The Fantastic Super Vision Chapter 1308: Sun Bible



Time passed minute by minute. Soon Wang Feng and the others were here looking for an hour. The islands on the sea had been searched over and over by everyone, but none of them found the chaotic beads.


“The only thing left is the sea area.” The five-star immortal old man said with a bitter look on his face.


Such a large sea area, even if they try their best to search for it, the chances are slim, and now they only have one hour left.


“Let’s act, we can’t give up until the last moment.” While speaking, everyone raised their body shields and drilled directly into the seabed.


As they entered the bottom of the sea, the surroundings suddenly became quiet, and only Wang Feng was left standing in the void.


The reason why Wang Feng didn’t follow them into the sea is because Wang Feng felt that since this is a game set up by the Sun God, he must not be too strict with it.


If anyone who hides can’t be found, the game itself is no fun.


Although he said he wanted to kill everyone, Wang Feng felt that there should be a way out.


But where is this way of life, then they need to find it slowly.


“If you want me to hide something, where should I hide it.” Wang Feng muttered to himself, a look of contemplation on his face.


He thought about it for about a minute, and suddenly Wang Feng’s eyes lit up because he had already thought about where the other party would hide the Reverse Chaos Bead.


It is said that the most dangerous place is the safest place. On the contrary, the more conspicuous the place is, the less people will notice it. The sun **** defines this level as a game like hiding and hiding. It means that he will not hide the Reverse Chaos Pearl in a place where others can’t find it.


The starting point of Wang Feng and the others was wrong from the very beginning.


At this moment, he raised his head, his eyes fixed on the sky, although his ability of the sky has been temporarily suppressed, but Wang Feng believes that the anti-chaotic beads they are looking for is very likely Sex is in this sky.


The more conspicuous things are, the less people will pay attention. If he is asked to hide things, he feels that he is likely to hide in this void.


The body quickly took off, and Wang Feng came to a very high place.


Standing at this height, he could almost see the sea area more than ten kilometers away, but the sea area here was still dead, and even apart from the living people like them, Wang Feng didn’t find any traces of life here.


Looking at the distant place, Wang Feng quickly retracted his gaze, because his main purpose now is the Reverse Chaos Pearl.


At first glance, the sky is pure and white, and Wang Feng has no way of discovering whether there are any beads hidden in the sky, and even Wang Feng did not feel the existence of the formation in this sky.


This place is no different from the ordinary sky outside. The clouds are still slowly fluttering. This can be regarded as adding a little vitality to the dead silence of this place. At least nothing is moving here.


Wait, just as Wang Feng was watching these clouds, his expression suddenly changed, because he found that among these slowly fluttering clouds, there was always a piece that didn’t move.


“Could it be?” Seeing this scene, Wang Feng already had guesses in his heart, but he felt that if his guesses came true, it would be too nonsense.


With a flash of his body, Wang Feng came directly to this piece of cloud. Seeing that this piece was not a cloud at all, Wang Feng was really speechless.


The **** thought in his mind finally came true.


In front of him, there is a cloud of pure white. Of course, if you look closely, this is not a real cloud. It is just a cloud made by man. It hangs quietly like this In the void, even if you scan with your divine sense, you may not be able to find the problem.


Because most of the cultivator’s consciousness is swept at once, who cares if there is a cloud that does not flutter?


reach out


(This chapter is not over, please turn the page) With one of his fingers, Wang Feng directly swiped at this cloud, and a fierce light burst out from Wang Feng’s finger. The cloud was directly cut open by him, revealing one of the Earth-colored beads.


This bead looks very ordinary, without light and without any spiritual power fluctuations. If it is thrown into the soil, it is estimated that it will be difficult to distinguish.


Fortunately, the beads were not thrown into the soil, otherwise Wang Feng and the others would be doomed.


Picking up this bead, Wang Feng observed it carefully.


I haven’t waited for him to take a good look at what’s wrong with the bead. Suddenly, he felt a flower in front of him, and the bead he was holding in his hand just now disappeared.


“Congratulations on your successful clearance.” The sun god’s voice sounded in the void, and then another irresistible force struck, and Wang Feng was dragged away from here.


Other people appeared one after another, and nine people and one beast appeared beside Wang Feng.


“What’s going on?” Seeing this scene, all the true immortals around were shocked. They were clearly still looking for it at the bottom of the sea, why did they appear here all of a sudden?


“I just clearly felt a force on the bottom of the sea. If I didn’t expect it, it should be the Reverse Chaos Pearl, but why are we here now? Could it be that the time has passed, then the sun **** wants to punish Us?” At this time, a four-star immortal said, and his face gradually became ugly.


The sun **** said that their time is only two hours. Once it exceeds two hours, it is difficult for them to survive. Now that they are here collectively, there must be something wrong.


“Everyone, stop guessing.” At this moment, Wang Feng said, “We have successfully cleared the customs.”




Hearing Wang Feng’s words, everyone showed a strange look. All the time, they were you looking at me and I looked at you, but they didn’t know what they found that Reverse Chaos Pearl.


“Could it be that you found the Reverse Chaos Orb?” At this moment, the five-star immortal old man looked at Wang Feng with a strange expression and asked.


