The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 207: Universe 1 stream strong family



In 11 years, the galaxy was brilliant, and Wang Xuan ended his retreat.


Leaving the old land of the Black Peacock where dead bones and flowers coexist, and also far from that old era, the remnants of the previous era are sealed underground.


Wang Yan returned to the surface and looked up at the starry sky. He knew that sooner or later the peace would be broken, and this place would eventually become the old world.


A giant tree hangs in the night sky, emitting a soft silver light, that is the moon on the holy mountain.


“Second Dad!” A wolf the size of a calf came running under the moonlight. It was usually very cold, but now it is extremely cheerful. Most of its fur is black, with silver markings. 2


Wolf Sky, that’s its name. Apparently, Wolverine is a bad name and lazy. 1


In fact, its body should be much larger than it is now. Under the moonlight, the silver stripes are shining, quite mysterious, and it is a remarkable alien at first glance.


“It grows very fast.” Wang Xuan patted its head.


In the night sky, the five colors of divine light are splendid, streaking across the sky, like a rainbow descending, and the wolverine also came, put away its tail feathers, and said, “Half the size eats the poor old man.”


Langtian filial piety didn’t refute, but he didn’t take it seriously. Isn’t the food and drink all given by the black peacock clan? Where did the wolf father worry about it?


“The person here is fierce?” Wang Xuan asked.


The wolverine raised its head, and the three crown feathers were particularly eye-catching, shining on the head, and said: “No matter how fierce it is, it can’t be fiercer than my Wuxingshan.”


“You say it directly, the second father is more fierce.” Teen Wolf Tian added.


Wang Xuan believes that what happened these days goes out of shape as soon as it is spread. The rumors are too powerful, and even a child is affected. He has been silent under the stars for 11 years, and he is as quiet as flowers and bones. How can he still be famous?


He guessed that the person who came here was probably a very good character. Otherwise, it might be a little tricky to wake him up.


Wolverine said: “The person who came here is indeed a little fierce, but what really makes people care is that the people who gave birth to him are extremely fierce, otherwise, it is a god-level, just beaten to death with a stick,


Who will give him the face! “


The young man beside him pondered and felt that what the wolf father said was very reasonable, but he thought about his own father, who was in charge of colorful, beautiful and brilliant. 1


The grand hall with a sense of age is not splendid, but it is also brightly lit, and the guests are not small, because the three elders have all appeared.


In the hall, the thick stone pillars are carved with the cosmic and starry sky wars of the old era. There is an epic sense of thickness and vicissitudes.


The atmosphere was warm, the guests and the host enjoyed themselves, and it seemed that nothing unharmonious happened.


The six-eyed golden cicada, Jin Ming, the top alien of the demon clan, Heng Cheng, the descendant of the alien, Yuan Zhao, who planted the seed of the third primordial spirit, the long-mouthed sword fairy, the lightning giant, etc., are all here to accompany them. A long jade table bank, somewhat retro.


On the other side of the main hall, that is, opposite, there are some young men and women with sharp eyes, all strong, looking at their contemporaries.


In the main hall, there are people of the black peacock tribe dancing swords. There is a sharp edge in the aesthetics.


The three elders sat opposite a middle-aged man and woman on the platform above the jade steps at the front, clinking glasses and drinking, talking about some anecdotes in the starry sky, and laughing from time to time to the sound of fairy music come.


“I came three days ago, and as soon as I arrived, there were real immortals and heaven-level masters who wanted to challenge the people from the Black Peacock Holy Mountain.” Wolverine introduced the situation. After the Black Confucius arranged for them to stay, they didn’t pay much attention to it. this group of people.


Obviously, despite the fact that the two sides are very happy to talk, the relationship is not very good.


On the way here, Wang Yan already knew that the mountain worshiper this time was very remarkable. He came from the gibbon family and was one of the top races in the universe.


Looking at the sea of ​​​​stars and looking around all the ethnic groups, the gibbons are extremely powerful and extraordinary creatures. If there is a ranking, they must be first-class and famous.


If the old ape of this clan can go further, it will definitely lead the clan to a big step!


They are born with supernatural powers. When they grow up normally, they will become extraordinary people when they are young. If they deliberately exercise, guide breathing, etc., they will become stronger.


Their upper limit is extremely high, and the number of clan members is not small. The masters are like clouds, and they are considered to be a big clan with amazing heritage and potential in the Yuhai.


According to legend, the old **** ape of this clan is a senior foreigner who has survived for three generations.


There are rumors that he has almost reached the threshold of the real holy realm, and he has gone a long way on the road of imperialization. 1


In private, a small number of people have called him the old holy ape, but they have been severely reprimanded by him.


“The treasure made by this clan is a large silver bow, which is very lethal. It is said that the ancestor of the black peacock in my holy mountain, the left wing was killed and the sacred wing that covered the sky exploded on the spot. Broken.” Wolverine secretly transmitted his voice, his expression extremely solemn.


The Gibbons are all natural shooters, not to mention the old ape? He actually fought against the first ancestor of the Black Peacock Clan, and he was even stronger.


This time, the two peerless gibbon family members walked around the starry sky with some younger generations, worshipped mountains all the way, and entered several homes.


“The juniors of the long-armed ape clan, this time they have made a name for themselves, and they are indeed very powerful. They have performed dazzlingly four times at the mountain, no matter their own clan or the line of guardians outside the mountain,


It’s all pretty impressive. “The Wolverine quickly informed a lot of the situation in the shortest words.


Along the way, a few clans were visited by them, and they overcame them all the way, making those clans very embarrassed.


