The Urban Legends of Monsters Chapter 3: The journey of a story is difficult (2)



The fox girl’s eyes were full of fierce light, her teeth were rattling, her eyes swept over the two brothers, and after a little thought, she decided to start with Zhang Ergou first, with a cold smile on the corner of her mouth, she walked slowly towards him past.


Zhang Ergou struggled to move his body backwards in horror, but how could he avoid the approaching banshee, Zhang Dagou roared angrily, but he couldn’t help his younger brother’s situation. Just as the smile on the fox girl’s face became brighter and brighter, and when she was about to stretch out her claws to dig out the boy’s heart, she suddenly opened her mouth and let out a scream. She lowered her head in disbelief, and saw the tip of a sword protruding from her chest. At this time, the person standing behind her drew back the sword without pity, and brought out a large tent of blood flowers.


The fox girl turned around with support, and saw a man in white behind him, holding a long sword and stabbing it towards her chest. After the sword pierced through her chest viciously again, the fox girl who wanted to fight back found that she couldn’t raise any mana, and her vitality was rapidly draining from her body.


She couldn’t accept that she would be defeated in such a situation, in the hands of such an opponent, and she stumbled and tried to escape, but the man in white refused to let her go, and suddenly pulled back the sword from her chest, then stretched out his hand and patted it on the on her forehead. The fox girl opened her mouth involuntarily, and spat out a bead of light. The man in white put the bead in his hand and pushed it with his hand, and the fox girl’s body fell down.


Zhang Ergou had already climbed up and stood beside him staring blankly at the sudden turn of events.


The man in white held the bead in his hand and laughed loudly: “Hu Qiniang, Hu Qiniang, I didn’t expect you to be a poisonous woman today! I didn’t expect God to have eyes, so I can divide people with my hands today! Ha… Evil is evil. Report, God has eyes, Hu Qiniang, Hu Qiniang, all the blood debts on your back should be repaid today.” The man in white didn’t know what kind of deep hatred he had with the fox girl, and he stepped on the fox corpse with one foot. , while laughing loudly for a long time.


Zhang Ergou, who was watching next to him, moved in his heart. He approached quietly, pretending to be looking at the fox corpse, and suddenly shot, snatching away the walnut-sized walnut in the hand of the man in white, which was dazzling. of beads.


The man in white had a great revenge, and he was in a very excited mood. He was caught off guard by Zhang Ergou. When he was stunned, Zhang Ergou had already rushed to Zhang Dagou’s side and took the The beads were stuffed into Zhang Dagou’s mouth and urged, “Brother, hurry up, eat them quickly.”


The man in white dashed forward, but it was still a moment too late, Zhang Dagou had already raised his neck and swallowed the bead of light. The man in white was angry and anxious, kicked Zhang Dagou and said, “Spit it out!”


Zhang Dagou only felt a cold feeling slide into his abdomen along with the bead of light, but before he could react to his actions, the originally comfortable feeling in his abdomen suddenly changed, from cold to hot , and then it seemed that a fiery moxibustion burned his internal organs, causing him to groan in pain. Zhang Ergou was in a hurry when he saw this: “Brother, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?”


The man in white sneered: “Who made you so ‘smart’ to be able to guess what it is, and even dare to grab it from me and give it to him. You don’t even think about it, an eight-hundred-year-old fox The demon’s inner alchemy, is he the little monster who can afford it? Look at it, he will be turned into ashes by the power of the inner alchemy.” After saying that, he stood with his arms folded, looking like he was waiting to watch the excitement .


How could this be? He actually killed his brother! Seeing Zhang Dagou’s miserable appearance, Zhang Ergou knelt down beside him, hugged him tightly with both hands and called out, “Brother, you spit out that thing, brother, spit it out! It’s all my fault, I It will only cause trouble for you! It’s all my fault…Brother, you should spit it out…” It’s just that the current Zhang Dagou has no ability to spit out that demon fox’s inner elixir, and he rolled on the ground in pain. , making a whining sound. Zhang Ergou hugged him tightly, as if he wanted to attract the pain from him to his own body.


The man in white kept looking at them, and the cooked duck flew away again. Of course, he was annoyed and angry, and he was full of joy at the fate of the two brothers. But looking at it, the two brothers were in a state of embarrassment, rolling and moaning in agony. A string in his heart was touched, and the past flashed through his mind, causing him to close his eyes in pain. Then he walked to Zhang Dagou’s side and pulled Zhang Ergou aside.


He helped Zhang Dagou sit cross-legged, sat opposite him, put one hand on top of his head and the other on his dantian, and then shouted to Zhang Ergou: “Go and put the Here’s his hand!”


“Ah.” Zhang Ergou thought he was going to hurt his brother, so he was about to fight him with a hatchet, and was stunned when he heard his words.


“Go get his hand and press it, don’t wait for me to change my mind.”


“Ah…” Only then did Zhang Ergou understand that the man in white wanted to help his brother. Even if he suspected that the other party had other intentions at this time, he could only use a dead horse as a living horse doctor. He hurriedly picked up Zhang Dagou’s two broken arms, pressed them on Zhang Dagou’s shoulders according to the instructions of the man in white, then sat behind Zhang Dagou and held them firmly with both hands.


After the man in white began to deliver mana into Zhang Dagou’s body, Zhang Dagou was no longer as uncomfortable as before. The man in white used his own strength to slowly dissolve the inner alchemy, and then began to deliver mana to Zhang Dagou’s body: “Don’t Resist and endure, or I can’t save you.”


For a monster with low intelligence like Zhang Dagou, the man in white doesn’t know if he can understand his words. And the next process will be as painful as peeling a bone and cramping, although it is explained to Zhang Dagou in advance that if Zhang Dagou can’t understand, or he can’t bear it and starts to struggle after feeling the pain, he will immediately give up the act of helping the other party— – He is still deeply remorseful for his behavior that he will spend a lot of his mana and help a guy who stole his own inner elixir from eating his own alchemy. If it is terminated due to external reasons , he will happily do so.


Zhang Dagou didn’t show any resistance to his expectations, and he was more stoic than he expected. After he used force to dissipate the power of the inner alchemy, he “washed” Zhang Dagou’s body over and over again. In the process of making Zhang Dagou endure the pain of being reborn over and over again, although Zhang Dagou kept howling in pain, he just couldn’t bear it.


About two hours later, the man in white withdrew his hand and said hoarsely, “Okay…” As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Ergou released his hand and fell behind Zhang Dagou.


The three people were sitting in a row just now, and the mana of the inner alchemy from Zhang Ergou’s hand on Zhang Dagou’s shoulders was more or less rushing into his body. Zhang Ergou is a common man, such a demonic power The erosion was enough to hurt his vitality and make him seriously ill. In fact, Zhang Dagou’s arms were already connected when the demon power circulated his body for the first time, but the man in white didn’t have the distraction to tell him that he could let go, so Zhang Ergou just held up those two arms. , stay with them. Now I hear that everyone is fine, and once I relax, I can no longer stand up.


The man in white was very tired himself, and sat there quietly to adjust his breath.


At this time, the big dog Zhang continued to sit there quietly, and the bones of his whole body made a beeping sound. His appearance has changed a lot from two hours ago. His skinny body has already given birth to “meat”. Although he still looks thin, he is no longer the pale “skeleton”. There was some blood on his face, and his eyes were no longer deeply sunken in their sockets. The fangs in his mouth shrank a lot, and they grew inside his lips. If you don’t look carefully, you will only think that he is a long pair.” Tiger teeth.” That’s it. In a word, now he is very much like a “human”, and he is a young man in his twenties. This makes him look similar to his younger brother because of his appearance that has not changed for six years, and no longer looks like an older brother who has replaced parental responsibilities.


“Brother, how are you, how are you…” Zhang Ergou crawled over to hug his brother and burst into tears.


Although the two brothers have lived together in the past few years, Zhang Dagou’s situation makes him completely different from the older brother Zhang Ergou remembers. Zhang Ergou always hopes that his brother can change back to his original form. Now that his wish has come true, of course, he can no longer bear to talk to his brother for the grievances of the past six years.


“Brother, how are you, let’s go home four, let’s go back to our hometown!” Zhang Ergou suggested while wiping his tears. Now that Zhang Dagou is no longer so scary, of course they can go back to their hometown and live a normal life in the crowd. This is what Zhang Ergou has always hoped for. Although Zhang Dagou closed his eyes and said nothing, he still excitedly talked about his plan.


“Brother, let’s pack up and leave tomorrow.” Zhang Ergou happily planned the future. “I’ve saved a dozen taels from selling game and animal skins in the past few years. Let’s go back to my hometown to buy some land and clean up the old house. I engraved that you made an appointment with the second girl of the Han family in Dongzhuang since you were a child. Let’s go back. We need a sister-in-law first, and a woman in the family is like a family, and then we farm the land, the sister-in-law is the housekeeper…”


“Do you think a zombie can understand what you’re saying?” The man in white said coldly, and poured him a basin of cold water on the head: “I thought he ate that inner elixir. Isn’t it a zombie? Do you think he won’t eat you or other people? Take him to a human village, and one village will feed him for a few days? Do you think those so-called monks will leave it alone? Does he care?”


“My brother is not a zombie! He’s just sick! Now he’s healed! Didn’t you see, he’s healed!” Zhang Ergou barked.


The man in white just smiled at his self-deception, but when he looked at Zhang Dagou, he was a little more vigilant: “Zombies know how to eat besides eating. Such monsters are in this forest, and it’s true that everyone will come and go in the future. Be careful.”


“My brother won’t eat people!” Zhang Ergou yelled angrily.


“Yes, he may not eat people. When he has enough food, he usually just **** up the blood of people.” I’ve heard adults tell terrifying stories about zombies eating people.”


“My brother is not a zombie! Zombies are all man-eating monsters, and my brother is a good guy! My brother is not a zombie, and my brother is not a zombie! If he really was such a terrible monster, he would not take care of me. After all these years…if he really was such a terrible monster, you wouldn’t have saved him…”


“Alas…” The man in white sighed when he saw that he was about to cry but had no tears, “You two are considered brothers… I’ll tell you a story, do you listen?” Don’t wait for Zhang Ergou Answer, then speak for yourself:


Before I turned into a demon, I was just an ordinary hare… You know, our hare’s lifespan is not long, we have too many natural enemies, and we are too weak, but as an ordinary hare, Live long enough to have the opportunity to become a monster. According to some vague memories, I lived about thirty years before becoming a demon—a scary number for a hare…


Zhang Ergou muttered softly: “That’s why the old people say that things become demons over time.”


The man in white rolled his eyes at him and continued his narration: The reason why I can live so long is because I have a good brother. My elder brother is not an ordinary hare. Not long after he was born, he was carried into the temple by a monk and listened to a high-ranking monk teach the Seven-day Dharma, so it already has spirituality. But my brother did not leave me, who was born in the same litter, to practice alone, but took me by his side and took good care of me. It was my brother who took me to avoid all kinds of dangers, looked for food for me in winter, and healed me in summer, so I survived.


By the time I became a demon, my brother could use some small spells to transform into other animals, plants, and even fly in the sky. At that time, when I had just acquired spiritual wisdom, I admired my brother very much, so I practiced hard, hoping that I could be as powerful as my brother. Those days were simple and peaceful, little monsters like us, the monsters were too lazy to take care of them, and the beasts were no longer able to offend us. We live quietly in a small valley. We eat grass and jump around every day after practice. We are really happy…


The man in white fell into memory, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. After a while, he began to say: About a hundred years, it took me a hundred years to learn to become an adult. Generally speaking, being able to transform into an adult is a basic sign of a successful Yokai practice. At that time, my brother and I both believed that from now on, we would no longer have to live a precarious life, and we could live with our heads held high as a monster. So we wandered the world, looking for Taoism and visiting friends. It took us a few years to be self-righteous, but we didn’t know that in the circle of monsters, there were also three, six, nine, and nine levels. Little monsters like us who have just turned into human form are similar to those monsters with Taoism. Than, following a rabbit in the wild doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s a pity that at that time, we were still complacent, and we didn’t know how high the sky was.


He took a long breath: “Some things, it’s too late to know…”


Our self-righteous but happy days ended when we met that fox demon. You know, wild foxes are the natural enemies of rabbits, but at that time we thought that when we became monsters, we didn’t need to worry about this. And she pretends so well, she is clearly a weak and shy little girl, and she wants to accompany us wholeheartedly, how can we not accept her because of race.


I don’t know since when I started to fall into her allure. I only know that at that time I thought she was the whole of the world. She frowned, smiled, and every word and deed were imprinted on my heart. , I can do anything for a look from her…


Hearing these words, Zhang Ergou’s face was a little ugly, because he was still in that state not long ago. If it wasn’t for his brother who dared to come to the rescue, he would still be addicted to it and become this fox’s plaything.


In those days, I had forgotten everything around me, my own existence, and my brother’s existence. But we were still three people going in and out together, so when she became more and more important in my heart, one day, a thought suddenly appeared in my mind-she should be mine alone, not another man. She turned around.


