The Mightiest Leveling System Chapter 5671:



Going deeper, Long Fei didn’t stop at all.


Because the woman controls Long Fei’s long sword, the environment here can no longer cause damage to him, and it has no effect at all.


But the place is eerily quiet, so that neither of them dares to relax.


“Here, I seem to have been here before.” Suddenly, the woman said.


“Have you been here?” Long Fei was taken aback.


It’s impossible!


The strength of a woman is nothing but the realm of annihilation, how could he have come to this place.


“I did. Remember when I told you to take you somewhere?”


“That is a space where my magical powers are linked, and there is no eternal power there. I was originally curious as to why such a space exists. But now it seems that it should be related to this place.” The woman said.


Long Fei was taken aback.


Long Fei couldn’t doubt what the woman said was sincere.


“Look at your magical powers,” Long Fei said.


The woman was stunned, and then a jade pendant appeared in her hand.


Above the jade pendant, the blue light flickered, and the divine brilliance surged.


Even Long Fei looked a little stunned.


This is definitely an artifact, with a mysterious origin and an inexplicable power.


“That space is the space inside this jade pendant.”


The woman said and handed the jade pendant to Long Fei. It can be seen that she trusts Long Fei very much.


“Aren’t you afraid that I will take it for yourself?” Long Fei asked.


He could sense that this jade pendant can evade the power of eternity. Perhaps it is because of the existence of this jade pendant that this woman has been able to stay awake for so many years without being affected by the eternal force. “Don’t be afraid. You may not believe it. When I went to find you, it was also the guide of Yupei. For so many years, I have never felt emotional fluctuations on Yupei, but when you appeared, Yupei fluctuated, as if I wanted to find you.” /


. ‘ said the woman.


Long Fei frowned, the more he spoke, the more mysterious he became.


Could it be that this jade pendant still has an indissoluble bond with him?


After a slight pause, Long Fei took the jade pendant and saw the words above, Qingying.


“Your name is Qingying?” Long Fei asked.


The woman nodded.


Long Fei turned the jade pendant over, and there were several words on this side.


Sky Fury, Long Fei!


Long Fei:…


At this moment, Long Fei’s eyes were straight.


My name!


He never imagined that his name would appear on this jade pendant. Thanks to the fact that when he entered this Tianye City before, the name he left behind was Long Batian, otherwise Qingying would probably identify himself now.


But in contrast, Long Fei was more curious as to why his name appeared on it.


Furthermore, there is one more detail in front of me, Heavenly Wrath!


“The wrath of the sky?” Long Fei muttered to himself, and immediately raised his eyebrows. In this Tianye City, the last terrifying existence exists, isn’t it called Tianwu?


Thinking of this, Long Fei was shocked.


Subconsciously, Long Fei looked directly into the deepest part.


A terrifying guess was already in his mind at this time.


“You wait for me here. If there is danger, swing the sword of immortality. There is no power to hurt you.” Long Fei returned the jade pendant to Qingying and said.


Qingying hesitated, but nodded.


She could see the change in Long Fei’s mood, and guessed that Long Fei must have thought of something. Although she wanted to have a look with the past, she knew better that staying here at this time was the safest.


“Be careful!” Qingying said.


Long Fei nodded, and immediately no one hesitated, his figure flickered, and he went straight to the depths.


Soon, Long Fei’s figure traversed thousands of feet underground, and finally stopped before a high platform.


Inexplicably, Long Fei’s heart began to jump wildly.


In front of him is a huge rock formed by the accumulation of magma, and four chains are scattered in it.


The chains are wrapped in magma, extremely terrifying.


In the center, there is a figure.


This figure, topless, bathed in lava.


And there is no aura fluctuation on the body, it seems that he has been dead here for a long time.


However, there was sadness in Long Fei’s heart.


Looking at the figure in front of him, his heart was touched.


In grief, there is anger.


He has recognized who is in front of him!


This is… me!


To be exact, the first self. This figure and temperament were the same as the picture that Alan showed him back then, the first self.


“Cao Nima, forty-nine sat in the city and suppressed forty-nine Lao Tzu!”


Long Fei was furious in his heart, and his anger could not be suppressed at all.


At the beginning, he thought that the number forty-nine was unusual, but he didn’t expect it to be such a result.


Without any hesitation, Long Fei stepped forward and came to this person.


Shorthand for a moment, he grabbed the chain directly with both hands.


“Open for Lao Tzu!”


Long Fei roared and yanked the chain sharply.


Click, click, click!


The chains collapsed instantly.


The accompanying magma mountain also began to shake, as if it were about to collapse.


But Long Fei didn’t care and was not afraid, but grabbed the person in front of him.


But at this moment, the person in front of him slowly raised his head.


Long Fei was surprised and happy.


Not dead?


But in an instant, Long Fei was lost.


“You are finally here, this life depends on you.” The woman said, her eyes full of pleading.

莫名龙飞心中一抽,一股剧痛席卷。 Long Fei’s heart twitched, and a sharp pain swept through.


As if feeling connected, he can also feel the grief of the figure in front of him at this moment.


But Long Fei knew that this was a persistent obsession, because he felt his arrival and said the last word of his long-cherished wish.


“You can rest assured, I will end everything in this life. Including the disaster that is about to happen in my world.” Long Fei said, as if to give the other party an explanation.


And the other party has not responded.


“Ding, found the fusion power. Player fusion will directly raise one level.” At this moment, the system sound suddenly appeared.


“Fusion.” Long Fei sighed and chose fusion.


The next moment, the figure in front of him disappeared, and Long Fei felt that his body was light, and immediately broke through the sixth level of the apocalypse.


“Ding, congratulations to the player for breaking through the sixth level of the apocalypse, the current experience is 70,000/1,000,000.”


“Ding, congratulations to the player for getting a Skywrath Strike.”


The system prompts.


Long Fei closed his eyes and remained silent. Not much joy.


“System, you say he, is it me?” Long Fei asked.


“The system detects that the power comes from the same source, so it can be absorbed.” The system responded.


Long Fei said no more.


He improved his cultivation just now, but at the same time there were many more pictures in his mind, which were about the relationship between this life and Qingying.


This life is indeed very hard, and I have experienced too much.


“Presumably, this is the chance that the sea said to me. If all breakthroughs are made, how far will I improve?” Long Fei’s anger was hard to suppress, he had already decided to completely overthrow the eternal land.


With a sigh, Long Fei stopped thinking about it and walked out from the depths. But when he saw Qingying, Long Fei couldn’t help but think: “What if I take this woman? Is this…is it my own green?”


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