The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9283: Layouter

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The rest of the timeless monsters were horrified and looked at this scene in disbelief.

The Nine Flame Demonic Falcon was killed without even showing its strength?

The Sky-Tearing Demon Ape also widened his eyes, unable to believe what he saw.

His attack actually missed, and he also killed the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon, which was unacceptable to him!

At the same time, a trace of blood overflowed from the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth, and an inexplicable black hole flashed around him.

“The backlash of this formation is also extremely overbearing!”

At that moment, his consciousness was in a trance and he was almost in danger.

But he cannot fail.

Ye Chen looked at the other dozen people who were coming one after another, his eyes narrowed, and he said softly: “The demon clan without time and space?”

“That’s all!”

The death of the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon was undoubtedly a shock.

Before he could use his methods, he fell into Ye Chen’s trap.

It seemed as if what he saw in front of him were just a dozen ferocious beasts. Even if he claimed to be noble, wouldn’t he still be unable to escape death?

“Boy, I want to see if you can turn the world upside down!”

The Sky-Tearing Demon Ape stared at Ye Chen with extremely malicious eyes. The resentment in everyone’s hearts was condensed together like a substance, as if it wanted to tear Ye Chen into pieces.

They all come from the demon race without time and space. Compared with the real world, they are only proud!

Now he is being mocked by such a humble boy!

How can they accept this fact and be willing to do so?

“Then come and try it!”

Ye Chen smiled indifferently and waved a sword spirit. With the help of the formation, the sword light shone, covering all these people under the sword intent.

The will of reincarnation reappeared, its sharp edge was revealed, and its swords were piercing horizontally. It instantly strangled the two weak Wuwu demon tribes into dregs, turning them into puddles of broken bones and minced meat.

“This guy is weird!”

The Sky-Tearing Demon Ape is not a reckless person. After seeing Ye Chen’s strange methods, he also chose to encircle the strong men and not attack.

“Are there nine more…”

Ye Chen looked around and saw that the Cang Feather Crane was not among them. Among the rest, only the Sky-Removing Demonic Ape was the strongest!

Most of the rest are under the Demonic Ape.

“A group of monsters really think they are the kings here?”

“Come here if you have the guts, and I’ll kill them one by one!”

Ye Chen raised the Heavenly Sword of Samsara in his hand. Just when everyone thought he was about to take action, they saw ripples in the void, turned into mustard seeds, and disappeared.

“Run…Run?” Several of the strongest monsters of the Timeless Demon Clan yelled, but the Sky-Tearing Demon Ape on the side narrowed his eyes and said: “That guy seems to be extremely good at the power of space. Let’s search again. , after finding the person, two people held him, and the rest,

Block the space! ”




The fourth floor of Huandao Tower.

“It seems that Ye Chen and Yue Ruya have entered the high platform, and then they will reach a higher level!”

The third elder looked at the calm high platform and said softly.

The fourth elder on the side looked gloomy, looked at the elder’s back, and said solemnly: “Brother, although we don’t know why we opened the Illusion Dao Tower to that kid, he is the Lord of Reincarnation after all.”

“I won’t say anything about Yue Ru girl. If that kid really brought something from the top of the tower with a little luck…”

The great elder waved his hand and interrupted the fourth elder. After a long silence, he also said in a deep voice:

“The sect master has an order, and we will obey it.”

“However, some things must remain in the sect!”

The old man lowered his voice and looked at everyone in turn as he spoke, leaving no room for doubt.

The third elder narrowed his eyes slightly, not knowing what he was thinking. After all, his thousands of words turned into a sigh without any answer.

“Brother, I understand what you are saying, but we are also forced to do so!”

“After all, within the sect, no one is allowed to deviate from the sect’s rules, so this matter needs to be carefully considered.”

“If we really get to that point, I hope you will always take action…”

The eyes of the fourth elder flickered, but he finally stopped talking and said with a hint of his eyes.

Hearing the fourth elder’s words, a coldness flashed deep in the old man’s eyes.

“Haha, there is no rush in this matter. Let’s wait until he comes out of the Huandao Tower before we worry about it!”

His eyes glanced in the direction of the high platform and he pondered for a long time.


The fourth elder nodded.


The screen turned to Ye Chen’s side.

Ye Chen continued to make breakthroughs with the help of the formations of the Huandao Zun Pagoda, as well as the Buddha’s Sutra, the Talisman Ghost Brood, and the Koi Tian Talisman!

An hour later, half of the body of the Sky-Tearing Demonic Ape was disintegrated. It screamed and tried to escape, but it still couldn’t escape. It was completely swallowed by the power of the Talisman Ghost Brood and the Koi Sky Talisman!

Twelve of the thirteen strong men have gone!

All are over-level kills!

Such achievements would be enough to shock the entire Taishang world to the outside world, and are unprecedented and unprecedented.

“Ye Chen! Ye Chen, wake up!”

“Ye Chen! Ye Chen, you can’t die, you must not leave me!”

In the dark, Ye Chen heard Ting Yueru’s anxious voice. At this time, he could no longer feel his own existence. Under this power, he just felt that his soul was getting farther and farther away. Just when he was about to die, the last ray of formation spirit lingering around his body collapsed, and the power of time and space exploded instantly. The chaotic airflow formed five black holes from Ye Chen’s body, wreaking havoc with erosion. Nothing

The game of time and space.

The reason why Ye Chen was able to fight against the twelve powerful men before was because these black holes diverted him to resist the attack of the Sky-Removing Demonic Ape.

Now that his soul is on the verge of collapse, he naturally cannot maintain the operation of the formation. Those black holes are mottled with cracks and will collapse at any time!

“Oh…he is such a guy who is not afraid of death!”

A faint sound came out, and the penetrating force directly shattered five black holes.




The waves of calamity instantly spread, and the fierce wind wrapped up Ye Chen’s withered body and swept it into the distance.


On the distant mountain top, a white shirt quietly appeared.

“Sure enough.”

“It seems that if you want to truly recover, you have to get your luck in reincarnation. I don’t know how many years have passed now?”

Cang Yuhe sighed quietly, looking at the land in front of him where thousands of miles of land turned into yellow sand, he frowned slightly.

“The Lord of Reincarnation is indeed the most likely being to reach the other side of the infinite time and space!”

“It seems we can only wait for this power to dissipate on its own.”

He was walking on the edge of dilapidation, hesitatingly reaching out his palm. After just a few breaths, the delicate palm that was originally full of vitality had a few more wrinkles.

“What a domineering power!”

Cang Yuhe raised his eyebrows: “Lord of Reincarnation, who would have thought that you in the Tianxuan realm could be so terrifying.” “Even though our strength is not as good as the peak and has limitations, the Immortal Emperor can’t do anything to us.”


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