I don’t know when my brother and I had the same idea, but I can be sure that before we knew it, our two brothers had begun to hate each other and guard against each other. Before we knew it, the thought that if he disappeared, she would be mine alone has taken root in our hearts. Looking back now, that fox demon really did everything possible to provoke hatred between our two brothers, and we honestly let her lead by the nose, step by step to the point where brothers cannibalize…


The man in white clenched his fists and clenched his teeth.


“Your brothers…” Zhang Ergou asked cautiously, “You…”


“Yes, we are killing each other…” The man in white slammed his fists heavily on the table, hitting the only table in the house that Zhang Ergou took a lot of effort to make.


……The two of us finally fought to the death one day. At that time, we had long forgotten that the other was a brother who depended on each other for life and death, and wanted to kill each other. And the fox demon was right next to it, watching all this happily. For her, this kind of thing is like a big drama, it can make her very happy…


Zhang Ergou felt even more chilled when he thought about the situation with his brother just now.


……Although I tried my best to fight for life and death, my strength was not as good as my brother’s after all, so I was the one who failed in the end. I don’t know why… Maybe at the last moment, my elder brother had my younger brother in his heart. Keep a trace of emotion, so the last sword only pierced my lower abdomen and didn’t kill me immediately. I fell in a pool of blood, watching my brother hug her away, feeling like my heart was taken away…


The man in white sighed again and showed a wry smile: “At that time, I thought it would be better to die if I lost her, but in fact, it was because of that that I saved my life. I struggled in the wasteland, Calling her name, swearing a poisonous oath to my brother, saying that I would tear him to pieces, and that I would take her back from my brother. Maybe it was this thought that supported me. He even managed to survive.


It will be a few months after my injury has improved. At that time, I had been freed from seduction because I was far away from the fox demon. Recalling the cause and effect, the more I thought about it, the more I became more afraid. She clearly did it intentionally. To control our brother, now I survived by luck, but my brother is still in her hands, what happened to him? Have you been hurt? What does the fox girl want to do to him? Although I’m afraid of falling into the hands of that demon fox again, I can’t help but save my brother.


I mustered the courage to look around for her, and finally found my brother after another few months.


At that time, my brother had been exhausted by her, and she had abandoned her at will because he had no use value. When I saw him, he was skinny and dying. It’s pitiful that at that time, he was still obsessed with the fox demon who harmed him. He didn’t even look at my brother, he called her name, and moved forward with the most consequential strength. Crawling, trying to find her, until she took her last breath…


When the man in white said this, he couldn’t hide his emotions and wiped his tears, and Zhang Ergou couldn’t help but sigh. “Since then, I have vowed to take revenge. In addition to secretly following her and cultivating myself, I know that my Taoism is too far from hers, so I am always waiting for an opportunity. I believe that a lot of injustice will have retribution. , today finally made me wait until this day!” The fox girl’s skin was put aside, and the man in white stepped on it with his foot, and said with hatred, “I can finally kill this fox spirit with my own hands.”


After listening to the white rabbit spirit talking about the past, Zhang Ergou let out a sigh of relief. It seems that he and his eldest brother are lucky. Fortunately, this white rabbit spirit will also fight the fox girl to take revenge, otherwise the two of his brothers must have become The meal on the plate of this fox girl is the meat on the plate. He didn’t know, in fact, this fox girl noticed that he had not been a day or two, and had been observing her secretly, how could the white rabbit spirit who was looking for an opportunity to take revenge didn’t know. He deliberately wanted the fox girl to conflict with the brothers, and he was lucky to fish in troubled waters. However, even if Zhang Ergou knew about it, he would still be full of gratitude towards this monster in his heart. After all, he took the lives of his two brothers, and after he stole the inner alchemy he wanted to eat and gave it to his brother, he still rescued his brother regardless of his previous suspicions.


White Rabbit stood up and stretched his arms and said, “I’m leaving – he’s about to wake up. I don’t want to fight again. You should also run away quickly, or it will be too late.” He watched, It is the big dog Zhang who has been absorbing the inner alchemy there without saying a word.


“My brother won’t do anything to you, so you saved us anyway.” Zhang Ergou assuredly assured, “Although he sometimes doesn’t have a clear mind, I persuade him to always listen. “


“Hehe…” White Rabbit sneered, “He listens to you? Now when he opens his eyes, he promises to be the first to pounce on you, treating you as a delicious meal—you don’t know that, Do zombies like to eat people the most?”


“My brother is not a zombie…” Zhang Ergou retorted with a guilty conscience, but his tone was not very firm.


“He’s not a zombie? He’s not a zombie. You give him a fox inner elixir? You’re not afraid to eat him to death!” The White Rabbit Spirit said sarcastically.


Zhang Ergou lowered his head and said nothing. He didn’t understand his brother’s strangeness. After so many years, he didn’t know that his brother was no longer human, but how could he admit it? Once he admits it, doesn’t it mean that he has lost even his last relative. So he kept hypnotizing himself in the bottom of his heart, repeatedly telling himself that his brother was just sick, he didn’t die, he didn’t turn into a zombie, he was just sick, he just saved more money, gave him more medicine, and he would get better after taking supplements. Brothers will live happily ever after.


But now the White Rabbit Jing’s life has broken all his lies. Zhang Dagou is indeed dead. On the day he took him out of the Zhao residence, in the snowy evening, in the snow-covered In the forest, he was injured and died in his arms. It’s just that when the younger brother was surrounded by wolves, the unwilling Zhang Dagou’s soul squeezed back into his body through his younger brother’s blood, and turned into a zombie and jumped up to protect his younger brother. Although the idea of ​​protecting his younger brother supported him, so that he did not eat Zhang Ergou, and still protected and took care of Zhang Ergou by his side, a zombie is a zombie, and he is no longer Zhang Ergou, both physically and mentally. My elder brother, that simple, honest and stubborn country boy Zhang Dagou.


“What if he’s a zombie! He’s still my brother, I don’t care if he’s a monster!” Zhang Ergou angrily shouted at the White Rabbit Spirit who broke his dream, “As long as We two brothers can live a peaceful life together, I don’t care if my brother is a human or a demon! It’s none of your business!”


“The good intentions are the liver and lungs of the donkey…” White Rabbit shook his head and sighed, “Do you think he can still remember that you are his brother when he wakes up this time?”


Zhang Ergou was shocked: “What do you mean? If you give him the inner elixir of that fox girl, his mana will definitely increase greatly, and of course his demonic energy will also increase greatly. On the contrary, the part of being a human is It has been wiped out, and when he wakes up again, what you see will be a real zombie, not your demon-like brother.”


“I don’t believe…” Zhang Ergou’s voice trembled.


“Believe it or not, he must be in a hurry to eat when he wakes up this time. Just wait and see if he eats you. I have to go and fight him again. It’s boring…” Saying that, the White Rabbit Essence went out and disappeared in a flash.


Zhang Ergou looked at his elder brother who had already restrained his black anger, and he couldn’t help but start beating drums in his heart. Now Zhang Dagou has changed his skinny and bloodless appearance. Instead, he has plump cheeks and fair skin. Shi Hongrun, if you look at his current appearance, no one dares to say that he is actually a zombie. Maybe after eating such a powerful inner alchemy, his brother has turned back into a human. Zhang Ergou fantasized in his heart, seeing Zhang Dagou’s double eyelids beating slightly, he whispered, “Brother, how are you, do you feel better?”


Zhang Dagou seemed to be responding to his call, his eyes slowly opened, and his twinkling eyes landed on him.


“Brother, you, are you all right?” Zhang Ergou was also a little nervous, so he kept a certain distance from him and called out cautiously.


Zhang Dagou’s situation was actually as predicted by the White Rabbit. Now his mana has greatly increased, and he is no longer a zombie that has just been alienated. Now he can be afraid of the sun, and he can also cast some small spells perceived from the memory of the fox demon Neidan, and as he goes further His ability will become stronger and stronger. After all, the 800-year-old fox demon’s inner alchemy is enough to make him change earth-shaking, but because of this, as a zombie, he has begun to give birth to his own consciousness. . In the past, when I was a zombie with little intelligence, the residual will of Zhang Dagou could not control this body. Now, the power of this body itself is enough to generate will, and I will suppress the thinking that belonged to Zhang Dagou to the point of Minimal status. Now he didn’t even know that the young man in front was his younger brother who took care of him in every possible way. He just felt very hungry, as if he hadn’t eaten for hundreds of years. The great changes in his body make him now need a lot of energy to replenish and consume. Fortunately, when I opened my eyes, I saw delicious…


Zhang Dagou stared at Zhang Ergou, licking his lips involuntarily.


“Brother, brother…you, what are you doing? I’m Ergou…Brother…” Zhang Ergou stepped back under Zhang Dagou’s gaze, what he read from his elder brother’s eyes was not what it used to be The care of him, but a look like seeing roast pig, fried chicken, and sauced beef, he couldn’t help but get scared. Maybe what the White Rabbit Spirit said just now is true, brother, he is going to eat me… Zhang Ergou was frightened and turned around and ran out of the door. At this time, how could Zhang Dagou let the delicious food that came to his mouth escape, he grabbed his shoulder with an arrow, went over his neck, and opened his mouth to bite down on the slightly raised blood vessel.


When Zhang Ergou saw Zhang Dagou bite himself without hesitation, his heart was cold. He didn’t know if he was sad or scared, but his tears stopped flowing.


Just as Zhang Dagou’s teeth touched his skin, a white light entered through the window and hit Zhang Dagou head on.


Zhang Dagou is no longer as badly damaged by sunlight as before, but his fear of sunlight has been deeply rooted in his heart, even though his mana greatly increased because he ate a fox demon’s inner alchemy , the kind of fear imprinted in the bottom of my heart can’t disappear all at once. Seeing the strong light coming towards him, he subconsciously closed his eyes, covered his face with his hands, and took a big step back. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a figure rushed in, grabbed Zhang Ergou and flew out of the window. When Zhang Dagou opened his eyes again, the delicious food in front of him was gone.


“Roar…” Zhang Dagou growled, shaking the roof to the ground and falling dust. With a wave of his arm, he made a big hole in the wall, lifted his legs, and kicked the bed to smash. With his venting, this small wooden hut turned into a pile of broken wooden boards in a short time. Zhang Dagou stood on the ruins of the hut and barked up to the sky. The sound shook the entire forest, and a flock of birds jumped from the trees near him. Get up and fly into the distance…


Zhang Ergou was carried by the White Rabbit Jing. They were standing on the top of a tree in the distance, watching their brother destroy the place where the brothers lived for many years. Seeing the walls he had beaten with his own hands, and the roofs he had repaired shattered one by one, Zhang Ergou burst into tears. At this time, Zhang Dagou found the mutilated body of the fox girl and chewed it in his hands.


“What am I talking about…” The White Rabbit Spirit said with a tone of schadenfreude, “I told you to rob him of the inner elixir I received, and told you to flee early if you didn’t listen to me, It’s not that I’m soft-hearted, you’ve been bitten to the bone by now.”


Zhang Ergou burst into tears, looking at the familiar and unfamiliar brother on the distant ruins, unable to say a word.


“I’ll send you out of the mountain, but you can’t survive a day in this forest.” Bai Tujing said with the idea of ​​saving people to the end. After all, he was still soft-hearted. Leave Zhang Ergou alone.


“No, I’m not going anywhere, I want to be with my big brother…” Zhang Ergou cried and rejected his kindness. Where can I go without my brother? How do you live by yourself? What will happen to my brother if he stays here alone? Will he really become a terrible man-eating monster, just like the monster in the old story told by grandma, cruel and violent, but in the end he will always be removed by the worldly master who saves the suffering? “Brother, brother… You can’t do this, you’re not a monster…” Zhang Ergou’s cry came from far away with the wind, and Zhang Dagou, who was eating, seemed to hear something, and stood up abruptly. I opened my ears and looked around for the source of the sound.


“Trouble…” The White Rabbit Essence doesn’t want Zhang Ergou to attract the zombie. He is a “resident” in this mountain forest, but he doesn’t want to get into trouble with a zombie like this. Adding a lot of inconvenience, the relationship between the monsters is mostly a well water not a river. He waved his hand and Zhang Ergou fell asleep in response to the situation. The White Rabbit Essence took Zhang Ergou in his hands and swept towards the place where there were people.


Zhang Dagou chased a few steps along the smell of the wind, but found nothing. He uttered a trombone again, and set his eyes on a deer jumping in the woods…


“Congratulations, Mr. Cao, you have chosen a good son-in-law.”


“Old Caotou, you have to have a good drink today, and your elderly son-in-law will come to the door, but it’s a happy event.” “The second primary school is smart, capable, and accomplished. Your old Cao family burned a high incense, He is willing to be your son-in-law…”


Cao Laohan’s small courtyard was decorated with lights and beams, and there were seven or eight tables of feasts in the courtyard. Although Zhuang Ke’s family was poor, there was wine and meat on the table, a rare abundance. The old man Cao was wearing a brand-new dress. In the courtyard, the guests in the room were entertaining with each other, and the joy could not be concealed on his face. Zhang Ergou followed behind the old man Cao in the red dress of the groom’s official. , going in and out, today is his big day, but there is a dazed look on his face, and his smile is a little stiff.


