The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9281: The mysterious old man

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Ye Chen’s figure, under the influence of the wave formations, quickly shuttled through the dense formations.

And in his body, demon flames were constantly bursting out. The terrifying evil spirit and demonic aura made Ye Chen’s body become extremely violent, as if it was about to explode.

“Stop, Ye Chen!”

Huang Lao’s voice sounded in the depths of his sea of ​​consciousness. The power around this array pattern was by no means something he could spy on at the moment. In just a few breaths, all Ye Chen’s methods collapsed, and his body was on the verge of being dismembered. !

He looked like a monster from the abyss, his whole body filled with infinite demonic energy.

As the aura of demonic energy and blood washed away, Ye Chen’s body continued to explode.

However, the severe pain did not make Ye Chen pass out, but made him more awake.

“How can I retreat at this time? I can’t retreat!”

“If I can’t solve this game, how can I fight against the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang and Daode Tianzun!”

“How to rescue Wu Zu!”

“How can I build the kingdom of reincarnation in my heart!”

“How to reach the other side of the starry sky!”

Ye Chen roared angrily, his body’s strength collapsed, and the damage done to him was extremely terrifying.

However, Ye Chen gritted his teeth and held on.

Because he knew that he could never die like this. If he died like this, it would be truly unworthy!

Ye Chen is unwilling to give in!

His will is unyielding to fate! He wants to live!

Ye Chen’s will finally broke out completely at this moment.

A trace of reincarnation blood burned crazily. His whole body, bones, flesh and blood, and even his soul, were undergoing transformation. An unprecedented strange feeling poured into Ye Chen’s body.

Ye Chen’s will seemed to reach its extreme in an instant.



Suddenly, a soft sigh sounded in his mind, and immediately he felt that the scenes in front of him were dissipating, shrinking frame after frame, and he seemed to see the entire universe.

It was a scene in chaos. Ye Chen looked around, and his whole body was hazy, with only that corner rippling in front of his eyes.

Even so, he felt suffocated instantly.

“That’s… the world we just saw!”

In front of Ye Chen’s eyes, the entire space of the Huandao Tower is completely visible, and all the stars, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas are clearly visible.

Even the thirteen royal families who are constantly searching for him are among them.

The space that seemed to be only a few feet contained a vast universe.

It’s just that for some reason, it’s covered with a hazy gray fog, looming, and it seems like wisps of death are escaping and floating.

There is no trace of life!


A chill ran down Ye Chen’s heart from the top of his head. Could it be that everything he encountered before was an illusion?

From the bottom of his heart, he did not want to believe that the thirteen royal family members who almost cut him into pieces were ghosts in the illusion.

The picture in front of Ye Chen gradually became clearer. It seemed that someone was secretly controlling it, allowing him to see clearly everything in this fog.

“It’s a formation!”

This formation without time and space was created by ingenuity. From the beginning to the end, Ye Chen was unable to penetrate its shape. Even when he got close, he was almost destroyed by the terrifying power surrounding it together with the void.

Looking again now, the formations flashing with inexplicable runes were looming, revealing their entire appearance.


He opened his eyes wide. The originally mysterious array looked like branches and leaves, numbering in the tens of millions!

Every leaf is a formation that Ye Chen tried his best not to spy on even half of!

Every leaf, together with the veins of the big branches, is shining with brilliance.

“How is that possible!”

Ye Chen couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him, a huge tree with strange phenomena in the sky, holding up a world between its branches.

It’s more like a seal than a hold up!

This seems to be the World Tree! It also seems to be a tree transformed from the nest of the Talisman Ghost!

It’s very similar!


This scene is really too weird. An ancient tree in the sky, its branches, leaves and half branches hold up and seal a very small part of time and space.

And the place where the ancient tree takes root is a corner of the copper coffin!

“That is?”

Just when Ye Chen widened his eyes and wanted to see everything clearly, he saw only a bright red reflected in front of his eyes.

“It’s not me…it’s the universe that is stained with blood!”

As far as Ye Chen could see, overwhelming rain of blood fell from every gap in space, and his vision was hazy.

“Cough cough cough!”

A violent cough sounded, and then a hoarse voice sounded: “Little guy, with low cultivation, you dare to pull my consciousness to look at the sky?”

At some point, not far behind Ye Chen, an old man in robes stood. He had white hair and a childlike face, but was very thin.

The sound before was also made by him.

“After so many years, someone has actually been able to inspire this thought in me with the unyielding will of the soul. It seems that it is time.”

The old man was talking to himself, occasionally raising his eyes to look at Ye Chen. After a while, he nodded gently and said: “The bones and blood are good, but why?”

“Cultivation is so weak?”

The moment he saw the person in front of him, Ye Chen was on full alert. The pressure he just felt that exceeded that of the Immortal Emperor was the old man in front of him!

“Boy, if I wanted to kill you, I would have done it long ago. Just save it.”

The old man rolled his eyes at Ye Chen, his crotched body simply walked towards the ancient tree with his hands behind his back. In a few moments, the figure was leaning on one of the branches, looking at it leisurely. Ye Chen:

“After so many years, someone finally came, um…”

“By the way, what’s your name, kid?”


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