The Fantastic Super Vision Chapter 1311: Get the Sun Bible



?”I want to ask a question before accepting the inheritance.”,” Wang Feng said instead of walking over.


“If you have any doubts, just say it.” The sun **** said calmly.


“Are you alive or dead?” After swallowing, Wang Feng asked boldly.


“In a sense, I’m still alive, but from what you’ve seen, I’ve fallen a hundred thousand years ago.”


“Since you have fallen, why are you?”


“What I have left now is just a spiritual body. This is an external incarnation that I specially refined to prevent me from being incarnated. At first, I was just to prevent accidents. .”


“Could it be that senior is trying to break through to a higher realm?” Wang Feng tried to ask.


“The cultivation of the realm is never-ending, and no one knows what is beyond the higher realm. Each of us is slowly groping along the way. Although I have failed, I believe there are many more. people are doing the same thing as me.”


By virtue of their realm, they are already invincible, but even if their realm is destroyed, there is still only one way to go.


So if they want to survive, they must find a new way out, but after countless years, they have never broken through the highest level.


Some people say that in this era of the end, there may be real peak powerhouses, but a long time has passed. There have been many top-level supreme players in the last three days, but there has never been one who has truly surpassed them.


Legends are just legends after all.


The sun **** may also want to detach himself, but unfortunately he failed in the end, leaving only a spiritual body to help him preach.


This has to be said to be sad.


If he doesn’t try, maybe he is still alive today, still the top supreme.


It’s just that time can’t be turned back, and he has fallen after all.


“Is it really impossible to break through the realm?” Wang Feng asked.


“It’s not that we can’t break through, but at a certain level, all of us are blocked by the Dao, and the Dao will not allow people who go beyond the limit to exist.”


Hearing that Wang Feng didn’t respond, he remembered his own physical characteristics. All cells in his body can be turned into containers of strength.


If he can reach the realm of the sun god, how strong should he be? Is it beyond the limit?


In the end, the Sun God didn’t have a problem with his cultivation. He was just ruthlessly obliterated by the Dao of Heaven and Earth, because he had touched the taboo.


“Once my body is activated, it can’t stay for too long. If you still want to get my Sun Bible, the inheritance can begin now.” The Sun God said, and then he gave Wang Feng a gesture of invitation , motioning Wang Feng to sit in front of him.


Facing such a terrifying existence of the Sun God, Wang Feng knew that even being vigilant was useless, because he had already experienced it in the undersea heavenly palace in the Nagoya sea area.


They want to kill themselves no harder than pinching an ant, so what else has Wang Feng to worry about?


As the saying goes, the one who can’t escape is always the one who can’t escape. It’s just what the other party says and what Wang Feng does.


Sit cross-legged in front of the Sun God, Wang Feng took a deep breath, and then he said, “If that’s the case, let’s start!”


While speaking, Wang Feng closed his eyes, but at this moment, the voice of the sun **** rang in his ears: “You may feel like your body is being burned during inheritance, but you have to remember Stay, it’s just an illusion you have, don’t think about resisting, because that will affect the progress of the inheritance, understand?”


“Understood.” Wang Feng nodded, then said: “I have even experienced death, and a little pain is nothing to me.”


“If that’s the case, then you’re ready to accept the top Sun Bible!”


While speaking, Wang Feng could only feel a powerful force coming towards him. He felt like he was hit hard by a sledgehammer. After this force struck, he even felt as if his whole body was on fire.


The feeling of pain continued to permeate his mind, and every inch of flesh and blood seemed to be on fire. This was a kind of pain that went deep into the bone marrow.


Just as Wang Feng said, he has even experienced real death, and this pain is really nothing to him.


He didn’t even frown at this moment.


“The real legacy begins.”


At this moment, he thought of the sun god’s voice in his mind, and then Wang Feng felt the memories rushed into his mind like a tsunami.


These memories are too many. Under such an impact, Wang Feng felt as if his head was about to explode. Although he could accept these memories quickly, Wang Feng really had no choice. The child bears so many memories flooding into his mind.


At this moment, he only felt that his consciousness had become blurred.


It’s just that the sun **** doesn’t seem to know Wang Feng’s current situation at all, and his legacy memories are still crowding into Wang Feng’s mind.


At first, Wang Feng could barely bear it, but in the end, his mind seemed to be paralyzed, his mind was blank, and he was already confused.


Inheritance memory Wang Feng has never experienced it, but there is no such danger in inheritance, which will kill Wang Feng.


I don’t know how long it has passed, but Wang Feng slowly realized it. After checking his mind, Wang Feng found that there were countless memories that did not belong to him.


These memories are the Sun Bible. The Sun Bible is not a practice method. It is a kind of handed down nerve, just like the Buddhist scriptures in Buddhism.


Of course, this is not completely the same as the Buddhist scriptures. After learning the Sun Bible, the monk’s functions can be greatly improved in all aspects. At the same time, the Bible also comes with some other benefits.