After today, I will truly be a part of this small mountain village. I will have a new family, my own wife, and a completely different life from the previous years. In the future, I will have my own children. If there is no accident, I will spend my whole life like this. All the things in the past are just like a dream, which will become more and more blurred in the memory as time goes by, and finally become nothing. trace. In fact, isn’t this the peaceful day that he has been longing for? It’s just that the difference from his plan is that the person who will live such a life has become his own, and there is no big brother who depends on him…


That day, Zhang Ergou was taken away by the White Rabbit Spirit, and when he woke up, he was already at the entrance of this small village. The White Rabbit Essence had long since disappeared, but he found a large bag of silver no less than three hundred taels on his body—he had never seen so much money in his life.


Zhang Ergou’s first thought after waking up was to rush back to the forest and find his brother. He must wake him up, let him remember who he is, and let him change back to his old brother. But after walking a few steps, the scene when Zhang Dagou bit his neck came to mind again. At that time, Zhang Dagou’s expression, the greed and appetite in his eyes made Zhang Ergou shudder. He stopped his steps and sat down on the tree stump at the entrance of the village.


At this time, he had not entered the water and rice for a long time, and he had scars left by Zhang Dagou and Zhang Dagou when he fought with the fox girl. After sitting down, he only felt tired, hungry, and aching all over his body. It was even more mixed with sadness, regret, and daze, and I couldn’t help crying.


Bereaved when he was young, his family was in exile, he and his brother begged for a living, but was kidnapped and sold by a traitor. He was deeply in love with his siblings, and he had to try his best to protect himself when he turned into a zombie, but he was clever and gave him the inner elixir of the fox girl to eat. As a result, now, his brother has become a real monster, and he has lost himself. The only relative, he didn’t know what to do next, he couldn’t help crying more and more sad, the more he cried, the louder he cried, and finally his cry alarmed a person.


“Brother Han…you, what’s wrong with you?”


Cao Da happened to get up early and go to the ground when he saw a man sitting at the head of the village crying in the distance. There are 30 to 40 families in this small village, and they are all related to each other more or less. They live in the mountains and forests. Reproach, is hiding here crying. This place has already left the village, not far from the vast mountains and forests. The beasts in the village will wander from time to time, but it is not a place where a young boy should come alone. Cao Dazheng planned to step forward to comfort him and send the child home, but when he approached, he found that it was not the young man in the village who was crying, but the little brother Han, a hunter in the mountains who would come to the village to sell furs from time to time.


He didn’t know how this young man came to the village to cry, so he hurriedly stepped forward to ask.


“Uncle Cao…” Zhang Ergou raised his head and saw a familiar person. He choked a few times, but he cried more and more and was speechless. He couldn’t catch his breath in the last breath. He fell down and fainted on the ground. .


When he woke up again, he was already lying on the bed of the Cao family. The father and daughter of the Cao family took good care of him and asked a doctor to boil medicine, but it took more than half a month for Zhang Ergou to get out of bed and walk. During this period, your daughter of the Cao family did not ask what happened to Zhang Ergou. They have lived in the mountains for generations. They understand how much danger is hidden in the mountains and forests. There should be a father, but the young man appeared at the entrance of the village in embarrassment, and he did not mention his relatives for such a long time. That kind of possible tragedy made the father and daughter of the Cao family unable to bear to ask any more.


After Zhang Ergou had been in a daze for a while, an elder in Cao Datuo’s village came to his door and asked him to recruit him as his son-in-law.


The father and daughter of the Cao family are good people. They are kind and simple, and they also care about Zhang Ergou. Just look at Zhang Ergou’s sleepiness for a few days. , but the large bag of money on his body is enough to smash a person to death. They spent a lot of money seeking medical treatment for Zhang Ergou, but they didn’t ask him for a penny. Zhang Ergou knew that it was his luck to meet such a good family. Moreover, it is his dream to have a peaceful and beautiful family. Sister Cao may not have an amazing face and coquettishness like the fox girl, but she is simple and kind, and she will definitely be a good wife and mother. A returnable orphan, with such a marriage in sight, what else is there to say?


Zhang Ergou thought about it for a few days, then nodded and agreed to the marriage.


From today onwards, I will become someone else’s husband, someone else’s half-son. I have to honor my father-in-law, and I will take care of my wife. In the future, I will raise children and take up the responsibility of a family. It will become a distant past, but do you really have to forget about your brother? Do you just live a happy life on your own, and let your brother be a monster in the mountains and die on his own? Did he just throw his only relative in the forest and forget his sacrifices and sacrifices to himself?


But what can he do? Brother is now a powerful zombie, he doesn’t remember Zhang Ergou at all, the first thing to do when he sees Zhang Ergou is to eat him. Facing Zhang Dagou who has turned into a monster, what can he do as an ordinary human being? Zombies eat people.


Zhang Ergou followed Cao Da through the wedding process like a puppet. What he thought in his mind was all about his brother. My brother has not eaten people yet, but he will one day eat people, eat people After that, he will be farther and farther away from the original kind and honest Zhang Dagou, becoming a more terrifying monster, and…


Zhang Ergou suddenly thought that the closest village to the mountain village where Zhang Dagou is located is the small mountain village where he is at the moment. If Zhang Dagou is no longer afraid of the sun, will he find delicious food all the way. Here, then…


Zhang Ergou looked at the visitors coming and going in front of him, and the happy smiling faces of adults and children. What flashed in his mind was a zombie with boundless strength and sharp claws that rushed into the village and killed wildly. The scene of poking, if at that time, the kind and amiable Cao’s father and daughter, the amiable old village chief, the neighbor aunt who loves to express her concern, the cute and naughty little naughty, the beautiful and charming little girl… What will their fate be?


Zhang Ergou’s temples were sweating and he didn’t dare to think about it any longer.


Cao Da was very happy, and he couldn’t help but drink a few more glasses. At this time, his speech was not so neat, and he started to have a big tongue. Zhang Ergou was a little worried when he saw a red figure hiding behind the door of the back room. Looking out. Zhang Ergou knew that it was the bride of today, Erjie Cao. She must have been worried that her father, who had always been greedy for cups, would take the opportunity to drink too much, so she would disregard the bride’s restraint and secretly come out to observe. Zhang Ergou smiled when he thought of this, and stepped forward to stop the wine for Cao Da.


He knew that Erjie Cao had always had a good impression of him, and he had no idea how he felt about her. This young man had no idea at all. Maybe this plain-looking girl with a kind personality was just the right thing to him. The embodiment of a peaceful and peaceful life.


Therefore, Zhang Ergou is grateful to the second sister from the bottom of her heart, because she gave him a chance to live the life of his dreams.


But Zhang Ergou didn’t know whether he should stay and become her husband. He knew very well that there were some cannibalistic zombies in the nearby mountains. If he becomes the husband of the second sister and becomes a part of the village, he should consider the safety of the whole village, and tell the story so that the villagers can prepare for the next step to deal with the injury that will appear at any time. Human monster? But that monster was precisely the brother who loved him, loved him, and died because of him. Zhang Ergou didn’t know how he could protect his second sister and the villagers for such a small human being. I don’t even know how to protect my brother at the same time. He was very annoyed by his incompetence, why whenever he encountered something, he could only watch it develop, but could do nothing about it.


“Invite the bride out, worship the heavens and the earth, and enter the bridal chamber.” With the cheers of the people, Erjie Cao covered her head with a red hijab. With the support of the two brides, Zhang Erjie walked out. The dog was also pushed and shoved into the yard by the lively boys in the village. The old village chief who had come to preside over the wedding arranged his clothes, cleared his throat, and then stepped forward to speak.


Zhang Ergou knew in his heart that as long as he and Cao Erjie worshipped the heaven and the earth together, she would truly become his wife. You have to shoulder the responsibility of a husband at all times, but can you do it now? When he walked to the bride step by step, and the people around him were clamoring for them to start salute, Zhang Ergou seemed to have something broken in his heart, which made him feel extremely painful, “No, I can’t. Stay here…” Zhang Ergou said to himself.


“Brother Han, what’s wrong with you?”


“You won’t leave if you see the bride before you go to church. How will you live in the future, ha ha ha!”


“Go to the church quickly, the bride can’t wait.”


When everyone saw him hesitating, they made a kind of urging sound.


But Zhang Ergou hesitated even more, looked at everyone, looked at the bride, suddenly fell to his knees with a plop, and kowtowed to the father and daughter of the former Cao family, “Father, second sister, I’m sorry for you, I’m not worthy of it. You! I can’t worship you anymore, your whole life, I’m wrong, I’ve been lying to you about what I owe you, Zhang Ergou will give it back to you in the next life.” He got up and ran towards the door, everyone was still confused by his sudden action, and no one let him rush out like that without precaution.


“Has he lost his mind? Hurry, hurry up and get him back!” Cao Da stomped his feet and yelled, the guests in the yard were in a mess, and a few young men with strong legs and legs had already responded. Come here, ready to catch up.


“Stop for me!” Erjie Cao tore off the hijab on her head and shouted loudly, “Wherever you want to go, you have to finish today’s affairs! Today is the big day of my life, I don’t allow it You make trouble for me! You have to wait until tomorrow, and you can’t be wrong!” Since yesterday, Zhang Ergou secretly stuffed all the money on his body to her and let her take charge, she faced the heavy white flower Yinzi, not only did she not feel joy in her heart, but an unspeakable uneasiness, this uneasiness has accompanied her to this day, until the moment before she worshipped the heavens and the earth, she just let go of her heart a little, thinking that everything was just her own carelessness, and the wedding was just a matter of time. When it was going to be completed smoothly, things still changed suddenly, and the groom had to leave without looking back.


“Zhang Ergou… So your surname is Zhang…” She repeated the name bitterly, and tears rolled down her eyes, “Come back to me, or my second sister Cao will hate you for the rest of my life!”


Zhang Ergou finally made up his mind and was shaken after hearing her voice, turned around and looked at her: “Second sister, I’m sorry for you… But we can’t worship, if we really do. , how can you find a good family in the future?”


Cao Erjie looked at the crowd of guests and asked, “Even if you don’t go to the church, what other family do you want me to find? Since I promised to marry you, I will be yours in life and your ghost in death, you still have to say what!”


Zhang Ergou froze there, not knowing what to say.


He didn’t know what he was thinking about next, but when he came back to his senses, he was already sitting on the bed in the new house.


“Today, I’ve married you, I’m your person… and your wife… No matter where you go, when you want to come back, I’m always waiting for you…” Erjie Cao looked at this familiar and unfamiliar boy and said softly.


Zhang Ergou bit her lip and looked at her, suddenly hugged her tightly and burst into tears. How he wants to grow old and live a happy life with such a considerate and gentle wife, but why can’t he…why can’t he…


“You bastard, stop for me!” Cao old man shouted and chased Zhang Ergou to the door. Although Zhang Ergou was full of tears, he still rushed out without stopping.


“Father, stop chasing him, I let him go.” Erjie Cao said quietly at the door of the house, looking at Zhang Ergou’s figure.


“If you don’t chase, how can you do it if you don’t chase! You just got married, what will you do with the rest of your life when he leaves!” Cao Da’s surprise and surprise quickly turned into anger, and angrily turned towards the direction of Zhang Ergou’s disappearance Cursed: “If this ungrateful little bunny lets me catch him, I have to peel him off. What does he think of the daughter of our good family…”


“Father!” Cao Erjie shouted, stopping Cao Da’s words: “I knew for a long time that he would not stay, there is something in his heart, there is one thing he must do… I have long ago I see…” Her voice became smaller and smaller, and she lowered her head and wept again.


Cao Da sighed and called out, “Girl, we don’t care about this wild boy of unknown origin. There are good boys in the world. I’ll go back and find a better marriage for you.”


Erjie Cao shook her head: “Father, I’m already married. In this life, if he comes back, I’ll be his bride. If he doesn’t come back, I’ll be the widow of the Zhang family…I want to Waiting for him… He has already promised me that even if he dies, the bones will come back to be buried with me!” Second Sister Cao said, taking off her bright red coat, and slowly walked back to the room.


“White Rabbit Immortal! Hero White Rabbit, Senior White Rabbit…” Zhang Ergou ran wildly in Lin Yuzhong as if going crazy, calling out to the only person he could ask for help while running, the one who seemed to be very soft-hearted The White Rabbit Spirit, his call was particularly loud in the woods in the middle of the night. Countless birds and small animals were disturbed by him and scurried among the forest cypresses. Because his state was so “peculiar” that the beasts foraging in the forest were cautiously guarding against him, and after running for so long, no beast that came forward to take him as prey appeared.


Unconsciously, Zhang Ergou had already run to the side of his old house, and the debris of the house scattered on the ground was still piled up there, but there were some mutilated corpses of animals around.


“Brother…” Zhang Ergou stopped, it seems that his brother is still active around here, does he still regard this place as a writer in his heart? Can he still remember some of the days when he lived with him, how much can he remember that his younger brother is a slightly different existence from “food”.


