older brother Zhang Dagou also changed his name to “Zhang Ge”. According to Master, “Grid” is the top form of zombies, which represents Master’s expectations for his brother.

Now he is wearing a Taoist robe, sweeping the floor in the small courtyard of the Taoist temple, while sneaking a glance at the wing. Master and eldest brother have been inside for a long time, and they have not come out yet.

“Uncle Shi…” A middle-aged Taoist walked in from outside the courtyard and bowed to him, “Master is looking for Uncle Master, please come over.”

In middle-aged Taoist people, the uncle of the master refers to the master of the Zhang brothers, the female Taoist Nan Yu, and the master is the host of this Taoist temple, the head of the sect, and the Taoist priest Xuanji.

When Zhang Ergou came here, he realized that he was not very old, and his seniority in this Taoist temple was not small. Except for a few apprentices of Taoist Xuanji, most of the other Taoist priests had to salute him when they saw him, saying: The last one was uncle. And the master, who looks only twenty years old, is actually sixty or seventy years old, and he is a well-trained zombie.

It turns out that Master is really a monster.

Up to now, Zhang Ergou still can’t quite believe the fact that the immortal master is a zombie. However, this also gave him even greater hope. Master, as a zombie, can cultivate to what it is today. Big Brother should be able to have such a day, and with Master’s guidance, such a day should be getting closer.

“Master and eldest brother… and senior brother are inside.” Zhang Ergou quickly replied to the other person’s words, although these Taoist priests were younger than him, they were far older than him in terms of age and ability, and he did not dare to be right. They put on the air of elders.

The middle-aged Taoist saluted him again before walking to the wing.

Zhang Ergou bowed his head and began to sweep the floor again. Although he is also a disciple of Daoism, he has no talent for Daoism, and because he is old and has passed the best period of cultivation, apart from studying a few volumes of Daoist scriptures Besides, the best things are sweeping the floor, doing laundry, planting flowers and trees, tidying up, and serving the master and brother. Fortunately, the master and the uncle lived separately, and they only took their two brothers to live in this small courtyard, otherwise they would rely on With that large group of juniors, it was never his turn to do these chores.

“Master Uncle, Master has an invitation.”

As soon as the middle-aged Daoist finished speaking, the door of the wing opened, and Daoist Nan Yu walked out slowly. Behind her, Zhang Dagou was still sitting cross-legged. “I see, Zhang Yi, take good care of your brother and don’t allow him to go out!” After the order, she followed the middle-aged Taoist and left.

Zhang Ergou watched his brother fall into deep thought, and even forgot to wave the broom.

I originally thought that my brother’s consciousness had recovered, and he already remembered his younger brother, but who knows later that he was too happy to be happy.

After the battle with the demon foxes, Zhang Dagou gradually returned to his original appearance, baring his teeth from time to time to this two dogs, eager to try to use this human as food. However, with Nan Yu suppressing him, he could not succeed.

Zhang Dagou is very respectful to Nan Yu. This is not because of how much he respects teachers and teaches – the original young man Zhang Dagou, because he was born in a farm family and has no chance to read and write, is always very envious and admired for learned people, but now, he I have completely forgotten that kind of feeling – but because zombies pay great attention to the difference between the strength and weakness of the same kind, zombies with low mana will naturally fear and obey the one with high mana. Zhang Dagou felt that Nan Yu was stronger than him, so he accepted that Nan Yu could manage him.

After Nan Yu brought them back, he did not immediately teach Zhang Dagou spells as Zhang Ergou thought, but asked him to read and write with Zhang Ergou every day. In addition, he regularly adjusted him with his own mana. The power in the body is said to suppress the side effects that the inner alchemy caused him.

In any case, the days when they came to Master were the happiest and quietest times for the Zhang brothers since their parents passed away.

Zhang Ergou has become accustomed to the leisurely days of reading and writing with his master after doing some chores every day, and chatting with his brother, and he is also accustomed to the name Zhang Yi. Although Zhang Ge still doesn’t recognize him as his younger brother, he has already recognized his status as “junior younger brother”. Under Nan Yu’s instructions, he will get along with him honestly. If Nan Yu is not there, he will instruct Zhang Ge to obey Zhang Yi’s arrangement. Zhang Ge is also always obedient.

Zhang Yi put down his broom and walked into the room, just as Zhang Ge also stood up, still looking at people with his eyes straight.

“Brother,” Zhang Yi put down the food he brought in – recently he found out that Master deliberately did not let Zhang Ge touch the blood food, but used some medicinal herbs to replace his three meals. Zhang Yi knew that his brother had a problem with eating. How persistent, so he always prepared some cooked meat for him to comfort his appetite, but Nan Yu didn’t stop him from doing so. Usually Zhang Ge doesn’t like to talk to Zhang Yi very much, and only when Zhang Yi brings him something to eat can Zhang Ge listen to him quietly while eating.

“Brother, Master said that you actually remember the past, but because the demon fox’s inner dantai was so powerful, you covered up your own consciousness. If I hadn’t done so much at the time, let me Big brother Ji just take the inner pill, then you don’t have to be like this, big brother Ji…he won’t die…”

Zhang Ge devoured it, not listening to a word at all.

“It’s almost spring again. I don’t know if your brain will be better this year. It’s been a long time since we went back to our hometown to visit our parents’ graves…”

Zhang Ge was still eating without raising his head.

“You know, Master told me that it is not something that can be achieved overnight to help you get back to the way you were before… Maybe it will take a few years, maybe decades… I don’t have any wisdom roots, I just don’t have much wisdom. It’s not a material for cultivation, and it’s very likely that I won’t live that day…you have to remember it then, help me to see…my wife who has only been with me for one night…”

Naturally, Zhang Ge remained indifferent.

Zhang Yi has long been accustomed to this way of getting along, and he talked a lot about the past. Seeing that Zhang Ge had almost eaten, he stood up and packed his dishes and went out.

Zhang Ge sat blankly.

In the days when he didn’t have to hunt by himself, he would only be in a daze, except to cultivate according to the master’s instructions. It’s just that now there’s something in his head pulling at him, making his head hurt.

After a while, Zhang Yi came in and poured water for him, and Zhang Ge suddenly asked, “Er Gou, is the day of sacrifice for father and mother in spring?”

Zhang Yi was stunned, staring at Zhang Ge with wide eyes, tears streaming down unconsciously…

“I remember that it was very hot at that time, and Zhili on the tree kept calling…” Zhang Ge still said to himself, “At that time, it was very hot, not spring…”

“Brother, you remembered, you remembered!” Zhang Yi jumped up, hugged Zhang Ge with open arms, jumped and jumped, and kept jumping from the house to the yard.

Zhang Ge still looked at him blankly: “…not from spring…”

Zhang Yi nodded vigorously: “It’s not spring, it’s not spring… Father and mother both died when summer came… Brother, you finally remembered…” He hugged him and burst into tears.

After such a conversation, Zhang Ge’s mind became clearer, and many things from the past would come out of his mouth inadvertently. But to Zhang Yi’s disappointment, he still didn’t fully remember that he was the “Second Dog, I stole a piece of meat from the kitchen, you should eat it”, “Today I went to the mountain to collect firewood, and I saw that these fruits look real. Well, half for you, half for grandma” brother. However, Zhang Yi is very confident. He thinks that his brother has begun to improve, which means that one day he can fully return to his original state.

Although he was reluctant to attack Zhang Yi, Nan Yu had told him repeatedly that Zhang Ge might not be able to do exactly what he had originally done. In a sense, Zhang Ge is not the original Zhang Dagou at all, he is just a monster created by Zhang Dagou because he missed his younger brother too much and left a wisp of his soul in the corpse after he died. At this moment, the real Zhang Dagou may have already entered reincarnation and led a new life.

The Zhang Dadog in front of him, what he can remember in his mind, is probably only some of the previous episodes, some episodes that are very important to the real Zhang Dadog and remember very clearly. That is to say, whether he can remember Zhang Yi’s uprising depends on the weight and depth of Zhang Yi’s weight in his heart.

Zhang Yi naturally disagreed with these words.

My brother has been protecting himself. He didn’t give up even when he died. How could he forget himself?

But he knows he has saved you, and he has already made up his mind, maybe…

Zhang Yi doesn’t want to hear this, even if it’s what the master said, he doesn’t want to hear it.

The days passed like running water. In a blink of an eye, the Zhang brothers had lived in the Taoist temple for five years.

In the past five years, a major event has happened to their brothers.

At that time, Nan Yu went out and was not in the audience, and Zhang Ge’s madness suddenly exploded, not only hurting Zhang Yi who stopped him, but also making a scene in the audience. His own strength is not bad, coupled with Nan Yu’s teaching these days, the disciples who heard the sound could not stop him, until the head of the sect master Xuanji came out to check in person.

After Daoist Xuanji restrained Zhang Ge, he found that he had already received a lot of damage. Not only did he not punish him for his misbehavior, but he took a monster inner elixir that he treasured for Zhang Ge to eat. This is also because of the deep relationship between their brothers and sisters, and the leader loves Wu Jiwu, so he is so tolerant to Nan Yu’s apprentice.

Zhang Yi is very grateful to the master, because after swallowing the inner alchemy, Zhang Ge’s consciousness was obviously sober, and his speech was much more coherent. He even knew how to call Zhang Yi “Junior brother” “.

However, Nan Yu’s thoughts were obviously different from Zhang Yi’s. When she came back and found out that Xuan Ji had eaten the monster inner elixir for Zhang Ge, there was a great dispute between their brothers and sisters. Zhang Yi didn’t know the reason for their quarrel, but when he was wandering anxiously outside the door, he really heard the fierce argument between the master and the master, and the content of the argument seemed to revolve around Zhang Ge.

After a while, the head master opened the door, turned around and said, “Junior sister, don’t be too persistent, why do you have to cultivate him into a human! Monsters are monsters, what’s the hindrance?”

“I have my own ideas…” Nan Yu murmured after seeing him off from behind. Both of them didn’t look good on their faces.

However, such a dispute was only that one time. Since then, Xuanji never asked Zhang Ge’s practice, but often called Zhang Yi to teach him Taoism in person.

Zhang Yi couldn’t understand how teachers and teachers were arguing about how to make his brother cultivate. In his opinion, as long as everyone is clear-headed and his skills are great, he can practice whatever he wants. Deep down in his heart, Zhang Yi still agrees with Uncle Shi. He doesn’t quite understand why his elder brother is obviously a zombie, so why Master insists that he cultivate according to the methods of human beings.

Five years passed in the blink of an eye. During this period, it was probably due to a problem with the method of cultivation. Zhang Ge’s mana did not improve much. Absorbed less than one-sixth. But the good thing is that his brain is no longer confused. Although he is still very dull and honest in dealing with things, it is because of his character and has nothing to do with his brain.

Recently, Nan Yu would sometimes take Zhang Ge out to fight demons and slay demons, but Zhang Ge was downcast every time he came back. He quietly told Zhang Yi that he couldn’t help Master after he went out by himself. , not only did not dare to do anything when slaying demons and slaying demons, but even on the journey, he had to take care of him everywhere, and he was clumsy and couldn’t do anything well.

Zhang Ge was not very smart since he was a child. After becoming a zombie, his ability increased, but it did not make his mind any more agile.

Nan Yu is a multi-talented person. She is not only powerful in mana, but also proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, so she hopes to teach her apprentices more things. Although Zhang Yi didn’t have the talent to practice Taoism, he was able to learn other things thoroughly, and he could draw inferences from one case. On the contrary, Zhang Ge has exhausted all his energy from studying Taoism. In his opinion, things like reading and literacy are as difficult as going to the sky. Just to recognize the words that Master Quan taught, he had already memorized it during the day and then asked Zhang Yi to help him make up the lessons at night, not to mention the poetry, poetry, chess, calligraphy and painting, he couldn’t handle it at all.

Zhang Ge admires Nan Yu very much, and that kind of worship goes far beyond the reverence of his disciples for his teacher. Although it is also mixed with the intimidation of the low-level zombies for the high-level zombies, it is more grateful and respectful. Especially Master’s many skills and talents, the more Zhang Ge can’t learn it, the more he feels that Master is like a god, and he is especially annoyed by his own stupidity. Today, I came back from a foreign place with Master, and I am with Zhang Yi again. babble about these things.

Zhang Yi sat and listened with a smile.

Over the years, although Zhang Ge has not officially acknowledged his younger brother, the two have a good relationship as senior brothers. Zhang Ge is willing to tell Zhang Yi what he has in mind. He believes that Zhang Yi is smarter than himself. , so he always begged Zhang Yi to help him make up his mind.

Zhang Yi knew that Zhang Ge still did not recognize his younger brother, but it was because of Ji Yecao’s death that he had a heartbreak that could not be solved. Anyway, seeing that his brother was back to normal and his spirit was much better, Zhang Yi also There is no other requirement.

“How could I be so stupid? Master was happily reciting poetry, but I couldn’t understand what she said. It really spoiled Master’s interest…”

“When the master was fighting with that monster, I was completely stunned – you don’t know, that monster ate a lot of people, and the bones were piled up in the holes. Seems to be looking at me… I’m really freaked out, and I don’t even know when Master paid that monster!”

My brother probably never imagined that he would turn into the kind of monster that is piled up with bones in Shandong, right?

Thinking of this, Zhang Yi couldn’t help but smile even brighter.

“You’re still laughing, you’re still laughing! Help me think of a way to make me smarter!” Zhang Ge nodded his forehead and complained.

Zhang Yi simply laughed out loud: “Brother, you asked me to help you find a way, you are the real thing to help me. I have studied for five years, and I can’t draw a single spell, let alone any other spells. , swordsmanship. Master always takes you with him when he goes out, I have never gone out once, you are still complaining…”

When he said this, Zhang Ge immediately forgot his troubles and planned for Zhang Yi wholeheartedly: “Otherwise, next time Master wants to take me out, let’s talk to Master together…”

The two brothers were talking in the room when a talisman paper flew in from the window with the words Nan Yu wrote: Come on. Seeing the master calling, the two brothers hurriedly stood up and walked out the door.

Nan Yu was sitting in the room, and when he saw them come in, he just said lightly: “Here is a letter, you can help me deliver it – you two brothers go together, go early and return early.”

Send a letter?

Zhang Ge took the letter and saw that the address on it was thousands of miles away: “Master, this is…”

“It’s just a letter to an old friend. When you two go together, it’s like a tour of the mountains and water, and let Yier go out to see and see.” Nan Yu smiled.

I was discussing how to get Master to allow the two brothers to go out together, but I didn’t expect Master to arrange such a thing. It’s just that the master doesn’t go, only the two brothers go? Thinking of this, Zhang Ge cringed slightly.

“It’s just to send a letter, it’s not for you to fight with anyone. G’er, you go out more often, take good care of your brother, and prepare your luggage.”

Zhang Ge and Zhang Yi exited together, looked at each other and laughed.

Since Zhang Yi came to the Taoist temple, he has never left one step. For five years, it is false to say that he does not want to go out for a walk. So I was very excited to prepare the things to bring when I went out. I brought a lot of shoes and umbrellas. However, Zhang Ge followed Nan Yu several times. He was not so eager to go out, but he was able to go out with Zhang Yi. , and this time there was no battle waiting for him, which made him very happy.

As soon as the two brothers left, Nan Yu followed.

The Zhang brothers traveled day and night for half a month before reaching their destination.

They didn’t have anything to do when they went out this time, and Nan Yu asked them to deliver it was not a rush. According to Zhang Yi’s plan, he wanted to take the opportunity to play with his brother all the way outside, but Zhang Ge firmly disagreed. How could he still want to play with the master’s task at hand? Of course, the letter must be sent first. He didn’t care whether the letter was in a hurry or not, he dragged Zhang Yi quickly and drove away.

