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The Northern Liang Dynasty Palace is located in Qingliang Mountain.


As the only surviving king of different surnames in the dynasty, the Northern Liang King Xu Xiao, who has mixed reputations in temples and rivers and lakes, as a meritorious military minister, can be said to have obtained everything except the emperor’s throne. In the three northwestern states, he is the well-deserved master. , Covering the sky with one hand, turning the clouds and raining.


It’s no wonder that the adults in the court who disagree with this different surname Wang politically will swear Xu Manzi in private, and some of them who are deliberately unpredictable have lost the hat of “the second emperor” even more.


Today, the palace is very lively. The high-ranking king of Beiliang personally opened the middle door and put on a glorious honour to greet an old man with a fairy style and bones. The people in the palace only heard that they came from the Taoist holy land of Longhu Mountain. The gods, who have fallen in love with the foolish little prince, want to be retired disciples, this is a great blessing, and Beiliang Prince’s Mansion explained that stupid people have stupid blessings.


No, the little prince hasn’t cried since he was born. He doesn’t know anything about reading and can speak at the age of six. His name is mighty and majestic. Xu Longxiang is rumored to be taken by the old **** of Longhushan. Good twelve. I’ll accept disciples again in the next year, this is not as promised.


In a courtyard in the palace, the ancestor of the first-level Taoist ancestor in Longhushan has a white beard and frowning brows. He is carrying an unusual little Zhongkui style mahogany sword. Everyone should give a sincere compliment to the word dust.


But this time the apprenticeship has obviously encountered a lot of obstacles. It is not that the palace has objections, but that his future apprentice has a strong temper. He squats under a pear tree and uses his **** to deal with him in this world of orthodoxy. As for the cheap masters who can be ranked in the top three in terms of status, as for martial arts, ahem, the top 30 should always be there.


Even the king of Beiliang of the great pillar country had to squat there to persuade each other with good words, and there was abduction in the persuasive temptation, “Son, go to Longhushan to learn something, and whoever dares to call you stupid in the future, you will be beaten. He, a civilian and military commander below Rank 3, is not afraid of being killed. Father will support you.”


“My son, you have great strength. It would be a pity not to learn martial arts to be one of the top ten masters in the world. Dangdang. When you return from school, Dad will give you a captain Dangdang, ride a five-flowered horse, wear heavy armor, and much Style.”


The little prince completely ignored him, staring at the ground with relish.


“Huang Man’er, don’t you like to eat candied haws, the wild hawthorns everywhere in the Dragon and Tiger Mountains, you just pick and eat. Tianshi Zhao, don’t you?”


The old **** squeezed a smile and nodded repeatedly. When the apprentice received this report, he was shocked, and the whole world was not a joke when he said it.


But even if Dazhuguo, who is in a dignified super-first-grade official position and utterly talked about in the twelve counties, has a dry mouth, the boy still has no response. It is probably impatient that the old man is talking loudly and cocked his butt. There was a loud fart, and he turned his head and grinned at the old man.


The King of Northern Liang was so angry that he raised his hand to strike, but he raised his hand and held it in a stalemate for a while, then gave up. On the one hand, it is reluctant to fight, and on the other hand, it is meaningless to fight.


This son is really worthy of the name, Xu Longxiang, taken from “The dragon is the strongest in the water, and the elephant is the first in the land. It is as powerful as a king, and it is a dragon.” Don’t look at the silly son of Huang Maner I am stupid, I still don’t know how to use Chinese characters, my skin is dark and yellow, and my body is thinner than people of the same age, but his strength is terrifying.


Xu Xiao joined the army to kill at the age of ten. From the killing of the Huns in Jinzhou in the northeast, the extermination of six countries in the south, the massacre of more than seventy cities in the south, and the suppression of the 16 tribes in the southwest. There is no such thing as being born with copper bars and iron bones.


Xu Xiao sighed softly in his heart. If Huang Man’er could be a little bit smarter and open up a little bit more, he would surely become the best warrior in the future.


He slowly got up and turned his head to smile awkwardly at Longhushan, a senior Taoist priest. The latter’s eyes didn’t make any sense, but his heart was inevitably sad. It was not a problem to accept an apprentice to receive this. Once it spreads out, you can’t be laughed at by the people of the world, this old face doesn’t want to be placed in front of the large group of disciples and grandchildren in Longhushan.