He just had a glimmer of hope in his heart, but all this was answered in seconds, because Zhang Dagou was turning out from behind the bushes, holding a strange, seven- or eight-legged dog-like corpse in his hand. , while nibbling and looking at Zhang Ergou with drooling eyes.


“Brother…” I came to see you in about a month, Zhang Dagou has changed more than me, his appearance is more like an ordinary person, except for those blood-red eyes and excessively fair skin, no one is Will see that he is the skinny zombie.


“Brother…” It seemed that he was still alive and well, Zhang Ergou stood there, speechless for a while.


Zhang Dagou looked at him and the prey in his hand. He seemed to be making a comparison. In the end, he still did not put down the prey he had already obtained and started a new round of hunting. Maybe it was because he had suffered a little from the fight with this prey just now. Injury, perhaps because he has never been greedy, and when he was still a human being, he was a young man who was easily satisfied. The food in front of him is enough for him to be full for several days, and he does not intend to catch more.


A hand stretched out and pulled Zhang Ergou slowly back into the woods, “You are lucky, he defeated a monster for the first time today, so he thinks the other party is better than you.” Come quietly. It was the White Rabbit Spirit who came to Zhang Ergou. “When he eats too many monsters, he will slowly realize the art of foraging, and the mountain forest will become more chaotic in the future…”


The White Rabbit Spirit has been secretly observing Zhang Dagou these days. Today, seeing that he strangled a monster who wanted to devour him in a fight, he knew that this zombie has become more and more accustomed to using the power of the inner alchemy, and will begin Gradually comprehend the use of spells, and became a real monster: “Didn’t I send you to a safe place, why did you come back, I really think you have a long life.” He stared at Zhang Ergou and blamed angrily .


“Please accept me as your apprentice!” Zhang Ergou grabbed the hem of his clothes with both hands and knelt down.


“Learn spells with me?” White Rabbit Jing frowned, “You are a human, want to learn spells from me?”


Zhang Ergou nodded firmly.


“You’re not afraid of turning yourself into a demon…” He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his whimsical White Rabbit, and half-jokingly kicked him.


Zhang Ergou looked down at him and said word by word: “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid of anything, as long as it can give me strength and allow me to protect myself, I’m not afraid of anything. What’s not good? What’s good about being a human being? I’m not afraid of suffering, so just accept me, my apprentice, and teach me!”


The White Rabbit Spirit looked into the distance and said, “Can’t you live well among humans? With what I know about humans, the money I left for you is enough for you to live a good life. Why are you running back?”


“I don’t want to leave my brother alone to live a good life. I can’t let my brother turn into a man-eating monster like this.” Zhang Ergou said with tears, “If my brother eats people, there will be a day when human beings can devote themselves to cultivation. The scholar came to him to settle accounts, but his brother was just a small zombie, even if he ate the inner elixir of the demon fox, he would not be able to use spells, and he would not be able to use it flexibly. One day… I can’t watch my brother end up like this! And the closest human beings here are where my father-in-law and wife live, I can’t let my brother hurt them, they are all me in this world My dearest relatives, I can’t watch them kill each other, senior… Immortal, the most capable and caring person I know is you. If you don’t help me, I will have no choice but to die… “…” After saying that, he fell to the ground and cried.


Bai Rabbit Jing sighed: “After all, you are still for your brother…”




The White Rabbit Spirit fell into deep thought. Looking at the Zhang brothers, he couldn’t help but think of his own brother. Why was Zhang Ergou able to break free from the fox girl’s seductive resistance when the fox girl controlled him to hurt Zhang Dagou, but he didn’t do it himself, so he killed each other with his brother? Why did Zhang Dagou still remember to protect his younger brother when he turned into a zombie, but when his elder brother was dying, he still only thought about the fox girl who killed him, and didn’t even look at his younger brother? Saying a thousand words and ten thousand, hating the sky and hating the earth, still can only resent that his brother’s will is not firm enough, and he has fallen into the temptation of others.


The White Rabbit Spirit sighed again, lowered her head and said to Zhang Ergou: “Get up, I’ll declare first that you want to study, but I won’t accept you as an apprentice-if you accept a human being as an apprentice, I’ll throw it away. I can’t afford this face, and my skills are also ordinary, if you meet a better teacher in the future, just go there so as not to complain that I have delayed you.”


Zhang Ergou didn’t expect him to agree so easily. He was overjoyed and gave him a few more kowtows: “Thank you teacher…Thank you senior, thank you senior…”


“Don’t call me seniors, as if I’m getting old. My name is Ji Yecao. If you want, just call me Big Brother Ji.”


“Yes, Brother Ji, I will never forget your great kindness and virtue…”


Zhang Dagou walked around the woods a few times. Although many small animals were frightened by him and ran out, he didn’t want to catch them at all. Even if he felt hungry and eager to drink delicious blood, But he was still too lazy to catch these animals within reach, because he recently learned that there are more delicious things in the world. He doesn’t know what he is. The name zombie is a name given to him by others. He also forgot that he has a name like Zhang Dagou. For him, the whole purpose of existence is to “eat”. He is thinking about it all the time. Eating, prey, blood, meat… things like that.


However, unlike ordinary new-born zombies, he has the power from the fox demon’s inner alchemy, which makes him stronger and therefore more greedy. Since he ate a monster that attacked him more than ten days ago, the flesh and blood with a strong fragrance remained between his lips and teeth, and the taste still haunts him until now. Compared with these rabbits and pheasants, they are simply worth the money. Chew wax. These days, Zhang Dagou has been enduring hunger and is unwilling to eat these things.


A leopard ran past Zhang Dagou. As the master of the forest, it didn’t want to provoke this deadly monster, so it turned around and ran away when it saw Zhang Dagou. The **** aura of the leopard attracted Zhang Dagou, maybe something like this would taste better than a rabbit. Zhang Dagou vaguely remembered that for a long time, he seemed to rely on eating such wild animals for a living. I’m so hungry, I don’t have anything else to eat, so just eat it to satisfy my hunger…


“Hey… hey…”


With a shout, the leopard changed direction again and ran to the woods on the other side. Two fiery red foxes sprang out from the bushes and were playing on the grass. Suddenly one of them rolled on the ground and turned into an eight or nine year old child and rushed towards the other. The fox who was thrown under him also turned into an adult, shouting: “You are fooling, you are fooling…”




Delicious food.


Zhang Dagou immediately put the leopard thing out of the blue.


He hid behind a bush and watched the two little children continue to play and get closer.


The two little kids had no idea what dangers were hidden nearby, and they continued to play wildly and let out a series of laughter.


Zhang Dagou watched the prey gradually approach, and involuntarily let out a low roar. He has changed a lot from the past, but the uncontrollable excitement after meeting the prey still cannot be changed. But Zhang Dagou knew that although the pair of children who were walking and playing in the forest had human appearances, they were actually creatures called “monsters”. All animals are more delicious, compared to “human beings” who only know their existence in memory and have never had a chance to taste it, I don’t know whether it is better or worse?


Two children chase each other in the woods, vying for a mushroom to play with. They turned a blind eye to the small animals or beasts that passed by. It was obvious that they had become accustomed to living in this kind of mountain village and believed that there was nothing here that could pose a real threat to them. Zhang Dagou licked his lips lightly, waited for them to get closer, jumped out suddenly, and grabbed the little child, who was startled by him, but did not cry in a panic Calling for help, but a mouth, a fireball sprayed at Zhang Dagou. Zhang Dagou stretched out his empty hand, grabbed the fireball and pinched it out.


At this time, another child had already jumped up, his fingers turned into claws, and he grabbed Zhang Dagou in the head, and said threateningly: “Let go of my brother, or I will let you taste the power of our Hu family. !”


Zhang Dagou waved his hand to greet him, and the two claws intersected. The child gave a strange bark and was shot several feet away by Zhang Dagou. One of them landed on the ground, and the back of his hand was already dripping with blood. But he still refused to give up, and shouted again: “Let go of my brother!” He jumped up again. At the same time, the child who was being carried by Zhang Dagou opened his mouth to bite at Zhang Dagou’s arm, but Luo’s mouth was like gnawing on wood. Not only did he not bite Zhang Dagou’s hard skin, but his teeth hurt. .


“Brother, run away… Go back and call my parents to save me, we can’t beat him!” The younger child cried out when his brother was knocked down by Zhang Dagou again, “Go and call the adults, Let him know we’re not to be messed with.”


The elder brother also understood that he could not save his younger brother by himself, but he was afraid that his Kung Fu younger brother would be hurt when he went home to ask for help, so he delayed and refused to leave.


“Brother, hurry up and call someone to save me…” The younger child was very stubborn, and refused to give in to the big dog, and kept barking at his elder brother.


The older child finally decided to give up the futile struggle and go back to ask for help, but Zhang Dagou is a guy with a good appetite. He has always been used to eating all the food in one go. Both children are delicious, how could he let one of them escape.


He strode toward the older child, suddenly thought of something, opened his mouth and pulled his neck towards the prey in his hand that was still twisting and got in the way, and bit down.


“No…” In the loud scream of the older brother, something flew and hit Zhang Dagou’s head heavily, knocking him forward, staggering forward, and roaring back.


The one who came out of the woods was a “human”, and it was a human known to Zhang Dagou. This human not only escaped from his mouth several times, but also always appeared when he was hunting to interfere with him. . So he growled at the other party, showing a sharp tooth.


“Let go of that child!” Zhang Ergou shouted to his brother, “You are crazy, you dare to catch the children of the Hu family!”


After Zhang Ergou lived with Ji Yecao in the forest for a while, he knew how powerful the Hu family of the fox spirit family was in the forest (I don’t understand why the fox spirit always claimed to be surnamed Hu). Moreover, they were different from the fox girl who wanted to confuse Zhang Ergou at that time. Although they were powerful, they never bullied others. They were also very popular in dealing with people and things, so they were very prestigious in the mountains and forests. Their strength ensures that their family is a child and a woman alone in the mountains and forests, and no monsters dare to provoke trouble. Only Zhang Dagou, a zombie who knew nothing about these things, would dare to attack the children of the Hu family. He didn’t know at all that if he really hurt the Hu family’s children, the Hu family’s all-out pursuit would be waiting for him. Not to mention that he was just a zombie, even a monster with bigger skills would not be able to escape. past.


“Let go of that child!” Zhang Ergou shouted again when he saw his brother approaching him with fangs bared.


“Ow…” With a roar, Zhang Dagou threw the child and rushed towards Zhang Ergou desperately. He hated and coveted this human being who had been making trouble with him recently, and wished he could immediately It can **** the blood of the other party, nibble the flesh and blood of the other party, and immediately forget the prey that has been obtained when the other party sees it.


Zhang Ergou turned around and fled, but deliberately adjusted his pace from time to time, leading Zhang Dagou to run into the forest. The two children of the Hu family looked at each other, leaving their savior and fleeing against them. Tutors, but they knew that if they stayed, they would not be able to help them much, and instead they would cause trouble for the person who saved them, so they made up their minds to support each other and ran towards their home.


Zhang Ergou runs fast in the mountains and forests. He has lived in the mountains for many years. In recent months, he has been guided by Ji Yecao. Afterwards, it moved forward like a gust of wind. But even so, the distance between him and Zhang Dagou is getting shorter and shorter. There was a big river in front of him, but when he heard Zhang Dagou’s whirring and roar already behind him, a cane flew out from nowhere, tied Zhang Ergou’s waist, and pulled Zhang Ergou hard. The dog ripped across the great river not far away like driving a cloud.


Zhang Dagou chased after a few more steps and stopped by the river, roaring loudly at the opposite bank, but he did not continue to catch up. Zombies generally don’t like going into the water. Even with Zhang Dagou’s current mana, a little bit of ordinary water will not hinder him. He still has an instinctive aversion to entering the water and crossing the river, so Zhang Ergou has used it several times. A way to escape his pursuit.


“You shot too slowly, that little fox almost got his neck bitten.” Ji Yecao complained after dragging Zhang Ergou up from the river.


Zhang Ergou was silent. He turned his head to look at Zhang Dagou, who was wandering on the other side of the river angrily, with a sad expression. He deliberately delayed for a while just now, in order to show Zhang Dagou the brotherhood of the fox brothers, hoping that this could remind his brother of some past events. But obviously he thought too well, Zhang Dagou didn’t feel at all about that scene of brotherly affection, and he still only saw “food” in his eyes.


“Alas…” Ji Yecao sighed, “Fortunately, he didn’t do anything to the Hu family brothers, otherwise the trouble would be big, let’s go, I have to find a place to take a breath, just scared me. His heart is about to jump out… you should go too, don’t irritate him any more, the delicious food in his mouth is flying, and he is going crazy.”


Zhang Ergou nodded.


At this time, Zhang Dagou, who had been watching their leisurely conversation on the other side, suddenly rushed towards the river with straight strides. When he came to the surface of the water, he did not step into the water with one foot, but walked in the air. It took a few big steps to reach the center of the river.


“Flying stiff!” Ji Yecao frowned, but he calmed down immediately, chanting words in his mouth, and hit a magic formula. The river suddenly made waves, and Zhang Dagou was startled by the waves that suddenly fell on his body under his feet. He was distracted and fell into the water, and he struggled in panic. By the time he was dragged ashore from the water, the two hateful guys on the shore had disappeared.