Zhang Yi looked at the mountains and forests in front of him, and suddenly had an indescribable feeling in his heart—is this where the master asked them to deliver the letter? Could it be that the recipient, Mr. Hu, is…

Zhang Ge didn’t think as much as he did, and said with a little excitement: “It’s almost here, Junior Brother, if you meet Master’s friends in a while, it’s up to you to speak, I’m stupid, don’t say anything that makes people laugh. , lost Master’s face.”

Zhang Yi opened his mouth and said nothing.

The mountains were lush with trees and there was no road, so the two brothers walked very slowly. Zhang Yi walked with his head down and wondered, why did Master suddenly want to come here with his brother? Does the master have any deep meaning? Looking at the gradually familiar mountain scenery, Zhang Yi’s mood became more and more complicated, and many past events came to his mind. Looking at Zhang Ge sideways, but walking as if nothing happened, it seems that he has no impression of the scene here.

Zhang Ge knew that Zhang Yi’s skills were not good, so he rushed to the front, twisting the branches and vines on the road from time to time to let Zhang Yi pass.

Although my elder brother can’t remember his younger brother, isn’t it good to be able to be like brothers and sisters and love each other like he is now. Zhang Yi was immersed in his memories, in a trance, as if he had returned to the past, in this mountain forest, the two brothers depended on each other for life, hunting for a living…

“Yoer, yoer, yoer, yoer, yoer…” A burst of singing came from the forest. Although the singer was not emphatic, the relaxed and happy mood could still be heard. The person who heard the singing was not far from here, so Zhang Yi wanted to go over to take a look, but Zhang Ge was not interested in anything other than Master’s instructions, and urged him to leave quickly.

After the two brothers walked away, the singing man also came to this side. He looked away from the bushes and said to himself, “I heard someone talking just now…” He looked around and didn’t look. When he reached the figure, he sang again and continued his journey. Today, the master suddenly asked him to visit the grave of his previous life. Although this order was a bit strange, he was still very happy to be able to escape half a day of cultivation.

“Yo’er,’er, ye… yo’er, ye, ye… There are many little white rabbits running up the mountain…” The man’s singing reverberated in the woods again, but the Zhang brothers had gone too far and couldn’t hear.

The patriarch of the Hu family still has such a kind face. Five years have passed without leaving a trace on him—perhaps for Yukai, five years is not a period of time that can change them. Regarding the arrival of the Zhang brothers, the people of the Hu family were not cold and indifferent. Even the old patriarch didn’t say anything unnecessary. After receiving the letter, he told them to leave without even the courtesy of staying guests. This made Zhang Yi, who originally wanted to ask something, have no chance to say anything.

The Hu family did not keep them there, but said that the patriarch replied that he wanted them to take them back. He also said that the patriarch was in a bad mood for the past few days and had no intention of writing, and asked them to board a few days to get a reply.

The Zhang brothers walked out of the Hu family gate, looked at the surrounding mountains and forests, and stayed there for a while.

Zhang Ge muttered softly: “What kind of hospitality is this – if anyone in our view dares to do this, we would have told the head master to teach him a lesson!”

Zhang Yi opened his mouth and said nothing. He couldn’t tell his brother, who seemed to know nothing, that the attitude of the Hu family was probably because of what Zhang Ge had done in the past.

I wonder what happened to Seventeen? His injuries are so serious, especially that eye, I don’t know if it can be healed? Has Jiujiuro been doing well these years?


Big Brother Ji…

Back then, after Nan Yu accepted their brothers, he immediately took them away. Zhang Yi didn’t even have time to restrain Ji Ye Cao. I wonder if those fox spirits would bury Brother Ji properly? In case they… Thinking of the normal relationship between foxes and rabbits, Zhang Yi broke out in a cold sweat. It was only then that he realized that he really owed too much weeds in season. Ji Yecao has always regarded himself as a younger brother, but he only cared about his own brother, and after Ji Yecao died for himself, he left with his brother like this, and he didn’t even take care of his funeral…

No, I’m going to ask the Hu family!

Thinking like this, Zhang Yi turned around and knocked on the door of Hu’s house.

Zhang Ge hurriedly grabbed him: “What are you doing! I just said casually, don’t really offend Master’s friends for these things! People will say that Master’s teaching is useless!”

Zhang Yi looked back at him, looking like he was about to cry, he murmured for a while, but he didn’t say anything about what happened back then. My brother doesn’t remember anymore, what’s the use of telling him this? It can only make him regret it. Forget it…let’s find another way to find out.

Not long after the two brothers left the Hu’s house, the door of the Hu’s house was reopened. A teenager jumped out of the threshold to see where they were going, and said with a pouted mouth, “Hmph, the unscrupulous guy didn’t even ask us a question. Ji The old rabbit knew that he would cry to death.”

“It’s Uncle Shi! Rabbit Ji? You really dare to bark. Let your father hear you when you look back. It’s another slap in the face!” Another boy walked out of the door slowly and knocked him on the head.

“Anyway, Mr. Ji…Uncle Master is so good-natured, he won’t be angry.” The previous boy didn’t take it seriously at all, but asked excitedly, “Are we going to do it now?”

The young man who came out from behind didn’t seem to hear what he said. He looked at the direction where the Zhang brothers went away, looked at it for a long time, and sighed…

After coming out of the Hu family, the top priority for the Zhang brothers was to solve the problem of accommodation. According to Zhang Ge’s opinion, it is natural to go to the nearest village and town for a few nights and wait for the Hu family’s reply. But when he mentioned the nearby villages and towns, Zhang Yi couldn’t help feeling a little guilty, thinking that the father and daughter of the Cao family didn’t know what was going on recently. I haven’t heard from me for so many years after I left. I think they must have forgotten me long ago. If Second Sister Cao has already remarried and met again in that village, I don’t know how embarrassing it will be.

Thinking back then, I left my newlywed wife and the family I had finally owned just to prevent my brother from becoming a man-eating monster. Now, my brother has basically recovered his humanity, but the one he once had The warm little home is lost forever. Although this was the price he was willing to pay, when he thought of the pair of red dragon and phoenix candles, and the bright face under the lamp, his heart was very uncomfortable.

“I have no problem making do with a few days in the woods, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to.” Zhang Ge muttered on the side, “Actually, there is still money left over from the master, so we can go to the inn as much as possible.”

Zhang Yi smiled at him and said, “I know there are places where people can live.”

Zhang Ge walked with him in the forest for a while, and sure enough, in the distance, he saw a sloping wooden house standing there in a clearing in the forest. “Junior brother, did you learn divination from the head master? How do you know there is a house here?” Zhang Ge shook the door of the wooden house. Seeing that he knew each other, he happily pushed the door open. go in.

Originally, there was a small wooden hut left by a hunter who did not know what year and month. Later, the wooden hut was destroyed by Zhang Ge’s hands. The current building was later built by Zhang Yi who begged Ji Yecao to help him build it. It was just to leave a memory, and he never thought that he would live in with his brother one day.

Zhang Ge didn’t know about Zhang Yi’s thoughts. He walked around the room and saw dust, water stains, and animal feces everywhere, so he found a handful of firewood and began to pack it up. Zhang Yi quickly followed behind to help him.

It was the same way back then. The two brothers hastily packed up this cabin and lived there. The difference is that last time it was freezing cold and there was no way out, but this time it was a leisurely preparation for a few days’ stay. At that time, although Zhang Dagou was unclear, he was wholeheartedly protecting his younger brother. This time Zhang Ge was clear-headed and successful in learning Taoism, but he only recognized his fellow brothers as juniors.

Zhang Yi thought wildly. At one time it was all the tragic experiences of childhood, and at another time it was the images of Ji Yecao, the Hu brothers and others, tossing about in my mind.

“Senior brother, do you think this is okay?” Zhang Ge is a very humble person, not only does not have the air of being a brother, but he will discuss everything with Zhang Yi, who he thinks is much smarter than himself. While Zhang Yi was in a daze, he had almost tidy up the whole house, and was about to discuss with Zhang Yi where to put the hay used as a bed.

“Here…” Zhang Yi pointed out.

The wooden bed of the two brothers used to be placed there, very close to the window. In spring, Zhang Yi would plant some wild vegetables in front of the window and watch them grow from the window, figuring out that day. Can be pulled out and eaten. Sometimes Zhang Yi would hang the excess animal meat outside the door to dry, for fear of being stolen by the beast, so he would watch it several times a night…

“At that time, my brother always liked to come back with some wolves… In fact, wolf meat is not very tasty…” Zhang Yi muttered to himself.

“What did you say? Do you eat wolf meat?” Zhang Ge stuck his head out of the window and asked, “I’m afraid the wolf meat is not delicious. I’ll go around to see if there are hares and pheasants, etc. You go and pick them up first. Get some firewood.” He clapped the dust on his hands and walked into the forest.

There were a lot of dry branches falling in the forest. Zhang Yi picked up a bunch of them after a while, tied them with a rattan and dragged them back. After my brother went hunting, this was one of his most common jobs. Now that he has grown taller and stronger, and has practiced martial arts, it is even easier to do it. It was only after I dragged Chai back that I started to be surprised. Why hasn’t my brother come back yet? With Zhang Ge’s current skills, does it take so long to fight a hare and pheasant?

When Zhang Yixin became anxious, there was a sudden commotion in the mountains and forests in the distance. From a distance, he saw countless birds in the forest startled and made noisy chirping. Zhang Yi had an ominous premonition in his heart: Could it be my brother over there? Thinking of throwing the firewood in his hand here, pulling out the sword is like running over there.

Zhang Ge walked around the wooden house a few times, only to see some small beasts with bad taste. Since it was not good for his taste, he did not intend to kill for no reason, so he walked towards the forest, when he finally saw When a fat hare was about to come forward and grab it, a long arrow suddenly shot out from the woods, almost pinning his hand and the rabbit to the ground. Zhang Ge looked up and saw a human with a bow and arrow coming out of the bushes and shouted at him: “Hey, little bunny, you are too tired to live and dare to **** the prey with the uncle.”

It turned out to be a hunter.

There is no game in this mountain. Of course, Zhang Ge will not go with a hunter to grab a rabbit. Seeing that the person has already put the rabbit and the arrow on it in his hand, he turns around and goes to another place. I’m looking for prey, people hunt to support their family, and I just want to get a game to replace the dry food that I’m tired of eating, how can I compete with others. Zhang Ge’s character not only has the simplicity and honesty of the original Zhang Dagou, but also firmly remembers the way of tolerance taught by Master, so although he saw this rabbit first, he did not intend to marry him. What quarrel does this man with a dirty mouth do?

Seeing that Zhang Ge was about to leave, the hunter instead shouted: “Stop, you can’t leave if you want to!”

Zhang Ge looked back at him blankly. He had given up his prey, so what else could he do?

“Looking at you, a little Taoist priest, you must have deceived a lot of money from the donors! I have always been a monk like you who don’t farm or hunt, and only rely on one mouth to cheat money. Taoist priest! Hand over all your money to me, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Zhang Ge was stunned for a while, before realizing that the hunter was young from his appearance, and his body looked thin. He was walking alone in the deep mountains and forests, wearing this bright new Taoist robe, so he moved. Covetousness, wanting to rob one’s belongings. How could Zhang Ge put such a human being in his eyes, but he is used to being humble to others, and he didn’t care about the other party when he met such a person. In the depths, by the time the hunter drew his bow and arrows, he was already far away.

It’s really inexplicable, there are all kinds of people.

Zhang Ge muttered in his heart and continued to search for prey.

Today is really strange. Usually, I can’t see a single wild game running around in the mountains, but I saw a few beasts such as bears and leopards, but these are not delicious. It’s not a big problem for Zhang Ge to not eat or drink for a few days, but his junior brother Zhang Yi has eaten all the dry food all the way, and he finally has time to get to his destination. Take good care of your brother and sister.

Zhang Ge turned around a few more times, thinking that he really couldn’t get a wild boar to go back. At this moment, he heard an angry roar: “Little white face, where are you going!” With this voice, an electric light hit Zhang Ge. Zhang Ge didn’t have time to think about it, he rolled on the spot, and the electric light hit the tree behind him, and immediately interrupted the tree with the thickness of his fist. Zhang Ge grinned when he saw it: If he hit himself this time, it would be enough.

What jumped out from behind the tree was a thin black man, holding a bright big knife in his hand, pounced on Zhang Ge, still shouting: “You beast who seduces married women, what do I do? Teach you a lesson!”

Zhang Ge didn’t understand what happened at all, and wanted to ask the other party, but the other party didn’t intend to speak properly, and came over like a wheel wielding a knife, he always had to save his life first. Zhang Ge waved his sleeve, and the sleeve of the Taoist robe touched the knife, making a crisp sound.

Nan Yu is talented and beautiful. Her martial arts and spells are elegant and beautiful. Zhang Ge wants to imitate her master wholeheartedly, so she has learned a lot of Nan Yu’s moves, but it is nondescript for him to perform them. There is no Nan Yu Shu at all. Sleeve to defend the enemy, free and easy to advance and retreat.

Although Zhang Ge’s robe sleeves were not as pleasing to the eye as Nan Yu’s, his strength was much greater than that of Nan Yu’s. Using magic to dance the robe sleeves, which became as hard as iron, was not inferior to a sword at all. Zhang Ge’s efforts in the past few years have not been in vain, and the man’s knife was knocked out in a few strokes. “This gentleman, you and I have never known each other. Did you recognize the wrong person?” The opponent let go of the weapon, and Zhang Ge stopped the attack in a measured way. Asking this, he was beaten inexplicably.

Seeing that the man couldn’t beat Zhang Ge, he raised his hand and a thunder light hit Zhang Ge, still shouting: “The thief, I will fight with you!”

Zhang Ge really never thought that he would be associated with words like prostitutes.

He is a zombie. Although it does not mean that a zombie cannot be a prostitute, he was a fifteen-year-old boy when he became a zombie, and he didn’t know much about men and women. What kind of thoughts about women, he never dreamed that he would be called such a bizarre thief.

“This gentleman, look carefully, I don’t know you and you, how could I possibly seduce your wife?” Zhang Ge defended while dodging. He knew that his mana was far above this guy who didn’t know what kind of monster he was, but he didn’t want to hurt him.

“Of course you don’t recognize me, you recognize that bitch!” The attack of the man’s subordinates added a few more points.

Zhang Ge shouted injustice: “I don’t know either! Otherwise you would ask her to confront her!”

The man was even more angry: “You still flirt with her in my face!”

Zhang Ge found that sometimes some things are really hard to say.

Zhang Gehua took a lot of effort to drive the man away. He stood panting for a long time, shaking his head and sighing, feeling that today was really a bad day for travel. Regardless of this, the prey, the prey, and the younger brother are still hungry and waiting to eat. Zhang Ge’s simple and honest character can make him quickly forget the unhappiness just now, and devote himself to the search for prey again. This time, Zhang Ge no longer limited the target, that is, to find the hare pheasant, but was about to stun when he saw something, carry it back and eat it, so as to save the trouble. But I didn’t expect that today’s unfavorable travel has become so serious that after a few steps, there is another trouble leaning on him.

When Zhang Ge encountered some monsters who took revenge for killing his father, a Taoist priest who captured zombies, a monk who lost his family heirloom…etc. , and finally began to feel that something was wrong. After all, it is also a deep mountain and an old forest. How could there be so many strange things coming to me one after another?

Although Zhang Ge’s mind is slower, he is not a fool. After realizing something was wrong, he immediately ignored the hunting problem. Even if he saw the hare running away from him, he ignored it and hurried back. He was worried that Zhang Yi, who was alone in the wooden house, would also encounter such strange things. Zhang Yi had not learned much Taoism and martial arts. If he encountered so many aggressive provocateurs like himself, he would definitely not be able to deal with it.

