The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 259: The world behind the door



The golden vortex with a haze turned faster and bigger, and finally evolved into a moon gate, opening the passage.


“This is what you opened. Where are you going to take me. As soon as I come to the door?” Gan enthalpy looked at the strange objects. The door is in the bronze sense room. “It is better to choose actively than to be forced to enter in the future!”


We’ve reached this point, and the marriage is no longer a match for the next one. He stepped forward with one foot and passed through the golden Liu Shi gate. In an instant, he came to the void of grass and fame, and when he saw a road, he was close to the middle. . He was stunned, this route was composed of runes, it looked very sacred, and even had a rhythm. After several trials and errors, it changed its trajectory and came in his direction. “Is it looking for me?” Wang Xuan asked. The strange thing on the phone said: “Of course, you walked through the fog and came from the dark to the light. It gradually caught your track and appeared quickly.” Wang Xuan felt that something was wrong and said: “What do you mean, I don’t show up, It can’t find me?”


“I told you that the world is balanced, and one end of the scale has been tilted. You have gained a lot and already owe a debt. If you don’t take the initiative to resolve it now, and accumulate it for many years, it will eventually explode. At that time, it will be too late to regret. Well, there will be disaster.


Wang Xuan ignored it and didn’t agree with the theory. If it weren’t for the fact that there was a line that might involve the old person, he wouldn’t have passed through that door. However, what reassured him was that the road of constant error correction seemed very peaceful, surrounded by fairy mist, and there was no malice when it was not far away. It is a golden avenue that runs through deep space and is very sacred. According to the strange thing on the mobile phone, this is a causal path, which is connected to the destination.


“The road ahead is bright, it seems to be good.” Wang Xuan nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. “Of course, don’t think the world is so beautiful, everything is possible.” Suddenly, Wang Xuan, was really caught by the crow’s mouth of the mobile phone? “Huh?” Tianyan observes the other side of the road at the end of the road, Chendong


At that time, I saw pools of scarlet blood, and even saw a large guillotine, Xue Liang, who had been waiting there for a long time. His hair stood on end, and he said, “This trajectory is not right, I feel that the situation is not good.” Om! The void trembled lightly, that road was trial and error, and as it gradually approached here, the galaxy in the other direction was bright, a cloud composed of stars. Appeared, suddenly came not far away. “This is another causal path?” Wang Xuan was surprised, who was looking for him?


At this time, the starlight shone, and the Xinghe Body Washing Sutra in his body recovered at the same time as the exterior scene, and it automatically operated, making him realize what the cause and effect were. “I practiced the true scriptures, so, what kind of creature was inspired by it?” He couldn’t believe it, all this could be a cause and effect? The nine-color nebula is splendid and holy. Looking at this posture, he is about to take him away. Could it be that the true saint is not dead? This is an inexplicable feeling. Is it impossible to accept him as a disciple?


After all, the last three levels of this sutra were almost unreliable. But he initially practiced the first level. Xiangyun came to the vicinity and wandered there, he should be looking for him, but only then did Wang Xuan see that behind Xiangyun, the suffocating air was rolling, and the blood mist was raging to the sky, and he followed. “I’ll go!” His scalp is numb, what is the cause and effect? ​​What other creatures can the scriptures involve? These have nothing to do with him. The Xinghe Body Washing Sutra was sent by Zhuo Yanran. of”.


The strange thing on the mobile phone was also surprised, and said: “You have enough causal lines, and this can be done. It is estimated that the dead straight saint left some causality. You have practiced his scriptures, and you have entanglement.””! Wang Xuan doesn’t want to say anything. “Don’t worry, no one pays special attention to you. Look, didn’t the nine-color auspicious clouds move further away?” The lineage and inheritance left by the sage have a mind, and Wang Chunchu was implicated. The first two causal lines were far and near, but they were not in front of them, and they were still wandering. “Whoosh!” A cold light flashed, and something rubbed Wang Xuan’s ear called and slipped past, it was a big hook that was obviously swaying, several feet long, suddenly appeared from the void, almost hooked his head, and fished him away. “Wow, a chicken, someone is fishing for me. !” Wang Xuan was shocked, his heart trembled, and he took a few steps back. He avoided the big bright hook, this was fishing


Are you human? It’s enough to go fishing for dragons. A smeared incense dragon can be anchored in an instant! It shimmers with a cold light and carries a rhythm, with a thick fishing line attached to the end, submerging into nothingness, what do you think? They are all like the causal fishing rods, invisible lines and hooks that he has used, but they are bigger than the fishing tackle he has used. Today he was re-fished! Which way is the causal line? Fishing all day


Fish, today he was caught by someone and became the prey, trying to give the anchor away.