“Stop him, stop him…”


“Don’t let him run away!”


“To catch the one alive! The patriarch said, to live…”




“Quick, quick…”


Amid the noisy screams of killing around, Zhang Dagou stumbled and fled along the foot of the mountain. Behind him, beside him, and above him, all the people of the Hu family are rounding up him-although the little brothers are safe and sound, the Hu family still doesn’t plan to stop there, so they struggle with manpower to round up this daring man. Zombies, fortunately, killing offenders is not the style of their family. They just want to lead the monster in the forest to know that the Hu family is not easy to mess with, so Zhang Dagou has supported it until now. However, he was already scarred, and it was only a matter of time before he was captured alive.


Just when the Hu family had surrounded Zhang Dagou and several young men walked forward, ready to strike him the last time, a teenager from the Hu family suddenly appeared at the scene: “The patriarch has an order, let this zombie go. Stop catching him!”


“Why?” The Hu family’s team happened to have the uncles of the two children that day, and he immediately shouted in opposition.


“Seventeen and Nineteen’s benefactors went to beg the patriarch, please let us spare this zombie. Our Hu clan has always repaid our kindness. The benefactor said so, and the patriarch couldn’t refute his face.” That The teenager was also a little confused about this matter, and spat at Zhang Dagou and said, “It’s cheaper for him!”


The people of the Hu family looked at each other and began to retreat, but at the last moment, a flying sword flew out of the hands of the uncles of the two children, and quickly cut off Zhang Dagou’s tendons and hamstrings: “Forgive me. You, but I still want you to remember the lesson!” He scolded fiercely, “In the future, the eyes will be brighter!” He walked away.


The injuries on his hands and feet can only make Zhang Dagou unable to move temporarily, and he can’t move for a while. The real serious injury on his body is the several spell blows he received before chasing and fleeing. Although he has eaten the fox demon inner pill, his mana is not low, but he suffers from not being able to do magic, and he does not know how to use the mana in his body, and he is not flexible enough when fighting the enemy. . Zhang Dagou was squirming **** the ground. His desire to survive was very strong, so he touched the ground with his chin and crawled forward like a big bug, wanting to quickly return to his hiding place – a big tree hole , there is still some leftover food, and for zombies, food is the best potion.


A pair of feet appeared in the zombie’s field of vision, causing him to roar, and following the feet up, he saw the human who was against him everywhere, and the other side was also looking down at him with his head down. Zombie knew what it meant to meet the enemy at this time, but he still didn’t intend to capture it, clenching his teeth and threatening the opponent.


Zhang Ergou saw his brother’s tragic appearance, his nose was sore, and tears fell.


“Hey, is he dead?” Ji Yecao came up from behind and asked. “You really are, you have done such a big favor to the Hu family, yet you actually only made such a small request. The people of the Hu family are famous for their kindness by dripping water and repaying each other with springs. You asked them for a magic weapon, A few volumes of spirit books are fine.”


“I’m sorry Big Brother Ji, I just wanted to save my brother, no…”


“I’m not complaining about you, it’s just a pity…” Ji Yecao is always full of longing and yearning for the monster family like the Hu family and the big monsters in their family, “Anyway, It’s good to have a relationship with them, so what’s next? Are you going to bring the zombies back?”


Zhang Ergou nodded: “He is so seriously injured that it is too dangerous for him to be in the mountains and forests. I want to take care of him for a while before he recovers.”


“Just be careful not to let him bite.” Ji Yecao said angrily, taking this zombie back to his den was really not what he wanted.


Zhang Ergou just stretched out his hand to help Zhang Dagou, and Zhang Dagou opened his mouth and bit his hand. Fortunately, Zhang Ergou retracted his hand quickly, so that his sharp teeth did not break his finger. Ji Yecao chopped off a thick branch from the side and hit the back of Zhang Dagou’s head. With a loud noise of “Peng”, Zhang Dagou rolled his eyes and passed out. “Okay, you can carry him away now–be careful not to let his head get close to your body, or if he wakes up on the way, he will bite you right away!” The plan to help Zhang Ergou carry zombies.


Zhang Ergou frowned distressedly as he looked at his brother’s wounds, **** wrists and ankles. He took his brother in his arms and walked towards the cave where he lived.


Zhang Ergou has been living in the forest with Ji Yecao for more than half a year.


During this period, Ji Yecao, who liked this human boy very much, tried his best to teach him spells, but unfortunately he is a human, and the way of monster cultivation is not suitable for him, and a little monster like Ji Yecao, except for what absorbs the sun and the moon Essence, plucking and replenishing… Over and over again, that is, there are several cultivation methods. So even though Zhang Ergou worked very hard these days, he practiced hard every day in the dark, but he actually only made his body stronger and stronger. He didn’t make any progress in spells and cultivation. The purpose is far from the same.


In the daily life of Zhang Ergou and Ji Yecao, apart from hard training, the most important thing is to monitor Zhang Dagou’s actions. Once they find out that he is going to prey on monsters or humans, they will interfere in various ways. , try to reduce Zhang Dagou’s murder. Fortunately, although Zhang Dagou’s mana has increased, his mind is not flexible, and their interventions can often be effective, so Zhang Dagou has not caused any serious trouble. For example, this time, the two children of the Hu family were successfully saved, preventing Zhang Dagou from poking the “hornet’s nest”.


However, according to Ji Yecao, Zhang Dagou’s mana has begun to grow slowly. When he crossed the river before, he was able to float with his feet off the ground, indicating that he could absorb the inner elixir of the fox demon in a short time. More mana, become Flying Stiff.


Flying Zombie, as the name suggests, is a zombie that can fly. It is an indication that a zombie’s ability has entered the “almost” range.


For most monsters, learning to fly is not too difficult. Generally, it takes five or sixty years of practice, and it can be learned when the mana is about the same. Some monsters even have wings when they are born. You can fly to the sky with ease. But for zombies, flying is a difficult thing, their heavy body and clumsy mind make it difficult for them to learn to fly, so once they can fly, it shows that their intelligence and mana have reached a certain level, no longer That low-level youkai who only knows how to **** blood and eat meat.


In case Zhang Dagou’s strength is stronger, will Zhang Ergou and Ji Yecao still have the ability to interfere with his behavior – if Zhang Dagou’s strength exceeds Ji Yecao’s, then the two of them should consider escaping. Bar? Because after such a period of time, Zhang Dagou’s feelings for his brother have not recovered a little bit, but instead have a worse trend. Especially after today’s events, Zhang Dagou’s feelings towards Ji Yecao and Zhang Ergou can be said to be hated to the bone. If it is possible, he will definitely be very, very happy to swallow this person and a monster alive.


Zhang Ergou imagined the best in his heart. I hope that before my brother completely absorbs the inner alchemy of the demon fox, he can remember his own affairs and remember that he was originally a person. Although Ji Yecao repeatedly reminded him how small that possibility is.


“Brother, it’s time to eat.” The zombie was lying deep in the cave, unable to move due to the injuries of his limbs. When Zhang Ergou came to him with the wild boar, he was still roaring and alert, not because of Zhang Ergou at all. In the past few days, he has taken good care of him and has shown familiarity and trust in the other party.


“Brother, you still have to **** blood first, right?” Zhang Ergou didn’t mind his behavior at all, and sat beside him and asked gently. Without waiting for Zhang Dagou to answer, he mentioned the wild boar and pointed the throat of the wild boar at Zhang Dagou’s mouth. Although Zhang Dagou was full of distrust of Zhang Ergou, he still couldn’t resist the temptation of food and opened his mouth to bite the wild boar. Going down, he swallowed the fresh blood of the wild boar.


Zhang Ergou held up the wild boar and waited patiently for him to drink almost completely before withdrawing the wild boar when he tried to bite the wild boar. In the sound of Zhang Dagou’s unwilling barking, Zhang Ergou skinned the wild boar and cut it into several pieces, which were placed on the fire and roasted. He didn’t remove it from the fire until the skin was charred and the meat was tender, exuding bursts of tempting aroma, and he left it in the air for a while to cool. He tasted it and was almost ready to eat, and then he took a pork leg and handed it to him. Arrived at Zhang Dagou’s mouth: “Brother, you can eat.”


Zhang Dagou hates the smell of fireworks on the food, and he also hates Zhang Ergou who always feeds him cooked food.


“Let’s eat.” Zhang Ergou gave him the meat in his hand. He has been taking good care of the injured Zhang Dagou these days. Feeding food, giving medicine, knowing the cold and warmth, but he never gave Zhang Dagou raw meat, and letting Zhang Dagou drink a few mouthfuls of blood was his biggest concession – zombies cannot survive without blood. But Zhang Dagou’s favorite **** meat, he never gave him a bite, all he gave him was cooked meat, sometimes even mixed with grains.


“Hurry up and think about it. Your favorite food in the past was barbecue. At that time, our family was poor, and we only ate meat once during the New Year and festivals. Once I looked at the meat in the kitchen and couldn’t stand it. Go and steal it for me. As a result, because I was too greedy, I ate your portion and asked for it, so you went to steal it for me. Who knew that my grandfather would catch it, and you insisted that only You go and eat it yourself, it has nothing to do with me, and in the end, you were the only one who was beaten…”


Zhang Dagou didn’t understand what the other party was talking about, but he finally couldn’t resist the temptation of meat, so he made a compromise again and opened his mouth to eat the pork leg.


“Brother, it would be great if I could go back to before, I’m not a human anymore, we two brothers live in this forest and live together. By the way, and Big Brother Ji, the three of us are monsters together, Cultivating together, maybe one day, the two of you can cultivate into immortals! At that time, I will be able to follow your chickens and dogs to the sky…” He said to himself that it seemed impossible to realize his vision, and he focused on the food. Zhang Dagou was busy eating and chewing, and didn’t pay attention to what this human was saying.


Outside the entrance of the cave, Ji Yecao shook his head and sighed: “Er Gou, what are you going to do?” Ji Yecao stopped Zhang Ergou who was going out hunting, “Are you going to keep him locked up like this?”


Zhang Dagou’s injury basically recovered a few days ago, but Zhang Ergou still refused to let him go, begging Ji Yecao to use magic to trap him, and still feed him every day just like when he was seriously injured. .


“His mana recovers very quickly, and the time it takes to remove my spell restraint on him is getting shorter and shorter. If it goes on like this, not to mention three times a day, four or five times may not be enough. I can’t take it anymore, it’s always like this, I can’t do anything at all!” Ji Yecao was quite critical of Zhang Ergou’s method of treating the symptoms but not the root cause. Locking Zhang Dagou like this, he has to use up his mana in vain without hurting a single hair of him, and it is useless to solve the problem at all. Instead, it makes Zhang Dagou hate himself and Zhang more and more. Two dogs.


“Brother Ji, can you give me a little more time? My brother will get better soon.” Zhang Ergou begged Ji Yecao pitifully.


“It doesn’t matter to me—but are you sure it’s useful for you to do this?” Ji Yecao said, looking at Zhang Dagou, who was baring his teeth and cracking his mouth at them with a fierce look in his eyes.


Zhang Ergou himself didn’t know that his actions didn’t play a big role, but he really had no other way. Could he let his brother go and let him go back to the wild life in the mountains and forests? Is it to let him go on like this until one day he provokes an enemy like the Hu family again, and then kills him?


“Think about it yourself…” Ji Yecao sighed and walked away.


“Sure enough… bro, look, that zombie is really inside.”


“Let me see… wow, he really isn’t dead…”


The two children probed their brains at the entrance of the cave, murmuring, and commenting on Zhang Dagou who couldn’t move.


“Why do you think the benefactor did not kill him, but instead raised him?” Hu Jiujiu Lang asked inexplicably. He still has a fresh memory of all the terrible manifestations of this hateful zombie, and of course he will not forget the kindness that Zhang Ergou saved him, but he doesn’t understand why Zhang Ergou didn’t just kill the zombie.


“Maybe the benefactor is soft-hearted and can’t bear to kill him.” Hu Shiqilang imagined.


“The benevolence of a woman” asserted by Hu Jiujiu Lang.


“How dare you say that behind your back, my grandfather, I’m going to go back and tell Dad!” Seventeen Lang was proud of having caught his younger brother.


“I’m not wrong, Dad said the same thing… But, is this zombie really immobile now?” He said with his eyes rolling.


“What do you want to do?”


“Hey, what about you, what do you want to do?”


The two children looked at each other, showing their fox-like smiles together. Seventeen Lang took the lead and tentatively took a step towards the entrance of the cave, but nothing happened. “No problem, no spells are laid here!” He waved to his brother, “Let’s go!”


For the monsters, it is very impolite to enter other people’s residences casually, but Hu Shiqilang and Hu Jiujiu Lang are still children, even if they run into other people’s inner rooms, see In terms of their age and parents’ face, no one would really care about them, so they ran into Ji Yecao’s cave without any hesitation.


“Stinky Zombie! Smelly Zombie!” One stone after another flew towards Zhang Dagou, and the two children scolded and threw them, “Big rascal, tell you to bully us, kill you! Tell you to bully us!”