Zhang Ge wished he wanted to fly back to the log cabin, but someone just didn’t let him do so. Before he could go far, two teenagers walked out of the woods one after the other, blocking him. the way to go. The boy on the front was slender and handsome, but he had one eye tightly closed and a large scar, which made people feel very sorry to see. The boy behind him has a baby face, and the two dimples on his face can be seen even when he is not smiling. It can be imagined that he must be a person who loves to laugh, but now he is looking at Zhang Ge with a cold face. .

“Who are you guys!” Zhang Ge is also a person who has followed Nan Yu through the rivers and lakes. Although he hides behind his master every time, he has seen it a lot and knows that these two people are not good people.

“Zhang Dagou, do you think you can escape our brothers by pretending to have forgotten everything!” The one-eyed boy said coldly.

Zhang Ge was at a loss.

The name Zhang Dagou, Zhang Yi used to nag in front of him, but it has been rarely spoken recently. According to Zhang Yi, that was his name before he became a teacher. He was very ashamed of his vulgar name. Master is a god-like figure. How could he have a disciple with such a name? No wonder he had to change his name. Zhang Ge, this name is better. He likes the name that his master gave him. But the name Zhang Dagou should be known to no one except Zhang Yi. How did these two teenagers know about it.

“Who the **** are you? Those unreasonable entanglements just now belonged to your group!” Zhang Ge is honest, but not very stupid.

The two teenagers sneered, as if they didn’t intend to talk to him at all. When Zhang Ge asked questions, they each rushed towards Zhang Ge with their swords.

No matter how good-tempered Zhang Ge is, at this time, he is starting to lose his temper.

First of all, I had a closed door at Hu’s house, and then I encountered provocateurs one after another in the mountains. They used various inexplicable reasons to kill him without saying a word. Now these two fox spirits ran out again and said what were they? Want to take revenge on yourself – is this how their Hu family treats guests?

Zhang Ge was struggling to cope with these two fox spirits. Under their fierce attack, he felt more and more that they wanted their own lives.

Aren’t their elders good friends of Master? How could you attack yourself who came to deliver the letter for Master? Did their elders instruct them? Could it be… Thinking of the previous behavior of the Hu family when they received the letter, Zhang Ge felt more and more that what he thought was right. Maybe there was some conflict between the master and the Hu family, so the Hu family wanted to take revenge on their brothers while the master didn’t know?

Zhang Ge has long heard from many brothers and sisters (apprentices of the uncle) that most of the monsters are fickle and vicious. They call you brothers in the morning and may bite you at night – Zhang Ge He seldom thinks of his identity as a monster as a zombie. In his opinion, he is a zombie, which is also a human being. It is no different from a human being, and of course it is different from those monsters. Under the guidance of my master, I am just a human being who has become a little strange, so I have no way of understanding the thoughts of those monsters. After going out with Master several times and seeing the cruel bloodthirsty of monsters, Zhang Ge would not put himself and those monsters together for granted.

If these monsters deliberately poisoned themselves, they would definitely not let their junior and senior brothers go… No, maybe they want to hurt master, maybe?

Thinking of this, Zhang Ge’s mind became confused, and the moves in his hands began to be scattered, and the target of the spell was crooked, and was forced to step back by the two fox spirits.

“Brother, what happened to the place where you cleaned up that little Taoist priest? Why haven’t you heard anything for a long time?” During the fight, the younger vixen suddenly asked the other one.

“How much work does it take to clean up a little Taoist?” Another fox snorted and said disdainfully, “I think they have already succeeded, we’d better hurry up, so as not to go back. Make fun of them!”

While speaking, the two vixen’s offensive became more violent.

Listen to what they said, have their peers already dealt with their juniors and juniors? Junior Brother, whether it’s spells or missed work, is bad, how could he be the opponent of these monsters, shouldn’t he already… already…

Thinking of Zhang Yi’s four disliked skills, Zhang Ge’s heart froze. If there is really another group of monsters to deal with the younger brother, he must be more fortunate at this time.

Before leaving, Master repeatedly told him to take good care of the younger brother who has never been out of the house, as a senior brother. If there is something wrong with the younger brother, how can he be worthy of Master’s entrustment!

Zhang Ge, who repeatedly warned himself with the word “forbearance”, suddenly felt that something in his body was torn apart…

Zhang Yi was jumping and jumping in the forest. He was anxious and wished he could rush to his brother at once, so he didn’t care about the obstacles of the thorns and vines, and his clothes were torn out after a while. There were a lot of cuts, and there were also a lot of scratches on his hands and face. While he was running forward, the commotion in the woods over there seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. In addition to all kinds of birds, many animals in the woods, big and small, were also frightened and ran away in a hurry, even the roaring tigers were afraid. The human walked away without paying any attention, apparently so frightened that it had no hope of preying on it.

What the **** happened?

Zhang Yi’s heart was in a panic. With the status of the Hu family in this mountain, since the two brothers were guests of the Hu family – even if they were not popular with them, the master and the patriarch of the Hu family were elders after all. My friend, there is no reason for my brother to be attacked here? Is it because of that incident that year, the people of the Hu family have not forgotten their hatred?

Thinking of this, Zhang Yi began to complain to the master in his heart: Why did he send his brother here? It’s not that she doesn’t know about the old debts between her brother and the Hu family.

Zhang Yi rushed forward while thinking about what might happen. When he reached the foot of a mountain, he suddenly reached out a hand to stop him. A man stood in front of him with a smile and asked, “May I ask if you are the one? Is it Zhang Yi, the eldest disciple?”

Zhang Yi was startled at first and prepared to resist the possible attack, but then, he was stunned by the face that appeared in front of him, and he couldn’t move.

Maybe Zhang Ge has always been hiding the tyranny of being a zombie in his heart. Maybe when he existed as Zhang Dagou, facing all kinds of injustices in the world, the honest and honest boy had hidden anger and resistance in his heart. Yu Wang, it was just the young Zhang Dagou at that time, who had no strength to resist, but after he had the strength, Nan Yu’s Dun Dun teaching made the violent side of his character more deeply hidden.

He thinks he is just a mutated human being, and since he is human, the tyranny of monsters has nothing to do with him. He is Master’s apprentice, so he should follow Master’s standards in every move he does. Those faint crazy thoughts should be hidden in places where he can’t even find them.

Zhang Ge never knew that his claws were so sharp, and that he would feel excited instead of fear when he saw blood.

Yes, I used to drink blood every day, but the blood was brought back by my master, my uncle, and the brothers after they had subdued demons. They were packed in bamboo tubes and eaten as three meals a day. . I never thought that I could get these foods myself.

No, this is not right. Master does not allow himself to hurt others, not to mention that they are the descendants of Master’s friends.

But why can they hurt themselves at will? Why can they just kill indiscriminately? If you don’t have a spell ranking, you will be killed by them sooner or later, don’t you even know how to die?

Thinking of the despicable methods of these fox spirits, and of his younger brother Zhang Yi, whose life and death are unknown, Zhang Ge let out a roar.

The two fox boys looked at the Taoist boy in front of him, and his body began to change. The whole body was swelled, his limbs were stretched, and a layer of white fur grew on his body and his eyes changed from black to black. became blood red.

“Monster, you finally show your true colors!” The younger fox boy shouted a little excitedly.

“Shut up!” His brother immediately scolded him, “He’s about to go mad, we can’t handle it if we go on like this, see the opportunity and prepare to slip away, and leave the rest to Grandpa and the others.” /

“But I haven’t avenged the revenge that he hurt me back then.” The young vixen was a little unwilling.

“What ability do you have? His mana is above yours.”

Between the two teenagers fighting, Zhang Ge has gradually lost interest in listening to them. Now what he wants most is to tear them into pieces and eat them, yes, to take their blood Suck it clean and eat it…

Zhang Ge’s eyes flashed fiercely, and when he saw that the two fox youths showed signs of escaping, he screamed and pressed forward step by step.

Zhang Yi looked at the young man in front of him who stopped him, his lips trembling, and he finally spit out three words: “Ji… Big Brother Ji…”

“You’re welcome…you’re an apprentice from Nandao, just call me Weed, I should call you Senior Brother…” Ji Yecao didn’t seem to be excited at all when he saw Zhang Yi, but he spoke extremely polite.

Hearing his unfamiliar name, Zhang Yi eagerly grabbed his hand: “Brother Ji, I’m Zhang Ergou! Why don’t you recognize me!”

Hearing the name Zhang Ergou, Ji Yecao burst out laughing, and immediately felt that his actions were too rude, and apologized repeatedly: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I, I don’t think your name is yours. Funny…actually your name, ah, I mean…”

Zhang Yi had no time to take into account his stammering explanation. Looking at the sincerity and distance in Ji Yecao’s eyes, Zhang Yi knew that he really didn’t know himself. Why? How could Big Brother Ji not die? Why doesn’t he recognize himself?

“That… the master is still waiting, shall we go now?” Ji Yecao explained for a long time, and seeing that Zhang Yi was not really angry, he suggested to him.

Zhang Yi still doesn’t understand who Ji Yecao said about the master. In the past, Ji Yecao practiced alone. I never heard that he had ever been a teacher? “Brother Ji, the teacher is…”

“My teacher’s surname is Hu, and he is a good friend with Daoist Master Nan—aren’t you here to help Daoist Nan deliver a letter to my master this time?” Since he knew himself, how could he not know who Master was? Ji Yecao felt a little strange about Zhang Yi’s question.

Mr. Hu? Zhang Yi suddenly understood that it was he who saved Ji Yecao and accepted Ji Yecao as his apprentice. That Hu clan leader was very capable, although Zhang Yi clearly saw Ji Yecao suffocating in his arms, but Up to now, he still prefers to believe that it must be that Brother Ji didn’t really die at that time. He was too careless to find out, but the patriarch of the Hu family found out and rescued Brother Ji.

There is an indescribable joy in Zhang Yi’s heart. His previous dissatisfaction with the Hu family has long since disappeared. He took Ji Yecao’s hand and asked, “Brother Ji, how have you lived these past few years? How’s it going? I’ve been thinking about you.”

“I’m fine…” Although Zhang Yi felt strange, the sincerity of Ji Yecao in Zhang Yi’s tone could still be heard, “In addition to practicing, it’s reading and reading, eating, sleeping, and living a happy life—truly I never thought that my little hare would have such an adventure. If I hadn’t met Master, I would have been eaten by a wolf (actually, he wanted to say that he was eaten by a fox, but Master’s family is all foxes, so he said so) It seems very unreasonable), where dare to become a monster…”

No, Big Brother Ji became a monster because of the help and support of his older brother Ji Yeshu, and it has nothing to do with the Hu family. Zhang Yi looked at Ji Yecao in surprise, not understanding why he said that.

“Although I cultivated into a demon for five years, my master said that I have made great progress…” Ji Yecao continued.


Zhang Yi opened his mouth wide.

Five years, he said he became a monster for only five years?

Although Zhang Yi is not a monster, he studied under Nan Yu, and he has a wealth of knowledge about monsters. If both parents are monsters, the child will have a monster body after birth, and those with less talent will need to practice for a few years, but those with good talent will have the ability to change human beings almost at the same time as they are born.

But the monsters who cultivate by themselves are not so lucky.

Ordinary birds, animals, plants and trees feel the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and start to practice. It takes at least 80 to 100 years to become an adult. If the talent is not enough or the luck is not good, there are some that cannot change in three or four hundred years. Not being able to change into an adult means not being able to cultivate to a higher level, so changing into an adult form is the most important and only subject of early cultivation.

It took a hundred years for Ji Yecao to change into an adult. This made him tell Zhang Yi himself, why is it now five years in his mouth? Five years to achieve a monster? is it possible?

“Brother Ji, are you saying that it took you only five years to cultivate into a human form?” Zhang Yi asked tentatively. In his mind, he had begun to think that the people of the Hu family had done something that affected Ji Yecao’s memory.

Ji Yecao chuckled: “Actually, it’s not that simple. I heard from Master that my past life was a hare, but I died in an accident. Master and my past life had a relationship, so I cast a spell to restrain me. He did not let me be reincarnated according to normal channels, but helped me reincarnate as a rabbit. Then the master took me away from the hare den and gave me the inner alchemy that I cultivated in my previous life. With the help of Master, I retreated for three years, and after I came out, it was what I am now—Master said that I was exactly the same as my previous life, but to be honest, I don’t remember anything about my previous life.”

Zhang Yi hugged Ji Yecao and burst into tears: “Brother Ji, you are really Big Brother Ji… Big Brother Ji… I’m really sorry for you…”

Ji Yecao was inexplicably crying by him, and asked embarrassingly: “Brother Zhang, you, are you a friend I knew in my previous life?”

Zhang Yi held on to him, choked up and told him about the past intermittently.

Ji Yecao also once asked his master, Old Man Hu, about his previous life, but Old Man Hu was always reluctant to tell him. Ji Yecao is not a person who can get to the bottom of things, so he slowly forgot about these things. Now, listening to Zhang Yi, although there is no legend of stormy waves, it can be regarded as a life of great sorrow and joy, Ji Yecao can hear it. Relish, but I didn’t connect with myself at all, as if listening to a fresh story.

Speaking of Ji Yecao’s death to protect himself, Zhang Yi couldn’t help crying again, but Ji Yecao, who was next to him, comforted him in a good voice, saying some polite words of “sympathy and sympathy”.

Zhang Yi cried for a while, looking at Ji Yecao’s expression, he suddenly realized something in his heart: This hare spirit in front of him, although he is also called Ji Yecao, even though he took Ji Yecao’s inner elixir, his soul is Ji Yecao Weed’s soul is reincarnated, but after all, he is no longer his brother Ji. For him, after death, everything in the previous life has nothing to do with him. In this life, he was a closed disciple of the Hu family head, and he had a high status and respect in this mountain forest. And his future is bound to be bright under the guidance of such a famous teacher and under the protection of such a big family with a background. He and his eldest brother Ji, Ji Yecao, who was struggling to cultivate at the bottom of the mountain forest, and who was excited for a long time with the people of the Hu family, were completely different.

He is no longer his brother Ji…

The original Ji Yecao’s biggest wish in his life was to get the guidance of a famous teacher and truly practice cultivation. I also want to stop being a hare spirit that anyone can despise, and be respected by everyone in the mountains and forests.

And now, these wishes have come true.

Zhang Yi looked at Ji Yecao’s face, and once again opened his arms and hugged him. He knew that his fate with Ji Yecao was over, and he stopped talking about those past events, but asked, “Brother Ji, what are you doing to me?”

Finally, when it comes to business, Ji Yecao patted his head: “I almost forgot, Master asked me to take you back.”

“Senior Hu has anything to do with me? My brother went hunting, do you want to call him together?”

“No need, Master only asked me to call you one. It seems that Shijirou and Jiujirou have been sent to find your brother.”

Seventeen and Nineteen? The bright smiles of the two teenagers immediately appeared in Zhang Yi’s mind. Originally, Zhang Yi wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to deliver letters to meet these two old friends, but the indifference he received in the Hu family made it impossible for him to speak to the rest of the Hu family—maybe he would still eat it once. Close the door. Now that I heard their names, I followed them very cordially, so I hurriedly asked, “How are Seventeen and Nineteen? I haven’t seen them for a long time, and I am very worried.”

“What’s wrong with those two little guys? They are causing trouble all day long. The angry master wishes he could not let them out for ten or eight years!” Ji Yecao is now the teacher of the two fox boys. Uncle, the tone of speech is naturally different, and it is full of the elders’ doting on the younger ones.

