The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9264: Reduce the power!

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After a pause, Ye Chen said to Master Chongyang: “Master Chongyang, I will not go to your realm. Please help me take good care of the enchantress.” He entrusted the second enchantress to Master Chongyang.

He was preparing to go to the dark wasteland, expecting that when Ren’s extraordinary power came, he might have a fight with Ancestor Hongjun.

If you bring the second enchantress, it may affect her.

The second enchantress said in surprise: “Ye Chen, where are you going?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “I have somewhere else to go, so you don’t have to worry.”

Seeing this, Master Chongyang touched his beard, smiled, and said: “Lord of Reincarnation, it seems that you don’t want to accept my favor after all.”

Ye Chen didn’t comment, just cupped his hands and said: “Master Chongyang, I’ll leave it to you, Enchantress, I’ll take the first step.”

The second enchantress wanted to stay, but Ye Chen had already decided to leave, so he hugged her and left.

The rules and restrictions of time and space and the real world are becoming weaker. The first place where the rules are weakening must be the world outside the sky.

Because the world outside the sky is the closest existence to time and space.

Ren Feifan chose the dark wasteland as the place where power comes, which must have his deep meaning.

Ye Chen did not hesitate, immediately locked the coordinates of the dark wasteland, tore through the void and left.


After Ye Chen went to the dark wasteland, Huang Binghu also captured the secret and knew where Ye Chen was going.

“What’s going on? This kid doesn’t want to go to Chongyang’s realm.”

Huang Binghu frowned, thinking that since Ye Chen was under the protection of Chongyang Master, he would have no chance.

But now, he clearly felt that Ye Chen had gone to the world of heaven and earth.

Of course he didn’t know about the communication between Ye Chen and Ren Feifan, so he just thought that Ye Chen was crazy.

“He is alone in the outer world. He may be deceiving, so I have to be careful.”

Huang Binghu secretly paid attention, but he did not dare to underestimate the enemy. He immediately sent his will to Zihuang Immortal Palace, and asked Daode Tianzun to send more manpower, and even asked Ancestor Hongjun for strength support.

Not long after, Zihuang Immortal Palace sent hundreds of experts to follow Huang Binghu to the outer world to hunt down Ye Chen.

On Huang Sick Tiger’s body, there are also layers of golden light surrounding him, making his aura suddenly become fierce and domineering.

Those layers of golden light are the blessing power of Ancestor Hongjun, which is majestic and powerful.

After making all preparations, Huang Binghu dared to chase Ye Chen.

There are too many people who have fallen into Ye Chen’s hands, and he doesn’t want to be the next one.


Ye Chen first came to the dark wasteland, an area that had long been abandoned and engulfed by darkness.

If Ren Feifan hadn’t provided clues, Ye Chen wouldn’t have been able to capture the location of this world.

“Is this the Dark Wasteland?”

Ye Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and looked around, only to feel a dark and desolate atmosphere, which kept coming, making people feel a little sad.

This dark wasteland was eerily quiet. Except for the sound of the cold wind, there was no sound at all, not even the chirping of insects and birds. It seemed like an absolute dead place.

Ye Chen vaguely glimpsed the secret, and knew that this place was once an ancient battlefield, and a fierce battle broke out.

In the end, the war ended, the world collapsed, was submerged in darkness, and all living creatures died.

However, the ancient war was so long ago that Ye Chen only captured a vague picture and did not see it too clearly.

Ye Chen shook his head, calmed down, relied on the Tianjun God Conferment Monument, and tried to communicate with Ren Feifan.

There is a dimensional wall between the real world and Wuwu time and space, and it takes time for him to communicate.

Ye Chen waited patiently, the wind of the dark wasteland blew around him.

There was a distant scent in the wind, and there were some strange seeds, like dandelion seeds, swaying in the wind.

Ye Chen’s heart moved slightly, and he grabbed a seed casually, feeling an inexplicable tremor in his heart.

He felt that this seed seemed to contain ancient secrets. The secrets of what had happened in this dark wasteland were all contained in this seed.

This is obviously a secret seed!

However, the past years are too ancient and mysterious.

Ye Chen held this secret seed, but it was difficult to trace the secrets of the past.

While thinking about it, Ye Chen felt the Tianjun Gods Monument shake, and Ren Feifan’s voice finally came out.

“Ye Chen, have you finally arrived in the dark wasteland?”

Ren Feifan said.

Ye Chen felt shocked and responded: “Yes, Senior Ren.”

After a pause, Ye Chen asked curiously: “Why did you choose this place?”

Ren Feifan pondered for a while and said: “This dark wasteland may contain very mysterious and ancient cause and effect. If it can be deciphered, it will be of great benefit to our reincarnation camp.”

“It’s just that the years in this dark wasteland are too ancient. Buddha and I have been trying to figure it out, but we can’t figure out the truth, so I asked you to come and see. Have you caught any clues?”

Ye Chen picked up the seed in his hand and said, “I only got this seed.”

When Ren Feifan saw the seed, he was slightly startled and said: “This is…”

Another deep voice sounded, saying: “They are the seeds of the Wind God Dandelion. The Wind God Dandelion is a symbol of freedom and the totem of the Wind God.”

It is the voice of Buddha.

Ren Feifan wondered: “Buddha, could this dark wasteland have anything to do with the Wind God?”

Buddha said: “I don’t know, my memory is too worn out and I can’t remember many things. The wind brings the seeds of the past, and time can make them germinate.”

“Lord of Reincarnation, if you try to cultivate this seed and let it germinate, you may be able to glimpse the ancient secrets and decipher the cause and effect behind this dark wasteland.”

Listening to the Buddha’s words, Ye Chen murmured: “The wind brings the seeds of the past, and time can make them sprout…”

With deep thoughts in his mind, he activated the power of Zhou Guang’s bloodline, and all kinds of threads of the laws of time rushed out, wrapping around the dandelion seed.

Ye Chen wants to use the power of time to make this secret seed germinate.

However, this takes time.

Buddha said: “Just wait patiently. When this seed germinates, the secrets of the past will be unlocked.”

The Buddha’s voice was very calm, neither impatient nor impatient.

Ren Feifan nodded, his voice calmed down, and said: “Indeed, haste makes waste, Ye Chen, if the secrets of the past are revealed, please tell me.”

Behind the dark wasteland, there are shocking secrets, but the years are too old, the cause and effect context is too complicated, and even the memories related to the Buddha have been worn away and lost.

To unlock the secret behind it, now we can only rely on Ye Chen and use the law of time to germinate the seeds of the past and crack the secret of the secret.

Ye Chen said: “Yes.” He then collected the dandelion seeds, put them into his Dantian, and continued to cultivate them with the power of time.

Ren Feifan said: “Ye Chen, your injury is not serious. I will send down my strength now to help you heal your injuries and also help you fight against foreign enemies.”


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