The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 258: Take a picture of fate



This broken phone has no time to stop. Whenever it quiets down a little, it’s just brewing, and it won’t be long before something goes wrong.


“Greetings,” or “accidents,” from cell phone oddities may be late, but never absent.


“What are you doing?” It looked puzzled. Facing Wang Xuan who was holding the Imperial Dao flag, it was flowing with ripples, flickering brightly and dimly, as if switching between reality and nothingness.


“If you want to quietly send me to an inexplicable place, then you might as well give it a try. I promise to give it to you first!” Wang Xuan threatened, the Yudao flag in his hand was already close to him. touch it. He was in the city of the sky and was about to participate in a grand event. If he disappeared without a sound, it would be nothing, and he didn’t want to be passive at all.


The most important thing is that he still doesn’t know where he is going or what the road ahead is.


What cause and effect, what fate, in his opinion is very “virtual”


,He doesn’t believe this at all.


The strange object on the mobile phone said: “I don’t know what it is. I extracted such a wisp of essence from the complicated appearance. The world is balanced, and the balance of fate has been tilted. You need to pay the debt.”


It is extremely solemn and said: “I swear, what I see is true, and what I say is true. This time involves your destiny, you need to make a choice, you should take the initiative to enter the game, it is much better than escaping and just living. Because, You have to face it eventually.”


It’s so serious that it’s really intimidating, and it makes Wang Xuan feel a little clueless.


In his evaluation, mobile phone wonders are mysterious, dangerous, and pitiful, but the things it mentions always have their place in the end.


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Wang Xuan pondered the recent events, what major cause and effect could implicate and trouble him? Get the latest chapter plus robot for the first time


“I haven’t been in contention with the world recently, and I haven’t caused any trouble. It shouldn’t be like this.” He said to himself, feeling that he has not been stained with dust recently, and there is no cause and effect.


He frowned, is he the ancestor of the candle dragon? It should be intimidated, but even if you want to take revenge, you have to weigh it, it will not be so fast.


National treasure, the old alien from the black and white bear clan? Even if he wants to take his grandson, it is still far away, but the grandson of the old black and white bear can fall into his hands at any time.


Li Lin just met her, and it has nothing to do with her. The one who lost the cat in Jiulingdong would not have thought it was him. The old holy ape of the Gibbon family was not like the old holy ape who was smashed with a pinch of monkey hair. He had such a violent personality.


When thinking of this, Wang Xuan silently wiped a few drops of sweat from his forehead, as if the cause and effect of the connection were not too small, and they were all related to the high-ranking aliens.


The strange object on the mobile phone said: “Think about it for yourself, whether there is any heavy burden on your body, and whether there is an unspeakable secret in your heart. If you say it, I can help you analyze it, deduce it carefully, and explore the fateful trajectory of this time. The reason for the fluctuation is related to the future direction.”


Wang Xuan heard this kind of words, holding the Yudao flag, tapped twice on the screen, and said: “What do you want to know, what is the purpose of following me, who are you?”


The screen of the strange object of the mobile phone is very strong, and it is estimated that the thunder with the chaotic energy in the big catastrophe will not be broken.


“I really forgot who I am. I met you just by chance. Before you, it wasn’t that no one was by my side. Obviously, you thought too much. The transcendent center will eventually change, and all good things will dissipate. , I’m just recording the splendor of the moment, the epitome of the times.” Its voice is somewhat penetrating, as if it came from the deep starry sky.


Wang Xuan looked at it and said, “Your former masters have nothing to do…”


“Wrong, it’s the holder, the encounter in life, the short-lived companion on the journey.” The strange object of the mobile phone interrupted his words and corrected the error.


Wang Xuan looked bad and said, “Listen to what you mean, are you planning to send me away in the future?”


“I don’t mean that.” The cellphone wonder object denied.


Wang Xuan once saw some short-lived records in the last icon of the strange things on the mobile phone, euphemistically, showing a good life, but in fact, they were blurred videos of the tragic death of their predecessors and their predecessors, and most of them were only Can hear voices, very scary and rash.


Overall, it’s mysterious and dangerous, with no clue.