Zhang Yi, who had figured it out, did not sigh about this change any more. He asked excitedly, “They went to my brother?” Back then Nan Yu came forward to resolve the crisis for their brother at a critical moment, and accepted two people as The apprentices are actually the result of these two fox teenagers begging hard. Zhang Yi didn’t know how grateful he was to them. Now the two of them didn’t come to him, but ran to find his brother first. I really don’t know what else Naughty thoughts.

“Master ordered them to teach the zombie a lesson.”

Ji Yecao’s calm words were no less than a bolt from the blue to Zhang Yi. He stayed for a while, and asked blankly, “Brother Ji, what did you say?” He must have heard it wrong?

“Master ordered Seventeen and Nineteen to teach the zombie a lesson.” Ji Yecao repeated again.

Zhang Yizheng was stunned, and it took a long time before he shouted, “That’s my brother! Why are they still so rambunctious!” Hu Shiqi and Hu Jiu are not children now, how could they still be like when they were children? Love to make trouble.

“They know it’s your senior brother, but this is the arrangement of my master and the South Daoist.” Ji Yecao still didn’t understand the whole story, and told Zhang Yi everything he knew.

“My master asked them to beat my brother? This is impossible! You are lying to me!” Zhang Yi grabbed Ji Yecao’s clothes and shouted loudly.

“But Daoist Nan really has to say that.” Ji Yecao was not angry, but said with a smile.

“Why would my master say that? How could I say that…” Zhang Yi was in a mess now, could it be that the master doesn’t want their brothers anymore? Impossible, the master doesn’t want them anymore, and will simply expel them from the teacher’s door. She is not the kind of person who will play tricks on her apprentices. That is how the matter? Why does the master do this? By the way, someone from the Hu family must have made a fool of himself, “I want to go back and ask Master, I’ll go now!”

“Where are you going? The South Daoist is at our house.” Ji Yecao said to Zhang Yi, who was about to leave.

This time Zhang Yi was even more confused, and almost dragged Ji Yecao to Hu’s house.

Nan Yu was really sitting in the hall, enjoying tea leisurely with Old Man Hu.

Zhang Yi rushed in in one step, forgetting the proper etiquette, and shouted: “Master, why did you want someone to attack my elder brother! Why!”

Nan Yu Taiyou looked at him with a wry smile and shook his head. This Zhang Yi has never been a good apprentice. It should be said that he only worshipped himself as a teacher because he wanted to be with his brother. If one day, Zhang Ge is no longer his apprentice, this Zhang Yi will follow his brother without hesitation. He only has a brother in his heart, not a master. But Zhang Ge is really good. After a few years, Nan Yu likes him more and more, but today’s step is also a last resort. Since God can bless Zhang Ge to this day, I hope it can also bless him to get through this. Seeing Zhang Ge clenching his fists and looking at him angrily, Nan Yu thought to himself, it seems that the key lies in his younger brother.

“Yi’er, do you know why Ge’er can’t remember the fact that you are his brother?”

Zhang Yi was taken aback for a moment: “Isn’t it because he has been a zombie for too long and his brain has some problems?”

“You know in your heart that it’s not because of that, but because he has been suppressing his own nature. It should be said that he has been using it as a human nature and suppressing his nature as a zombie.” Nan Yu frowned slightly. He frowned, looking worried.

“What does it matter? Anyway… Master, you don’t…” Zhang Yi murmured. Nan Yu herself is also a zombie, and she has been suppressing her nature as a monster, but isn’t she also doing a good job and living a good life? Why is my brother worried?

Nan Yu knew what Zhang Yi was thinking. As long as his brother was well, this kid would like to keep the status quo and refuse to think about the future. “Yi’er, my situation is different from your brother. I have never denied that I am a man-eating zombie, and I used to… Let’s not talk about me today, you know. Ge’er’s spirit is about to hit the limit. He The more he suppresses himself, the greater the rebound will be in the future. There is no need to show his nature now, let him find a way to restrain himself, one day in the future, it is very likely that he will do something that he will regret for life.”

“So Master, you just…”

“I also tried to take him to subdue demons and exorcise demons, but who knew that he… ah…”

As long as Zhang Ge sees the evil deeds done by those demons, he will appear as if he is about to faint. I don’t know if he is really scared, or if he is escaping the fact that he may also cause such a tragic phenomenon in his heart. In this way, it is impossible for him to come forward to confront the enemy. Nan Yu also had no other way to use today’s last resort.

“Yi’er, go ahead. Whether your brother can pass this level in the end depends on you.”

Before Nan Yu could finish speaking, Zhang Yi had already run out.

The zombies were roaring in the forest, beating like thunder, because his enemy suddenly disappeared – Hu Shiqi and Hu Jiujiu had been prepared, and when they saw him starting to go mad, they naturally ran away early. Now only the zombies themselves are aimlessly looking for their target in the forest. He was a little confused, and felt that he seemed to have forgotten another very important thing, but he couldn’t remember it. He just remembered that he wanted to tear up the two teenagers who had provoked him just now. Yes, this is the most important thing at the moment. thing.

So the zombies began to follow the scent left by the two teenagers, and after wandering for a while, he remembered that he was already able to fly, so why did he still walk to chase the enemy?

When will I fly?

When the zombie staggered in the air, this thought came to my mind again.

“Sure enough, he can already fly, but when I usually teach him to fly, he always hides and doesn’t learn.” Nan Yu said softly to Zhang Yi beside him, “Probably he himself knows that flying zombies It’s too dangerous.”

“Master, he is going to fly away!”

“It doesn’t matter, he still can’t master the skills of flying, and it won’t be long before he will come down.”

Zhang Ge has always been subconsciously avoiding the moment when he becomes a bloodthirsty zombie. Even when learning spells, he will focus on non-aggressive spells, and the more powerful spells , the more he will give up cultivation, claiming that he can’t learn it.

This is actually a kind child, unfortunately, he didn’t meet him before his misfortune.

“Master, he really has to fall!”

Nan Yu looked at the anxious Zhang Yi and said, “I’ll go first, if you can’t persuade him to come back.”

Zhang Yi nodded vigorously, but in his heart he wished he could rush to his brother now.

The appearance of Nanyu Territory surprised the zombie who had just fallen from the sky, because the aura of the person in front of him told him that he was a kind of higher-strength than himself. Since this is the case, he should honestly express his obedience. , but just when the zombie wanted to think about the other party’s submissive gesture, the aura that belonged to the zombie on that person suddenly disappeared.

The zombie shook his head in confusion, and as the woman in front of him looked hard, there was still no breath.

Did you just feel dizzy?

But this woman looks really familiar, and the zombie stares at her face, trying to find something, but it ends in failure.

The zombie decided to stop thinking that he was not good at, but to eat first. After the fight, he was already very hungry.

Nan Yu looked at Zhang Ge’s hesitation for a moment, then raised his claws towards himself, and couldn’t help sighing. It seemed that five years of mentoring and apprenticeship was still not enough to affect his mind, which made Nan Yu a little sad.

“Ger, maybe Master is wrong…”

The woman suddenly spoke, causing the zombie to stop for a while.

“I chose the wrong cultivation method for you when I started, and by the time I found out, it was too late… It’s my fault that you lost your true nature, so I hope you can survive this no matter what. Now, remember who you are.”

The zombie didn’t think much about it, but just clawed directly at the woman. At the moment when the claws fell with a huge wind noise, the woman disappeared, and only the leaves that were carried by the claws were fluttering.

The zombie looked around blankly, no, there was no such figure everywhere, could it be invisible…

At this time, another person came out where the branches were rattling.

This is a young man, looking at the zombies without speaking for a long time.

The zombie also looked back at him.

He has seen this person, but he can’t remember it, why can’t he remember it?

“Why did Brother Zhang go out so directly? What if I get bitten?”

“Don’t make noise, don’t make noise, watch carefully, if it doesn’t work, we’ll rush out to save people!”

“Oh, this zombie Xia Shou is very ruthless. The place where he was caught just now can’t stop the blood!”

“That’s what you deserve, I told you to go, you have to turn around and attack again!”

“I’m not covering you!”

“I need your cover!”

Ji Yecao interrupted the argument between the two little foxes: “Look, they started talking! We’ll rush out as soon as the zombie changes!”

The zombie roared at the man and walked a few steps.

The man stared at him and asked, “Brother, I’ve already collected firewood, how can you hit the prey?”

The zombies suddenly stopped moving.

“I’m waiting for you to go back from hunting, why did you come here by yourself?”

Zombie shook his head, not knowing why he felt guilty.

“You said you were looking for rabbits or pheasants to improve the food.”

The zombie shook his head vigorously. He wanted to say, I looked for it, but I couldn’t find it. Some monsters kept bothering me. It wasn’t that I didn’t go hunting on purpose. But there was a whimpering roar in his throat, but he couldn’t express it.

“I’ve already cleaned up the house, and I’m anxious to wait, thinking that something has happened to you.” The man walked over to the zombie, patted his shoulder and said, “It’s fine if there’s no prey, let’s go back to eat.”

The zombie’s gaze softened, letting him pull himself forward.

“It seems to have succeeded, it has succeeded.”

“Sure enough, we are still brothers.”

“Why do I think things are not so simple.”

Just as Ji Yecao and the others were discussing, the zombie walking side by side with Zhang Yi suddenly grabbed Zhang Yi with a single claw.

Zhang Yi didn’t dodge and let the zombie’s claws grab onto his shoulder.

“Brother, I heard my uncle say that the master was only restored to her humanity because she killed her own relatives by mistake. The uncle said that the zombies have to pass this level, so I can’t make you think about it. It doesn’t matter, as long as you kill me, you can restore your humanity…are you willing to kill me?”

The zombie bit Zhang Yi in one bite. At this time, Ji Yecao and the two fox boys rushed out and rushed towards the zombie. There is no way for Zhang Ge to recover his humanity, but at least Zhang Yi must be rescued.

Accordingly, after the three of them approached, the zombie roared and ran away with Zhang Yi in his arms. Ji Yecao and the others followed closely behind.

After Nan Yu appeared in front and blocked the way of the zombie, the zombie suddenly screamed like a madman. No one could hear what he was screaming, but they could feel his anger and helplessness. , unwillingness and regret.

Nan Yu sighed: “Ger, if your mind is clear, give Yi Er to me, and I will treat him.”

The zombie let Nan Yu take Zhang Yi away from his arms, then continued to shout loudly, and kept touching the surrounding trees with his head. Nan Yu instructed Ji Yecao and the two fox boys who were standing aside, “Stun him.”

Hu Shiqi took a step forward, flipped the hilt of his sword and slammed it on the head of the zombie, and immediately froze.

Zhang Ge was in a coma for four days. After waking up, he was in a daze. He didn’t speak or eat. Zhang Yi was very worried about him. When he got to him, his eyes would burst into tears. After a few times, Zhang Yi couldn’t bear to see his brother like this, so he obeyed the master’s arrangement and stopped disturbing him.

Zhang Ge was so demented for more than ten days before he gradually came to his senses. After seeing Nan Yu, he knelt down and kowtowed, but he didn’t say a word. Nan Yu knew that it was still difficult for him to accept all the things. After all, it was so painful for a teenager to suddenly realize that he had been a zombie for so long. But when Zhang Ge saw Zhang Yi again, the first sentence he said with trembling lips was: “Er dog, you’ll be fine… I don’t regret it…”

He really doesn’t regret turning into a zombie. As long as Ergou is safe, everything he does is worth it. When parents were dying, didn’t they repeatedly ask themselves to take good care of their younger brother? Now I can do it myself.

After the two brothers hugged each other and cried for a while, Nan Yu told them that Zhang Ge was now facing the danger of going crazy: After this uproar, the two monsters started to change in his body. If Zhang Ge didn’t hurry up and practice for a while, it would be very dangerous. The three master and apprentice immediately decided to rush back to Guanzhong.

Zhang Yi had one more thing on his mind, so the night before he left, he begged Hu Shiqi to take him and hurried to the small mountain village. Who knows, what is displayed in front of him is a piece of ruins. I found a few monsters nearby to inquire, only to know that more than a year ago, the heavy rain caused a mudslide. After the incident, most of the villagers did not even excavate the physical body, and the surviving people could not continue to live and have moved to other places.

Zhang Yi didn’t know what happened to the father and daughter of the Cao family, but the monsters had no impression of the residents of the village, only that there were no survivors like he said. Zhang Yi cried a lot on the ruins of the village. Has the home he once wanted to have disappeared forever? Could the father and daughter of the Cao family really be buried under the ruins like this?

Seeing that the sky was getting brighter, Zhang Yicai reluctantly left. Now his brother’s condition is still very unstable. He doesn’t want to say these things to increase Zhang Ge’s sadness, so he just asked Hu Shiqi to help him pay attention to the whereabouts of the Cao family’s father and daughter. There was no mention of where he went that night, so he followed Nan Yu back to the Taoist temple.

Zhang Ge’s retreat was much longer than Zhang Yi imagined. For the first ten years, he would go to the door of Zhang Ge’s retreat every day to see. Although he knew his brother couldn’t hear him, he still had to follow him. He said a few words. Time passed slowly. In the second ten years, Zhang Yi was already the Taoist temple’s manager of foreign affairs, so he didn’t have so much time to linger in front of Zhang Ge’s closed door. It’s just that every three or five years, he still has to stay in that room. Sit on the steps in front of the door for a while.

When the third decade was about to end, Zhang Yijue’s own physical strength was not as good as before, so he assigned the affairs he was in charge of to a few nephews who he had cultivated for many years – he even went to I have a normal practice in Taoism, so I never thought of accepting an apprentice. Now he has more time, and he starts to sit in front of his brother’s door every day.

Over the years, the head master Xuanji has clearly grown old. Recently, he often talks with Zhang Yi in front of Zhang Ge’s door. The main content is just to give up the position of the head of the head to the junior sister Nan Yu, and let Zhang Yi persuade his master to accept it.

Zhang Yi also mentioned it to the master several times, but Nan Yu had no intention of nodding at all. Instead, he strongly recommended Xuanji’s young apprentice to take this position, so the matter of changing the head of the head has been stalemate.

Zhang Yi has a very high seniority in Taoism, and he has been managing important affairs over the years. He is very prestige among his peers and juniors, so people always take him as the object of discussion about these things. Zhang Yi Between the pushes and turns of the master and the uncle, I was exhausted. In his opinion, it is suitable for Master to be the head of the head, and in the future, when Master is about to retire, besides his elder brother, Zhang Ge, who is as immortal as Master, who else is qualified to take Master’s class Woolen cloth? Zhang Yi felt very excited when he thought that his brother might become the head of this sect with a high reputation among cultivators.

Zhang Yi is no longer the young boy he used to be. Now he has seen many vicissitudes of life, and often feels that a farm boy like himself can be today and become an important disciple of such a sect. Very satisfied. But he always felt that Zhang Ge deserved more. Zhang Ge lost his life because of him. He hopes that his brother can get better, just like Master, strong, confident, and carefree…

“Brother, you said it would be an amazing thing if you were the head of the family. When the time comes, your parents will be proud of you… Although I may not see that day, But I’ll be proud of you too…”

Because there was no one else next to him, Zhang Yi faced Zhang Ge’s door and couldn’t help but say what was on his mind.

“How is that possible, how can I have that kind of qualifications…”

Zhang Yi turned his head sharply, watching the door open in front of him.

For decades, he had been looking forward to this moment every day, but when it really came, he didn’t feel like it was real.

Inside the door, a pale-faced young man looked at the door, the Taoist priest with long beard and gray hair.

“Two dogs…” Zhang Ge called in a trembling voice. I don’t know if I want the other party to agree or deny it.

“Brother…” Zhang Yi rushed up, hugged Zhang Ge and burst into tears.

I didn’t expect the brothers to recognize each other, and he had to wait for thirty years. Thirty years, he himself has changed from a handsome young man to a half-hundred-year-old man, and only waited for the day when he really recognized his brother .

