The Fantastic Super Vision Chapter 1325: Cross-level killing



? “You really amaze us. You are already injured like this, and you can still escape.” Wang Feng is trying his best to escape at the moment, and his life essence has been burned for many years.


It’s just that Wang Feng’s speed is fast. Those masters who surpassed Jiuxingxian are even faster. They have caught up with Wang Feng in just a few breaths.


Seeing this scene, everyone’s heart slammed once again. They all underestimated these three-day masters. Their speed is beyond their imagination.


“Leave it with me!”


Looking at Wang Feng’s figure, a master chasing from behind directly stuck out his palm.


It was like a big net shrouded Wang Feng at this moment. Originally, Wang Feng was still speeding in the sky, but now he felt an extremely powerful pulling force behind him.


Under this pulling force, Wang Feng not only failed to fly forward, but he was constantly retreating at the moment, and he couldn’t resist this devouring force.


Seeing this scene, Liu Yidao and others were once again desperate. God just likes to joke with them like this. .


If there are ups and downs in the human body, then what Wang Feng and the others are experiencing now.


Nearly escaped twice, but failed twice, this time I am afraid they will never have the chance to escape]★, ..


“Hmph, even the strength of a true immortal wants to slip away. It’s just wishful thinking.” Glancing at Wang Feng, an old man sneered.


They’ve spent a lot of time here for Wang Feng, and now it’s time for them to get the Sun Bible.


“Grab him and search for the Sun Bible.” At this time, another old man also spoke. He stepped forward and came to Wang Feng’s side in an instant.


“You want to run away with this little strength. You really take yourself too seriously.” Glancing at Wang Feng, the old man just slapped it with a palm.


With one palm, Wang Feng felt as if he was hit by a mountain. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, which shocked Liu Yidao and the others.


It’s not that they are angry, it’s just because their strength is too low, so now they can only stay in Wang Feng’s dantian and watch Wang Feng be continuously hit hard.


This kind of helpless pain deeply tormented each of them. They thought that the last three days would be beautiful, but they didn’t expect that such a dead end was waiting for them.


He opened his mouth and vomited blood. At this moment, Wang Feng’s eyes were all red, because this was their only chance to escape. If he couldn’t escape, then they were truly finished.




There was an earth-shattering roar from his mouth. At this moment, Wang Feng was trying his best to break free from this devouring force, but the consequence of doing so was that his meridians collapsed a lot at this moment, making him once again He even sprayed several mouthfuls of blood.


“Don’t waste your efforts. The more crazy you are, the more serious your injury will be. Let us search for our souls. Maybe you can leave a whole corpse in the end.” Looking at Wang Feng, the old man beside him was calm. said.


The reason why Wang Feng’s meridians collapsed is entirely his masterpiece. The palm of his hand not only severely damaged Wang Feng’s body, but also planted his secret technique in Wang Feng’s body. , he himself will be attacked, so he does not believe that Wang Feng can escape.


“Everyone, things will change after a while. We should get the Sun Bible as soon as possible.” At this time, the thin old man stepped forward and said.


He suffered a loss in front of Wang Feng before, so now he wants to kill Wang Feng very seriously.


The mere half-immortal realm actually wanted to escape. If he escaped, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face of their group?


Crazy eyes swept across these people constantly, and Wang Feng seemed to keep the appearance of each of them in his heart.


Anyone who was swept by his gaze felt an inexplicable chill in their hearts, as if Wang Feng’s gaze was a thorn, which made them a little shaken.


“If there is an afterlife, I will uproot your nine clans.” Looking at them, Wang Feng’s mouth made a voice of hatred.


Wang Feng knew that there was no way he could escape now, and the only thing he hated was that these people might kill his family and friends together.


Their realm is lower than their own. If these people know about Sister Xue and their existence, who knows what kind of treatment they will suffer.


So if Wang Feng was going to die, he would kill everyone with him. Every man is greedy for beauty, and Wang Feng will not leave his wife and daughter to these people.


Aroused all the breath of his body. At this moment, Wang Feng’s body was rapidly expanding. The other party just wanted the Sun Bible, and Wang Feng would not leave them anything.


Want the Sun Bible? Just wait for the rest of your life.


Until the last step, Wang Feng will definitely not blow himself up, but now he has been forced to do nothing. He has been alone for three days here, and he can’t see any way out.


It’s like people who want to kill themselves, who would want to take their own life if they weren’t really forced to do so?


Wang Feng never thought that he would blow himself up and die, but now reality forces him to do so.


“I’m sorry.” In Wang Feng’s dantian, Wang Feng’s voice sounded, making everyone feel a sense of grief.


Wang Feng is going to blow himself up, and they will definitely die, so they all know that Wang Feng’s sorry is saying goodbye to all of them.


“If there is a next life, I will definitely spend all my time cultivating.” At this time, Tomson opened his mouth with a fierce look on his face.


Because of the difference in strength, they are completely committing suicide now. If they have strong strength, why would they fall into the current situation.