  王煊打死都不想去了结这份因果,手机奇物简直坊爹,这都是什么命运轨迹?他严重怀疑,被骗过来了。他不禁倒退、然而,门呢? 全色流涡不I了!嗖!搜!嗖!那只雪言的大钩子,在这个地方一个劲儿地锚他,就在他前后左右不断出没,寒光以耀,无上择锐.看看就案

Wang Xuan didn’t want to settle the cause and effect even after being beaten to death. The strange thing in the mobile phone is just like a father. What kind of fate is this? He seriously suspected that he was deceived. He couldn’t help but back up, but, where’s the door? The full-color vortex is gone! Whoosh! Search! Whoosh! That big hook of Xueyan was anchoring him in this place, and it kept coming and going around him, cold light. With Yao, the supreme and the sharp. Take a look at the case


Man, make his scalp tingle. If this is anchored, the body will be transparent from front to back, and a big blood hole will appear! Wang avoids, this fate line has been blocked by him, and he will never touch it! “What’s the situation?” Yu Yan tried to hide A big hook with a lot of fun and incompleteness, a mobile phone wonder, why 1 is very similar to the karma fishing rod and fishing platform he got.

  ”日圣时期遗存下来的钓竿,你得到了一组,不代表全部,自然也有其他人掌握。”手机奇物回应道。” 门呢?”王煊问道。”关了。”手机奇物告知。还没等王煊多说什么,天上,一条绳子落了下来,它倒是很平和,垂下来就不动了,连着布满厚重青云的天空。

“You got a set of fishing rods left over from the Sun-Saint period. It doesn’t mean all of them. Naturally, others have mastered them.” The strange thing on the phone responded. “Where’s the door?” Wang Xuan asked. “Close.” The mobile phone strange thing informed. Before Wang Xuan could say more, a rope fell from the sky, but it was very peaceful, and it didn’t move when it hung down, connecting to the sky full of thick blue clouds.


Another line of cause and effect, who are they? This troubled Wang Xuan, and he didn’t understand what destiny this was. The rope fell, it was close at hand, and it was silent, as if it could climb to the sky and go to the mysterious and unknown place outside the world.


The strange object on the mobile phone said: “Didn’t you say that you have not been polluted by the dust recently, have no competition with the world, and have no cause and effect? ​​How can I see that the fate lines come out one after another, what have you done?”

  ”我怎么知道!”王煊没好气地回应道,然后又催它,道∶ ”你赶紧给我开门,我要回去了!”

“How do I know!” Wang Xuan responded angrily, and then urged it again, saying: “Hurry up and open the door for me, I’m going back!”


He always felt that this was outrageous, and he was going to stop and go back first to avoid danger. “Be careful!” The mobile phone did not respond to his opening the door, but took the initiative to warn him, reminding him that a new causal line was coming.


This is a large silver net that covers the sky and covers the sky.


“I’m going!” Wang Xuan escaped, the posture was too ferocious, he wanted to say, is there any reason for it? It’s just a hook, and even the fishing net is used, which one is this? Which faction’s fate line?


“You have too many causal lines to add to your body.” The strange thing on the mobile phone sighed there. It’s hard to say whether it’s really emotional, or it’s running on him.


“Shut up and open the door for me!” Qian Xuan wanted to beat T it, if the phone was someone who could beat it, he would have to bring it over and slap it. He’s dodging very fast, this place is too dangerous, huge hooks


I can catch the dragon. The nine-color auspicious cloud with the evil spirit behind it, and the monstrous blood mist, have drowned in one direction, and there are fishing nets covering the sky.


Suddenly, the darkness in front of his eyes, the secret path was bad, and he was put in a sack! Wang Xuan was furious, it was a huge cloth bag, which fell from the sky and put him in it. Going to the entrance, it was done in one go, very terrifying. He is about to mobilize the killing formation map, and use the Yudao flag to kill it.


