The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 558: Six Break Level Array Diagram



One person and one knife, Wang Xuan split open the holy city of tattoos, beheaded a group of heavenly masters, and stepped out of the city calmly.



This scene stunned countless extraordinary people from all over the galaxy.



That is a taboo magic circle that can check and balance the ultimate limit breaker, but he treats it as an ordinary city, rushing in and out, very casually.



“In the final stage, there seems to be a violent person in the city. It’s different from the past. Could it be Chenmu, the first limit breaker before the 7th century?”



In the outside world, some strong people have noticed that the layers of silk threads in the final stage have actually materialized, and it takes Kong Xuan to slash with a knife to cut them off.



If other transcendents make a move, Kong Xuan’s supermatter and the light of Tao will be able to burn off the foreign objects and extinguish those magical attacks.



The narrator of the shaking hands video platform said: “Kong Xuan is so brave, and now there is one person who can break through the posture of the sky-level area of ​​​​the four major Daochang, what does Senior Xuyan think?” “



Xu Yan is a stranger, and as a special guest, it is naturally authoritative to be commented by such a master, and it has indeed attracted the attention of a large number of extraordinary people.



“I think it’s not that simple to check and balance the ultimate limit breaker. Judging from the historical record, neither the tattoo holy city nor the time magic circle have reached the expected level.”



Xu Yan opened his mouth, and then focused on referring to Chen Mu, the first person before the 7th century, who seemed to have made a move just now, it was definitely not that simple, it should be extremely powerful.



In the starry sky, Wang Xuan stood outside the city and swung his knives several times, cutting off all the causal lines that spread.



In the city, there seems to be a silkworm emperor, spinning silk is cause and effect, quite weird and tyrannical, this should be the ultimate limit breaker making a move.



However, the opponent didn’t attack, it was more like a defense, giving the tattooed holy city time to recover.



The entire Grand Pass is swallowing super matter, something is different, it seems to be resurrected, becoming a creature with its own life imprint.



This feeling is like the experience when the pile of ashes troubled Wang Xuan 10 years ago. It has been entangled with him for a long time, like a creature with a real spirit.



“The magic circle transforms into form, has consciousness?” Wang Xuan showed a strange look, staring at the front.



Then, he looked to the other side, and the ashes prepared this time by the Paper Temple were also spinning, which was the evolution of the magic circle and became dangerous.



“Everyone, there were a lot of casualties just now, don’t hide it, let the true spirit of the magic circle recover.” Someone in the tattoo holy city said secretly.



“The magic circles that can check and balance the ultimate limit breaker are all psychic things, giving birth to will, but if they are completely revived and go all out to participate in the battle, once they are cut off, it is tantamount to being completely destroyed I don’t know how many years it will take to re-cultivate the awareness of the magic circle.” Someone sighed, quite reluctant.



“Brother Dao, I think you have put the cart before the horse. Why study the taboo circle, isn’t it just to check and balance the ultimate limit breaker? Now that such an opponent appears, don’t wait any longer?!”



“It makes sense, I fell into a misunderstanding and forgot my original intention, then… kill, kill Kong Xuan with all my strength!”



In the city, the important figures of the four major ashrams reached an agreement that the so-called taboo magic circle is for use, and it is normal to consume it, as long as it can suppress the opponent and kill it.



The dense vortex of the time magic circle merged into one and became a hole of time, and separated from the city, spinning and floating alone.



Around it, time is distorted, and the fragments of Dao Ze are like fish scales, and they are like the reflections of stars and moons in the water, smashed by waves, sparkling.



It looks silvery and soft, but it is extremely dangerous, and a true spirit was born in the hole of time.



On the other side, Guixu’s “Xuan Formation” evolved into a golden funnel, which was also turning, soundlessly, and the inner space was constantly being shredded, and the chaos was being disintegrated.



This makes people gasp. This is the taboo magic circle of Guixu Dojo, which makes a funnel that can melt everything, and a normal heaven-level extraordinary person will die if he enters it.



On the other side, the pile of ashes seemed to be reborn as a powerful person, forming a human form, emitting black mist there, extinguishing all magic, and all supernatural beings would be afraid.