They picked up a large pile of stones from outside the cave and began to bully Zhang Dagou, who couldn’t move.


“Look at me hitting you in the eye!”


“Look at me hitting your teeth!”


“You’re not as accurate as mine, look at my… how can it be, hit the forehead!”


“Why hit him on the forehead, it doesn’t hurt there, look at me hitting him in the eye!”


They used Zhang Dagou as a target and happily practiced their throwing skills. Zhang Dagou couldn’t move, so he could only roar angrily to vent the anger in his heart. The two children threw stones for a while, and seeing that Zhang Dagou really couldn’t move, their courage gradually grew, and when their eyes rolled, they came up with other ideas.


Seventeen Lang ran over, picked up a vine and slapped Zhang Dagou a few times, then turned to escape, rushed out of the hole like the wind, avoided the hole with his younger brother, and poked his head inside. Look, laugh together “haha”. Then, Jiujiuro also ran over with the cane, “crack, crack” and beat Zhang Dagou more than a dozen times, turned around and escaped from the hole, and the brothers laughed again.


“It’s so fun, this abominable zombie has become a underdog now!” Nineteen Lang shouted excitedly. Out of the mischievous mentality of children, the two brothers took teasing Zhang Dagou as a very important thing. Interesting things, full of tricks, and enjoy playing. Although Zhang Dagou’s ability is far better than the two of them, he is unable to move due to being restrained by Ji Yecao’s magic, so he can only let them bully and rub Lin, he is full of anger. Unable to vent, he could only let out a loud roar unwillingly, shaking the wall of the cave so much that it fell to the ground.


“What are you doing!” Zhang Ergou walked to the entrance of the cave and was shocked, throwing away his prey and rushing in, “What are you guys doing!”


The two boys were not embarrassed at all to break into other people’s caves and were blocked. Instead, they shouted at Zhang Ergou with a smile: “Engong, we are teaching this bad guy a lesson!”


“Yes, this villain who bullies children must teach him a good lesson, or he will do bad things next time!”


“By the way, benefactor, why didn’t you kill him, but keep him instead? I heard grandpa said he was your brother, but why aren’t you a zombie?”


The two little foxes didn’t think there was anything wrong with them, and they jumped around Zhang Ergou to ask questions.


Zhang Ergou brushed off the branches, leaves and stones on Zhang Dagou’s body in distress, and wiped his hands and face with a wet towel. He answered the children’s questions and said, “Yes, he is my brother, he used to be able to do it. It’s not a zombie ─ brother, he died to save me and became a zombie, this is a long, long story, are you interested in hearing it?”


“Listen, listen,” when they heard a story, the two children nodded vigorously, moved the tree stump to sit as a stool, and waited for the story with their chins up. Zhang Ergou first sucked Zhang Dagou’s blood from the rabbits he hunted, then simmered them in a pot, roasted them on the fire, and distributed a few fat rabbit legs to the little brothers who were watching, and started at the same time. his narration.


…When we were young, my brother and I were ordinary human children. We had grandparents, grandparents, and parents. The family has cultivated more than 20 acres of land, raised a large flock of chickens, a dozen sheep, a **** dog, and a raccoon cat. In our village, life is still moderate, and it can be called affluent. But one year, the plague was rampant in our place, and our grandparents, our parents one after another… only left our two lonely children in the world.


You probably won’t understand how miserable life will be for children without elders to rely on…


“Isn’t your family quite wealthy?” Sure enough, Shichirou asked innocently, blinking his eyes.


…but the adults around can easily take everything from the two children. So it didn’t take long for us to be left with nothing. In order to support me, my brother took me away from home and went out to beg…


Zhang Ergou tells the story of the past for the two boys, but his eyes keep looking at Zhang Dagou, slowly describing various memorable events in the past…


…In order to save me from that devil’s den, my eldest brother was surrounded and beaten by more than a dozen family members. He was bruised all over his body and fell to the ground. But when I cried out to him for help, he rushed over without trial and took me with him. Run away… My eldest brother didn’t give up protecting me even after he died of serious injuries. He turned into a zombie and rescued me from the wolf’s mouth, and raised me in the deep mountains for several years…


Zhang Dagou felt the warm liquid dripping on his face continuously, and growled unhappily, twisting his neck in an attempt to bite Zhang Ergou’s feet.


“You’re such a badass!”


“Yes, your brother cried for you, and you still want to bite him!”


“Bad boy! Bad boy!” The two children expressed their great dissatisfaction with Zhang Dagou over the completely different behavior of the Zhang brothers towards each other.


“No, my brother is not a villain, he became like this for me, it’s all my fault!” Zhang Ergou took a deep breath and held back his tears, “You two, stop bullying my brother, He is really a poor man…if you have any dissatisfaction with him, just come at me.”


“We won’t, benefactor is a good man.”


“Yeah, you’re nothing like him.”


The two little foxes looked at Zhang Ergou and the zombies on the ground, and their eyes started rolling again.


The two little foxes were disgusted with Zhang Dagou, so they began to torture him even more: when Zhang Ergou saw them, they acted very sensible, and even patted their chests and assured that Zhang Ergou would go out even though Go, they will help him watch this zombie, but as soon as Zhang Ergou turns around, they immediately start bullying the immobile zombie.


Zhang Dagou hated these two little foxes to the core, but because he couldn’t move, he even regarded Zhang Ergou as a comrade of the two little foxes in his heart. Swear, if he can move freely, the first thing is to tear up and eat all these three enemies.


Poor Zhang Ergou’s hard work was ruined by the good intentions of the two little foxes.


On this day, Zhang Ergou went out hunting as usual, while the two little foxes had breakfast and came to Ji Yecao’s cave with nothing to do. After getting along for this period of time, Ji Yecao welcomed them more. First, they are the direct descendants of the Hu family, and they will definitely be prominent figures in the family in the future. It is definitely not a bad thing to have a good relationship with them now. Second, the two little foxes must have been young and were flattered by Ji Yecao. , and passed on many of the cultivation tips taught by the elders to him – a monster like Ji Yecao who is groping for cultivation by himself, the most eager thing is to get formal guidance. Now that there is such an opportunity, why not welcome the two A little fox is coming?


When the little foxes came to the cave and saw only Ji Yecao, their eyes rolled, Hu Shiqi said to Ji Yecao: “Brother Ji, where is second brother Zhang? Have you made any weed tea yourself? Go on. My grandfather, who we took back the other time, liked it very much and said he still wanted to drink it.”


“Yes, yes, yes…” Ji Yecao replied in a loud voice. Their grandfather is the patriarch of the Hu clan, and it is not easy to give him a gift. Hearing the two little foxes ask this, he hurriedly went to find the game tea made by Zhang Ergou.


“Brother Ji, why don’t you send it to my grandfather? Let’s wait here for Brother Zhang to come back to play.” Hu Shiqi said again.


“I…” Ji Yecao was still very apprehensive about Denghu’s door.


“It doesn’t matter, you just said that we asked you to go…” Hu Shijiu said while pushing him, “Just give the tea to my grandfather, he doesn’t eat rabbits… No, He hasn’t eaten rabbits for many years…” Ji Yecao is a rabbit spirit, but it belongs to the coveted food of the foxes, but after everyone becomes a monster, the fighting for the sake of eating will be reduced.


Ji Yecao dawdled for a while, and finally couldn’t resist the temptation to visit the Hu clan chief in person, and finally went out. As soon as the two little foxes saw him go, they immediately squeezed each other’s eyes and went straight to the big dog lying on the ground.


“Hey, zombie, what’s your name?”


The zombie glared at him and said nothing.


Hu Shiqi held a cane and knocked on Zhang Dagou’s head: “Quickly tell me what your name is? Otherwise, I’ll fill you with water again!” – This is what the two brothers wanted to use The way to help Zhang Ergou is to force Zhang Dagou to remember the past.


Zhang Dagou let them toss himself, but he refused to say that he was called “Zhang Dagou”. He has no feeling at all about the name that the two little foxes and Zhang Ergou have been nagging in his ears all day long. It should be said that he even hates this name because he ate so much because of this name. ‘s pain.


In the heart of Zombie, there is a feeling of familiarity with the name Zhang Dagou, but he thinks it is because someone is always whispering the name in his ear. He hadn’t noticed the changes in himself in the past few days, and he hadn’t realized that he was thinking about problems with his brain. As if it was a matter of course, he was using his brain to think and analyze what was happening in front of him. Although this was an incredible thing for him a few days ago, his current brain is not flexible enough to think of it. at this point.


Zombie seriously thought about his current situation, thinking that he was caught by other monsters, and most of the consequences of being caught are to be eaten. This is the only way he knows to deal with the prey after catching .


The conclusion is that Zhang Ergou and the others want to eat themselves, so they should escape as soon as possible.


So Zhang Dagou has been trying hard to think of a way to escape.


There are people watching me at any time here. If you want to escape, you must first defeat them. If you want to defeat them, you must first make yourself active.


So, it is imperative that you first allow yourself to move freely.


Zombies try to break the spell **** that Ji Weed gave him time and time again, but every time when he thinks that he is about to succeed, Ji Weed will reappear and apply a spell to him again, which makes the zombies irritable Extremely.


In the end, it was the two little foxes who gave him the chance.


When the little foxes explained the key to cultivation to Ji Yecao in the cave, they forgot that although the zombie lying on the ground could not move, he was not blind or deaf. He could see what they were doing. Every action and every word they say can be heard.


The zombies didn’t pay attention to what they said at first, but after those words got into his ears, there was an indescribable force that attracted him to listen, and firmly remembered in his mind.


There is a powerful force within a zombie.


Zombie himself knows the existence of this power, but although this power is in his body, it does not belong to him. He has tried many times to mobilize this power, but the power does not listen to him at all. . Ever since he heard the formulas from the little foxes, he rushed to the disobedient “stubbornness” of this force and began to loosen.


Because Ji Yecao has never systematically learned spells, the little foxes explained the formula so clearly, not only Ji Yecao’s understanding was unobstructed, but even the zombies sounded clear.


Zombie has been trying the method of the two little foxes for the past few days. Today, he was a little disappointed to see the little foxes deceive Ji Yecao – without Ji Yecao, the little foxes would not say those things.


The little foxes were tired from playing and sat down to eat and rest, chatting while chatting: Why is this zombie brain so stiff? Suddenly, Hu Shiqi noticed that the expression of his younger brother who was sitting opposite him suddenly stiffened. He’s a quick-witted man who jumps up and rolls without asking a question.


The swooping zombie lost its target and slammed its head into a large stone that was used as a table. Suddenly, the cave was filled with dust and chaos.


“Why is he suddenly able to move?” Hu Nineteen called out in surprise until then.


“How do I know! Why don’t you run!” Hu Shiqi took his younger brother and ran to the entrance of the cave. The two of them have a lot of knowledge, but they are too young to compete with this zombie. Fortunately, zombies always move slowly, so the two of them should be able to distance themselves from the big dog who knocked down the stone table before he got up.


Who knew that when they ran to the entrance of the cave, they seemed to encounter a barrier. An invisible wall stood at the entrance of the cave, blocking their way.


How could this be!


The two little foxes looked at each other in horror.


At this time, Zhang Dagou had already climbed up from the ground and approached them step by step. The growl in his mouth and the fangs of Lu Chu showed what he wanted to do.


“Could it be that he made the spell that blocked the entrance of the cave…” Seventeen Lang was terrified. This zombie can actually use magic? Could it be that the inner core in his body could not be absorbed by him? If that’s the case, the current situation is too dangerous. The two brothers can’t beat Zhang Dagou in the first place. If the demon fox Neidan in Zhang Dagou’s body is absorbed again, I am afraid that the masters of their two grandfathers will come out. To subdue the opponent.


“Nineteen, hide behind me!” Seventeen Lang glared at the zombie with his teeth clenched. Now he has no other thoughts. He just hopes that this zombie has just learned to use spells, and his proficiency is not enough. When attacking himself , will forget the spell to support the hole, giving the younger brother time to escape.


“Brother Seventeen, we… let’s fight him…” Jiujiuro said in a trembling voice.


“Shut up! If you have a chance, run for me! Find the elders to save me… In case he eats us both, the elders don’t know who to turn to for revenge, and we will be wronged if we die. Home!”


“Then let him eat me, you take the opportunity to run…”


“Shut up!”


Between the two little brothers, Zhang Dagou had already arrived in front of them…


Before Zhang Ergou walked to the cave, an ominous feeling arose in his heart. He couldn’t help throwing down the prey in his hand and rushed into the hole.


The first thing that caught his eye was Zhang Dagou standing in the middle, and a **** child in his hands.


“Seventeen Lang…” Zhang Ergou exclaimed.


Hu Shiqi’s face was blurred with blood, and his body hung down softly. He didn’t know whether he was dead or alive. His younger brother Hu Shijiu didn’t see any trace, and he should have escaped under his cover.


Zhang Dagou threw the child in his hand to the ground and turned his head to face Zhang Ergou.


