The Fantastic Super Vision Chapter 1327: Promote 1 Star Immortal



He encountered a terrifying siege just three days after his arrival. If it wasn’t for the last act of the Lord of the Heavenly Palace, Wang Feng might have been killed by the tortoise shell by now.


Wang Feng’s control over the tortoise shell had been released before he gave up his instinct, but now when Wang Feng went to look at his left arm, he found that the tortoise shell was still there and he did not leave.


Fortunately, the Lord of the Heavenly Palace appeared in time, otherwise Wang Feng might have been devoured by the evil ghost in the turtle shell by now.


As soon as I thought about it, Liu Yidao was brought over by Wang Feng from his dantian.


Wang Feng was in a coma, but Liu Yidao and the others were always awake. They clearly understood how bad Wang Feng’s situation was, so when Liu Yidao was released, he immediately asked, “Are you alright? “


“Do you look like I’m fine?” Wang Feng said angrily, and then said, “Get me off this tree first.”


Nowadays, Wang Feng’s injuries are not only internal injuries, but his external injuries are also very serious.


Although his realm is high, the power in the space vortex is not so resistant to resistance. Now Wang Feng’s bones have been broken in many places, and he almost felt it was difficult to move.


“Create a cave for me, I want to heal.” After Wang Feng was knocked off the tree by Liu Yidao, Wang Feng said.


“Then you cultivate well, and I will check it out for you.”


“Wait.” Upon hearing Liu Yidao’s words, Wang Feng stopped him and said, “Remember to use the technique of stealing the sky for the sun.”


The matter of the Sun Bible has been leaked out, and Wang Feng must have become the public enemy of many people now. In other words, in the eyes of many people, Wang Feng is a fat sheep, and everyone wants to rush up and take a few bites.


So if he wants to survive these three days, Wang Feng can only hold back temporarily.


Before he had no strength, he couldn’t deal with anyone. Although the main people have been cut off by the Lord of the Heavenly Palace, Wang Feng believes that they will never give up, so Wang Feng is still very dangerous.


“Everyone hurry up and cultivate. If we want to gain a firm foothold in these three days, our strength must be improved.” He said to the people in his dantian, and then Wang Feng turned his hands and took out some 12th grade pills. The medicine was put into his mouth.


Now his injuries are very serious, and he doesn’t know how long it will take to heal himself.


The crisis this time made Wang Feng very aware of his current situation. The matter of the Sun Bible must not be concealed, so this is likely to become something that attracts murderous intentions to Wang Feng.


But even so, Wang Feng never thought about giving up the Sun Bible. Since the Sun God gave him the Sun Bible, it belongs to Wang Feng.


This is like the money in your own pocket. Although others are coveting it, will you foolishly lose the money?


As long as Wang Feng’s strength increases, those who want to **** the Sun Bible will all die.


I and my family and friends almost died this time, so those who dealt with them should not think about it.


Since Wang Feng said he would kill all their nine clans, then Wang Feng would definitely do it.


No one knows how desperate Wang Feng was when he let the tortoise shell devour his soul. If he hadn’t been cornered, how could Wang Feng have come up with such a method to end his own life.


So those who deal with themselves, if Wang Feng doesn’t take revenge, is he still Wang Feng?


Wang Feng’s character itself is flawed, and since this time they join forces to deal with themselves, Wang Feng will kill them all one by one.


Wang Feng’s hatred for others has never been stronger than this time. It doesn’t matter if he dies, but this time his family and friends almost suffered, so Ni scale was touched so badly, what about Wang Feng? Can you calm down?


Whoever touches the reverse scale will surely die


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With the powerful medicinal effect of the medicinal pill, Wang Feng’s injury is recovering quickly, and while he is recovering, the sapling is also helping him recover from the injury.


After sitting here for about five days, Wang Feng’s broken meridians finally recovered. As the meridians recovered, Wang Feng’s healing speed accelerated.


A few days later, Wang Feng’s injury recovered, but at the cost of his 12th grade medicinal pills he almost ran out.


In order to heal Wang Feng, he almost finished all the 12-grade pills in his hand. Fortunately, he has these pills. Otherwise, if he wants to recover, he doesn’t know how long it will take.


Feeling his own realm, Wang Feng is still at the peak of a half-immortal. In fact, after obtaining the Sun Bible, Wang Feng’s realm can be raised to the level of a one-star immortal.


It’s just that Wang Feng didn’t want to let his body fall into a hidden disease, so he forced it down. Now that he has been here for three days, he has become a fat man in the eyes of others, so after a little thought, Wang Feng decided to His cultivation base has been raised to the level of a true immortal.


Below the level of a true immortal, others always think that he is easy to bully, and if Wang Feng’s realm is improved, his combat power will also increase a lot. If he wants to take revenge, Wang Feng’s realm can only be quickly improved.


Wang Feng does not have a way to relieve the hidden disease of his body. Before, Wang Feng suppressed his realm because of his troubles, but now is the time when he needs to improve his strength, so he no longer suppresses his realm.


After sitting in this cave for about ten days, Wang Feng left.


When he came in, he only had the strength of a half-immortal peak, but the moment he walked out of the cave, his true immortal aura was instantly swept out.


“Your realm has improved?” Feeling the majestic aura from Wang Feng, Liu Yidao’s face showed a look of surprise.