“Don’t move, this is a treasure, a forbidden item in the extraordinary universe.” Yu Daoqi, who had been silent for many years, spoke up, without any recovery, without the slightest fluctuation, and told Wang Xuan secretly and covertly.


“You can communicate with me, don’t worry about being detected by it.” Yudao Banner informed. It has blinded the secrets of this space, and prohibited items and bags cannot be sensed. “Then hurry up and sign!” Qian Xuan held it in his hand and communicated directly. Yu Daoqi secretly said: “If you run away, it’s a bit late. You need to break the bag and get out. The owner should be not far away, and he will be alarmed. It’s better to hibernate quietly and wait for the bag to open and kill the owner.” The ferocity has come up, the same as it was back then.


“How are you recovering?” Wang Xuan asked with concern. When he crossed the border and ran through the universe, the Yudao Banner had a strong crack, which was quite terrifying. “It’s alright, the recovery is almost there, the power has been refined from the cracks to nine orifices, and it blends with the rules of this extraordinary universe. I feel not bad, but it took more time than I expected, and it’s almost not complete.” Wang Xuan Moving, high-level humanoid creatures have nine secrets, and Yudao Qi is also like this, it should be a very amazing transformation.


“Oops, how did this rag bag come out? It’s completely unexpected. The few vague fate tracks I saw earlier should not have it.” Talk to yourself. “I…, want to stab it to death!” Wang Xuan couldn’t help it, things changed, and, listening to the meaning of the strange thing on the mobile phone, it had dimly seen the traces of fate entangled in several causal threads earlier, but did not tell him. “Looking back for a chance to try, I also want to shoot it twice to see what it looks like, brother.” Yu Dao Gun responded.


The strange thing on the mobile phone said to himself: “It’s broken, he took a fork in the road, this is an unplanned causal line, and it is completely different from what I expected. The fate is elusive and full of variables.” Wang Xuan was so angry at it, However, there was no movement outside the bag, and it didn’t make a sound. “Where is it?” he asked Yu Daoqi. “Go back.” The first murder weapon of the parent universe told calmly, and even passed him a partially blurred picture. In the void, a golden vortex appeared, with chaotic energy, and the strange object of the mobile phone floated, took a photo in the direction of the cloth bag, and then returned slowly. Wang Xuan’s mentality exploded, and Gouyue’s mobile phone sent him on the road


, and then it swoops on its own. Gone, as if nothing happened. It doesn’t bring any that follow, jumping out of the Three Realms, not in the Five Elements, as if nothing has anything to do with it. At the same time, through the perception that Yudaoqi brought to Wang, he realized that the speed of the cloth bag in the Shattering Void is extremely terrifying, and only the super forbidden item Yudaoqi can perceive what is happening outside the treasure pocket.


“There are other creatures in the cloth bag?” Wang Xuan was startled. After calming down, he carefully looked at the situation in this space. It was huge, like a small starry sky. He realized that this cloth bag was something special. He looked at it with his spiritual eyes, and in the distance, some terrifying creatures were very pure and monstrous, extremely huge, and some even had eyeballs as magnificent as a mountain. Also, some cows are absolutely crazy, and even said that the scriptures are crazy. They obviously hit the cloth bag, covered with blood, their eyes are red, and their eyes are on the cloth bag.


They are all alien species, and they are all very fierce. Some creatures have never been seen before and cannot be named. Wang Xuan flew 800 miles to the depths of the cloth bag, stopped to observe in some places, and then frowned, what did he do with so many madmen and monsters caught? “Here it is.” Yushouqi reminded. In a blink of an eye, he returned to his destination. Looking at the imperial road flag, and looking at the tea array map. Anytime


Quasi-blood battle. According to the X flag. The first value of sneak attack, the owner of the bag. He was mixed in all kinds of guide snow, among all kinds of crazy monsters. He was ready to go out for a diagnosis. He died directly. With a swipe,


There is skylight through the bag mouth, and a luminous rope automatically loosens the bag mouth. “That rope is also a prohibited item!” Yudaoqi reminded Wang Xuan secretly. Wang Xuan directly swallowed two big mouthfuls of cold transcendent factors and calmed himself down. What is this? He secretly said: “Or, let’s see if we are friends or enemies without delaying the fighter jet. Good or evil. Don’t rush to kill?” It’s not easy outside. “Yu Dao Qi responded.


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