Zhang Ge didn’t even think that it was just a big dream in his senses. After waking up, his younger brother had become a white-haired old man, but his time seemed to have stagnated. In the pupils of his eyes is still a young boy. Is this the younger brother he swore to protect? What have you done all these years? He actually made his younger brother grow old while waiting, delaying his whole life.

The two brothers hugged each other and cried in the dark. It was not until Nan Yu and Xuanji arrived that they were comforted.

At this time, Zhang Ge has completely recovered his consciousness. He not only clearly remembers his childhood life and his misfortune as a teenager, but also knows everything after becoming a zombie. He knelt down again and gave Nan Yu a big gift, thanking Master for his help and teaching.

Now Zhang Ge’s character seems to be more humble and honest than he used to be. He talks to others in a submissive manner, making the younger generation very embarrassed in front of him. Politeness always has to be doubled in response to the elders.

Is he really the older brother of the serious, etiquette-minded Uncle Zhang Yi? Are they not brothers?

The Zhang brothers went back to their hometown to visit their parents’ tombs. They found that their hometown had changed beyond recognition, and most of their original neighbors and relatives could not be found. On the contrary, the third uncle who sold them back then is still alive, but the old man doesn’t recognize anyone at all and doesn’t remember any past events. His children treat him as a burden, and take care of food and drink very poorly, so when they see people, they will beg for him to drink and give him something to eat.

Originally, he hated Zhang Yi, the culprit who killed his brother’s life, but he couldn’t bear it anymore when he saw his tragic state. Zhang Ge couldn’t stand it any longer. Not only did he cure the bedsores on his body, but he also played a small spell to frighten the unfilial descendants. He thought that the life of the third uncle would be much easier in the future.

At this time, the two brothers realized that the past was no longer worth worrying about. No matter how much suffering they suffered, the two brothers were still together, and it was enough to live a contented life. Zhang Ge also gave up the idea of ​​looking for trouble with the big family Zhao, and happily returned to the Taoist temple with Zhang Yi.

On the way, Zhang Yi once wanted to visit the mountain forest, meet the Hu brothers and Ji Yecao, and inquire about the father and daughter of the Cao family. But looking at Zhang Ge who was so excited, he really didn’t want Zhang Ge to know what happened back then, lest Zhang Ge feel more guilty about himself. And he also has a strong fear in his heart, what if the father and daughter of the Cao family are really dead? If they were still alive, what face would he have to face them?

Zhang Yi frequently looked in that direction on the clouds, looking at the vast mountains, but he did not ask Zhang Ge to change his direction after all…

The days have returned to calm, because the world is not good, and there are more demons running rampant. The disciples with higher magic skills in the Taoist temple are almost all running around outside non-stop to eliminate demons and demons. Zhang Ge’s mana is one of the best in the temple. , Naturally, he could not be allowed to sit idle. After Yu Nanyu stayed a few times, Zhang Ge was discharged to perform the task by himself.

Zhang Ge is very soft-hearted, and his temperament is kind. Nine out of ten demons he went to subdue couldn’t bear to kill them. In the monster’s dojo, Zhang Ge has a good temper anyway, even if he heard it, he would laugh it off.

Daoist Xuanji’s plan to pass on the position of head to Nan Yu has never been successful. Zhang Ge doesn’t care much about these matters. In his opinion, a person like a master and an immortal is of course unwilling to Master Xiang. It was the same thing that got rid of vulgar things, she was right not to be the head. However, Zhang Yi was very enthusiastic about this matter, and he encouraged Master to change the Fa all day long. In his opinion, if Master became the head, the next head would naturally be passed on to his brother. Zhang Ge talked to him a few times, but he couldn’t put out his burning thoughts, so he simply ignored him.

Zhang Ge’s opinion of his younger brother is very funny. Even if the master becomes the head, can he pass the position to himself? Do you have the talent to be the leader? Just looking at the big things and small things that Zhang Yi has to deal with every day, he already feels dizzy, if he is the head, he will kill him? Or this kind of day of subduing demons is suitable for me.

Zhang Ge accidentally mentioned these thoughts to Master Nan Yu, but Nan Yu just laughed. If this apprentice is not so honest, it is not impossible to become the head, but unfortunately his character is too simple and honest, I am afraid that even the disciples will not be able to restrain him.

Zhang Ge worshipped Master as before. In his opinion, as long as he can learn 10% of Master’s skills, it is enough. Nan Yu knows that he is not good at poetry, calligraphy and painting, so it is not difficult for him to learn it. As long as he is good at spells and Taoist classics, it will be fine, but Zhang Ge has to get along with himself. Poetry, but even if he has a lot of good sentences from the ancients on his back, how can he export it like Nan Yu?

On this day, Zhang Ge returned from the outside world, holding the gourd that had just caught the monster in his hand. He was still reciting the ancient famous poem “Pipa Xing” in his mouth. He crossed the mountain. Up and down – there are masters and uncles in the view, and it is very disrespectful to fly to the top.

When Zhang Ge emerged from the clouds, he couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw the light on the mountainside, and then flew forward for a while, bursts of shouts of killing came into his ears.

No, something happened!

Zhang Ge didn’t care about etiquette anymore, and rushed to the Taoist temple with his fastest speed.

The originally clean monastery place has now become a fiery Shura field.

Thousands of soldiers were slashing around the Taoists trapped in the temple.

Blood all over the ground.

Corpses all over the floor.

“Master, Ergou…” Zhang Ge threw the gourd in his hand and rushed over desperately. Several soldiers stepped forward to stop him, but he threw them out one by one.

Almost every step he took, he would be caught by the corpse under his feet. Zhang Ge went to look at each corpse in horror and saw countless familiar faces. Some are his peers and brothers, some are his juniors, and there are even a few little Daoists who have been in the world for less than two years.

“How can this happen… how can this happen…” Zhang Ge murmured to himself as if frightened, and stumbled forward. I don’t know how many swords fell on his head on the way, but Zhang Gepi’s flesh was as hard as copper and iron, and he rushed over without caring.

Just as he stepped into the hall, he heard a roar.

This familiar and unfamiliar sound made Zhang Ge wake up all of a sudden. He rushed to the backyard and saw that his master Nan Yu was grabbing a general on horseback, tearing him into two pieces.

“Master… How could Master…”

Zhang Ge’s gaze fell on Nan Yu’s feet. The white-haired master was lying on the ground with a huge wound on his head. The wooden sword, which represented the power of the head, had been broken into two pieces. cut.

Zhang Ge hardly dared to look back.

Two dogs…

The two dogs were also lying there.

Two dogs…

Zhang Ge felt that his legs were completely numb, and dragged his body to Zhang Yi’s side, as if he had walked thousands of miles, his body was soaked in cold sweat.

“Two dogs…”

Holding his younger brother in his arms, Zhang Ge groaned and knew nothing.

Zhang Ge was at a loss, and he didn’t know where he was going.

What he held tightly in the meeting was the ashes of his younger brother Zhang Yi.

When he woke up that day, he saw that the war was over, and the Taoist priests in the Taoist temple suffered heavy casualties, including the leaders Xuanji and Zhang Yi.

Zhang Ge watched everyone cremate his sect, and watched Nan Yu, who finally became the leader, command the aftermath, but his heart was at a loss.

Why didn’t Master take action earlier?

If Master had acted earlier, Uncle Master would not have died, and neither would Ergou!

Why can’t I come back earlier, even if it’s only half an hour in the morning, maybe everything will be different, I can at least rescue the two dogs…


Why did those officers and soldiers come to kill these innocent Taoists instead of defending against foreign enemies?

Zhang Ge couldn’t figure it out and couldn’t accept the reality.

Nan Yu was busy treating injured children and managing objects. She was also very sad in her heart. She didn’t go to enlighten and comfort Zhang Ge for a while. Zhang Ge’s thinking had reached a dead end, and she always felt that she couldn’t come back in time. He just killed his younger brother, and was in a daze all day long. Finally, one day, he left the Taoist temple with Zhang Yi’s ashes.

Zhang Ge didn’t know where he was going.

He went back to the small village in his hometown, where the characters were all gone, and there was no trace of the happy life of the three generations of grandparents and grandchildren. Zhang Ge was not willing to let go, and still took the ashes away.

He also returned to the mountain forest where the two brothers lived for several years. The scenery in the mountain remains the same, but the two teenagers are no longer alive (Since Zhang Ge is a zombie, of course, he is also a “dead” person. ).

He has seen the tomb of White Rabbit Jingji Weed , the above few engravings are vaguely visible.

After Zhang Ge repaired Ji Yecao’s tomb, he had several thoughts of burying his younger brother here. Ji Yecao took care of Zhang Ergou in every possible way and treated them like siblings. If they could be buried next to each other, both of them would be relieved, right? But in the end, Zhang Ge still carried his brother’s ashes on the road again. He couldn’t bear to let his brother bury in the loess, and he couldn’t bear to let his brother leave him.

After walking away from the mountain village for a long time, a small town appeared in front of him. Zhang Ge wandered in front of the town for a long time before entering.

It was here that I and my younger brother were begging for a living in the wind and snow. It was also here that I and my younger brother were deceived and sold into the Zhao Mansion. In the end, in order to take my younger brother to escape from here, I lost my life… Sigh, if If I didn’t become a zombie, I was already a pile of bones today, but the joys and sorrows of myself and my brother for so many years, why didn’t it come from the identity of a zombie.

Zhang Ge wandered aimlessly on the street, and unknowingly, he had come to the neighborhood of Zhao’s house.

The Zhao family that was the leader of the town has long since fallen. The original mansion has now become a school, and at the other end of this place, there is another big family that is very lively, but it depends on the situation. Not like he was doing a wedding, Zhang Ge couldn’t help but feel curious and asked an idler on the side of the road, “This big brother, what are you doing? It’s so lively?”

“You don’t even know this, are you a foreigner? Today is the day to set up an archway for Cao Jie’s wife, and the county magistrate is here in person. Of course it’s lively!” Talk to Zhang Ge while walking.

“Festival woman…” Zhang Ge shook his head. He had always disdained the custom of letting women guard the tablet for a lifetime, so he lost interest in moving forward.

But the passerby continued: “You don’t know, it’s not easy for Cao Jie’s wife. The day after her husband went to church, she suddenly went crazy and rushed into the mountains and never came back. The man spent the night together, and the family wanted to arrange for her to remarry, but she refused to do so. Who would have thought that the one-night husband and wife would finally let her raise a son, and she would hold the son as a widow, even for more than 50 years, That man of her never came back. The year before last, her little grandson was awarded a jinshi, but no, I asked her to come down and set up the archway. This can be regarded as a reward from God…”

“What…” Zhang Ge was taken aback, “Her surname is Cao… What’s her husband’s surname?”

“The surname is Zhang, you don’t know the famous Zhang Wanjiajia? But this family business, her crazy and unknown man didn’t make any effort. It’s all Widow Cao who started small business, earning every penny. She came back. This woman is not simple. What kind of incense did the old Zhang family burn in the past life and put on such a good daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, I heard that Widow Cao was dying of illness. …”

Zhang Ge froze there.

Half a day ago, a teenager in the mountains chased after him and shouted, “Where are you going to take Brother Zhang’s ashes? Aren’t you going to see Brother Zhang’s wife and descendants? Why are you like this? Is it easy to be a widow and raise the children for your Zhang family… Today is her big day, and she will…”

Although Zhang Ge heard it at the time, he didn’t put these words into his mind at all.

Could it be that what he said is here, that Cao’s, is Ergou’s…

Zhang Xiaoqian is busy inside and out. Today is his mother’s big day. He is happy for his mother, but he can’t help but feel sad. Although he was not a posthumous son in name, he was raised by his mother alone from his infancy, and he had never seen his biological father. Zhang Xiaoqin knew in his heart how much suffering his mother had suffered and how much wind and frost he had to endure before he grew up. He vowed from a young age to be filial to his mother when he grew up, to take over all the obligations of that irresponsible father and let his mother live his life. Have a good day.

Now the Zhang family is considered a great family. Zhang Xiaoqin’s three sons are all promising, and the third is a jinshi. But my mother may not be able to enjoy it for a few days. Even the famous Korean genius doctor specially invited from the capital refused to prescribe the prescription yesterday…

Thinking of the old mother’s face on the sickbed, Zhang Xiaoqin secretly turned around and wiped away tears, then turned around and forced a smile to deal with the county officials and squires who came to see him.

Suddenly, a young man pulled away from the crowd, strode up in front of him, and asked him strangely, “Mr. Zhang, may I ask, did Lingtang live in Caojiazhuang, thirty miles away? Is your name Zhang Ergou?”

Zhang Xiaoqin looked up and down the people, and his family moved from Caojiazhuang. There are many people in this area who know this, but not much is known about his father’s name, even his own family, because the name is a bit vulgar. I am willing to mention it, and I have never mentioned it to outsiders. How did this young man know? Looking at his Taoist attire, could it be…

Zhang Xiaoqin asked tentatively: “May I ask you who is…”

The young man’s face became even more strange. He ignored his question and instead asked, “I dare to ask again, is Lingtang’s boudoir name Erjie Cao?”

“How do you know? You, who are you?” Zhang Xiaoqin couldn’t help but feel anxious. Today is mother’s big day. Could this person come to make trouble?

Zhang Ge looked at the middle-aged man in front of him – he and Ergou looked so similar that even without using spells to tell them apart, Zhang Ge could see that he was Zhang Yi’s flesh and blood. Looking at the nephew in front of him, Zhang Ge wanted to cry but had no tears, and his expression changed several times before he sighed and said, “I want to see Lingtang…” Without waiting for the other person to answer, he strode into the house. Several servants hurriedly stopped him, but they couldn’t catch up with him at all.

Cao Erjie had a dream, dreaming that Zhang Ergou was still as handsome as a young man, came to her bed with a smile, took her hand, and asked her to go home with him. Said that he would take himself to see his hometown, see his family’s ancestral grave, and tell her the story of him and his brother over the years.

He didn’t despise his wrinkled face at all, nor the white hair on his head, he gently stroked himself, unable to say how tender and pity…

Lang Jun, you are finally back…

Opening her eyes, Cao Erjie found that she was still lying on the bed, surrounded by her daughter-in-law, granddaughter-in-law and a large group of maids, all of them looked at her anxiously, because they were afraid that she would end up here in their dreams I went, but I didn’t know that going back wasn’t a terrible thing for me. Since half a month ago, I dreamed that my husband, who had never dreamed for many years, came here in a Taoist robe, and I knew in my heart that he might no longer be alive. Even so, I should go with him. After death, there is a chance to meet again. Today, I dreamed of him coming to invite me to go with me. It seems that my deadline has come.

She didn’t know where the strength came from, she actually sat up with her body propped up, and ordered the maid to change her clothes, wash her face, and dress up.

“Mother, you’re rare, you’d better lie down and rest. What are you doing?” My daughter-in-law was anxious to stop her.

Cao Erjie took her daughter-in-law’s hand, patted it a few times, and called her three granddaughter-in-law and little granddaughter: “I dreamed that my husband came to call me, I see, this time I want to be with him If you leave, the troubles of the whole family will be left to you in the future.”

The son has ten filial sons, and the daughter-in-law, grandson, and grandson-in-law are also filial piety children. Although the family does not say that they are rich enough to rival the country, they also have thousands of acres of fertile land and countless gold and silver. She lived happily in the second half of her life. It’s okay, as long as she can meet her husband after she goes, she will have no regrets.

Although I’m not afraid of death, I still can’t let go of my concern for the children. Look at this, touch that, they must be very sad when I go by myself. Looking at the tearful eyes, I can’t help but feel pity: “I’m gone. After that, don’t cry and break your body. I went to meet the unconscionable person, that’s a good thing…”

“Mother, what are you talking about? Let’s invite the best doctor… Xiaosan is in the capital and asked him to invite the imperial doctor. We are not afraid of spending money…” After hearing these almost last words, the daughter-in-law immediately cried. stand up.