As for the holy city of tattoos, it is also different.



Hazy, crystalline, it is fully constructed of textures, revived.



No matter on the city wall or in the city, there are floating patterns, which are like tattoo designs one after another, including the most famous picture of the old holy study room.



In that room, there is a desk, a pen, ink and paper, a black seal, and two men, one standing and the other sitting there.



Especially now, this picture has been revived, and the two strong men from the old holy period opened their eyes in the picture.






This made everyone in the outside world **** up the myth factor. The consciousness of the four taboo magic circles, the tattoo holy city, the hole of time, the funnel of returning to the ruins, and the ashes of the paper saint, stood here, and the danger level skyrocketed.



Even across the sea of ​​stars and the screen, all the supernatural beings feel palpitations just looking at it.



“Not to mention anything else, just the picture of the old holy study room in the Tattoo Palace, after all the Taoist rhymes in the heavenly domain are revived, it can resist an ultimate limit breaker. Horrible, this is the only way to check and balance Kong Xuan The correct way!” Some experts commented.



In the past, Wang Xuan had seen this picture, but every time he blasted through it without waiting for it to fully recover. Now it is hanging in the holy city of tattoos, making him pay attention to it.



He looked at Xiongguan in front of him, and said: “A dilapidated old house was split open just now, how can it be a demon?”



This kind of evaluation is extremely contemptuous for the Holy City of Tattoos. They don’t take them seriously at all, treating them as decayed old houses that can be ignited with a single fire.



“Chenmu, why don’t you take action now? There are four magic circles that can check and balance the ultimate limit breaker. If you go hunting at this time, you can easily kill him!”



The people from the Tattoo Palace opened their mouths and asked the number one wizard from 7 centuries ago to activate, and this person is indeed here.



In the holy city of tattoos, there are causal threads intertwined like silk, but they are extinguished in an instant.



“Kill! Don’t back up anyone, it’s time to kill him. The longer it drags on, the more incompetent I am in the four Dao fields, and I was blocked by one person. In the future, no matter who writes the extraordinary history outside the world, this will not be a glorious stroke .”



Returning to the ruins funnel, the golden light splashes everywhere, like a condensed universe, and the endless halo inside is like galaxies being born and dying, rushing at extreme speed.


Wang Xuan slashed at it with a single knife, and went all out, with a regular dao rhyme close to 6 broken. Poured into the Daheitian knife.



He forcibly shook the Guixu dojo to revive his consciousness, like a taboo magic circle of a living being, and a large number of runes and order **** chains collided between the two. In the sea of ​​stars, there was a scene of a big collapse, the icy void shattered, the meteorite group disappeared silently, and the nearby star went out.



When Wang Xuan crossed with the knife, after piercing through the star, the scene here was even more frightening.



The golden funnel dimmed rapidly in the light of the sword, and disappeared from the spot, evading his most powerful light of the sword, even avoiding the edge of the taboo magic circle that can check and balance the ultimate limit breaker?



This result made everyone in the outside world lose their minds for a while.



However, people’s hearts became tense again, and their emotions fluctuated with the rhythm of the battle.



After all, there are four taboo magic circles here, which are equivalent to four ultimate limit breakers. If you add Chen Mu, it is five masters standing.



Theoretically speaking, the five limit breakers must be able to kill a person of the same rank!



With a buzzing sound, human-shaped ashes came over. This thing is very tricky. Wang Xuan had seen it 10 years ago and destroyed a mass of ashes. It is an extremely rare “underground”.



Wang Xuan avoided it and did not touch it.



At the same moment, the golden funnel of Guixu and the hole of time in Shiguangtian resonate and resonate with each other, as if they were born as one, swooping down together.



Wang Xuan tilted his head, disappeared out of thin air again, and teleported himself out with Youzi formula.



“As long as all living beings have a mind, if they want to leave, they have to pass our level first.” Someone in the city of tattoos said.



This great pass has undergone changes, which made Wang Xuan’s primordial spirit feel that his scalp is tight, and he will be forcibly detained out of his spiritual body.



“Tattoos one by one holy city.” People from the tattoo palace worshiped the holy city together.