“What do you think?” Wang Feng looked helpless.


“Where did you find it?”


“It is said that the most conspicuous places are also the places that are most easily forgotten. You will understand by looking at your head.” Wang Feng said.


Hearing Wang Feng’s words, everyone raised their heads and looked up, but whether they looked at the sky or the sky, there was nothing strange about it.


“I understand, the Reverse Chaos Orb is not hidden in the islands and the sea, it is hidden in the sky.” At this time, a four-star fairy said.


“That’s it.” Wang Feng nodded, and then stopped explaining.


He knew that the people present were smart people, and it was impossible for them to understand what it meant.


“This sun **** can really take advantage of the weakness of human nature, and we almost fell into the third level.”


“Don’t be too happy, our next road may be even more difficult to walk.” Wang Feng turned his head to the sky and said, “We have cleared the customs, why is the reward delayed?”


“The mere reward for this king will not deceive you. As a reward for the third stage, I will reward each of you with one pill.” As Wang Feng spoke, the void above their heads split open, and some pills fell from it. come out.


Grasping these medicinal pills, Wang Feng just glanced at them and already judged the quality of medicinal pills. Seeing the quality of medicinal pills is the most basic ability of an alchemist.


This medicine is a 13th grade medicine pill. From the time of cultivation to now, Wang Feng has never taken the 13th grade medicine pill, because the 13th grade medicine medicine is very precious to him, but he doesn’t take it. But now with the addition of this medicine pill inside and outside his space ring, he already has three thirteenth grade medicine pills.


There is no doubt about the fact that the Sun God is very tricky, but the wealthy Wang Feng and others who he shot have also seen it. Ten people and even Yingru got a 13th grade medicine pill, the net worth of the Sun God. It’s so rich.


(This chapter is not over, please turn the page) If there is a chance, Wang Feng really wants to rob him.


“Give you half an hour to rest. After half an hour, I will open the fourth level for you.” After saying this, the Sun God’s voice did not sound again.


It’s just that Wang Feng and the others didn’t lose much in the last pass, so for half an hour everyone was cultivating the dead wood art under the guidance of Wang Feng.


Not long after, the fourth level opened, and Wang Feng and the others were thrown into it by an irresistible force.


Similar to the previous three levels, these four levels are naturally meant to be used to treat people, their strength and lifespan will still be weakened, and even a little hesitation will lead to a life-and-death crisis, and it takes five hours to spend in it. Time Wang Feng and the others were so tired that they rushed over like dogs.


After passing the level, their powers were instantly restored, and at the same time, they were rewarded by the sun god.


This time the reward is not in kind and power. The sun **** rewarded Wang Feng and the others with a scripture.


This scripture is not complete, it’s just a fragment, but even if it’s a fragment, this is enough to make Wang Feng and the others excited.


Because this is a scripture to strengthen the spiritual power, in other words, the spiritual power is the soul power. The function of this scripture is only one, that is, it can strengthen the soul of the monk after cultivation.


And what surprised Wang Feng and the others even more was that this scripture was actually one of the Sun Bibles.


What is the Sun Bible? That is the practice practiced by the Sun God in the past.


It can be said that the Sun Bible has been ranked as one of the top exercises in the past three days. No matter how many people want to get it, they can’t get it.


Here they can learn the incomplete chapters of the Sun Bible, which is already a blessing from heaven.


If they say this, they don’t know how many people with red eye disease will be stared at.


Crossing the level is very tricky, but the rewards are also exceptionally rich. Although this is a little different from the treasures that everyone imagines, at least they have gotten real benefits.


One level after another, in the blink of an eye, Wang Feng and the others have been in here for five or six days. During these five or six days, they passed a total of seven levels, which is similar to the level in the game. The further you go, the higher the difficulty factor.


Often Wang Feng and the others almost died in the level. Fortunately, everyone is working together now. Anyone who is in trouble will be helped. If not, they are afraid that it will be difficult for them to pass these levels.


Here they all suffer, but at the same time they all benefit amazingly.


The first three levels are the dead wood art, the reward of strength, and the reward of medicinal pills, but in the latter level, all they get are the chapters of the Sun Bible.


Although the sun **** did not say that if you pass all the levels, you can get the complete sun bible, but at least that guess has already appeared in everyone’s heart.


If they could get the Sun Bible, it would be many times more valuable than the treasure.


Because there are too many people in the heavens who want to get this sun This may be an amazing creation for them.


None of them have fully learned the Sun Bible, but they have benefited from these mutilated chapters.


Ascension of the soul, enhancement of the body, they are much stronger than when they came here.


Wang Feng and the young palace master of Yandang Palace have both improved their strength, and after passing a few levels here, the five-star immortal old man finally took another step and reached the level of a six-star immortal.


Apart from him, although other people have not improved their strength, if they can continue to obtain the incomplete chapters of the Sun Bible, then their realm improvement is no longer a dream.


The voice of distress has long since disappeared, because they all know they are going through a fortune that everyone else wants but can’t.


The monthly pass list has been surpassed again. Although it is only a potential list, can I also be the first? Ask for a monthly pass


(End of this chapter)




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