The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 655: The extraordinary centers are all false


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The very familiar scent of the primordial spirit is so familiar that the moment “goodness” touches it, it is inexplicably forgotten. What is the reason for this?

His complexion changed, because after only a moment of trance, he became sober and knew who it was.

The creature at the end of the fog is approaching. It has a lean body, a kind face, a hale and hearty spirit, and eyes that can see through the world.

“Goodness, it’s you.” The giant monster Gu Sanming also saw the figure approaching from the mist.

Although Shanshan is charitable and cheerful, his true identity is a perennial giant among the evil spirits. After seeing the truth, he immediately became extremely tough and said, “How do you want to die if you dare to manifest even me?”

On the other side, the thin old man was very kind, with a calm tone: “Shan, have you asked your own heart, are you really rejecting me? I am your real body. I was seriously injured and dying in the past, and I have saved my whole body. Go out and manifest yourself with the light of your heart. Now that you have seen the real body, do you want to fight with swords?”

“I have a complete memory, how dare you lie to me?” There was a black evil spirit flowing from the corners of Shan’s eyes and brows.

Then a blood-colored Tian Ge jumped out of his head-shocking head, four inches long, and jumped above his parietal bone.

“Don’t be in a hurry. Are you sure? Do you still remember all the past?” Are you high-spirited for a while? Because even the ancestral hall of the gods appeared for you, and the opponent once slandered it as the ancestral hall of evil spirits, it accepted your worship.”

Shan, standing where he was, with an uncertain expression on his face, because the past was more chaotic, like blurry old photos slowly reappearing in his mind.

The ancestral court of the gods hangs high outside. After he became a true saint, a hazy outline once appeared, but it quickly disappeared, and he never saw it again.

“After fighting with Ma Lei, do you still remember the black snow that defeated the decadent universe? You sat alone in the outer area of ​​the Eternal Silence Garden, thinking about the road behind you for half an era without sleep.

The energetic old man on the opposite bank has deep eyes, penetrating the world, and he keeps opening his mouth, trying to break his “good” defenses.

People are in a daze, is what the old man on the other side said true?

The background of kindness is a bit big!

The old man carried his hands on his back, looked at the starry sky, and said: “All these are blurred in your mind. Because the clear memory you have is only limited to the last 20 centuries, and the 23rd century is the dividing line. , you have forgotten, it’s all here with my real body.

“Old friend, do you still remember me?” A middle-aged man came from the end of the fog. He was as vigorous as the sea. As he walked, the sound of blood flowing in his body shook the stars.

“You are the cause, didn’t you die when you practiced the “Cause and Effect Sutra” back then? “Suddenly, “Shan” said in amazement, the smell of the so-called “old friend” is not only his own embodiment, but also other people.

“Because” shook his head and said: “Others are dying and living. There is something wrong with the scriptures. I struggled to get rid of the scriptures and survived the desperate situation.”

The great evil spirit of the outer universe approached, and said: “Senior, I can’t believe it, they are all dead people, they were all dead back then, how could they reappear, even your so-called real body on the other side…is not right .”

“Yuanzhou, you are still so extreme and hot-headed. Neither you nor I can change this kind of character.” A cold voice came from the old super-mortal center before the 23rd century, followed by another A universe appears.

Only the old boy, the big evil spirit Yuan Zhou whose face is darkened suddenly, and he wants to say: Spicy chicken!

Even he was copied, materialized, and appeared on the other side, what kind of **** is this.

The saints are in a complicated mood, a little heavy, and at the same time feel quite absurd. This is really one, and one appears on the other side, that is, except for a few true saints such as Wang Tizesheng, other supreme beings appear in the face In the mirror world, discover another self.

In 36 Chongtian, Wang Xuan felt like a hundred silkworms were crawling in his heart, he couldn’t calm down, and wanted to kill to the opposite cliff, but his strength didn’t allow it.

What happened to the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, and where is the strange mobile phone? The saints and the life on the other side

Ling, what is the relationship?

In addition, the appearance of “cause” made his heart skip a beat. He already knew that in the age of the ancient star, someone had practiced the “Cause and Fruit Silkworm Sutra”, and the right master came out and was not dead. Is there a problem with “cause”? It has a deep relationship with the other side.

23rd century ago, did the people of the old supernatural center also have a fierce battle in the dark with the arrival of the creatures from the other side?

Even, Wang Xuan is guessing that the two mythical universes have such an inexplicable connection, each other is a world in the mirror, and whether there is a 6-break must-kill list on the other side.

In other words, one side is purely taking the blame. As a shield, the old supernatural things before the 23rd century are like a mess wrapped in mist to Wang Xuan, confusing, unreasonable, and mysterious. .

Finally, the “nothing” on the other side spoke, calm and indifferent, without any emotional fluctuations.

“Your morality is profound, and you should be regarded as the strongest one in the mythical universe. Do you feel something now, you are me, and I am you”

He is talking to his “self” here.