The strange thing on the phone said again: “I can’t help it, the iron-struck me, the holder of running water. Although it is not my intention, they have all become passers-by. The years are quiet and beautiful, and I am the only one who moves forward quietly.”


Wang Xuan doesn’t want to talk to it anymore and can’t have a pleasant conversation with it.


The strange thing on the phone took the initiative and said, “Think about it carefully, try to think as big as possible, which people, objects and events can be involved in a very big cause and effect, which may disturb your destiny.


Although I don’t want to see it, Wang Xuan still thinks about it, his eyebrows are deeply furrowed, is it ancient or modern?


He once promised ancient and modern, in the age of mythical decay in the parent universe, as long as it takes away his immortal old people and sends them to a safe place, he will fight for it for a period of time in the future.


Is it casting a spell, knowing that he has entered this universe, and trying to find him? It has existed as early as the old holy times, commanding the high ground, and in the many changes of the transcendent center,


It has long been ranked number four and has unpredictable means.


Even if it has been replaced now, and it is no longer on the list of prohibited items, it still makes everyone in awe, especially since it has secretly undergone a transformation, its strength will never be bad, and it can be said to be even more terrifying. . Get the latest chapter plus robot for the first time


“Where is it? There are no traces or rumors of it today. I’m not strong now, but I’m in the past, what can I do for it?” Wang Xuan thought to pay.


Unless it involves some gambling fights between the two camps, and there is a need for a true immortal-level gladiatorial fight, in that case, if a child of an alien appears, he has the confidence to throw it down, even if the true saint has a child in his later years,


He doesn’t worry about the birth of his own children.


Who else besides ancient and modern? Wang Xuan immediately thought of his elder brother, Wang Yusheng. After he was killed in blood, there was no news about it.


Last time, he saw the huge old tortoise in Yihai, and it captured similar life characteristics, which made Wang Xuan alert and startled.


“Isn’t it related to this, so the root foot is leaked, and the cause and effect related to Wang Yusheng is involved?”


He frowned and thought about other aspects. In an instant, his heart skipped a beat, thinking of copying Zhensheng’s backyard with Wu Dalang!


If the bottom of this matter leaks, the problem will be too serious for him to bear.


Thinking of this, his heart moved. When the Bronze Arena War ended, he once saw a person. Although his appearance was different, it still made him feel familiar. Now he realized that it might be Wu Tian.


“It turns out that there are a lot of things about me, some of which are not sure, but most of them are very secret, who can find out?” He thought silently.


Wang Xuan stood up, moved his muscles and bones in the bronze secret room, prepared to leave the customs, and said to the strange object on the mobile phone: “Can you give me some hints, otherwise,


I don’t really believe this incident.


“Even if you and I just met by chance, it’s still fate. It’s natural to help you after we’ve been together for so long. I’ll do my best to help you take a look.”


This is beyond Wang Xuan’s expectations. In his impression, it has the attributes of a vicious creature and a black pit, which is very unreliable.


However, after just a moment of goodwill, his eyes gleamed again, because the strange object of the mobile phone was going to be photographed for him, and he was choosing the right angle.


It also seems to know that the other party is going to get angry, and immediately said: “Don’t be nervous, I’m not sorting out the photos for you.”


“I’m so nervous, I just want to measure how strong you are!” Wang Xuan said with a bad look.


The strange object on the mobile phone said: “Calm down, don’t be anxious. I’m about to cast a spell. I need you to be quiet and attentive, mind and body empty, and don’t be emotionally turbulent.


“What do you want to do?” Wang Xuan asked.


“I want to try to take a picture of Destiny,” replied the phone oddities.


Wang Xuan: “?”


This monster is addicted to taking pictures. It’s okay to want to take pictures everywhere, and now take a photo of the illusory fate? It’s crazy.


The strange object of the mobile phone said: “Don’t overthink it, I just try my best to shoot the hazy outline of fate, take a look at the influence on you, and capture its vague trajectory.”


Is this bragging? Wang Xuan stared at it, this is a fierce thing, and it is also a strange thing, it’s a bit outrageous.