Now, they’re on the Black Peacock Mountain again.


“Luo Ying is not here, she is in retreat and practicing a special exercise. In the past two days, Yuan Sheng, the gibbon clan, has been stunned. It is reported that when he performed martial arts on the mountain where he lived, he stepped on the top of the peak with one foot. It collapsed, and once practiced an arrow, it shot a mountain in the distance, a naked provocation.”


Then, Wolverine made another secret voice transmission and said: “I guess, the three elders didn’t let anyone do anything with them earlier, mainly because they wanted to observe the temperament of the lower clansmen, and to see our performance, whether they dared or not. Dare to offend a powerful group with top-notch aliens.”


Of course, the main reason, needless to say, is that the three elders are slightly worried, fearing that no one will be able to withstand the destructive offensive of the younger generation of the Gibbon Clan.


“That’s Yuan Sheng. You really dare to name him. Do you want to become a generation of ape saints?”


“Although he is the fiercest dancer, he is not necessarily the first among the rising stars.”


In Wolverine Comments, when he was secretly pointing, Yuan Sheng turned his head and looked over. He was extremely sharp, his eyes were like thunder and lightning, and he was a very powerful character.


“Haha” Yuan Sheng smiled, tall, sitting cross-legged behind the jade table, toasting Wang Yan and Wolverine, and then drank it in one gulp.


His teeth were white and he smiled brightly, but he also put a lot of pressure on the wolverine. Yuan Sheng poured himself a drink, and his arms could be as long as one meter five. Generations reviewed it.


“If you dare to fight, how about going back and arranging a match for you?”


“No problem.” Wang Xuan nodded, no matter whether it was the Black Peacock Sacred Mountain who wanted to see their hearts, he would agree, the clan treated him well, and he was definitely not a cool person.


“I have to ask, how far can I go if I take action? What if I can’t hold back and hurt or break a divine ape? Are you alright?” Wang Xuan asked cautiously.


What he means is, don’t accidentally cause trouble and disputes for the Black Peacock Holy Mountain.


“It’s alright, you can do it anyway, these monkeys are very fierce, besides,” the elder Qingtian said.


The first elder secretly sent a voice transmission to the elder Qingkong, saying: “Let him sit first and wait for the mysterious master of the other party to end. Otherwise, I think if you say this, his fierceness will come up immediately, don’t put it off. It’s a **** murder scene here.”


The second elder also spoke up and said: “Well, Yuan Sheng is indeed very strong, and he is an extremely outstanding person among the descendants of the old ape, but, not to mention my clan, there are also people from outside the mountain. The descendants of the ancestors, can block him, let Heng Cheng take action!”


Not only did the young wolf Tian know that his second father was fierce, but even the first and second elders of the Black Peacock Sacred Mountain thought so.


“I drank the wine, and had a deep chat with the three old friends. Why don’t you let the younger generation help you with the wine?” The middle-aged man of the gibbon family smiled. said.


He also has long arms over his knees, with a different appearance. He raised his glass and toasted the three elders. His words were not unpleasant, but he hid his edge, and his essence was to bring his juniors to fight.


This clan has always been strong, and the several lines of ancestry they have made friends with are also extremely terrifying.


The top sects and strong clans have their own allies, and their strength is naturally not weak.


The first elder nodded and said, “Okay, their generation is full of vigor. What will happen in the future will be written by them. It’s really interesting to watch young people discuss and learn from each other. It will give people a feeling of vitality and vitality.”


“I couldn’t help it for a long time. Although the peacock dance is very famous and has a glorious past, I’ve been tired of seeing it for so long. It’s not practical. Come, come, come, who will fight me? “


A woman from the Gibbon Clan ended up in the sky, speaking with thorns, because although the peacock dance was amazing, it was absolutely irrelevant to the glory in the past, and the clan was once raised in captivity.


Black Peacock Sacred Mountain is more confident and will not prohibit the preferences of the clansmen. It is normal to show dancing on weekdays, but being so ridiculed in public and exposing the scars of the past with malice, this is over.


The bad-tempered second elder was angry at the time. Originally, he didn’t want to be too decisive and discuss it in a moderate way, but now he doesn’t think so, and shouted: “Let’s be presumptuous!”


A younger generation dared to speak rudely on the Black Peacock Holy Mountain. Even if she killed her on the spot, it would be fine, she just stuck out a big fellow Daoist, to calm down her anger. “The woman from the Gibbon God Ape Clan said, and stopped her, saying: “Junior doesn’t understand anything, you don’t know anything about the past, don’t think too much. “


Then, she smiled again: “Let’s do this, let the descendants of your clan die, and teach her a lesson, so that she won’t be ashamed of me, and I don’t know anything, don’t know anything.”


The second elder heard this, and his face became even more gloomy. If the disciples sent out were educated by the other party, wouldn’t that make her even more blocked?


She has already seen that the thorny and poisonous gibbon clan heaven-level woman in the field is indeed very strong, and she probably really wants to come up and kill the black peacock clan.


The second elder raised his hand, but he didn’t move. She made such a move to kill, and she felt at ease in her heart, but the gibbon family would definitely be chattering and looking for trouble afterward,


Zhizhi will also use the big to bully the small and hunt down their core disciples in the starry sky.


“Close the door, let the murderous Kong announce your end!” The second elder had murderous intentions, so she broke her promise and let Wang Yan appear in the first battle without leaving Wang Yan.


It is tolerable or unbearable. In the first battle, she released the fierce and famous Second King of the Five Elements Mountains, and let him make unrestricted shots, depending on whether there will be a **** murder scene, this is not what she should do Something to consider!


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