If Wang Feng wants to self-destruct, they can’t blame Wang Feng. They can only say that their luck is too bad. As soon as they come up, they will fall into the trap set in advance by the other party.


“No, he wants to blow himself up.” Outside, those experts naturally discovered Wang Feng’s current situation.


It is their own right for the monks to blew themselves up, but once Wang Feng blew himself up, none of them would want to get the Sun Bible again.


So at this moment, the old man standing beside Wang Feng was quick-witted.


Just before his fingers dropped, his complexion suddenly changed, because he saw two divine rainbows shooting out of Wang Feng’s eyes.


In such a close situation, it was impossible for this old man to take precautions. He didn’t expect that Wang Feng’s self-destruction was a conspiracy.


The power of the Eye of Destruction exploded. In front of Wang Feng, the old man had no time to resist, and half of his body was directly annihilated by Wang Feng at this moment.


“Destroy him for me.” Wang Feng made a low voice, and then the tortoise shell in his left arm directly released his endless evil spirits.


Evil ghosts can devour people’s flesh and blood, as well as their souls. Although this old man was annihilated by Wang Feng half of his body, he has not really died, so Wang Feng let the tortoise shell take action at this time.


Although the tortoise shell evil spirit is not very powerful, it is better than the number.


When countless evil ghosts rushed out of Wang Feng’s body, in front of him, the ancestors of this realm beyond Jiuxingxian were directly devoured and nothing was left.


In the blink of an eye, Wang Feng had already killed the old man, killing a master who was stronger than a nine-star immortal at the level of a half-immortal.


Originally, this was impossible, but in order for the old man to prevent Wang Feng from dying, the impossible became possible.


Wang Feng really wanted to blow himself up, but these old men were going to come up and give their lives at this time, and Wang Feng had no reason not to take it away.


If you kill one, you won’t lose, but if you kill two, you will earn one. If you can kill a realm above the Nine Star Immortal before dying, Wang Feng also earns it.


Seeing Wang Feng kill an existence of the same level as himself and others, the expressions of the other old men were very ugly.


At this moment, they naturally sensed that the old guy’s soul had completely disappeared from this world, that is, he was killed by a young monk whose realm was at least ten levels lower than his realm.


Once this thing gets out, I’m afraid it will cause an uproar for the last three days.


A friar killed someone across ten realms, this is nothing short of explosive news.


“Idiot.” He cursed in a low voice, and another old man stepped forward quickly. Wang Feng carried the Sun Bible with them, so Wang Feng must not die.


This old man still wanted to stop Wang Feng from blowing himself up, but he was obviously much more cautious compared to the previous one, because he was also afraid that he would follow the old guy’s footsteps.


Although this Wang Feng’s realm is very low, his eyes of destruction are really troublesome.


The body swelled bigger and bigger, and Wang Feng’s self-destruction didn’t stop at all.


Just seeing that there are still people trying to stop him at this moment, Wang Feng once again displayed the Eye of Destruction, and he would never mind if he could kill one more Wang Feng.


Being able to draw a master who is much stronger than himself before death is worth it.


“Let’s go together, don’t let him have any opportunity to take advantage.” Seeing that Wang Feng was about to make a move, the other old men never stood up to watch the play.


Since they joined forces, they couldn’t watch Wang Feng die in front of them. Wang Feng could die, but he had to die after everyone got the Sun Bible.


An old man, Wang Feng, is still difficult to deal with. Now that all of them are surrounded, Wang Feng suddenly loses his resistance.


His Eye of Destruction can hurt these people, but these people are not wooden stakes. They can hide and are alert, so when Wang Feng’s Eye of Destruction broke out, they avoided them early.


“If you want to die, you’re not qualified.” Surrounded by experts, Wang Feng only felt a coldness between his brows, and a finger was already on his forehead.


It was as if someone had poured cold water on a fire. At this moment, Wang Feng only felt that all his strength had been taken away. His self-destruction was forcibly stopped by someone.


The sapling is useless for the time being, and the power of the cells has also been exhausted by Wang Feng’s madness just now. Now Wang Feng is like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, and he has no resistance.


Everyone is saying that you can’t survive without dying. At this moment, Wang Feng has this feeling, he wants to die, he can’t do it, he wants to live, but he can’t escape, such a desperate situation makes Wang Feng can’t help revealing A bitter color.


It’s impossible for him to blow himself up, but he has other ways to kill himself.


“Turtle Shell, I will release my control over you now, release your evil spirit, and devour my Wang Feng’s extremely bitter opening made the Turtle Shell silent.


The reason why he chose Wang Feng as the master was because he saw Wang Feng’s potential. In fact, Wang Feng’s potential is indeed great. If he cultivates smoothly, he will sooner or later become a powerful player.


But it didn’t go as planned, and here, he suffered a devastating blow.


“Is there really no way?” the old turtle asked.


“Don’t hesitate, come on.” Wang Feng said, and then he continued: “After swallowing my soul, also swallow my relatives and friends, I may not be able to survive today. , but before I die I want you to grant me a request.”




“Avenge me!”


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