The helpless king of Beiliang had a plan, he hehe said: “Huang Man’er, your brother is coming back from the parade. It’s about time to enter the city by the hour, don’t you go out and see?”


The little prince suddenly raised his head, his expression unchanged for thousands of years, but his usual dull and innocent eyes burst with rare brilliance, which was very piercing, and he rushed out when he held his father’s hand.


It’s a pity that the Northern Liang Palace was famous for its hundreds of twists and turns, otherwise it would not be able to accommodate a “listening to tide pavilion” that was criticized by the court officials and officials. Xu Xiao, whose hands were so painful by his son, had to I was reminded several times that I was on the wrong path, and I walked for a full time, and then I came to the outside of the house.


Behind the father and son and the old gods, followed by a group of servants carrying large and small boxes, they are all ready to take to Longhu Mountain. The king of Beiliang is rich and can be an enemy country, and he has always been doting on his children. A little wronged.


When he arrived outside the house, the little prince saw that the street was empty, where there was his brother’s figure. He was disappointed and then angry. He roared, hoarse and irritable. At first he wanted to be angry with Xu Xiao, but he was stupid, at least not. Knowing that this is his father, otherwise Xu Xiao’s fate would have been like the black warrior who met Xu Longxiang in the autumn hunt not long ago, and was torn in half by a single-handed twelve-year-old boy. He glared at the guilty old man, turned around and left.


I don’t want Xu Xiao, who has fallen short, to throw a look at the old god. The real Longhushan smiled slightly and stretched out his arm like a withered bamboo, but only **** clasped the little prince’s wrist, and said softly and kindly: “Xu Longxiang, don’t waste your rare talent in a century, just follow me. Go to Longhu Mountain for up to ten years, and you can go down the mountain and make a contribution.”


The young man didn’t talk nonsense, snorted, and continued on his way, but the mysterious and weird thing was that he found that he could not break free from the seemingly light and windy shackles of the old Taoist priest, and he failed to land even if he took a step out of the air.


The King of Northern Liang is relieved, this master of Taoism is so high that he has some abilities. He knows his son and is not a father. Xu Xiao doesn’t know the strength of his younger son. He is so domineering that he dare not make more arrangements. The maidservant and maidservant gave her son, for fear that she would break her arm or leg by accident. There are countless tables and chairs that have been smashed and broken in the courtyard over the years, but also because of the solid foundation of the Beiliang Prince’s family, the ordinary and wealthy people have long gone bankrupt.


The little prince was stunned for a moment, then became angry, gave a soft drink, and took the old **** to take one step, two steps, three steps forward. The real person with a yellow crown on his head and wearing a Taoist robe just gave a faint sigh, not angry but happy, quietly increasing his strength a bit, preventing the boy from continuing to move forward.


As a result, Xu Longxiang was really angry, with a hideous face like a wild beast. He stretched out his free hand and held the arm of the old Taoist priest with both hands. He sank his feet, clicked, and stepped on the white jade floor. With a pit, he threw the old Taoist whole person out.


Dazhu Kingdom Xu Xiao squinted his eyes, not afraid of causing a murder. If the Taoist priest did not have this ability, he would fall to death if he fell to death. He even used the Liangzhou iron horse to step down the impossible Western Chu dynasty. Now, when did you have the slightest awe of the Jianghu martial arts? What about Longhushan, the leader of the world’s Taoism? Although the several big sects in its jurisdiction are not comparable to Longhu Mountain, they are also first-class in the dynasty. For example, the Wudang Mountain, which has been fighting against Longhu Mountain for hundreds of years, is detached enough in the world. Haven’t people taken the initiative to send three or four pots of precious medicinal pills every year?


The old Taoist priest lightly floated on a two-person tall white jade lion at the gate of the palace, very immortal. With this hand alone, if it were left in the market, it wouldn’t be enough to win cheers.


According to the popular saying of the eldest son of the eldest son of the king of the Northern Liang Dynasty, Xu Xiao’s eldest son, that’s “reward, this job is not easy, it’s technical work”, maybe hundreds or thousands of silver tickets will be rewarded. , I think how many brothel Qinglings or swindlers got his lavish rewards before His Highness the Son of the World came out of Beiliang to harm others.


The highest record was a foreign ranger who fought with local swordsmen on the street. He fought from the street food stall to the lakeside and finally hit the roof of the largest Harrier Yixiang Building in Liangzhou by the lake. Bai Rixuan–The lewd son woke up, and immediately ignored the oiran lady, who was as tender as mutton fat and beautiful jade, shouted in the window. Afterwards, the son of the son did not pursue the investigation, but almost gave the ranger to the ranger. To send the big brocade card to a good man in Liangzhou, he even asked the servant to rush to send a large stack of 100,000 silver bills.


