The Ring That Defies The Heavens Chapter 559: Trouble yourself



“Haha… Little brother Jiang Fei, everyone is from the alliance, how can you talk like that, we came to you just to talk about family affairs, you can’t use us as businessmen of the Holy See!” Green Lord Mao of Liu Shanzhuang smiled and said that because he was Han Tianyu’s master, he was also a group of people who were relatively close to Jiang Fei.


“That’s right! That’s right! You’re your own people, we’re not here to find you little brother for profit!” Zhao Ganming also laughed. After all, these people are more convenient to speak because they have dealt with Jiang Fei.


“Oh? Since all of you are not here because of the Spirit Power Pill, why are you looking for me?” Jiang Fei smiled, and he naturally understood in his heart that these guys couldn’t come up with any decent treasures, so they had to make friends, but since It was Lord Mao who spoke up, and Jiang Fei didn’t want Han Tianyu to pick and roll for him, so he could only pretend to be interested and see how these old guys + pig + pig + island + novel + www + z + planned to continue the show.


“Haha, little brother Jiang, you don’t know something, Zong Wei praised you many times after returning, so the young disciples in the alliance all admire you, this time we are looking for an opportunity to let you young people Let’s communicate more!” A middle-aged warrior sitting not far from Jiang Fei laughed. According to the scan results of 0541, this guy was actually a peak fourth-level warrior!


“This is Bai Zongwei’s father, Bai Wanli, the head of the Snow Mountain Sect.” Han Tianyu knew that Jiang Fei didn’t know these people, so he introduced in a low voice in his ear.


“Sect Master Bai is so wrong! I don’t know what you mean by communication?” Jiang Fei waved his hand with a smile and asked. He also wanted to know what medicine these people were selling in the gourd.


“Hey! This is Xue Aohan, the most outstanding disciple of our Snow Mountain Sect. She wants to study with little brother Jiang for a while.” Bai Wanli pointed to a 16- or 17-year-old female disciple behind him.


“I’ve seen Senior Brother Jiang!” The female disciple stepped forward and saluted Jiang Fei with a fist, Jiang Fei glanced at the little girl, she was indeed pure and lovely, as if she had come out of classical painting and calligraphy.


“Uh…” Jiang Fei didn’t understand what Bai Wanli meant, and after a little stunned time, the representatives of other sects also spoke up.


“That’s right! That’s right! Our younger disciples here also plan to study with little brother Jiang for a while!”


“Yes! Our Tianlingmen too!”


“Our Wanhua Sect disciples also think so…”




After Bai Wanli started, the entire conference room was lively. The elders were selling female disciples of their own sect one by one, and those female disciples stepped forward one after another to clench their fists and hands over Jiang Fei. Stupid.


“Your sister! What kind of trouble is this going to happen! Even if the young people communicate with each other, Nima, why did you bring all such shrewd female disciples!” Jiang Fei hurriedly looked at Han Tianyu for help.


“Haha, it’s not the four pills that caused the trouble!” Han Tianyu shrugged helplessly, and then told Jiang Fei what happened.


In order to divert the attention of the Warrior Alliance so that he could have enough time to find the wreckage of the Spirit, Jiang Fei threw out four medicinal pills that could permanently increase energy recovery at all costs.


Sure enough, all of a sudden, not only the Warrior Alliance, but also the eyes of other supernatural forces were all attracted. This is a treasure that even the fourth-level peak warriors coveted!


Finally, the dust of the four medicinal pills settled. Except for the excluded sect, Lingyun Sect, the other martial arts sects basically competed for these four medicinal pills based on their strength. He insisted that two of the medicinal pills were Jiang Fei’s tokens of love for his two girls. The proof was that these two girls had lived together with Jiang Fei for several days!


Granny Jinhua asked for half of the amount for one mouth. Of course, other sects could not agree, but it was an indisputable fact that the Yang family sisters lived with Jiang Fei’s house for several days. When there was no figure and no way to verify, the other sects of the Warrior Alliance were afraid of offending Jiang Fei, so they had to compromise and finally agreed to give Shuiyuedongtian a medicinal pill, but even if they only gave one, it would have gone through the back door. Knowing that with the strength of Shuiyue Dongtian, they couldn’t even compete for one.


With the example of Shuiyuedongtian, everyone will naturally become more active. Since Jiang Fei likes beautiful women, who doesn’t have girls? So when they came to Jiang Fei this time, the representatives of these sects selected female disciples with the best qualifications and top appearances from their sects. They first instilled a lot of thoughts on them to love the sect, and then they planned to send these girls to the school. Jiang Fei’s side.


“I wipe! When did I become a pervert in the eyes of various sects?” Jiang Fei rolled his eyes after listening to Han Tianyu’s explanation.


He thought it was strange just now that the representatives of these sects brought young female disciples here. At first, he thought that these old guys were bringing the younger generation to meet the world. Now Jiang Fei realized that he was co-authoring these old women. The guy brought the girl here to give gifts to Jiang Daguan!


“How to do it?” Jiang Fei cast a look of help at Han Tianyu.


“Don’t look at me, didn’t you see that my master brought all my junior sisters? I didn’t do anything. If you can’t do it, you will accept them all!” Han Tianyu also rolled his eyes at this time. I’ve been chasing him for a long time, but because he is too scumbag in the martial artist circle, this little junior sister doesn’t look at him directly. Now it’s better, this little junior sister smiled and went to Jiang Fei to post it upside down, this is really a person You have to die compared to people, and you have to throw away goods compared with goods!


“Go play with eggs! Whoever likes to accept it!” Jiang Fei glared at Han Tianyu. He was inexplicably driven crazy by a group of girls in the game. If it wasn’t for the mysterious benefit of 0541, He was in the mood to stop playing. Now it’s hard to be quiet in reality. If these girls are all around him, then he shouldn’t be killed on the spot?


“Then think of a way yourself, I’m out of options!” Han Tianyu made a helpless expression.


“Thank you for your praise, seniors! It’s okay to communicate with each other, but I’m going to practice with my master recently. I’m afraid I don’t have time to accompany you to practice martial arts. Besides, your sisters are all beautiful and beautiful, and my girlfriend will be jealous!” Han Tianyu muttered for a long time, but couldn’t get any Jiang Fei had no choice but to lift Situ Ying out of the top tank.


“Damn it! You actually have a girlfriend! It’s okay, boy, you’re enlightened!” Han Tianyu quietly stabbed Jiang Fei. He could say that he knew Jiang Fei’s character best.


“Ah?!” Almost as soon as Jiang Fei’s voice came out, everyone’s eyes turned to the Yang family sisters, apparently everyone mistakenly thought they were Jiang Fei’s so-called girlfriends.


“You don’t have to guess, my girlfriend is not a warrior, just an ordinary person!” Jiang Fei’s original intention was to clarify, so as not to embarrass the Yang family sisters, but when he said this, the Yang family sisters’ faces were even more ugly .


Although it wasn’t their sister’s intention to contact Jiang Fei at first, and the two women never had a relationship with Jiang Fei, but the master, Grandma Jinhua, had publicly claimed that they were living together with Jiang Fei for the sake of the elixir, which is equivalent to Jiang Fei’s brand was stamped on them, and now Jiang Fei actually declared that his girlfriend was someone else in public. This was a huge blow to the face and heart of the two women.


“My silly brother, aren’t you making trouble for yourself by explaining this!” Han Tianyu covered his face beside him. From the faces of the sisters in the Yang family and the gloating expressions of the people around him, he knew Jiang Fei’s misfortune. Big trouble!


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