Cao Erjie stopped talking, closed her eyes and lay quietly. Her daughter-in-law was worried. After a long time of calling the doctor and decocting medicine, she gradually felt relieved when she saw that her mother-in-law had been calm.

In the afternoon, Erjie Cao suddenly sat up again and shouted at the door in surprise and joy: “He’s here, he’s here…”

“Mother, who is here? Lie down quickly.”

“He’s finally back, I’ve been waiting for more than 40 years… He’s finally back…” Second Sister Cao stretched out her arms and stared at the door. There was a commotion.

“Who are you? What are you doing?”

“Stop him, stop him!”

“You Taoist priest is also rude, how can you break into the inner courtyard of my house.”

“Everyone, please don’t make a noise, be careful to startle the old lady.”

“Come on, grab him…”

“You can’t go any further, that’s where the elderly are recuperating!”

“If we don’t stop, we’re going to report to the official!”


The noise is getting closer and closer, it seems that the intruder is getting closer and everyone’s family members are helpless to him. What’s going on here? Can’t find a robber? While the women in the house were panicking, the door of the house was pushed open, and a young man in Taoist attire strode in.

“You’re finally back…” Second Sister Cao called out with joy and sorrow.

Does the old lady know this young man in his early twenties? Everyone was full of doubts, but after a closer look, they found that Erjie Cao’s eyes were not looking at the person coming, but the one he was holding… an urn.

“Lang Jun, have you finally come back…” Cao Erjie’s long call made Zhang Ge’s heart break. Such a good wife, Ergou left her for his own sake and made her suffer A lifetime of loneliness, she sacrificed her whole life for the Zhang family, but she didn’t know her existence until today.

Zhang Ge walked to the bed in a few steps, knelt down on both knees, and held the urn in front of Erjie Cao with both hands: “Brother and younger sister, I’m the one who can’t help you couple…I, I’ll bring Ergou… now…”

Second Sister Cao grabbed the urn in one hand, held it in her arms and fondled it, rubbing her cheeks with a bright smile, and suddenly everything congealed, and her head rested on the urn and remained motionless.



“The old lady…”

The people in the room were in a mess.

Zhang Ge understood that the second sister Cao had gone, and kowtowed three times before standing up. Seeing that someone wanted to take out the urn from her arms, he quickly stopped: “That’s the person she has been waiting for all her life, don’t let it go. Let them separate again…”

“Who the **** are you? What the **** is going on here?”

Discovering that Zhang Ge is different, Zhang Xiaoqin speaks a lot more politely.

“I am…” Zhang Ge smiled wryly, who is he? Can he believe that he is his uncle? I had to smile sadly and say, “It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that you have to take care of your mother’s funeral, let her share the same bed with your father after her death… She… our Zhang family owes her too much. , I don’t know all my life… You descendants should be well…” He stayed in front of the remains of his younger brother and his wife for a while, then disappeared in a flash, leaving Zhang’s descendants behind. Great anxiety and confusion…

Zhang Xiaoqin went out with a cane, looking at the distant mountains and sighing.

Nowadays the world is so chaotic, what can I do for my family?

Last year, when he heard the news that the Mongolian army was heading south, he moved his family to a farm in the countryside early, and sent his eldest son’s family to the south, hoping to keep a bloodline in case of unfortunate events. People were killed, but the eldest son’s family was drowned by the defeated Song army, and there was no news from then on. Now the news that the Mongolian army is approaching is still coming day by day, but he has decided that his family will die together, so he will stay in this remote mountain village and let his fate.

“Alas…” He sighed up to the sky, and was about to turn around to go back, when he saw a person on the mountain path.

Zhang Xiaoqin rubbed his eyes and looked carefully, the man was walking towards him, his face was clear in the morning sun – he would never forget this face, it was the one who sent his father’s ashes to his mother back then , the man who made her smile and die. It’s just that it has been seven years since his mother passed away. How could this young man’s face not change in the slightest? The difficulty is just like everyone guessed after his house suddenly disappeared, he is…

While Zhang Xiaoqin was thinking about it, the young man had already arrived, looked him up and down and asked, “You are Zhang Xiaoqin, right? Why did the family suddenly move here, so that I can find it easily? How is the family all these years?”

After listening to his question, Zhang Xiaoqin felt a sense of intimacy in his heart. Although he didn’t know each other, he couldn’t help but tell him all the misfortunes in his family in recent years. When it comes to his eldest son The whereabouts of the family are unknown. Now that the Mongolian army is approaching, and the family is resigned to fate, the old tears shed.

The young man in Taoist attire frowned and said, “One day in the mountains, ten years in the world… I can’t believe that after just a few years of retreat and practice, things in the world have changed so much… You can rest assured, I am here, I see Who can step into our Zhang family!”

In the next few days, the young man who called himself Zhang Ge spent a lot of time drawing many strange spells outside the entire Zhuangzi, including cinnabar, chicken blood and other objects. And on every house in Zhuangzi, Zhu Fu is pasted. The Zhang family did not understand the purpose of his actions, but they knew that his origin was mysterious.

Zhang Ge asked them to prepare more than a month’s worth of food and supplies. When he heard that the Mongolian army had reached a hundred miles away, he told everyone to return to the village. Without his call, they must not come out. The Zhang family didn’t understand his intentions, so they just followed suit. However, there was a child who was bold, and even sneaked out to check. Although Zhang Ge found out immediately, he scolded him and brought him back, but after he came back, he told everyone that as long as he was out of Zhuangzi’s range, he would not be able to see Zhuangzi when he looked back. Now, I only saw a vast muddy pond and large thorn bushes, and there was no place to stay.

Everyone then understood that Zhang Ge had already set up a magic formation around the village and hid the entire village. No wonder he asked everyone to prepare everything early. Even the fireworks were not allowed to move during these days.

Blessed by the Bodhisattva, with such a divine being to protect the Zhang family, this time the Zhang family will definitely be able to escape this catastrophe.

A few days later, the Mongolian army passed by the vicinity, flags fluttered, people screamed and horses neighed, and thousands of people passed by like thunder, making the people in Zhuangzi tremble. These alien races went all the way south, killing many civilians, massacred everywhere they went, and left no dog or dog. If there is no Zhang Ge today, this little Zhuangzi will inevitably be transformed under the iron hooves of these brutal Mongolian troops. For the powder.

Seeing that one Mongolian army will pass by Zhuangzi today and tomorrow, everyone will turn a blind eye to Zhuangzi. The people in Zhuang gradually increase their confidence in Zhang Ge. With his support, the Zhang family will definitely be able to do it this time. It’s hard to get out.

With nothing to do, the Zhang family began to speculate about Zhang Ge’s identity. Some people said that he was an expert and admired Cao Erjie’s chastity, so they came to protect Zhang’s family; It was Zhang Ergou’s fellow Taoist—actually Zhang Ergou didn’t die at all, but was dismembered. Some people still remember that Zhang Ge knelt down in front of Erjie Cao’s bed and called out “brother and sister”, then he It must be the elder brother of Zhang Ergou, the elder of the Zhang family. With such a virtuous elder, the descendants of the Zhang family are blessed, and every misfortune will turn into auspiciousness, and death will be auspicious…

This kind of speculation has not been confirmed, because no one dared to ask Zhang Ge in person.

Because Zhang Ge knew about the second sister Cao, and the grief that Zhang Yi’s death had been accumulating in his heart, his mind was in chaos. He has only absorbed half of the power of the two inner alchemy in his body over the years. In order to prevent him from going crazy, he practiced in the mountains for a few years. But this happened again.

These rioters really deserve to be killed!

Watching the soldiers and horses galloping by, Zhang Ge’s heart was full of resentment. He would not forget that Ergou died in the hands of such soldiers. The body of these troops in front of him was full of blood, which was not enough for his sense of smell.

If it weren’t for the fact that Master forbids killing, all of you murderers should be damned!

Zhang Ge looked at the saddles of some cavalry soldiers, and even the heads of civilians were hanging on them, and he couldn’t help gnashing his teeth.

After the army in the morning was over, after a few hours of calm, the ground trembled slightly, and another cavalry should have come in the distance.

Zhang Ge sat in front of the village and looked up lazily.

No, not just the Mongol army, but others.

Zhang Ge suddenly stood up.

With his eyesight, he soon saw the army rushing in from a distance, as well as a few black dot-like figures in the distance in front of the army.

Are civilians being chased? Zhang Ge frowned.

To save or not to save?

If you save them, you may expose the existence of the village.

If you don’t save, how can you bear with your heart?

In the past few days, Zhang Xiaoqin, who found that he was relatively safe under Zhang Ge’s protection, was much more courageous and dared to stand behind Zhang Ge to watch the army crossing the border. When those figures came to the vicinity, it was already clear that they were two men and two women with three children. They were running around the village, as if they were looking for something.

“Qing’er…” Zhang Xiaoqin screamed, “That is my eldest son and eldest grandson, immortal, that is my eldest son and eldest grandson’s family!”

Zhang Ge looked at a few people outside the formation, and then at Zhang Xiaoqin: “They are really…”

Zhang Xiaoqin nodded again and again, and said in tears: “They are my eldest son’s family… Senior, no, I know you are the elder of our Zhang family, please save our Zhang family’s descendants! Please save me The descendants of the Zhang family!” Zhang Xiaoqin said while kowtowing forcefully. He has three sons. The second son has long since passed away, leaving only two daughters. The third son has only a daughter and a sickly son. Now the incense of the Zhang family is not prosperous. What a mistake, it’s better that this old thing is dead…

The young Taoist priest with great powers in front of him seems to be the elder brother of his father who has never masked himself, that is, his uncle. When I was a child, I heard from my mother that my uncle became a zombie after he died, and ate the 800-year-old demon fox Neidan. My father tried to stop him from harming people to leave home to track him and influence him. If this big Birken shot, the Zhang family would be saved. Thinking of this, Zhang Xiaoqin’s strength to kowtow increased a bit.

They are all descendants of Ergouzi, yes, look at the teenage boy outside, his eyebrows are five-point similar to Ergou’s, they are all of Ergou’s blood, Zhang family Descendants of him, if he failed to protect Ergou well, could he still watch his descendants die in front of him?

Zhang Ge supported Zhang Xiaoqin with both hands and waved his sleeves without hesitation. A few people outside the village, who were ramming around like headless flies, suddenly found that the scene in front of them had changed, and the thick fog was like a real object. , twisted and separated on both sides, forming a passage as wide as one person. Looking from this narrow passage, the familiar village behind was exposed in the thick fog. A few people didn’t have time to think about why, and ran there.

At this time, a Mongolian cavalryman had come not far behind them, and he was stunned to see this strange “fog alley”, and then several feathered arrows shot over.

Zhang Ge let out a long sigh. Originally, he came and closed the formation after they entered. Originally, even if the Mongols found something wrong, they would not be able to chase in, but as soon as these arrows were shot into the formation, the formation would stop. Broken.

Zhang Ge blocked the arrows and looked at the fading mist around him and said to Zhang Xiaoqin indifferently, “Bring the children into the house, and I won’t tell you not to come out.”

Zhang Xiao saw a group of Mongolian cavalry rushing towards the village with his own eyes. He was so frightened that he couldn’t say a word.

Zhang Ge looked at the humans on horseback and the blood-stained weapons they were wearing. He clenched his hands and burst out a few words between his teeth: “Come on…” After the long howl, what the Mongolian cavalry collided with was a monster with a pale face, blood red eyes, fangs in the mouth, erect eyes on the forehead, and hooked fingers and claws. He only heard a loud cracking sound, and he tore the leading cavalry man and horse into two pieces by him. Then, he rushed into the team with blood all over him…

Zhang Ge stood in the sunset, and suddenly felt that the color of blood was so dazzling under the sun.

He looked around at a loss, and all around him were the torn corpses of people and horses, which had been scattered and extended far away.

He suddenly felt extremely tired, and sat down slumped. Under the setting sun, countless birds attracted by this “feast” were circling and chirping above this Shura Field. Zhang Ge sat weakly, unable to even use the strength to drive away the crows that had swooped on top of his head for the few pieces of minced meat hanging from his body. It was a kind of tiredness that was deeply immersed in the bone marrow. Even though his limbs were still full of strength, he still couldn’t resist the weakness in his heart.

When Zhang Ge raised his head, the sun had already drowned behind the mountains, and in the dim light, a boy in white was standing not far from him with a sword.

The young man has a handsome face, but one eye is tightly closed – such a heroic and handsome man is a one-eyed dragon.

Zhang Ge looked into his eyes, speechless.

The young man sneered at him: “What’s so beautiful, this eye is thanks to you!”

“Hu Shiqilang.” Zhang Ge knew who this was.

Hu Shiqilang looked around, tsk tsk “admiration”: “You are really good at it, so many people… Brother Zhang has always hoped that you can restore your original kindness, it seems impossible.”

“Ergou, he has already…” Zhang Ge sighed, this Hu Shiqilang has a good relationship with Zhang Ergou. He once hurt him and ruined one of his eyes, but later he asked Master to save him and he helped him , it can be said that the revenge of the virtue of virtue.

“I know.” Hu Shiqilang also sighed. After Zhang Ergou worshipped the female Taoist priest as his teacher, they met several times because of the relationship between the female Taoist priest and his grandfather. Poke the heart and so on, I didn’t expect such a person to disappear in a blink of an eye. However, he was reconciled with this zombie before his death, which was considered to have fulfilled his greatest wish in his life. Zhang Ge has lived in the mountains for the past few years. Of course he doesn’t know about it, but because he has no friendship, he didn’t come out to meet him. I didn’t expect Zhang Ge to make such a big deal.

“Those people can no longer live here. My nineteenth brother and I will **** them to the south in a few days.”

Before Zhang Yi left with his master, he asked Shishi Lang to inquire about Cao Erjie’s news, so after finding Cao Erjie’s mother and son, Hu Shiqiu has been secretly watching over them. It can be said that the Zhang family has been smooth sailing these years. This little fox is behind the scenes. After a lot of hands and feet, this time he also came to protect the descendants of the Zhang family, but found that Zhang Dagou had arrived one step ahead of him. After all, they were blood relatives, so he didn’t have much trouble, but it turned out to be a big fight for Zhang Ge. Slaughter – according to your own method, and transfer all the people to the mountains, wouldn’t it be over? Really… the head of a zombie is stiff.

“Seventeenth Brother, Seventeenth Brother…” a young man shouted, hurriedly falling from the clouds, “This zombie is still here, why don’t you tell him to go!” This young man spoke very quickly and rashly Waving his hand, Zhang Ge didn’t understand a few words in his words, but Hu Shiqilang frowned, “Could it be that Grandpa and the others are coming?”

“Yes, yes, I secretly came to inform you when I saw Grandpa began to recruit people from the clan, and told him to leave quickly, it will be too late.” Hu Shiqilang waved his hand vigorously, sweat dripping from his forehead.

Zhang Ge understands that the monsters in this forest, because they killed so many people nearby, were afraid of attracting the interference of gods and immortals and causing them to suffer the disaster of pond fish, so they planned to get rid of themselves first. out, in order to eliminate future troubles. Hu Shiqi and Hu Shijiu still reported their own letters under these circumstances. They really did their best. What’s more, they didn’t have any friendship with them, but they had a hatred with Hu Shiqi. They were all looking at Zhang Er. For the dog’s sake.