It’s really lonely to not have His Royal Highness Lingzhou who likes to play with eagle fighting dogs. The decent little ladies finally dared to go to the streets to buy rouge beautifully, and the second-rate dudes finally disappeared with them to grab the devil who bullied the male and female, and the big and small brothels could not wait for the big and small brothers to spend a lot of money. NS.


Xu Xiao, the king of the Northern Liang Dynasty, had two daughters and two sons, both of whom were wonderful.


The big princess married, and Lianke’s three husbands became the widows with the most cheesy dowries in the dynasty. She was famous in the five counties of Jiangnan Province, and she was arrogant.


Although the two princesses are plain-looking, they are erudite and talented, and they are skilled in latitude and longitude. They studied under the master of Han Guzi from Shangyin Academy, and became the little juniors of the celebrities of the empire, such as Xu Huang, master of warfare, and Sima Can, warlord of vertical and horizontal directions.


Xu Longxiang is the youngest son of the King of Northern Liang, and is relatively unremarkable, while the eldest son is a guy with a big reputation in even the capital. When you mention Xu Xiao in the Great Pillar Kingdom, you will inevitably link with the elder Xu Fengnian, “Praise “The tiger father has no dogs, but Xu Xiao is brave on the battlefield, but his son is fighting for the prodigal family.


Three years ago, His Royal Highness Xu Fengnian rumored that he was driven out of the palace with a sword on his neck, and was forced to study the routine travels of the young descendants of the Guanzhong Hao Clan and before the crown ceremony. Zhou still remembers that when His Royal Highness was out of the city, there was a touching scene with tears in the eyes of the dozens of big dandies and dozens of oirans on the wall, but there was an inside story saying that when His Royal Highness was gone, the banquet at the Cardinal Tower was all night. , Too much wine was poured into Hanoi, and the whole city could smell the wine.


Back to the palace, the little prince ran towards the jade lion, who was obstructed. It seemed that he was not addicted to throwing an old man. This time he was going to throw out the obnoxious old man together with the lion.


Just as soon as he shook the lion, the old dragon and tiger mountain drifted down, holding a hand of the young man, using real kung fu, and using the obscure “moving mountain” technique of Taoism, he would bend his knees halfway. The squatting teenager pulled up and said with a chuckle: “Huang Man’er, don’t make trouble, let’s go as a teacher.”


The young man held the corner of the lion’s base with one hand, five fingers like a hook, deep into the jade, refused to let go, his arms stretched like an ape, hoarse: “I will wait for my brother to come back, my brother said to bring me back The No. 1 beauty in the world is a wife, I want to wait for him!”


Xu Xiao, an extremely human minister, couldn’t laugh or cry. He looked helplessly at Huang Guan, and sighed heavily: “Finally, wait a minute, it’s coming anyway.”


The old Taoist smiled weird when he heard the words, but he let go of the little prince’s arm, and his tongue was smacked. This little guy is more than a natural supernatural power.


However, that little **** named Xu Fengnian is really coming back? This is not good news. I wanted to come back to the palace back then, but suffered a lot. First, he was treated as a liar who cheated and drank. Not to mention, the seven or eight-year-old rabbit directly released a group of vicious dogs to bite him. Later, he explained clearly and entered. After arriving at the mansion, Xiao Wang’s **** became nasty again, and sent two charming Meijiao-Niang three-gearers to knock on the door in the middle of the night, saying that the weather was cold and the quilt needed to be warm. After that, I occasionally think of it now, and I regret not having chatted with the two girls all night about “The Great Hole Truth” and “Huang Ting Jing”.


In the evening, the old and the young on the official road were stretched out by the afterglow. The old man was carrying a long suitcase wrapped in rags. The clothes were ragged, the white hair was mixed with a few thatch, and he was broken. The bowl squatted on the ground to beg, holding a scrawny lame horse. The little one is actually quite old, with a stubble face and a sackcloth, like a refugee fleeing famine.


“Lao Huang, hold on for a while. After entering the city and returning home, there will be a big piece of meat and a big bowl of wine. His mother, I didn’t think this wine and meat was a rare thing before. No, I dream about it every day.” The young man who can’t see his true age is weak.