The holy city of tattoos glows, and it manifests into the city of Daoyun, which appears in Wang Xuan’s body, trying to trap his mind.



It can communicate the emotions in the opponent’s heart, evolve the power of the opponent’s mind, build a city, trap one’s own spirit, and resonate with the holy city of tattoos.



“Everyone has a city in his heart, trapped in himself, separated from the outside world, now, I come to guide you to tattoo the consciousness of the Holy City, as if reciting a spell.



“I am the only one, you can shake my fundamental heart?” Wang Xuan said, cutting three swords in a row, breaking the past, cutting the future, and killing the present world, all aimed at opponents!



The triple sword light, with the sound of thunder, filled with chaotic matter, and pure spiritual power, interprets the secrets of the “Truth One Classic”, and spurs out a flower of vision to fight against opponents in this field , Anti-kill the holy city.



The Flower of Grace comes from the magic flower in the restricted stone passage behind Wang Xuan’s order, and interferes with the opponent’s spiritual will in reverse.



At the same time, Wang Xuan’s three powers were extremely terrifying, he smashed through the city gate, and with a bang, Terry split open and shattered completely.



There are many heaven-level masters in the Holy City of Tattoos, and now the group of people upstairs in the main city has all been shattered, leaving no one left, and their deaths are very miserable.



This—breaking the city once made many people’s scalps tingle.



However, he also encountered a crisis, the ashes of the human form, as well as the funnel of returning to the ruins and the hole of time, covered at the same time, making him inevitable. But this time, he didn’t want to be completely entangled with the four ultimate magic circles to avoid being taken advantage of by others.



Wang Xuan sacrificed a picture, which was the primordial creature born at the time of Lu Po. He suspected that it was a formation map. He had been groping for it all these years, but he hadn’t analyzed the essence yet.



Now, he used it to protect his body, rotated on his head, and directly collided with the three magic circles.






After the humanoid ashes covered the picture, dust filled the sky, but it didn’t extinguish the magic, the ashes themselves floated up, and were shaken out.



The funnel of returning to the ruins and the hole of time are slightly connected to each other, and they are suppressed together.



Wang Xuan has a deep heart and pushes this picture. Although it has not fully recovered, it has not evolved into a pattern that illuminates the starry sky, etc., only relying on its body, with a trace of texture, it still blocks the two magic circles!






The golden funnel roared and shook violently.



Then, the hole of time was swept by that picture, as if drunk, the time vortex was a little disordered.



Wang Xuan activated the formation map again. This map rotated, and there were two bangs, in exchange for the return to the ruins funnel and the whole of time being shaken. Hai Baolin: The two forbidden magic circles were blown away by Zhang Zhentu.



Wang Xuan is very satisfied with the result, it is “neither strong nor weak”, just right.



If he explores thoroughly and reveals the background of this figure 6, and defeats the opponent’s taboo circle here, then there will be a big problem.



Once this happens, it is estimated that it will attract the eyes of the supreme beings.



The current performance of the formation map is in line with his current needs.



“Hiss, Kong Xuan is actually wearing the ultimate limit-breaking array, and it seems that his background is terrifying, and he shook open three taboo arrays in a row, which is terrible!”



The outside world was shocked.



“That is a kind of primordial sacred object, and it is the rarest in the legend. It is an array that cannot be found. It is more valuable than other sacred objects, and it is extremely powerful!”



“The killing array diagram of the ultimate limit breaker is equivalent to the taboo array that the major true saints have exhausted their efforts to research, it is a bit against the sky!”



In the outside world, ordinary extraordinary people exclaimed first, and then the strangers were all moved.



As a matter of fact, the birth of the array map had a far greater impact than Wang Xuan imagined. The ultimate killing array map that broke the limit five times is a treasure that many extraordinary people dream of!



At the same time, people are guessing how many primordial sacred objects Kong Xuan has? When he was in hell, he had already shown a different kind of exclusive sacred object. This map should not have been born by himself, but it was most likely obtained from other places, such as the birthplace of mythology, where sacred objects are occasionally born.



When the outside world was restless and many people were talking about it, Wang Xuan once again



Let’s do it, there is nothing to say now, what four taboo magic circles he will use, from before the 7th century.


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