Continued: “You don’t have the memory of the past, the reason why you can’t be killed and revived again, is it not because you have changed life forms between “things, characters and people” again and again. Because, your past is me, your real body is here, you and I can’t be separated, so how hard it is to be you in the future is up to you. “

Calm and deep, as if talking about things that have nothing to do with him, as if he is detached from the mythical universe and doesn’t care.

That means, he doesn’t care about the choice of “nothing” here.

The hearts of the saints sank, because “nothing” and “yes” really forgot the past, and they didn’t remember many things.

After a long time, some people even speculated that they were replaced by some monsters.

Could it be said that the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century was really a place where ancient beings such as “nothing” and “yes” were nirvana?

Moreover, it’s not just the two of them, it involves a group of ancient creatures, including many true saints!

However, in the blink of an eye, the saints regained their composure. No matter whether this speculation is true or not, it is difficult to shake their fundamental heart. The two good mythological universes are connected. They firmly believe that this group of people, Being able to change the present world and reshape the Great World of the Extraordinary Center, those who died, passed away, ghosts and ghosts, can hardly stop their way forward.

The saints don’t speak, their eyes are like the deep space of the universe, and the galaxies in the eyes are turning. Like the sun and stars sinking, a new starry sky is born, deep and peaceful, as old as ever.

“Wu” went to the ancient abyss, said: “There is a very serious problem opposite the sacred tree, but it is not so terrible. If you really want to start a war, don’t worry about them.”

After the sound of “nothing” came out, the Mythology and Yushen trembled violently, and the road roared and tumbling, making the Great Transcendence Realm seem to be deflected, and the whole road was diverted accordingly.

“Wu” actually made a move, just like that, shaking the two worlds, he was so confrontational, he dared to directly penetrate the fusion of the two worlds, and blast to the opposite bank.

The decaying universe, all kinds of ancient evil spirits, alien saints, and evil gods are terrified. If you really dare to act, aren’t you afraid of war between the two worlds?

On the other side, the mysterious “Wu” still has no specific form, nothing but transformation and no sound, blocking the attack of “Wu” here.

Otherwise, the universe on the other side will not only be shaken violently, but may be pierced through, accompanied by terrible events such as the death of the saint.

“Do you want to start a war and fight with yourself? Everything in the universe, the direction of the supreme being, perhaps, should indeed be the only one, until the only one, but not now.”

On the other side, the mysterious “Nothing” opened its mouth, with a strong Dao rhyme, and the universe is resonating and resonating.

36 Chongtian’s Wang Xuan’s heart trembled violently. Although the other party was not talking about the only mental illness method of solipsism, he has set foot in related fields.

The “nothing” belongs to the top-level creatures, and the realm level is really high enough, and a few words mention a terrifying field.

The old boy opened his mouth with an unprecedented solemn expression, and said, “When it attacked just now, I felt a bit of the charm of Tao, which is only Tao and truth.

The real “Wu” said solemnly: “You and I are going to destroy the opposite, the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, it shouldn’t

Existence, I want to try to break the mirror and smash this weird big world! “

When the saints heard the words, they felt as if they were about to suffocate, “nothing”, did they get angry, or did they discover something? People can see that various fragments of history emerge from his huge and boundless body, as if running through one century after another, trying to catch up with the tide and see the truth face to face.

“I know what you are going to do, but if the two worlds are the only one, maybe the entire supernatural world will no longer exist, and the myth will be completely shattered, disappearing like a bubble. It should be noted that the origin of the supernatural is an accident. Even now it seems very false. You want to take the initiative to break the mirror, and the myth will be broken along with it. Because, you and I are both people in the mirror, and we are both in the mirror world. There are two mythical universes, and there is a high probability It is the two mirror worlds that are being radiated by the extraordinary, moving fast, chasing the only true manifestation, the truest myth, not that one of you and me is the true god.”

On the other side, the mysterious “nothing” actually said such a thing.

All saints are true

Sucking up Chaos Matter feels very scary.

“Wu” immediately refuted: “Bewitching words to confuse the public!”

It is rare for him to say such words with some emotional fluctuations, which is inconsistent with his usual indifference.

The next time, Wu directly approached the 23rd century, stepped forward, and actually went directly through the fusion of the two worlds, entered the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, and faced a group of supreme creatures alone.

“Yes” followed suit. “Maybe a catastrophe is brewing on the other side. It has been dormant in the past, hiding behind us, and it also involves letting the saints die on their behalf. It needs to be removed immediately. Let me follow up.”

While speaking, he pierced through the blending ground, as if he was opening up the world, shaking the movie Mythology Yucensing Network, a road appeared, and “you” also broke through

Whoosh, the saints followed.

Then, Shan, frowning deeply, also followed to another extraordinary center, based on the center of the old mythical universe before the 23rd century.


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