The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9282: How to do it!

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Seeing that the old man had no murderous intention, Ye Chen felt a little relieved. It seemed that he was not a strong man on the opposite side of Wuwu Shikong.

“Junior Ye Chen, I have met my senior.”

Ye Chen said softly.

“Well…Ye Chen, you can call me, ancestor!”

When Ye Chen heard this, he was stunned and said: “Ancestor?”

“What ancestor? Could it be that the old man in front of me is…the ancestor of the Fantasy Sect?”

In front of the old man, Ye Chen’s eyes were stagnant, and he was also wondering: “What’s going on, the descendants of the Huan Sect don’t know the lessons I left behind in the past?”

Obviously, the old man regarded Ye Chen as a disciple of the Fantasy Sect.

“Boy, don’t say too much. Since you can arouse this ray of my will, you are also the most talented person in the sect. I would like to see how you can break this game?”

The old man didn’t wait for Ye Chen to open his mouth to explain, then stretched out his thin index finger. Ye Chen followed his eyes and saw that it was obviously the figures of the Nine Flame Demon Falcon and others.


As soon as he pointed it out, Ye Chen’s soul dispersed instantly and disappeared.

The old man murmured to himself: “This test is not my intention. The Cangtian tree has a spirit and will re-breed the world of death. If you can’t break through this level, then there is nothing I can do.”

After a while, there was another long sigh.

“I knew I should have erased that piece of time and space back then. Why was it sealed in this tree? But now it’s better…”

The old man said angrily, and at the same time he was praying in his heart, Ye Chen must pass the test!


Ye Chen woke up again, his eyes filled with excitement!

“Was it a dream or a fantasy?”

“I seem to have mastered that formation! That formation is actually the remaining part of the Talisman Ghost Brood!

! ”

Ye Chen smiled, and with a slight lift of his feet, a vast and dark power flowed. As his body moved around, countless dark runes were mixed with billowing dark demonic energy, and All kinds of weird and twisted filthy atmosphere finally formed a huge nest, like a nest of some kind of insects, and also like a real hell, which breeds countless mysterious things.

Ye Chen recalled the appearance of the ancient tree in the sky, with its flowing branches and veins. Although he could not master it, he could still copy it to one ten thousandth.

Suddenly, Ye Chen raised his eyes and looked to the sky. The black and majestic momentum pierced the clouds and came, and the first one to bear the brunt was the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon!


The Nine Flame Demonic Falcon roared into the air, and with a wave of its wings, a layer of extremely blazing flames condensed in the air, turning into nine extremely blazing fire blades, tearing apart the space and killing Ye Chen.


Ye Chen opened his hand, and an ancient and dark rune rushed out, hitting the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon directly.

The runes collided with the fire blade of the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon, causing an astonishing sound of collision and explosion. The blood rain mixed with the fire blade, creating a powerful shock wave that spread in all directions.

“How come this kid’s strength has increased so much?”

A look of horror appeared in the eyes of the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon. It never imagined that Ye Chen’s strength would have made such a leap after not seeing him for so long.

“I will give you more surprises!”

Ye Chen snorted coldly, and all the dark power in the mother’s nest gathered in the palm of his hand!

“The mother nest of Fu ghosts, inch strong, open the sky!”

Unparalleled violence, savage and ferocious strength, and the dark power of the Brood erupted from Ye Chen’s fist, without any bells and whistles. With one punch, the sky shattered and the earth shattered, and the avenue shook!

Ye Chen’s punch was like a big star covering the sun, and it hit half of the wings of the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon. It directly smashed through the wings that exuded crystal light, and blood sprayed out!


The injured Nine Flame Demonic Falcon roared angrily, slapped its wings on the ground, jumped up, and bit at Ye Chen.

At the same time, the figure of the Sky-Tearing Demon Ape appeared behind Ye Chen and wanted to tear him into pieces!

“Go to hell!”

The same violent punch was swung forward, bringing with it the sound of howling wind, and bursts of sonic booms in the void, shattering rivers and mountains stretching for hundreds of thousands of miles!

The Sky-Tearing Demon Ape’s eyes were red, flashing with bloodthirsty killing intent. With this punch, he used all his strength to completely obliterate the person in front of him!

At this moment, Ye Chen’s face still remained calm.

He seemed to have expected this situation a long time ago, so he didn’t panic at all, and even completely exposed his back to the Demonic Ape!

A trace of a sinister smile appeared on the face of the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon. This guy was looking for death. No one could withstand the blow of the Sky-Tearing Demonic Ape.

It has even seen the scene where Ye Chen was punched into pulp.

Ye Chen, however, still stood on the same spot, charging towards the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon without changing his expression, and just reached forward and gave a soft press.


The void exploded.

A ripple visible to the naked eye spread from in front of Ye Chen, instantly covering the entire void.

Its violent punch was instantly swallowed up by the ripples.

The Sky-Tearing Demon Ape was stunned. His blow actually penetrated the thin figure. Did he miss it?

The Nine Flame Demonic Falcon also suddenly turned around. Since the Sky-Removing Demonic Ape had failed, he was going to tear the tiny human being in front of him into pieces, but it just turned its head.

The large net condensed by countless brood nests and runes instantly enveloped him!

Darkness! Bloodthirsty! hell!

The next second, the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon was completely devoured!



“Kill the Nine Flame Demonic Falcon in front of the Sky-Tearing Demonic Ape?”

“How did he do it?”


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