The sloppy old man with the appearance of a servant chuckled, revealing a yellow tooth with missing front teeth, which looked ridiculous and honest.


“Laughing at you, uncle, I can’t even cry now.” The young man rolled his eyes and said, he really didn’t have the energy to toss.


On the 2,000-mile journey home, I was almost down to begging along the road. I fumbled for fish in the water, went uphill to hide and seek with rabbits, climbed trees to dig out the bird’s nest, just bring some meat and cooked it, and don’t care if there is any salt. , Then it’s the most delicious meal in the world. During the period, I passed through the village and tried to steal some chickens, ducks and so on. Several times, he was chased by a strong man carrying a **** and a stick and ran for dozens of miles, almost not exhausted.


Which anointed beam disciple is not a fresh-clothed anger and majestic horse?


Look at myself again, dressed in tattered linen, a pair of straw sandals, and a lame horse. He was reluctant to slaughter and eat meat, and he was reluctant to even ride, but he had more mouths.


There are no more evil slaves. Lao Huang’s small body is so small that he feels flustered just looking at it, for fear that he will be silent and belching one day when he walks two thousand miles. There is no companion to talk to, and I have to work hard to dig a hole in the wilderness.


Not yet in the city, there is a stall with apricot blossom wine not far outside the city wall. He is really exhausted. He smelled the wine, closed his eyes, sniffed, and looked intoxicated. What a thief. Of incense. With a fierce attack, he walked over to find the only empty stool and sat down, gritted his teeth and shouted with his last strength: “Little Er, serve wine!”


The alcoholic people who came out of the city or rested on the way into the city all disliked this shabbyly dressed master and servant, and deliberately sat far away.


The busy shop Xiaoer originally listened to the voice and wanted to echo “good”, but as soon as he saw the costumes of the master and servant, he immediately pulled down his face and came out to do business. How about the eyesight of these two guests? But I don’t want to be the kind of money that can be paid for the wine. The shop Xiaoer is still kind, and he did not immediately rush people. He just reminded with a smiley face: “Our signature apricot blossom wine can cost 20 yuan per pot, which is not expensive. , It’s not cheap either.”


If it was in the past, the young people would have let the dogs out of the slaves long ago, but the three years have been in a cold world, they have been accustomed to penniless days, their temperament has become too much, and they gasped for breath. : “It’s okay, naturally someone will come to check out, and your reward money is indispensable.”


“Reward?” The shop Xiaoer opened his with a look of contempt.


The young man smiled bitterly, put his thumb and forefinger to his mouth, and used the last bit of milking energy to blow a whistle, and then he fell asleep on the simple wine table, snores, and fell asleep. The shop Xiaoer felt baffled, only the sharp-eyed people could vaguely see a shadow flashing above his head.


An eagle-like bird flew over the city head like an arrow.


Probably when the drinkers drank a bowl of apricot blossom wine, the earth roared without warning, the wine table shook, and the drinkers stared at the wine swaying with the wooden table. They all held it up cautiously and looked around.


I saw a group of iron horses rushing out of the city gate, stretching into two black lines, as if there was no end. Amidst the dust, the tall horses are all heavy-armored riders in Beiliang, with a hundred famous people moving the world. Look at the king’s flag in the hands of the headed general who carries the flag, as bright as blood, and the letter is “Xu”!


Hey, the direct army under the command of the King of Northern Liang.


In the world, who can compete with the iron cavalry of Beiliang who galloped through the thirteen states in the north and south of the dynasty?


In the past, the Western Chu Dynasty felt that its 120,000 eucalyptus warriors dared to go against their edge, but as a result, the whole army was wiped out in the battle of Jinghe, and all the soldiers were killed and howled like thunder.


Two hundred elite cavalry sprinted out, mighty and imposing like a rainbow.


An aura of eagle falcon above his head seems to be leading the way.


The two hundred cavalry stood still for an instant, and their actions were exactly the same. This skill has far exceeded the scope of a general soldier who is capable of fighting forever.


The fourth-rank military commander Zhechong Duwei turned over and got off his horse. At a glance, he saw the old servant leading the horse, and immediately ran to the wine shop, kneeled and bowed, and said respectfully: “The last general will be the country, see His Royal Highness!”


And the shabby young man who ranted to give money as a reward just murmured in his sleep, “Little Er, serve wine.” My QT room was opened! The official QT room number [1655] of the princes of the beacon play, click to enter


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