Zhang Ge’s eyes were wet, and he bowed deeply to Hu Shiqi and Hu Shi Jiu: “Two brothers Hu, my brother’s descendants will be entrusted to the two of you, and the graves of Ergou and their husband and wife…I, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to come back in the future…”

Hu Shiqilang nodded: “I understand… Leave it to me. Don’t forget Brother Zhang’s wish, he has always hoped that you can become a person…”

Zhang Ge nodded. In this situation, it was too late to say more. He took another look at Zhang Xiaoqin and those children and grandchildren who kept the door tightly closed and dared not come out – his crazy killing jab had already terrified them. I don’t dare to recognize this elder anymore.

Zhang Ge sighed, he was already dead, and naturally he was not their elder.

He took a deep look at the direction where the righteous couple was buried together, then rode the wind away.

Jiujiuro looked at his back and said hesitantly, “He…even if he remembers his brotherhood with Zhang Ergou, I’m afraid he won’t be a kind and soft-hearted human. A zombie is a zombie… “

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Seventeen Lang rebuked, because Nan Yu and the patriarch were good friends, so their family rarely used the word zombie.

Jiujiuro grumbled unconvincingly: “It was originally… just look at it, I think he will…”

Seventeen Lang shook his head, following Nineteen Lang’s words, after the setting sun on the horizon completely disappeared into the mountains, it was as if he had spoken a terrible prophecy.

Zhang Ge doesn’t know when he started eating people.

By the time he realized this, he had already eaten a lot of people – sucked their anger by taking supplements, and ate their life, not their flesh, which is what he, a high-level zombie, has one of the abilities.

Before Ergou died, he was most worried about becoming a man-eating monster, but now he…

Zhang Ge looked at the corpses in front of him, and when he found that one of them was still wriggling, he reached out and sucked him in without hesitation, completely swallowing his anger.

These people are not the enemies of Ergou, but they are also soldiers who kill without blinking an eye, or it is people like them who caused Ergou and Shibo to die, and are still causing more deaths. , Zhang Ge wants to kill them, killing them all can prevent the same tragedy from happening again. In order to kill all these people, he needs more powerful power, cannibalism, which can help him get the power he wants in the shortest time.

So Zhang Ge started to eat people, especially those people he wanted to kill.

Zhang Ge found that another army was rapidly approaching here. He had investigated that team and had not killed any civilians, so it was not his target, so Zhang Ge flew into the clouds after the other party arrived.

Life is a cycle of killing, cannibalizing, leaving… Zhang Ge is sometimes a little dazed. Now he almost forgets who he is and what he is doing.

He was sitting on the top of the hill watching the sunset, but the empty feeling in his heart made him want to find something to do, even if it was eating people.

Zhang Ge watched the setting sun sink into the ground little by little, and stood up with a long sigh.

The night belongs to him, he has to do something, otherwise the feeling of emptiness in his heart will torture him too much.

When he turned around, Zhang Ge saw a figure standing under the tree not far behind him.

After Zhang Ge saw the other party, he exhaled a long breath.

Nan Yu walked forward.

Looking at Nan Yu’s icy face, Zhang Ge felt a burst of relief in his heart. He walked up to Nan Yu, his knees brittle: “Master, this disciple confesses his guilt and leads to death, please master.”

Maybe since the first day he started eating people, he was waiting for this day. During this period, many monks and monsters who came to justice came to him, but they were all defeated or avoided by him. Those people Or the demon was not his target of killing, so he did not commit more crimes, but he also knew very well that among the humans he had killed and eaten during this period of time, there were also innocent people whose hands were not stained with the blood of ordinary people. people, but he still ate them indiscriminately, so he should die.

But don’t let those nosy people do it. Zhang Ge thinks that those cultivators or monsters who have the ability to save some people, but do nothing, are not qualified to judge themselves.

Let the master clean the door by himself.

If she kills the wicked, others will not say that her followers are helpless.

What Zhang Ge is really worried about is what if Master doesn’t come?

What if Master doesn’t want to see him again, and doesn’t even clean up the door himself?

Zhang Ge knew that if any senior brother came to enforce the rules, he would bow his head and die, but he really wanted to see his master again.

Zhang Ge wanted to tell Master a lot, but he didn’t know where to start.

“Master, Zhang Ge knows he deserves to die, but I beg you to bury me near the Ergou couple, so that when the descendants of the Zhang family pay their respects, I can see them too.”

For a long time, Zhang Ge only said this sentence.

“Alas…” Nan Yu let out a long sigh.

When she began to hear the news from the Hu family, she thought that Zhang Ge killed the army of several hundred people just to protect the Zhang family’s descendants.

This is a wrong thing, but it is not forgivable. If it were me, I might do the same thing at the juncture of life and death. The law of heaven does not allow monsters to kill humans indiscriminately, but it doesn’t mean that monsters are not expected to stand still in the face of human beings. So at that time, although Nan Yu was very angry, he just wanted to bring Zhang Ge back to punish him.

But then, the news that came to her ears one after another made her stunned. Zhang Ge continued to kill, whether it was his enemy or not, as long as he saw the army, as long as the army was less than 1,000 people. , within the scope of his ability, he will start mercilessly. Not only that, he is still eating people, sucking all the energy of the people he killed, thousands of people, after careful calculation, Zhang Ge killed thousands of people in these days, and absorbed so much energy What kind of monster will he become? What terrible things will be done?

Nan Yu, who knows Zhang Ge’s abilities very well, thinks of this, and her whole body gets chills – this monster, but she has trained it with her own hands.

Today, when she finally “caught” Zhang Ge face to face, she realized that things might not be as bad as she thought, Zhang Ge’s expression and eyes are still so simple and honest, and he has not turned into a **** monster Even though the power obtained from eating people was powerful, it was not listened to by his body. It was just piled up in his body, forming two systems with his original mana.

“Night…” The female Taoist stared at him for a long time before she said these two words. This is Zhang Ge’s character, and Zhang Ge pestered Nan Yu to compose it for him, because in Zhang Ge’s opinion, anyone who can read and write will compose a character, just like his younger brother Zhang Yiren called out a businessman. “Have you forgotten the greatest hope that Yi Er had of you…”


I didn’t expect that the first sentence I heard after meeting Nan Yu was such a soft complaint. A kind of sadness, guilt, helplessness… The mixed emotions instantly drowned Zhang Ge, and he burst into tears on the ground.

“Master, why…why can we save them, but we can’t do it? Why do those people deserve to die, but they have to be sent to heaven when they kill them? Why can they kill innocent people at will, but we can only do it? If you can’t stop it? Master, Ergou and Uncle, they could have survived! There are countless people who could have survived! Why don’t you save people if you have the ability? Why do I kill these murderers? but it’s wrong? Master, you teach me, I can’t figure it out!”

Hearing him talk about the mystery, Nan Yu felt a burst of sadness.

How many good deeds did my brother do in his life, why did he end up like this? In this matter, she also wanted to ask the heavens why it was so unfair!

“Yizhi, we can’t control the envoys of human beings, this is the law, this is the law without reason!”

“I’m not convinced! I’m not convinced! Why is there no reason in this world, not even in the sky!” Zhang Ge roared loudly, “Where is the sky? Where is the sky!”

Nan Yu was sad.

Where is the sky?

Where is Tianli?

Zhang Ge, who was full of grief and indignation, shouted, “Why don’t you break the law if you see death and don’t save it, but it is a violation of heaven’s rule! Why does heaven watch people suffer, and doesn’t allow others to lend a hand! Why are good people not good people? Report, it is so difficult to live in peace and quiet, but those who disturb the world can be placed on the frontier… I don’t accept it, and I won’t accept it when I die…”

Nan Yu was sad.

She could kill Zhang Ge as long as she stretched out her hand, but she couldn’t.

Nan Yu has no way to prove himself right or Zhang Ge wrong. During these days, Nan Yu’s heart was also very shaken, and Xuanji’s death hit her hard. She didn’t know if she was on the same path as Zhang Ge for a moment.

“Zhang Ge…I don’t know the answer to your question…”

Zhang Ge looked at her blankly.

He originally thought that Master would refute his arrogant words mercilessly.

“I don’t know if what you’re doing is right or wrong… Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s really God’s fault…”

“No, Master, it’s my fault, I’m willing to lead the death, it’s my fault…” Nan Yu’s attitude made Zhang Ge a little frightened, he hurriedly walked over, grabbed her skirt and said.

“Zhang Ge, although I can’t be sure that you are wrong, what you have done has violated the rules of the sect. Now, as the head of the sect, I will expel you from the door. You are a disciple in our view, and you can do it yourself in the future!”

For Zhang Ge, this sentence is no less than a bolt from the blue. He stayed for a long time and hugged Nan Yu’s leg: “Master, don’t… Kill me! Kill me! Don’t expel me from the master! Kill me! Master, I have nothing else to do. Where I can go, I’d rather die than leave… Master, for Ergo’s sake, don’t do this…”

Nan Yu shook his head slowly: “Zhang Ge, maybe you are right. Without the constraints of the rules, you are free to do what you think is right, aren’t you happy?”

Zhang Ge cried so hard that he could not speak, and shook his head vigorously.

“Go and prove that you are right, I also really want to know what is right. Just from now on, don’t say you are my disciple, don’t kill innocent people, or I will be the first to come. To your life!”

Zhang Ge cried and begged, but there was no way to make Nan Yu change his mind. After Nan Yu said those words, he flicked his hand and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Zhang Ge never thought it would be like this, the two dogs died, and the master didn’t want him anymore…

Why? Who was it that pushed him, such an ordinary country boy, to where he is today…

Zhang Ge stood on the top of the mountain and roared loudly until his throat could no longer make a sound, and no one came to give him any answer…

The catastrophe.

Every monster knows that once they have cultivated to a certain level, they will have to face such a test.

No one can say clearly where the calamity came from. Some monsters, as the name suggests, believe that the gods are a test for the monsters. Neither the five heavenly emperors nor the later Jade Emperor ever formulated such a rule. This system seems to have existed even earlier.

Although I don’t know who set up the system of the robbery and who implemented it, one thing is certain, the hand that controls it is not acting indiscriminately.

Every monster, in his cultivation and growth, will encounter different times of catastrophe. Some monsters who are usually innocent and cultivate quietly may only encounter a catastrophe once – that is The time when he became an immortal; there are also some monsters that go against the sky, cultivate by means of supplementation, or kill too many lives, and the number of times they encounter a catastrophe will increase; There is a catastrophe every year, and some monsters even encounter a catastrophe every hundred years. If you really have the ability to survive the calamity that occurs once every hundred years, until the day when your cultivation becomes fruitful, then the one who cultivates is not an ordinary immortal, but a big demon.

Today, Zhang Ge is just one hundred years old, and his calamity is already waiting for him.

Before the calamity comes, the monsters in the robbery will feel a certain period of time in advance. This time is left for them to find a place to hide, or prepare a formation to protect themselves, and ask friends to help. Time, basically the coming of the catastrophe is still dignified, giving you the opportunity to touch it with your ability or luck. Some monsters have enough ability to break up the robbery, some monsters have prepared magic weapons or formations to protect themselves, and some monsters use the method of hiding beside humans to let the robbery throw away the mouse, until the time limit of three days and three nights has passed. … No matter what method you use, as long as you endure it, it will be considered a disaster.

However, Zhang Ge did not make any preparations. He would not use those means to escape, nor did he intend to give up, but just found an empty wilderness, ready to face this catastrophe head-on. If he can pass it, he can pass it, but if he can’t pass it, he is already mentally prepared for the ending of the soul flying away. That didn’t seem like a bad thing to him.

Zhang Ge sat quietly on the wasteland. The time gradually approached noon, and the bright sunlight was suddenly swallowed up by the layers. Then, countless flashes like flying dragons jumped up in the clouds, and the dull sound of thunder rolled, emitting a vicious sound. The beast roared in a low voice.

Zhang Ge remembered that he was very afraid of thunder when he was a child. Every time there was a thunder, he would hide in his mother’s arms like a chick hiding under the wings of an old hen. But later, he found out that his younger brother Zhang Ergou was more than himself. Afraid of thunder and lightning, when the thunder and lightning thundered, the younger brother would even cry out in fright. From that time on, Zhang Ge was no longer afraid of thunder and lightning. Because he is an older brother, he not only wants to give his mother’s warm embrace to his younger brother, but also takes on the responsibility of protecting his younger brother.

Zhang Ge has always thought so, but he knew that he did not do it at all. Instead, Ergou has been protecting and caring for his brother. He even abandoned his wife for himself and wanted to accompany him wholeheartedly. Take care of yourself, let yourself become a person, and let yourself live well.

As for myself, not only did he fail to meet his expectations, but now he was distracted by other things when the catastrophe came.


Seeing that the first flash was hitting him on the head, Zhang Ge stood there, and a raging flame suddenly flew from his body, easily blocking the electric light from the flame. They didn’t break through Zhang Ge’s layer of flame protection, but only reduced the height of the flame by half.

But everything is just the beginning. The string of earth-shattering thunder just now was just a knock on the door before the arrival of the catastrophe.

Zhang Ge knew very well that unless there was a miracle, it was almost impossible for him to survive this catastrophe, but he did not intend to accept his fate without resistance, because his life was due to his younger brother Zhang Er. The dog’s assistance has survived to this day. If he bowed his head and died, what face would he have to see his younger brother under Jiuquan—although he didn’t know if a zombie would go to the underworld to report after death, or as rumored, The consequence of not being able to survive the catastrophe is the destruction of the divine form.

When Zhang Ge once again realized that he was distracted again when the catastrophe came, a huge lightning jumped and turned in the clouds, and then transformed into a silver dragon, which rushed towards him. When the two sides came down, the flames on Zhang Ge disappeared immediately. Then, he flew out with a loud explosion, and turned a somersault before standing up. seeps out of the seam.

Zhang Ge was a little surprised. After all, he never thought that he could survive this blow. It seems that he did not cultivate seriously, but in the past few years, he still has improving.

When Zhang Ge’s thoughts began to turn again, two more lightning bolts formed in the sky, two silver dragons twisted and twisted around each other, and rushed towards Zhang Ge.

Zhang Ge stood tall, showing the original form of a zombie. The eyes on his forehead were open, and the light burst out. The red light collided with the electric light dragon. One dragon and the red light dissipated at the same time, and the other one However, it slammed into Zhang Ge, knocking Zhang Ge out of the body.

Zhang Ge struggled to get up from the ground, shook his body, and found a lot of broken bones. Fortunately, he became a zombie. The pain was very weak, otherwise he would not be able to stand up now.

The lightning in the sky is forming again.

The catastrophe is always like this, with one wave after another. It can be said that this method of not smashing down is a fair manifestation, or it can be said that it is using a cat-and-mouse attitude to tease the robber, telling the other party with a condescending attitude, even if you escaped. Once, twice, there are more and more powerful attacks waiting for you, which will eventually bring you down.

Under such circumstances, Zhang Ge had this feeling. Being in the midst of thunder, lightning and hurricanes, he had a deep understanding of the power of heaven and earth for the first time, but because of his own situation After psychological preparation, although he was surprised, he was still at peace. He was physically and mentally exhausted. Seeing death was just in front of him, he had a kind of relieved peace. When Zhang Ge was blackened in it, Zhang Ge smiled bitterly, closed his eyes and waited to die.

The moment he closed his eyes, he saw a figure in the corner of his eye and jumped into the electric light. In the blink of an eye, all the deadly attacks around him had dissipated. Among the scraps of sparks, a woman in Taoist attire was just a few steps away from him, looked at him, and sighed slightly.

“Master…” Zhang Ge cried out in surprise, and his eyes filled with tears after he finished speaking.

“Mr. Zhang, we have long since lost the title of mentor and apprentice, and Nan Yu has never taught you much. Please don’t call it that again in the future.”

This kind of polite and distant tone suddenly made Zhang Ge’s tears uncontrollably flow down.