Zhang Ergou looked at the **** Seventeen Lang, his face was not only shocked, but deeply angry: “Brother, what have you done! How can you attack a child!” At this time, Seventeen Lang His body twitched, as if he was still alive, which made him feel slightly relieved.


“If you really eat this child, will his family let you go? Do you think you are a little zombie who can beat their big family!” He scolded Zhang Dagou, “Brother, , can you wake up! You are not like this, you have become a monster, we can’t do anything, but you can’t eat indiscriminately… Eating monsters can eat people, big brother, I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m doing it for you Good!”


Zhang Ergou didn’t actually stop his brother’s “eating” out of righteous thoughts. He repeatedly prevented Zhang Dagou from eating people, except that there were people he cared about living in the nearest mountain village. In addition to this one, the most important thing is that if people cannibalize and hurt people, human Taoist priests and monks and other people with the ability to remove demons will come to destroy the zombies, and Zhang Dagou will suffer at that time. And the second Zhang Dagou that he came to destroy preyed on monsters, and the preyed party had a background and backing in this mountain forest. In other words, Zhang Ergou let go of the prey under Zhang Dagou’s mouth, not for walking. Jide or his compassionate heart, the ultimate goal is to protect his brother. Today, Zhang Dagou finally made a big disaster. He really feels at a loss. The next Hu family’s pursuit, their two brothers How to face it.


Zhang Dagou couldn’t hear anything.


For him, this human who has been messing with him has now fallen into his hands in a certain book. Except for his appetite, an indescribable hatred stirs in his heart, making him wish he can’t Immediately jump up and tear the opponent to pieces.


Zhang Ergou saw the fierce light in his brother’s eyes, and realized his situation: not only could he not save Hu Shiqi, but he himself would become his brother’s prey. Thinking of this, Zhang Ergou turned around and ran, at the same time, Zhang Dagou had roared and rushed up.


When Zhang Ergou wanted to escape the hole, he encountered the same experience as the two little foxes – a spell had sealed the hole.


My brother can use spells!


Zhang Ergou didn’t have time to think about this shocking question, and now his top priority is to hold on to his own life.


Zhang Ergou has been dodging around, dexterously dodging in the narrow space, while still chattering, saying some words that Zhang Dagou does not understand and finds extremely annoying, Zhang Dagou angrily chases after him He bared his teeth at Zhang Ergou, but Zhang Ergou was even more angry at this time. Why did he try his best to suppress the Hu family’s hatred for his brother, but he himself wanted to make things bigger, he He has worked so hard for him, but up to now he doesn’t even have the least understanding of what he said! Why do this, why!


Zhang Ergou chased after his brother with red eyes, and yelled angrily: “Tell me what I have to do! You tell me!”


Zhang Dagou also roared and pounced on it.


The two brothers can’t understand each other’s meaning at all now, but when they fight together, Zhang Dagou wants to kill each other and turn each other into a meal, Zhang Ergou still can’t Really beat him. After the layer of “fur” faded, the face of the zombie has become more and more like a human being, especially his age seems to have not increased after death, so he is almost the same honest and honest country boy back then – except for the pair of murderous outside the eyes.


“Brother, just eat me! Eat me!” After being caught by Zhang Dagou, Zhang Ergou yelled, a feeling of self-reporting and giving up that made him very tired. As soon as you close your eyes, it’s a good thing to stop worrying about anything, right? “But I tell you, you will regret it one day! One day you will regret it! At that time, even I will not be here, and no one will help you! At that time, you will be the only one left, just You want to go back to the present, but you can’t come back…” Zhang Ergou said, staring into his brother’s eyes.


Zhang Dagou didn’t want to pay attention to the words he didn’t understand. He knew that the food was right in front of him and he should take a bite, but this young man’s eyes made him feel hairy…


“Yes, yes, yes…” In the courtyard of the Hu family, Ji Yecao was following behind an old man, giving him repeated yes.


He himself did not expect that his luck would be so good. After coming to the Hu family, the patriarch of the Hu family actually received him in person (Old man Hu: I didn’t want to receive it myself, this is not because the adults and children in the family ran out, Just leave me at home as an old man?). Moreover, the Hu clan head, who rarely sees one side of the monster, turned out to be a funny and kind person. Not only did he have no intention of waiting for the little monster Ji Yecao, but he was very enthusiastic and had a family relationship with him (Hu Shiqi: I Grandpa is so enthusiastic when he sees everyone, he is old and long-winded, as long as he can listen to him and endure it, he likes you.). When Ji Yecao dared to ask the old man for some questions about his cultivation, the old man Hu explained it to him without concealing it at all, and it was difficult to hold back the opening. Most of the day.


“You’re a good little guy, very patient and motivated, unlike the little rascals in my family, when they heard that I was going to teach them a lesson, they all slipped faster than a rabbit… Hehehehe, not to say You…”


Just as they were chatting, a child suddenly cried and screamed from the front. If you listen carefully, it seems to be crying, “Go and save my Seventeenth Brother… Go…” /


The expressions of Ji Yecao and the old man Hu changed greatly, and they hurried out.


Hu Nineteen was lying on the ground covered in blood, still shouting, “Brother Seventeen was taken away by a zombie, hurry up and save him…”


Zhang Dagou?


Ji Yecao’s face turned black all of a sudden.


The people from the Hu family rushed to the cave, only to see the seriously injured Hu Shiqi lying on the ground. Neither the zombie nor Zhang Ergou had gone.


Hu Shiqi’s injuries were very serious. Although his life was safe, his trachea was injured and he was also blind in one eye. A beautiful child who used to be beautiful now looks like a monster.


“What’s going on here! That zombie? What about the human!!” Hu Shiqi’s father’s angry roar shook the entire forest.


Ji Yecao watched the tragedy that happened in her own home, and she was stunned until Hu Shiqi’s father grabbed him and shook him: “Tell me, you said, are you with them! Where did they go? Where did they go?” Only then did he come to his senses and said blankly, “I don’t know… I really don’t know… Ergou, didn’t Ergou let him eat? Ergou… Ergou…” He deeply loves that persistent boy, he has been regarded as his younger brother for the past few years, and now it seems that he may have been given to him by that zombie elder…”Ergou…why are you so miserable? “Hohoho…” Ji Yecao squatted on the ground and cried.


“I found the trace of the zombie, and he went to the west mountain.” A boy from the fox tribe fell from the air and said.


“Chase, avenge Seventeen!”




“Kill him to avenge Seventeen!”


The fox spirits were excited, and Ji Yecao should have followed: “I’m going to avenge Ergou… He protects that elder brother so much, but in the end he ruins his poisonous hands… Poor child, one day in a lifetime. It’s not a good day…”


When the fox spirits saw his grief and indignation, no one objected and let him follow…


“Fellow Daoist Nan, please, please, it’s rare for you to come to the humble house, and the walls are full of brilliance.”


“Brother Hu, you’re too polite, it’s me who’s here to distract you from your cultivation.”


“Where, Nan Daoyou usually can’t be invited, is your brother okay? Speaking of which, I haven’t seen him for more than ten years. Since the last time we cleaned up that old bear together, Never saw each other again.”


“Senior brother everything is fine, I was still thinking about Brother Hu a few days ago.”


The patriarch of the Hu clan was sitting in the hall with a woman in Taoist attire, just as you told me about the past. Elder Hu was also a monster who liked to travel when he was young. He made a lot of friends from all over the world. Now that he is older, his mood is different. Ming, talk about the world. This female Taoist seems to be young, but she was also an old friend of his, and the two of them got together and chatted happily.


Right now, both of Old Man Hu’s beloved grandsons are injured, especially Shichiro’s injury is still very serious. His eye is already blind, and even spells can’t remedy it. It’s a pity that such a smart and handsome young man has become a one-eyed dragon. Unless he succeeds in his own cultivation in the future, he might be able to regenerate his eyes, but there is no hope for three to five hundred years.


Old Man Hu was in a very bad mood right now. As he talked, the topic turned to the strange zombie that appeared in the forest and his human brother. Due to the identity of the old friend in front of him, he did not demean the zombie very much, but kept complaining about why a zombie would have the opportunity to devour the inner elixir, and as a result, the mountains and forests were disturbed, and his grandson was too naughty , the result is good, it hurts myself not.


The female Taoist was very interested in the strange zombie he said and kept asking questions.


At this moment, Hu Shijiu Lang, who had a bandage on his head, supported Hu Shiqi Lang, who was deeply wrapped in a medicine cloth, and suddenly broke into the hall.


Seventeen Lang’s eyes have been covered with a thick layer of medicine, but no matter how good the medicine and how good the magic is, it can’t restore his eyesight. The other wounds on his body were also shocking. The broken leg attached to the spell only rested for half a day. Of course, he still couldn’t walk.


“Grandpa, I beg you one thing!” Seventeen Lang knelt down and shouted loudly.


“What are you doing! Hurry up, get up! Nineteen, get up too!” Seeing the two grandsons hurt like this and struggling to kneel down again, of course they felt distressed, and quickly reached out to put both Seventeen and Nineteen. He helped up and explained to the female Taoist priest: “These are my two grandsons who were beaten up by a zombie! It’s not quiet in their studies… Seventeenth, nineteenth, I will greet the Taoist priest.”


Jiuro was about to kneel while supporting Juuro, but the Taoist priest hurriedly stopped him.


“Grandpa, I’m here to ask you for one thing, please let that zombie go!” Seventeen Lang pulled Elder Hu’s shirt and begged, “My injury is no big deal, as long as I work hard, my eyes will be fine after I cultivate. It can be cured, please tell the clansmen to stop embarrassing their brothers!”


“Yeah, grandpa, just spare them. It’s my fault. I provoke him first to hurt the Seventeenth Brother. You can punish me heavily! Don’t ask your uncles and uncles to embarrass them again. “


These two children actually came to plead with the patriarch for the zombies who harmed them. The female Taoist heard a move in her heart and stared at them with interest.


“He beat you up like this, and fought against our Hu family several times, but you interceded for him instead!” The old man Hu said a little angrily, this matter is not only about the injury of Seventeen Lang, but also about the injury of the seventeenth man. Regarding the face of the entire family, the status of the entire family in the forest, and the prestige, if this is the case, rumors that the Hu family is afraid of a zombie will soon fly all over the sky, and the reputation of several generations will be completely defeated.


“But Grandpa, Brother Zhang Ergou is really pitiful!” Seventeenth Lang is actually older than Zhang Ergou, but he looks like a ten-year-old child. Zhang Ergou has rescued him, so he has been Call Zhang Ergou “Brother Zhang”. He told the story of the Zhang brothers and sighed: “Grandpa, you always taught us to love brothers and treat brothers as siblings. Now you see that they are brothers, don’t you feel moved? They have gone through so much hardship. , how can you have the heart to let them die at the hands of our Hu family? You really want to let the poor second brother Zhang die? Grandpa, I beg you, spare them, spare them Get rid of them!”


Nineteen Lang also knelt down to Elder Hu’s legs, pulling on the hem of his clothes and begging bitterly.


The two brothers sincerely sympathize with Zhang Ergou’s experience, so even if the zombies hurt them, they still don’t want their clansmen to kill Zhang Dagou, making Zhang Ergou’s wish come to nothing.


A young vixen ran in from the door and said excitedly: “Block them, the two brothers are strutting in the woods, if it weren’t for the rabbit spirit leading the way, I really don’t think they didn’t at all. Hide.” He asked even more excitedly after seeing Seventeen and Nineteen: “Hey, you two boys can get up? How about going to take revenge with me!”


Seventeen Lang and Nineteen Lang’s faces changed drastically. They couldn’t understand why Ji Yecao, who was like a brother to Zhang Ergou, would help the family to hunt them down, but they knew that, The Zhang brothers were really dying this time, so they quickly knelt down and pleaded for the Zhang brothers.


Elder Hu let out a long sigh. He is not hard-hearted. After listening to the words of his two grandsons, most of his anger towards the Zhang brothers has disappeared, and he is also deeply sympathetic to the suffering of the two brothers, but he is the head of the family. , Now it is difficult to ride a tiger, and the reputation of the Hu family can never be returned to the hands of a little zombie.


The female Taoist priest looked at them silently for a moment and said, “Brother Hu, let me have a look?”


The young vixen who delivered the letter didn’t know her and looked at the old man Hu, but the old man said with a happy face: “Okay, let’s go see it together!”


When a fox spirit’s long sword stabbed, Zhang Ergou saw a figure inserted and blocked in front of him.


The sword that stabbed viciously without saying a word pierced right through the man’s chest.


“Brother Ji!!” Zhang Ergou let out a miserable scream, staring blankly at the blood splashing out of the weeds of Ji Ye, his heart went blank, except for a shrill cry, he couldn’t do anything.


The fox demons around don’t understand, this hare is shrewdly leading them all the way to find zombies, why did it suddenly do this at a critical moment, and they were all stunned for a moment. There was silence in the glade, except for Zhang Ergou: “Big Brother Ji, Big Brother Ji…”.