“It’s long overdue to improve.” Wang Feng said, and then he asked: “How many twelve-grade medicine pills do you have in your hand?”


At the beginning, Wang Feng and Liu Yidao emptied the treasure house of the Nile Sect, and they got a lot of medicinal herbs and medicinal materials. Wang Feng took some, and Liu Yidao also took them down.


Wang Feng has now run out of medicinal herbs, but Liu Yidao must still be here.


It’s not impossible for Wang Feng to refine medicine pills, but now he doesn’t want to refine it, because he has to charge some interest first.


Those who deal with themselves must have sects. The high-level Wang Feng can’t kill them, but the low-level ones in their sect don’t want to live.


“Do you need it?” Liu Yidao asked when he heard Wang Feng’s words.


“Give it all to me.” Wang Feng stretched out his hand.




If someone else reached out to Liu Yidao, he would definitely not pull out half a hair, but now it was Wang Feng who spoke to him again, so he didn’t hesitate at all, he turned his hand and took out all his medicinal pills .


Wang Feng just swept away and found that there are at least hundreds of these pills. With these pills, even if Wang Feng participated in the battle, he would not have such worries.


“I borrowed it from you. When I kill some people, I will refine it and return it to you.” Wang Feng said, and put all these medicinal pills into his space ring.


“What are you talking about? Although I am stingy sometimes, do you think I will ask you for it at this time?” Liu Yidao turned his face and said, “We have been friends for so many years, don’t you? Don’t you even know who I am?”


“I just said it with my mouth, and I didn’t plan to pay it back.” Wang Feng said, making Liu Yidao only feel the darkness in front of him.


“Nima, I knew you were a fool, I almost believed it.” Liu Yidao cursed.


“Haha.” With a loud laugh, Wang Feng patted Liu Yidao and said, “Let’s go, it’s time for our revenge.”


While speaking, Wang Feng’s appearance changed rapidly, and he turned into the scholar-like appearance he had used in the three days of middle school.


(This chapter is not over, please turn the page) Seeing that Wang Feng has become a scholar, Liu Yidao’s facial muscles have also changed rapidly, and he has also become the former scholars.


It’s just that he, a scholar, obviously doesn’t look like a virtuous person, with an evil look on his face.


“Can’t you change roles?” Wang Feng asked angrily.


“Could it be that you want me to become a woman for you?” Liu Yidao showed disgust and quickly walked away from Wang Feng for several steps.


“My wives are all gorgeous, do you think I can see you changing?” Wang Feng showed contempt, and then he said with a serious expression: “We have only been here for three days, and we are not familiar with this place at all. , find a place to understand the situation first.”


“Yeah.” Seeing that Wang Feng was already talking about business, Liu Yidao didn’t bother about the topic just now. That’s how the two of them got along.


Although they usually joke, but when it comes to business, they are more serious than anyone else.


After so many years of cooperation, the two of them are almost the same without saying that they are inseparable. If the two of them did not have this spirit at any time, maybe both of them would have died a long time ago.


The appearance and aura have changed, and the two of them are not afraid of being recognized by others. As long as Wang Feng does not use the divine power of the sun, then no one will find out that he is the one who carries the sun bible.


Like normal monks, Wang Feng and Liu Yidao found a city about a few hundred kilometers away.


The combination of a True Immortal and a Holy Land won’t attract anyone’s attention at all, and they slipped into the city very easily.


Like Zhongsan, the common currency here is also spirit stones. Wang Feng can’t remember exactly how many spirit stones he has in his body. In short, he now feels that he has an endless supply of spirit stones.


Even if he runs out of spirit stones, Wang Feng believes that Liu Yidao still has a lot.


Wang Feng has a very small conception of Lingshi.


With this large amount of spirit stones, Wang Feng led Liu Yidao into the most luxurious restaurant in the city.


The reason why this place is the most luxurious is not because the decoration here is so beautiful, but because there is a sign in front of the restaurant, which clearly states that people whose net worth is less than 100,000 spirit stones are not allowed get inside.


Although the words on this sign are a bit condescending, it also shows in disguise that those who want to enter this restaurant must be wealthy or prominent.


What I’ve heard here is definitely more authentic than anywhere else.


The melodious sound of the piano reverberated gently in the restaurant. There are also special musicians here. Listening to the sound of the piano, Wang Feng felt that his spirit was slowly slackening.


The sky’s eyes opened, and Wang Feng could see that the person playing the qin was a man. This man had a strong aura, and he turned out to be at the level of a seven-star immortal.


Such a tyrannical cultivation base actually plays the piano and music for others here, and I don’t know what he is thinking about.




Almost when Wang Feng was watching this man with his heavenly the man seemed to have discovered that someone was spying on him. Let him take a slap without hesitation.


With a palm shot, Wang Feng was also retreating at the same time. The man who played the piano was so sharp that he suddenly realized that Wang Feng was spying on him.


Originally, Wang Feng, the man who played the piano, would take action against him, but what Wang Feng did not expect was that when he took a few steps back, the ripples of the piano sound dissipated, and that sense of crisis from his mind gradually dissipated.


“It’s just an unintentional move, please forgive me.” Wang Feng said with a fist to the man behind the white tent.


“If you didn’t do it unintentionally, your life has been taken by me.” The dull voice came from the mouth of the man who played the piano.


Thanks to the leader for the reward, there are still four shifts today, please ask for a monthly ticket, it will be exploded


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