In this world, apart from Zhang Ergou’s descendants, his closest relatives are his master Nan Yu. Back then Nan Yu brought their brothers back to the temple and taught him carefully, which made him change from a blood-devouring zombie to a blood-devouring zombie. A “person”, after so many years of wandering their brothers, finally found a “home”. Because of his indiscriminate murder, Nan Yu expelled him from his division, although he never regretted what he did. , But he was still very sad when he was abandoned by the master. After all, for him, the master was like a **** in his heart. The door, become a stranger who has no connection with Master anymore.

Although Master never said a single word of complaint from beginning to end, Zhang Ge knew that Master would never forgive him. What he didn’t expect was that he was afraid of ashes, self-reported and wanted to die in the calamity. When the first grade is over, the master will appear in front of him.

Breaking in during the calamity, there is only one thing Nan Yu can do: help Zhang Ge resist the calamity.

When Zhang Ge was excited, when he thought of the current situation, his face changed greatly: “Master… No, Dao Nan, it’s dangerous here, go away!” As he spoke, there was another hurricane with a few **** of electric light in the air. Form a back-and-forth rotation. This time, the light of the thunder appeared light and fluttering, as if it was a large lantern made of several silver electric fires coiled around.

Zhang Ge’s face was pale, and between the fluttering of these thunder and fire, a formation has been formed. The electric fire formation based on the calamity is obviously ready to wipe out this robbed zombie with one blow. , If Nan Yu didn’t take the opportunity to leave before the formation was completed, I’m afraid he would be trapped in the calamity with himself. Master has been practicing Taoism and spirituality all his life, and he has never hurt anyone with demonic power. It would be too unreasonable to be injured under this kind of catastrophe against demons!

Thinking of this, Zhang Ge jumped up and turned into a ball of fire, hitting one of the electric “lanterns”.

He only had one thought in his mind: to prevent the formation of the formation, and to prevent Nan Yu from being trapped in the formation. Who knew that at the same time he saved, Nan Yu also flew out and rushed towards a “lantern” in the other corner. If both of them can successfully destroy the target, this Heavenly Tribulation Formation will not be able to form, and the next wave of attacks will be much weaker, making it easier for Zhang Ge to survive.

Nan Yu could not stop drawing golden spells with both hands. By the time she reached the ball of lightning, countless golden spells had already covered her body. In the end, she gave a coquettish scolding, and a ball flew out of her hands. The golden light collided with the silver electric group.

I saw the dust of gold and silver scattered in the air like a smallpox, and Nan Yu was in it, flying back and forth, wearing golden light, and looking from a distance like a fairy.

On the other hand, Zhang Ge’s attack was far less successful than Nan Yu’s. He had resisted several calamities, and by this time it was already the end of his force. If Nan Yu hadn’t arrived, he would have given up his resistance and bowed his head. died. Now, with a strong momentum, he rushed forward, and before he met the thunder and lightning in the air, it seemed that he rushed forward with great momentum. In the splash, Zhang Ge, like a meteor, smashed to the ground heavily. If Nan Yu didn’t pull him in time, he would definitely fall hard.

Because only Nan Yu succeeded among the two, the thunder and lightning formation was finally formed. I saw that the electric group in the air suddenly flew rapidly, and they were connected with each other by flickering electric chains. In the middle, an electric light shot towards Zhang Ge, which was neither thick nor fast, but it had an indescribable deterrent power.

Zhang Ge saw that this lightning had changed into colorful colors, and knew that its power was far greater than the previous ones. He pushed Nan Yu away to meet him. He wanted to say goodbye to the master, but after all, he didn’t know what to say, and still just shouted. With a loud voice, “Master, go away.”

Nan Yu’s face was sinking like water, he pulled out a wooden sword without saying a word, and said something in his mouth. He took a few steps ahead of Zhang Ge and met the lightning bolt. Zhang Ge opened his hands to block Mian Yu. Before, he had no choice but his speed and movement were far inferior to Nan Yu, and he was seriously injured and inconvenient to move. The unpleasant lightning slowly connected, and in an instant, everything was frozen, even the rolling dark clouds in the sky, the flashing electric lights, all of them were still, followed by a roaring sound, and the surrounding electric lights The group exploded in an instant, and the wilderness was completely unrecognizable in a blink of an eye. The charred grass and soil were blasted into the air, and fell one after another, but most of them were burned by the thunder in the air before they hit the ground. clean.

Zhang Ge was also hit by the blast of air and fell heavily to the ground. Since he was the victim, most of the attacks were still aimed at him. Even if Nan Yu stood in front of him, he could not but be hurt.

When Zhang Ge crawled out of a big pit, he saw the white light flashing between Nan Yu and the electric light. The electric light still replaced the sky with silver dust and stardust. The sword also turned to ashes, she covered her chest with her hands, and stepped back again and again, with a look of pain on her face.

“Master, no, Daoist Nan, Zhang Ge is no longer your disciple. Zhang Ge has no connection with you. Please leave quickly!” Seeing that Nan Yu was injured, Zhang Ge hurriedly said He shouted, in his mind there are a million disciples who are unwilling to admit that they are no longer Nan Yu, but now, as long as Nan Yu can leave safely, he is willing to admit everything and do everything.

Nan Yu finally looked at him, and said for a moment, “You are not my apprentice, Zhang Yi is still my beloved apprentice, I can’t see you so dead, so that he can’t close his eyes even under Jiuquan.” /

It turned out that Master came for Ergou, Zhang Ge’s mouth was full of blood, but now it was overwhelmed by a bitterness.

“Anyway, I deserved what I deserved. You can go quickly. This matter has nothing to do with you. Even if the two dogs are alive in the sky, I know that you only have kindness to our brothers, and you don’t owe anything.” Zhang Ge said and stood up. Get up and prepare to pounce on the next attack of the calamity that is already brewing.

“Although you have done a lot of wrong things, but the crime is not worth the death, I will not leave.”

Hearing Nan Yu’s cold and cold words without any affection, Zhang Ge was completely helpless, and his legs slumped on the ground.

Master said that I deserve to die? The master said I shouldn’t die, the master wanted to save me, she said I shouldn’t die!

Zhang Ge has been in a trance for the past few years, especially after the death of his younger brother, he has a huge doubt about his own existence: what is a monster like a zombie? Is he Zhang Dagou or not? If Zhang Dagou turned into a zombie to protect his younger brother, then Zhang Ergou is gone, should he also return to the earth? If he is just a remnant of Zhang Dagou’s last memory and persistence, then at this moment, the Zhang brothers should have both entered the reincarnation, maybe they have reunited in the midst of the world, maybe there is a fate to be brothers in this life and this life. Isn’t it even more necessary for his body and this remnant soul to exist?

Especially after he started the killing spree and killed countless soldiers, the idea that he should die has become stronger and stronger, and there is no reason for him to live and exist, but just in Just now, the master said that he should not die, the master thought that he should live, and for this reason, the master came to help him survive the catastrophe.

Zhang Ge was both surprised and delighted, but he was secretly hurt. He didn’t know if he still hoped to survive the catastrophe. He would call Nan Yu Master again. some sadness? In the chaos of his thoughts, another offensive of the Heavenly Tribulation has arrived.

Nan Yu still stood in front of him and flew to resist.

A wave of attacks just passed between the electric lights and flints. Zhang Ge regained his senses and saw tens of thousands of silver electric lights traveling back and forth in the wilderness, and Nan Yu was even more interspersed in front and back like an electric light. The cage, but she stood in front of Zhang Ge and swept away the electric lights from the front, back, and upper right. Although she was hit repeatedly, she finally did not retreat. After everything calmed down for the time being, half of Nan Yu’s sleeves were missing, and the exposed arm was charred black. That was the consequence of her catching a few lightning bolts with her bare hands.

“Master!” Zhang Ge cried out in grief. Seeing that Nan Yu was hurt for him, it hurt him more than letting his soul fly away. Zhang Ge shouted up to the sky: “Why hurt my master! Why? Even my master has such a heart. Even people like my master are hurt, so what kind of ‘heavenly robbery’ is there!”

Of course Tian Jie would not reason with him, and the gap between each attack was getting smaller and smaller, shouting at Zhang Ge: “I am the one who kills innocents and wants to be robbed, you come to me Ah!” At that time, a new attack arrived. This time, Zhang Ge, with his strength from nowhere, squeezed Nan Yu away, rushed into the sky, and immediately became the target of hundreds of bucket-thick electric whips.

Those electric whips entangled him layer by layer like giant pythons, and it was like a cage of silver light flames that kept spinning and flickering in the sky.

Zhang Ge’s body and soul were accompanied by a huge pain that seemed to be torn into billions of pieces. Just as he was struggling, Nan Yu flew up and attacked the electric light trapping Zhang Ge with a wooden sword. . Zhang Ge saw that there were two other lightning bolts rushing down from the clouds again, hitting Nan Yu directly. Nan Yu dodged one of them, but was swept by the other on his back, and jumped out of the air with a somersault.

“Don’t hurt my master…” Zhang Ge was already close to running out of fuel. Seeing that Nan Yu’s injuries were not serious this time, there was a steady stream of energy pouring out of his body. He also couldn’t tell whether the huge pain in his body came from the catastrophe or the drastic change in his body. He just felt that a change was taking place, and his body curled up because of the unbearable pain of the change.

He tried his best to scramble himself into a ball, but he struggled again because of the huge pressure, trying to wrestle his limbs away. long fur.

When he first became a zombie, he did have a layer of hair on his body, and then it turned into green hair and black hair, but after that, the hair on his body began to fade, and in recent years, there was no left at all. Compared with ordinary people, his appearance is nothing but a paler complexion, and there is a faint layer of blood in his eyes. But now, the hair on his body is getting longer and longer, and it gradually grows to form a thick hair several inches long, and its color has also changed from white to silver, and then to golden yellow.

At this time, the one surrounded by lightning was no longer the three-eyed zombie, but a golden beast with four claws like sharp blades, protruding fangs, and flying buns, making a heaven-shaking sound. The roar of the ground swayed around, and wherever it passed, the clouds in the sky stopped rolling, and after the electric lights were shaken by the sound, they flew away and disappeared.

Nan Yu raised her body, looked at the monster, and muttered to herself, “Golden Retriever…” She never imagined that Zhang Ge would have such anomalous numbers. In just one hundred years, he turned into a zombie to cultivate. top status.

Golden Retriever, a zombie in this form is already standing at the top of the sky and earth, and wants to take a step closer, unless it becomes a **** and a fairy.

Originally, a zombie wanted to reach this state, ranging from a thousand years to tens of thousands of years, but Zhang Ge ate two monster inner pills about 700 years old. In spite of their anger, the mana gathered in the body was forced by the robbery, and it forced him to break through this limit.

The golden retriever in the sky shouted a few more times, and the dark clouds, like a flock of sheep being driven away, quickly subsided to the end of the sky.

As soon as the clouds disappear, the electric light will naturally dissipate, leaving only the hurricane whistling in the calamity, which no longer poses any threat to Zhang Ge and Zhang Ge.

After a while, the time of the catastrophe has passed, the wind dissipated, the dust settled, the sky was clear and cloudless, and the surrounding fields were silent and windless. The catastrophe just now seemed to have never happened.

Nan Yu looked up at the sky, squinted in the sun, and said after a while, “Sorry, I’m afraid there will be no rain in the nearby county within a year.”

The golden retriever drove away the clouds and the water vapor here in order to survive the calamity. Even the rainy Tianlong is unwilling to confront this monster head-on, so the people here will be worried about the next year’s situation.

Golden Retriever walked a few steps in the air, but suddenly lost support, fell heavily to the ground, smashed a small pit, and the one who struggled to climb out of the pit was still the simple and honest young man Zhang Ge.

Nan Yu stared at him for a long time, sighed, turned and left.

Zhang Ge knelt on the ground and shouted: “Master, Master, I know I’m wrong, you show mercy and accept me. I have passed the catastrophe, and the sky will not punish me, so please forgive me… …”

But what I got in return was just an ethereal “I know for myself…” from Nan Yu

After the young man finished speaking, he raised his glass and drank it.

The scholar asked: “What happened later?”

“What came later?”

“What happened to Zhang Dagou? Did he become an immortal after passing the calamity?”

“How is that possible.” The young man smiled silently, “He has done so many evils, if he can become an immortal like this, what is the principle of heaven, he was abandoned by his master, and the younger generation in the family dare not recognize him as a monster , no relatives, no friends, no home, nothing more than wandering in this world like a wandering soul.”

Hearing this, the young Taoist sneered: “That’s nice, but the truth is that he still doesn’t repent, makes trouble everywhere, and from time to time turns into a golden retriever, causing severe drought wherever he goes, and the people are struggling to survive. !”

The young man sighed and said, “The first time Zhang Ge incarnated as a golden retriever, but he did it by accident in order to save the master. Since then, he has lost that ability. He practiced for hundreds of years until not long ago. , in order to fight a water monster, he can suddenly change into a golden retriever again, you say that he hurts people like this from time to time, it’s a bit… ah…” He shook his head and didn’t say any more.

The young Taoist had to say something, but when the white Taoist hurriedly pulled him, he swallowed it back and sat angrily.

The young man paused for a moment and asked tentatively, “Master, did her old man come too?”

The young Taoist immediately gave him a roll of eyes: “Who is your master? We don’t know your master!”

The young man still just sighed: “The water demon plate is based on this place, I don’t know how many passing ships have been swallowed up, how many innocent creatures have been eaten, and it is also self-proclaimed as a river god, asking people for girls as sacrifices, I also really see it. If I can’t go on, then…”

“I don’t know whether a water demon or a few years of severe drought, which one is responsible for the lesser evil.” The young Taoist replied sullenly.

The young man gave in again and again. Seeing that he was still like this, he was also a little angry. He stood up, flicked his sleeves, and walked away without speaking. Seeing that he was about to leave, the young Taoist stood up abruptly, but was grabbed by Taoist Bai and shouted, “Junior brother, don’t be reckless.”

Bai Taoist seems to be honest, but he is really not willing to cause trouble. The young Taoist sat down again when he heard his words, and their brothers stopped talking from this That scholar is also not suitable for them When he spoke, he just kept beckoning passersby to sit down, and they would refill their brothers and sisters with water from time to time. I don’t know how many people have passed by the road, how many stories they have listened to with the scholar, how many tragedies of the world they have tasted, and in the hot air, a cool breeze is suddenly mixed in, and after a while, the sky seems to be A layer of fog was enveloped in it, the fog gradually thickened, and the sunlight was gradually weakened by the fog, and the layer of fog formed a cloud layer in a moment, the cloud layer turned from white to black in a moment, and the sky was crowded and rolled into the sky. The child was full of moisture.

“It’s going to rain! It’s going to rain!” The cheers came from nowhere, and the cheers became louder and louder until they covered every corner. The scholar hurriedly began to pack up, but before he could pack up the pots and bowls, the heavy rain had already fallen to the ground with the sound of thunder.

The two Taoist priests looked at each other with surprises on their faces. “It’s not a shame it’s Master, as expected…” Before the young Taoist finished speaking, he closed his mouth, looked at the scholar, and stretched his hand out of nowhere. He took out an umbrella and handed it to him, and then the brothers and sisters went out in the rain, arm in arm. After a while, they disappeared in the vast rain.

At this moment, the young man who had just finished telling the story had reached a hill on the other side of the river. Not far in front of him was a Taoist nun in a yellow robe. The young man knelt down on his knees and gave a big gift to the Taoist nun. The Taoist nun turned aside to accept it. The two stood up and knelt down and talked for a few words. Regardless of the young man’s repeated pleas, the Taoist nun’s feet gave birth to clouds, and they broke away.

The young man knelt on the ground stiffly for a long time, looking up to the sky, his face could not tell whether it was tears or rain…



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