The Ring That Defies The Heavens Chapter 547: I’m not happy if you don’t play to death, right?



“The flower-picking dragon?” Jiang Fei was completely at a loss as he listened to the conversation between the two.


“That’s right!” Isabella muttered a few words in Jiang Fei’s ear with a flushed face.


“So that’s the case…” When Jiang Fei looked at the golden dragon again, there was a color of adoration in his eyes!


It turns out that this Bennett Stradz is very popular among the aborigines in the world of “Dawn”, especially those with daughters, who use this uncle as a model to educate their daughters: fire, theft, and giant dragon!


The temperament of the dragon clan has been said before, the whole clan is greedy for money, and the male giant dragon adds a lustful addition to the greed of money, and there is no race limit, girls of any race can make friends!


However, the other dragon buddies are more direct, basically grabbing it and entering the bridal chamber, and they don’t accept the account when they put on their pants. But this uncle, as he said, is an outlier in the dragon clan. This buddy not only wants a girl’s person, but also a girl’s heart.


I don’t know where this uncle learned to pick up girls. There are no problems in picking up girls. I don’t know how many girls from all ethnic groups have been kidnapped! Originally, it seems even more hateful for other dragon buddies to put on their pants and not acknowledge the account, but the blood of the dragon family is good. It can add a master with dragon blood to their own family, which is definitely a problem for small races other than the five major races. It’s a good thing, so for the sake of interest, even the husbands of those girls basically recognized them by pinching their noses.


But this uncle can’t do it. He abducts people directly. What can the race of other girls do? Therefore, during the propaganda process, all the charges of the dragon clan lecherous and dominating women were all detained on the head of Bennett Stratz.


It would be fine if it was just those small races, but this uncle became more and more evil afterward. Not only did he hook up with girls from small races, but even the five races didn’t just let go. The most classic thing is that this guy made The Moon God was hooked up and ran away. Needless to say, the Protoss went crazy on the spot, and the God of Light even pulled the army to block the door of the Dragon Clan and scolded the street!


In the end, of course, the pair of hard-working mandarin ducks were dismantled, and Bennett Stratz also disappeared without a trace. If it weren’t for the fact that the God of Light had a particularly tough attitude, it is estimated that the sons of the Moon God would be the oldest!


Jiang Fei didn’t expect to meet this master here today, so Isabella was scared to hide in his arms after receiving the education of fire, theft, and giant dragons since he was a child.


“Little girl, don’t be afraid, I won’t attack the younger girls of the same clan, and this uncle never needs to be strong!” The golden dragon rolled his eyes at Isabella.


Because Isabella became a dragon race because of the Black Dragon Prince, it stands to reason that she is also the granddaughter of Bennett Strasz’s generation after many generations. Although the male dragon is lustful, it is an intelligent race. ,chaos. Len’s business is still not done.


“Master! Even the Moon God can handle it!” Jiang Fei said with a look of admiration.


“Cut! Now you know why Sylvie is in a hurry to post backwards? Their teacher has this tradition!” Isabella still didn’t forget to whisper to Sylvie at this time.


“The two have nothing to do with each other, okay?” Jiang Fei slashed Isabella’s little Qiong’s nose. The reason why Sylvie was infatuated with him was entirely because of the effect of the Heart Lock. Luna has a hairy relationship?


“Hey! That kid, I didn’t see it, so you are also a fellow man!” Bennett Stratz looked at Jiang Fei and smiled, because he had already sensed four love contracts from Jiang Fei.


“Uh…hehe…” Jiang Fei didn’t know how to answer, he didn’t mean to provoke so many girls!


“Four contracts, not bad, not bad. When I was your age, I only managed to sign five contracts, young man, not bad! It’s the style of my past!” Bennett Stradz praised Jiang Fei road.


“Nima…” Jiang Fei seemed to have millions of grass and mud horses galloping past. If this uncle had made five girls infatuated with him when he was a teenager, now this uncle is three thousand Over the age of 2, how many girls have you harmed?


Now Jiang Fei finally understands why parents of all ethnic groups have to repeatedly emphasize fire prevention, burglary prevention and dragon prevention when teaching their daughters. It turns out that this buddy will not only kidnap the girl, but the number is too exaggerated, right?


“After so many years, finally someone has the same ambition as me. I’m optimistic about you, young man!” Bennett Stratz pointed at Jiang Fei with his dragon claw.


“Ding! You have the blessing of the Dragon God!”


“I wipe! Dragon God?!” Before Jiang Fei could see what attributes this blessing was, he was taken aback.


“Shh…I inherited the position of the Dragon God a thousand years ago, remember to keep it a secret for me, don’t spread it anywhere, or it will be inconvenient to pick up girls in the future!” Bennett Stratz whispered. road.


“Nima… This kind of thing can also be a dragon god…” Jiang Fei rolled his eyes and checked his attributes.


Dragon God’s Blessing: Increase your reputation gain rate with women by 200%. When a woman is within 5 meters of you, you will immediately gain 5,000 reputation points for that name. This effect Only valid once per woman!


“Nyma… This is not the blessing of the Dragon God, it is the blessing of the God of Prostitution!” Jiang Fei was no longer able to complain.


“Hehe! Little guy, don’t thank me, we are all like-minded people, you know!” The dragon **** Bennett Stratz showed a tacit expression to Jiang Fei.


“Understood your sister! I’m not the same as you!” Jiang Fei was about to cry without tears.


“Hahahaha, little guy, you are just getting started. As a senior, I have to inspire you!” The Dragon God was obviously very optimistic about Jiang Fei’s “comrade”.


“Ding! The Dragon God has forced you to issue an incentive task to you: go ahead, boy! The task has been accepted!”


Task name: Go ahead boy!


Quest Objective: Reach Fame with 10,000 Women!


Quest rewards: 10 billion experience points, 100w gold Prestige, mysterious equipment rewards.


Note 1: During the duration of the mission, you will gain 100% faster female prestige!


Note 2: This mission cannot be abandoned!


“Your sister! I’m not happy if you don’t play to death, right?” Jiang Fei’s heart was already slamming his head against the wall!


“Hahaha…Young man, don’t thank me, as a senior, this is what it should be!” Bennett Stratz laughed very happily.


“Hehe, I thank you for the eighteen generations of your ancestors!” Jiang Fei felt that he was going crazy, what could he do with such an unfortunate task!


“Okay! Boy, that’s all I can do to help you. Needless to say, thank you. I’m going to bed, so let’s go!” After everything was done, the Dragon God brought tea to the guests.


“Your sister! I’m going to be pulled down after the pit?” Jiang Fei just wanted to say something, but he and Isabella were all forced to teleport outside the valley with a flash of white light in front of him.




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