“I…” Ji Yecao reluctantly opened his eyes and looked at Zhang Ergou, “I originally… thought you… were eaten…”


“No, my eldest brother didn’t eat me. I don’t know why, but he brought me back here. I think he might be thinking about me!” It was the open space where their brothers used to live. The hut in the open space had long since disappeared, but Zhang Ergou was still so familiar with every grass and tree here. The fact that his brother was able to bring him here has added countless hopes in his heart, and he feels that his brother may be about to know him soon, and he will be reminded of the past.


Just when Zhang Ergou was chattering hopelessly at Zhang Dagou, the Hu family’s pursuers appeared.


Zhang Ergou didn’t expect them to come so quickly. Originally, he thought that the mountains and forests were so big. Even if they wanted to find this place, it would take a day or two for him and his brother to escape.


The people of the Hu family didn’t say anything when they saw the brothers, and the interactive weapons rushed up. Zhang Ergou usually learned some skills from Ji Yecao, but he was just a little neater. How could he have seen such a battle, he stayed there on the spot, and the fox demon unceremoniously made a killing move on him .


Just when Zhang Ergou thought he was going to die, Ji Yecao rushed over and stood in front of him.


Ji Yecao didn’t believe it, she was going to die like this. He pressed one hand to the wound, gasping for breath.


“Brother Ji, why did you come to save me…Why did you come to save me…” Zhang Ergou couldn’t hold back when he saw the blood gushing out of his chest, and burst into tears.


“I originally… wanted to use my brother… in exchange for the trust of the Hu family… I originally… thought that maybe I could… I could… become the disciple of Mr. Hu… Retribution, this is retribution… …I shouldn’t have…brought them…but I really thought…you were dead…I thought you were dead…”


“Brother Ji…Brother Ji…”


No matter how Zhang Ergou called, Ji Yecao’s eyes grew darker and darker, and finally lost his last look, and then his body shrank suddenly, turning into a little white rabbit wrapped in a large coat.


“You killed my eldest brother Ji, you killed my eldest brother Ji…” Zhang Ergou shouted heartbreakingly thinking about those demon foxes. How could they be so vicious, how could they join forces with Ji Yecao, whom they had no relationship with, to kill…


“You killed my eldest brother Ji, you killed my eldest brother Ji…” Zhang Ergou shouted heartbreakingly thinking about those demon foxes. How could they be so vicious, how could they join forces with Ji Yecao, whom they had no relationship with, to kill…


The demon foxes don’t care about this. Ji Yecao jumped to the sword by himself, so they won’t feel guilty. During the battle between Zhang Dagou and the demon foxes, another demon fox stared at Zhang Ergou again. Seeing that Zhang Ergou suddenly raised his head and stared at him with hatred, the demon fox immediately pounced on Zhang Ergou and raised his sword towards him. His head fell off.


Zhang Ergou had no sense of resistance at all, and just looked at the demon fox with fire in his eyes.


The long sword slashed without pause.


Zhang Dagou, who was not far away, suddenly let out a low growl, and regardless of the attack he was being attacked, he slapped the fox demon who attacked Zhang Ergou and relieved him.


“Brother…” Zhang Ergou looked at him blankly. Ji Yecao’s death and Zhang Dagou’s sudden rescue made him agitated.


When Zhang Dagou rescued his younger brother, a demon fox behind his back gave him a blow to the head at this time. Although this sword did not split his head in half, it still made a big hole in his head. If Zhang Dagou wasn’t a zombie, this sword would have killed him. Zhang Dagou became even more irritable and angry because of the injury, and he turned around with a claw. Although he was still several steps away from the demon fox, the force from the claw actually made a sound of “Zi” on the demon fox’s chest. A long blood trough, if it weren’t for the distance, could dig out the heart of the demon fox at once.


“Be careful, he has already fused that inner pill!” The demon fox stepped back, clutching his chest, screaming in a shrill voice.


Fox Girl’s 700-year-old Neidan has been sleeping in Zhang Dagou’s body for a long time, but now there are signs that it will merge with his body. Zhang Dagou couldn’t understand the meaning of this change, he just felt that there was a force in his body that was expanding outward, as if he wanted to stretch his body. His limbs were filled with such power, which made him want to pounce even more and fight with these demon foxes who were attacking him. With his reckless fight, the demon foxes around him were injured several times by him.


At this time, the fox demons were also red-eyed, and rushed towards the two brothers like a tidal wave.


Zhang Ergou felt that he might have lost his life. In despair, he lost hope of resistance and stood there dumbfounded, letting Zhang Dagou and the fox demons fight. Zhang Dagou remembered the death of his younger brother and Ji Yecao. The two things happened together, and this young man was already in a state of inability to think. No matter how fierce the battle around him, he was holding Ji Yecao’s body, so dumbfounded. Must be motionless. Fortunately, the fox demons had nothing to do with Zhang Ergou, who had obviously given up his resistance and relaxed their attacks. The target was all focused on Zhang Dagou, so that Zhang Ergou could survive until now.


During the battle, the gap between Zhang Dagou and the demon foxes gradually became apparent. He had nothing but magic power but couldn’t use it. Under the successive attacks of the demon foxes, he had no idea how many swords he had endured. Fortunately, his physique It was only a matter of time before he was strong enough to support him, but it was only a matter of time before he fell to the ground and died.


“He can’t do it anymore, work harder!”


The demon foxes slashed Zhang Dagou’s leg again and shouted.


Zhang Ergou suddenly came to his senses at this time, jumped behind Zhang Dagou, and used his body to shield him from the sword: “You killed my brother Ji, but also my brother, I, I fought with you. …”


At this time, the young demon fox who was in charge of the message hurried over and shouted: “Everyone, stop, the patriarch is here!”


The old man Hu and the female Taoist priest came over one after the other. They had been watching for a while, and only now did they show up to stop the fight.


The female Taoist asked old man Hu, “Brother Hu, how about leaving this matter to me?”


Old man Hu waved his hand: “You do it, you do it, let them disappear quickly, so that I don’t feel angry when I see them.” He had already guessed that the female Taoist priest was going to save the two brothers, so he had this Say it.


The female Taoist priest came over, and the fox demons made way for her. Zhang Dagou looked at this new “enemy” and rushed forward without thinking. The female Taoist priest’s originally peaceful face suddenly sank. The two sharp eyes were directed at Zhang Dagou, who had no sense of fear at first, and Zhang Dagou, who didn’t know how to retreat, was covered by her eyes.


Immediately afterwards, the female Taoist priest exuded an aura that was both familiar and unfamiliar to Zhang Dagou. He seemed to be very kind to this aura, but also seemed to be on guard. The female Taoist walked in front of him step by step.


“Daoist, Daxian, don’t hurt my brother.” Seeing that the situation was not good, Zhang Ergou threw himself at the feet of the female Taoist priest, pulling on the hem of her clothes with both hands and begging.


A woman’s heart is always softer, and she hopes that her plea can impress this female Taoist priest, who is respectful even of the Hu family, and ask her to spare Zhang Dagou. After Zhang Dagou injured Hu Shiqilang, this possibility is very slim. He still doesn’t want to give up his last chance. Ji Yecao is dead. He can no longer lose his brother. He can’t bear to lose two brothers in one day.


“Immortal, my brother is not a bad person, his brain was burned by that demon fox’s inner elixir, fairy, please be merciful, don’t kill him! My brother is really a good person, he changed to save me If this is the case, kill me if you want revenge! Please spare my brother.”


The female Taoist looked at Zhang Ergou, her eyes softened: “He’s already like this, do you still recognize him as your brother? Aren’t you afraid?”


“He’s my brother, he’ll always be my brother! No matter what he becomes, that won’t change! I’m afraid of him because I’m afraid he’ll hurt people because I know what a kind man my brother is , he must rather die than hurt others himself. But he became like this to protect me. After he died, he still tried his best to protect my incompetent brother, Taoist priest, you are a monk, you must Compassionate and compassionate, with a Bodhisattva…with an immortal heart (thinking that the other party was a Taoist priest who temporarily changed his tune and took back the name “Bodhisattva”), will you forgive him?”


“After I spared him, what would he do if he went to harm others? You also know the seventeenth son of the Hu family. He was lucky and didn’t lose his life. If the next time his ‘prey’ is not so good What about his luck? If I spared him, wouldn’t I have hurt others and those innocents who might have been hurt by him.”


“No, he will definitely not hurt people indiscriminately again. He has just recognized me and is desperately trying to protect me. My brother has already understood, his brain is already good! He will not do it again in the future. It hurts people, but you want to go home with me and have a normal life for my wife!” Speaking of which, Zhang Ergou burst into tears with excitement.


The female Taoist priest looked at Zhang Ergou. In order to save her brother, this young man dared to stand up and fight with a large group of demon foxes, even though he was a mortal and could not even know any spells. Her courage was very admirable. And she did see it just now, that zombie is indeed in the war, and has been protecting this young man. Is there such a thing in the world? A zombie, can you still remember what happened when you were a human?


This is impossible!


The female Taoist took a few steps forward with a bit of rudeness, and carefully looked at Zhang Dagou.


Zombies are the changes of the corpse caused by the erosion of earth qi, air qi, yin qi, etc. It should be said that what has changed is only the corpse of a certain creature, not the creature itself-because that creature has already These changes will only occur after death, that is to say, the person who becomes a zombie is just an unknowing and stinky sack, and has nothing to do with the person before his death.


Maybe some zombies can feel certain scenes in their lifetimes, but they still have memories and emotions of their lifetimes. This well-informed female Taoist priest has never heard of them. Even she herself only retained a sense of sanity by relying on an ancient artifact, remembering that she was just a person. But the affairs of the woman named Qin Suqiu in the previous life were completely another person’s life, another person’s encounters, and she would neither be sad nor moved by them.


But why is this zombie different? The female Taoist looked at Zhang Ergou and Zhang Dagou, and suddenly said, “Okay, now that you two are deeply in love, I will just as you wish, I will use your life to atone with the Hu family and spare this zombie.” Zhang Ergou slapped Zhang Ergou with a palm.


Zhang Ergou closed his eyes and waited to die, but Zhang Dagou roared and rushed towards the female Taoist priest. The female Taoist priest flipped her palm and hit him **** the chest, knocking him out.


“Daoist, you said that it would be worth my life, don’t kill my elder brother!” Zhang Ergou walked forward on his knees and hugged the female Taoist priest’s legs to prevent her from chasing Zhang Dagou. “Master, kill me, don’t kill my brother.”


The female Taoist saw Zhang Dagou struggling to get up, and wanted to pounce on her, she nodded with a smile: “It really is a brotherhood, well, I’ll give you a chance to survive both of you, are you willing? Worship me as a teacher?”


“What?” Zhang Ergou was confused by this completely different attitude from before, and was speechless, and the surrounding fox demons also exclaimed, this female Taoist practiced She has a certain reputation among the monsters for her unique approach. She took the initiative to accept apprentices. For the Zhang brothers, it can be said to be a pie that fell from the sky.


Seeing that the Zhang brothers didn’t answer (actually, Zhang Ergou didn’t know how to answer, but Zhang Dagou didn’t understand what she was talking about and how to answer), the female Taoist looked around at the fox demons and said, “You don’t know how to answer. I promise, of course I can’t force it, but…”


Zhang Ergou understood what she meant by saying that if he and his brother didn’t take her as their teacher, she would turn around and leave, and these fox demons would never let their brothers go. If she became her apprentice, she would naturally stand up for her apprentice. Judging from the attitude of the fox demons when she appeared, it should be easy for her to save herself and her eldest brother, right?


Zhang Ergou weighed it left and right, but he didn’t even bother to think about the origin and character of this female Taoist priest, so he knelt down and said, “Yes, we are willing, Master is on the top, please accept the disciples, brother, You too…” He stretched out his hand to pull Zhang Dagou to kowtow together, but was so frightened by Zhang Dagou’s teeth that he retracted his hand.


“ Brother, his brain is not clear, don’t blame him, you…”


“I know, he didn’t think so.” The female Taoist looked at Zhang Dagou with pity in her eyes, “If he had a choice, he would definitely not be willing to become a zombie.”


“Daoist, you are…” A demon fox finally said, “He is the enemy of our clan. He just injured Shiqi Lang and blinded him in one eye.”


“I know, it was Seventeen and Nineteen who begged me to save them.”


“What, they…” Zhang Ergou and the foxes called out together.


“Seventeen Lang is a good boy. He will definitely achieve something in the future. He doesn’t care about the injury himself, let alone you.” The female Taoist priest was obviously standing in the newly accepted apprenticeship. While talking.


“South Daoist, this zombie is cunning, ruthless, and has eaten a hundred-year-old demon fox neidan. If he is allowed to go on like this, he will become a big problem for one party in the future. If you want to save him, don’t you fear that he will have feathers in the future? So plump, even you can’t control him.”


“No, I can see that he is still struggling between humans and zombies. As long as he is taught by Master, he will not go to the evil way.” The female Taoist said confidently.


“Master, he’s just a zombie!” Teaching a brainless zombie well, this statement is really new.


The female Taoist smiled lightly and said to everyone, “I’m also a zombie…” In a stunned state, she waved her hand, and a beam of light covered the Zhang brothers, and the three master and apprentice disappeared together in the light. among.



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