The Founder of Diabolism Chapter 3: Genius and savvy! Perfect qualification!



It hurts! pain! pain! too painful! Headache is splitting, the forehead is naked, and the face is black, like the devil is reborn!


The body kept making a “boom” sound, and blood spurted out from the pores, forming a layer of blood mist covering Yang Ran’s thin body, making him feel like he was in purgatory, constantly suffering, with hundreds of millions of flesh and tissue cells all over his body. Torn, restored.


The whole body’s muscles, bones, internal organs, pubic pubic organs, there are countless ants gnawing, biting, and itching makes people almost suicidal!


The most unbearable thing is that the soul seems to be pierced by a ten thousand needle, divided into traces of soul consciousness, and then continuously crushed, crushed, and again repaired and healed by purple energy.


That is the energy that Lingxincao protects the soul, but it is too painful. Yang Ran’s soul seems to be submerged and swallowed by darkness, leaving only a trace of clear consciousness, just like struggling to survive in the waves of the sky. The sailing boat may be submerged at any time!


“Close your eyes and go to sleep! Go to sleep!”


“When you fall asleep, there is no pain!”


“Don’t endure the pain! Rest for a while! Rest for a while!”


The temptation words kept echoing in the ear, urging people to fall asleep peacefully, Yang Ran’s eyelids were so heavy that they almost closed!


If there is a martial arts power next to Yang Ran, you will find Baihui acupoint on Yang Ran’s head, Guixin acupoint on both shoulders, each has a soul lamp, the light is slightly bright, and it is vacillating!


As if a breeze can extinguish it! It also represents that Yang Ran’s fire of life is about to die!


At this critical moment!




There was a sound of knives. This was a black iron heavy knife with a rusty body. The knife was three feet long and three inches wide. There was nothing surprising, but it was psychic!


“No!!! How can I!”


The sound of the sword made Yang Ran’s last clear consciousness, which was about to sink into the darkness, awakened suddenly, sending out a prairie fire with a single spark!


Yang Ran’s eyes suddenly opened, and the monster blood red rose from the clear and watery eyes, and the bloodthirsty and wild wolf-like aura was released from the thin body.


In this strange state again, crazy Yang Ran!


“Puff!” Yang Ran put all the spare medicinal materials into the boiling dark green potion.


It’s crazy! crazy! Really crazy! This is a double dose, which can definitely poison the strong Xian Ling Mirror!


But not crazy, not alive!


“Yang Ran, do you want to be a junk after five years?”


“Do you still want to be the cowardly and incompetent waste of being bullied, trampling on your dignity at will, being divorced by your fiancee?”


“Do you still want to be the waste of being a son of man whose parents are dismantled but powerless! Strength! Only strength is needed! You can do whatever you want! Ah!!!”


“I can die! But I can’t be so uselessly defeated!”


Yang Ran’s roar in his mind gradually stabilized his mind like Hong Zhong Dalu, and began to silently recite the verses of the “Tao De Jing” and “Yi Jin Jing”.


“The Tao is the Tao, but not the constant Tao. The name can be the name, but not the constant name. Nameless, the beginning of all things… Tao produces one, one life two, two three, three begets all things. All things bear yin and embrace yang , Rush to think and…”


“You should be upright during the standing period, arching your hands together as your chest. The spirit and mind are restrained, and the heart is clear and the appearance is respectful…”


The golden scriptures are gradually imprinted in his mind, never forgetting!


Yang Ran’s veins and veins in Qiancang’s hundreds of holes that were corroded by poison, the broken dantian, the fleshy body that pierced the intestines began to emit a golden light, and there were constantly thrilling chanting sounds, as if there was something to it. The Taoist monk sings and sings, and it seems that hundreds of millions of gods are chanting, and it seems that the celestial spirits are sending out the hymn of life across time and space!


The flesh and skin cells, meridians, muscles and bones, blood vessels, and dantian are constantly remodeled under the golden rays of light, becoming stronger and stronger, and more of the billions of cells in the body seem to be shouting, becoming more vigorous and more vigorous. potential!


A perfect body exudes the radiance of the sun, and the muscle fibers are the most regular and perfect structure. “Boom!” The heart beats vigorously, and the blood in the blood is like the Yangtze River.


Don’t break or stand! Break and stand!


