The Ring That Defies The Heavens Chapter 548: An unexpected ending



After Jiang Fei was teleported to the outside of the valley, he immediately returned to the cave with Isabella. He planned to have a good talk with the uncle of the Dragon God and let him take back the blessing and the unfortunate mission. After all, this kind of Things were too nonsense for Jiang Fei.


But when Jiang Fei returned to the cave again, how could there be any shadow of the cave? No matter whether Jiang Fei tapped on the mountain wall or checked carefully, he couldn’t find any sign of a cave here. If it wasn’t for the task on his body and the blessing of the Dragon God, he would have even thought it had appeared just now. misunderstood.


At the same time, in the real world, in an underground base in northwest China, several researchers were talking.


“How’s it going?”


“The plan has begun!”


“Hmmm! If this player can really promote the evolution of these AIs, that would be a huge help to us!”


“Yes! We have provided him with the greatest convenience, and the rest is up to our guesses to be correct!”


“If this kid is really that strong, our achievements will be written in the annals of history!”


“Hehe, but this time, this kid will suffer. He picks up 10,000 girls at a time. Haha, it’s funny just thinking about it.”




Jiang Fei didn’t know that what he had just experienced was man-made, and he was still worried that he was about to be haunted by a girl.


“I didn’t expect that he actually became a dragon god…” Although Isabella didn’t know what happened to Jiang Fei, she was also very confused.


At this time, Isabella was sacrificed because of the dragon soul. She has also become a member of the Dragon Clan, so the Dragon God is naturally also her racial leader. But since she was a child, she has been taught that fire prevention and theft are more important to guard against the Dragon God, so she felt awkward.


“Forget it… Forget it, let’s get down to business first!” Jiang Fei shook his head vigorously. They came here to save Hua Mulan. Although they experienced the episode of Dragon God, the mission The goal remains the same.


Because the cave where the Dragon God was located did not provide Jiang Fei and the two with a shortcut through the valley, the rescue plan for the two had to be implemented according to the initial idea. First, in the middle of the road, he stalked the prisoner’s car, and then took advantage of the opportunity that the guards in the castle were too late to react, and quickly passed the path in front of the castle to escape the valley.


After making a plan, Jiang Fei and the two found a place to ambush, and then quietly waited for the arrival of the prison car.


One minute and one second passed, and the closer to the execution time, the more nervous Jiang Fei felt. Because they have only one chance, once they fail, there will be no chance for recovery. If the mission fails, Jiang Fei doesn’t care if they lose some experience, but he and Hua Mulan fought side by side after all. He felt bad about letting Hua Mulan die like this.


Seeing that the sun had already set in the west, and the execution time was still half an hour away. At this time, the gate of the small castle opened, and a team slowly drove out from the castle.


In front of this line are two hundred cavalrymen clearing the way. There are a hundred cavalry in the back, and there are five hundred guards in the middle. They are all fully armed, and in the team is a prison car, which is escorting Hua Mulan.


Around Mulan’s prison car were 500 members of the Saintess’ Guard. Their identities were not strong enough to ride in the car. They just walked to the execution ground on both sides of the prison car.


These members of the Saintess Guard are tied together by ropes at this time, like grasshoppers on a rope, even if they want to escape, it is impossible!


The team escorting the prisoners slowly moved forward. Because this is the hinterland of the Bright camp, these guards did not maintain much vigilance, which provided Jiang Fei with a lot of opportunities.


The team marched all the way, gradually moving away from the small castle, and the gate of the small castle was closed again.


Ten minutes later, the team arrived at the ambush location of Jiang Fei and the two.


“Bella, get ready! Let’s go!” Jiang Fei whistled as he spoke, summoning the floating young dragon too!




With the sound of a dragon roar, Jiang Fei and Isabella rolled over onto the dragon’s back and rushed towards the prison van!


“Roar!” With a furious roar, the floating young dragon spit out flames at the guards guarding the prisoners on both sides!


“Enemy attack!” Although the flame breath of the floating young dragon is not enough to threaten these 70-level elite guards, it also makes the opponent evade and the formation is in chaos!


“Bella! Do it!” After Jiang Fei took a dive, Isabella took the opportunity to jump off the dragon’s back.


Before Jiang Fei had discussed with Isabella, he was responsible for attacking these guards and attracting their attention, and Isabella was responsible for saving people!


But just as Jiang Fei was about to attack these guards, a series of system prompts suddenly sounded!


“Ding! Guard Salad has revered you for your reputation!”


“Ding! Guard Kelly has revered you for your reputation!”




Because Jiang Fei was preparing to attack, the floating young dragon flew at a very low altitude and swooped past the guards’ heads. As a result, three-quarters of the 800 guards changed their names from red to green!


Originally, Jiang Fei’s title of male **** can make his initial reputation with women become friendly, plus the blessing from the dragon god, plus 5,000 reputation on the basis of friendliness, so Jiang Fei’s reputation with these girls But it is directly respected!


“Attack! Kill this **** demon!” Although the girls stopped attacking Jiang Fei, there were still male soldiers among these guards.


“You are not allowed to hurt him!” Seeing that these male soldiers were planning to attack Jiang Fei, the female soldiers immediately quit!


As ordinary soldiers, these soldiers have only an initial level of respect for their own faction’s prestige, but now they have respect for Jiang Daguan’s prestige. Once two friendly factions fight, under the system’s prestige rules, these The female soldier is naturally helping the one with high reputation!


“Damn! Are you idiot women going to betray too?!” Seeing these female soldiers point their weapons at them, these male soldiers are going crazy!


“Humph! Although we don’t want to betray, we will never allow you to hurt him!” The female soldiers were very determined!


“I’ll rub it!? Can you still play like this?” Jiang Fei was dumbfounded when he saw it in the sky. He never expected this ending.


Because the Saintess Guards are mostly female soldiers, the guards who look after them are mainly female soldiers. Now the female soldiers suddenly defected, and as a result, less than 200 male soldiers were immediately surrounded!


“Let go of those from the Saintess Guards first.” Jiang Fei said from the sky.


“Yes! Your Excellency!” Although these female soldiers had no idea of ​​admiration for Jiang Fei, their reverence and prestige made them regard Jiang Fei as their leader.


Soon, the 500 Saintess Guards were loosened, and Mulan was released from the prison cart.


“Disarm all these male soldiers, and then tie them all up!” Jiang Fei waved his hand, the current situation is completely up to him! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users, please read it.)


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