It’s just that the memories haven’t been fully integrated, and Wang Feng doesn’t know what the Sun Bible is good for.


The memory has not poured in anymore. Obviously, the sun **** has already put all the things he taught into Wang Feng’s mind in the form of memory.


Wang Feng only needs to slowly extract these memories, and then he can get a complete Sun Bible.


“Get started!”


Muttering silently in his heart, at this moment Wang Feng forgot the pain in his body, and he threw himself into his mind wholeheartedly.


Wang Feng felt a pain in his head when he first retrieved these memories, but as time passed, not only did the pain all over Wang Feng disappear, on the contrary, he also felt that he had a comfortable feeling of becoming an immortal.


There is no doubt that this must be the benefit of the Sun Bible.


Even if one recites the true handed down Bible, people can get a lot of benefits. What Wang Feng has now is the complete Sun Bible, so it is conceivable how much he can benefit.


“It’s been half a month, why hasn’t he come out yet?”


In the hall of the tenth level, Wang Feng has already started to retrieve his memory, and at the ninth level, everyone is still waiting for Wang Feng, because none of them can leave this place.


Originally, the spiritual energy in the place where they practiced was very strong, but as time passed, they found that the spiritual energy around them was rapidly becoming thinner, especially yesterday, there was no trace of spiritual energy here. In such a situation There is no way for any of them to cultivate normally.


Because I don’t even have spiritual energy, how can I cultivate?


It’s like letting you eat and not giving you food, what do you eat?


“Don’t worry, since he has become the heir of the Sun God, there won’t be any heirs. We can’t leave this place right now, so let’s practice more on that dead wood art.”


Different from Wang Feng, although they have already obtained the complete cultivation steps of the Sun God, it is not an easy task to truly learn the Dead Tree Art.


They practiced for half a month, and only the six-star immortal old man successfully cultivated the dead wood art.


He is the second person to practice this technique after Wang Feng. Apart from him, everyone else is still familiar with it.


When he didn’t understand the dead wood art, he felt that the practice of this art was very difficult, but after he learned it, he realized that the dead wood art was actually more difficult to cultivate than they thought.


That is to say, he has obtained the specific cultivation steps of the Sun God. If he does not have this, he does not know how long it will take him to cultivate this technique.


The time the Sun God gave them was so short, all of them only touched a fur, and in that short period of time, Wang Feng had successfully completed this technique, so how amazing his comprehension ability must be ?


For this, none of them can be convinced. Although Wang Feng is still young, he will grow up to be more powerful than anyone present.


“Is this the complete Sun Bible?” After several days passed, Wang Feng finally retrieved these memories with the help of his sky speed.


A complete sun bible is too long, although they all got some fragments of the sun bible when they cleared the level before.


But those incomplete chapters are too weak in Wang Feng’s view now, they are not even a drop in the bucket of the complete Sun Bible.


At this moment, a dazzling blazing sun appeared behind Wang Feng’s mind. Under the shroud of this blazing sun, Wang Feng was like a god’s mansion.


This is like the effect of cultivating a complete sun bible. This round of the sun is a status symbol for every sun god.


Aside from Wang Feng’s background, at this moment he is like a real sun god.


There seems to be a voice in his mind constantly reciting the Sun Bible. Almost every time the voice falls, Wang Feng can perceive that his realm will improve by one point.


This is the real horror of the Sun Bible.


As long as anyone practices this technique, his realm will continue to grow. Even if he doesn’t practice, this Sun Bible can make a monk grow to a terrifying level.


Each sun **** will automatically appear in their minds at the beginning of birth consciousness with this sun bible.


This is their legacy, and every sun **** has it.


It is because of this sun bible that they can begin to practice before they are born. This is the true power of the sun god.


Because of the terrifyingness of this technique, countless people in the heavens flock to this kind of Bible.


It’s just that some people have been searching for countless years and they can’t get such a Because in the huge heaven, there is only one person who can understand the sun bible, and that is the sun god.


But the sun **** is so powerful, who would dare to **** the sun bible from his hands?


Someone may have had such an idea, but in the end they all had only one fate, that is, they became the souls of the sun god.


There is a voice in his mind chanting the Sun Bible all the time, and when Wang Feng really took control of the Sun Bible, his realm easily reached the peak of the half-immortal.


As long as Wang Feng is willing, Wang Feng can now attack the true immortal.


It’s just that Wang Feng didn’t do that, because he knew that once the realm skyrocketed, he would leave a lot of regrets in his body, and he didn’t go far enough to break through.


Perhaps the improvement of his realm will make him feel very happy for a while, but this may affect his future cultivation path. Wang Feng is a smart person, and he will not lose the big because of the small.


This kind of thing that ruined his future, he experienced it in the early days of the Holy Land, and he didn’t want to be so troublesome.


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