“Then give it a try!” Anyway, he has nothing to lose, and he is not afraid of it being a monster. First, he puts on the killing formation map and then carries the Yudao flag. If something changes, he is not afraid.


“What I’ve shown in a while can only be understood by you, don’t let me analyze it, because I don’t know, and I can’t see it. What I show is based on what you revealed after you collided with your destiny. Various possibilities, as well as some fluctuation trajectories.”


“Start, relax, empty body and mind, let fate manifest, I’ll take pictures, one, two, three!” After the phone wonders shouted, there was a click, and there was a complex and bright rune there.


Then, that area changed. Its screen, constructed from runes, turned into a smooth mirror, reflecting Wang Xuan’s figure and people and events related to him.


In an instant, his expression changed!


Because the people and things in that mirror were extremely important to him, his parents appeared, they couldn’t see it clearly, and they disappeared instantly with a chaotic air.


Then, the black wooden box carrying the past and present appeared, stagnant for a moment, very blurry, difficult to observe in detail, and quickly disappeared.


Afterwards, Zhulong, National Treasure, Grumpy Monkey, Li Lin, Yiren from Jiulingdong, Jing Qi and other related people also flashed by.


Wang Xuan frowned, these were the people and things he had just thought about.


In the passing pictures, Chaos Space Sea and Floating Boat Pure Land appeared. Then, a man who looked a bit like him and was suspected of being his eldest brother left. Then, a group of acquaintances such as Jian Xianzi, Zhang Daoling, Chen Yongjie, Fang Yuzhu and others turned around quickly, and they appeared.


This moved him. If his fate this time was related to these people, he couldn’t sit still. He had been in this world for many years, and there was still no news about those people.


He only discovered Zhou Qinghuang by chance, but he believed that it should be due to Gu Jin fulfilling his original promise, sending the weak people out of order and dispersing them all over the place.


Then, the faces of Yan Mingcheng, the demon master Yanyan, Mingxue and others flashed by. There is even a sword madman Shang Yi, carrying the feathering banner into the sea of ​​​​stars!


Some people are too close to him, some people are like biological parents, if it concerns Yan Mingcheng and the others, no matter where he is, he will take the initiative to rush over. This kind of fate decision can actually be made without thinking. .


The screen rotates, and sure enough, there are also old and the scene of the backyard of the true saint, and there is even an undersea fishing platform.


The time is not very long, a lot of information, a lot of pictures surfaced, and then all dissipated.


“I tried my best.” The cellphone won’t glow anymore, returning to normal.


Wang Xuan frowned deeply. Originally, he didn’t really believe in this incident, and he didn’t even want to pay attention to the various suggestions of strange things on the mobile phone, but when he saw those old people, he felt a little uneasy and couldn’t stay out of it.


Of course, this fateful decision doesn’t necessarily involve those familiar faces, he’s just in case.


“What did you see and what do you want to do?” asked him.


Wang Xuan sighed, walked around in this bronze secret room, and said, “I’m going to take the initiative to enter!


Then, he temporarily went out, opened the bronze secret room, and wanted to contact the outside world and make some arrangements.


The Beast Girl appeared for the first time, and she was indeed attentive, handling his various problems in person.


“I’m going to retreat, maybe for a day, maybe a few days, don’t let people bother me. Also, I don’t need to take in the stars, this time I just want to learn the Dharma quietly.


“Okay, Brother Kong, no problem.” The beast girl twisted her waist and left, making arrangements immediately.


Then, Wang Xuan contacted Wolf Cat and the others, telling them that he had retreated and tried to come out before the event to avoid these people rushing to come here to find him.


The bronze secret room was closed, Wang Xuan put on his battle robe and held the Yudao flag tightly, everything was ready.


He didn’t know where he was going. To be on the safe side, he didn’t enter the venue with his true appearance. In an instant, his primordial spirit changed and his appearance was completely different.


“Okay!” he tells Cellular Wonder.


“There is no dead person, the door, open!” The strange object of the mobile phone sounded, and above the screen, a golden vortex appeared, with a chaotic fog, spinning rapidly and getting bigger and bigger.


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