Yang Ran is full of thick black hair, dances without wind, his black eyes are like ink, and his eyes are sharp as knives. The wicks on both sides of his shoulders represent the spirit of spirit lamp and the spirit of air are blooming colorless flowers!


The wick is blooming, and it will be open for thousands of years!


This is the flower of destiny, change your fate against the sky! success!


The second state of Tao Te Ching, the state of two flowers! In the realm of one flower, the savvy is superhuman. The realm of two flowers, this is the savvy of a true genius!


The realm of “Yi Jin Jing” cannot be broken without breaking! Have a perfect body!


From then on, his understanding of Yang Ran is that of a true genius! His aptitude, with perfect body, who will compete!


Yang Ran put on a Tsing Yi long gown, jumped out of the bath tub, walked to the rust-covered black iron heavy knife, his fingers ran across the blade, and the chill was chilly! “Old man, thank you!”


This Xuantie heavy knife was only given to him by his father when he was nine years old when he worshipped Yunxiaozong. The world has slandered him, deceived him, insulted him, laughed at him, despised him, despised him, hated him, and deceived him. He, only this knife will accompany him silently, never abandon it!


Yang Ran was full of vigor, sharp and sharp, and smiled brightly: “From then on, let us fly across the sky and cut all the bullies in the world! How about?”




The blade buzzes! It seems to be responding excitedly.


After disposing of the residue of the potion, he washed for a while, and came to the yard with a black iron knife on his back.




Yang Ran smiled arrogantly, drew his sword and danced, practicing Haitao Eight Swords.


Haitao eight swords, low-ranking martial arts, the first six styles are unknown, the seventh style “wave anger” and the eighth style “haitao eight volumes”.


Luck is concentrated, the knife style flows through the heart, Yang Ran swings the knife diagonally, and starts practicing from the first style.


The first formula, the second formula…the sixth formula.


The first formula, the second formula…the sixth formula.


Yang Ran performed it twice in a row, without the obscure and incomprehensible feeling of practicing to the fifth style before, on the contrary, it was a bit like a fish in water.




Yang Ran breathed out a long breath, knowing that this was due to the improvement of comprehension and aptitude, completely emptied his mind and swung his sword freely.


One time, two times…ten times…


After tens of times in a row, the moves gradually freed from the shackles, and the seventh type “Sea Wave Fury” was also unfolded accordingly, like a raging wave, sweeping the ten directions, rolling up the fallen leaves on the ground, like Thousands of sharp blades whizzed across the void, flying all over the sky.


After half an hour.


The first form… to the seventh form, the whole action is done in one go, one move and one move is like flowing water, without fancy and full of beauty.


Yang Ran stood with the knife, seeming to realize something.


The knife was pulled out again, and one knife was like a sea wave rolling, and after a wave, there was another wave. The wave overlapped eight times. This is the last style of the Haitao Eight Swords and the essence of the “Haitao Eight Rolls”


Human-level low-grade martial arts, Haitao eight swords, great!



The black iron sword was cleverly sheathed, and within an hour, Haitao made eight swords! Yang Ran was amazed, even if his comprehension was raised to the level of true genius, he couldn’t be so enchanting!


Not only that, as he practiced the knife, his body was constantly being tempered. Qi and blood penetrated his muscles and bones, his inner strength was floating, itching felt afferent to the nerves, and a trace of milky white qi continued to derive from the muscles, bones, skin and flesh, and entered the meridians. Among them, the galloping whistling hit Dantian!




In the past five years, he has attacked countless times the fourth stage of the rear spirit realm’s dantian barrier, which was directly shattered like paper! The milky white zhenqi gathered in the dantian into fog, and after the cultivation base passed the fourth stage of the spiritual realm, the initial stage, the middle stage, and the later stage peak!


The cultivation base that has never broken through in five years has also broken through!


Yang Ran thought about it for a while, and then realized that it might be that the effect of changing the aptitude and perception has not yet passed.


Thinking of this, Yang Ran wanted to take this opportunity to practice a martial arts fist, Tiger Fist, but just when he was preparing to practice.


Only hearing “Kang Dang”, a yellow-clothed boy broke into the door and walked towards Yang Ran with his head high.


Yang Ran sneered for a while, “As soon as I was about to practice boxing, someone was sent to practice boxing, it really helped me!”


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