The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9252: Ye Chen’s attitude!

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In that ancient era, the great road collapsed, the laws collapsed, the truth declined, and there were natural disasters and riots everywhere. It was called the “Era of Chaos.”

The specific era of this chaotic era cannot be determined because it is too long ago.

It is said that the beginning of chaos in the Chaos Era was Emperor Yuan Tian.

Emperor Yuan Tian wanted to set foot on the other side of the starry sky, but failed, was seriously injured, and fell into a deep sleep.

When he hit the other side of the starry sky, the world, time and space collapsed, and the avenue was shattered by him.

The great road collapsed, the laws of time and space collapsed, chaos and natural disasters raged, and countless strong people died.

Amidst the chaos, the thirty-six main gods of the Emperor of Heaven established the Ancestral Court of the Emperor of Heaven to provide shelter for the world. At the same time, they worked hard to repair the road and hold the sky in their hands.

These thirty-six Heavenly Emperors and Gods include existences that Ye Chen is familiar with, such as Sakyamuni Buddha, Sword Heavenly Emperor, Xuan Hanyu’s ancestor Cangxuan Emperor, and so on.

Thirty-six heavenly emperors held hands to complete the great road, paying a great price, and many heavenly emperors died.

The Holy Land of the Emperor’s Ancestral Court that day also lost all its brilliance and was covered by the dust of time.

Until Ancestor Hongjun ascended, he stepped into the ancestral court of the Emperor of Heaven alone, restored the glory of the ancestral court, and attracted countless powerful people to join him.

Today, Ancestor Hongjun is one of the top three masters in Wuwu Time and Space, and the master of the Heavenly Emperor’s Ancestral Court. His Heavenly Emperor’s Ancestral Court is also one of the top forces in Wuwu Time and Space.

The Moral Heavenly Lord communicates with all time and space, borrowing the power of the Heavenly Emperor’s ancestral court.

In the ancestral court of the Emperor of Heaven, many powerful men descended and set up a killing array, waiting for Ye Chen to throw himself into the trap.

This is a trap.

If Ye Chen steps into the Zihuang Immortal Palace, he will step into this trap and be surrounded by countless powerful people from the Zihuang Immortal Palace and the powerful people from the Emperor’s Ancestral Court.

The Daode Tianzun did not hide the secret of heaven, because what cannot be concealed is time and space. How can the power of the ancestral court of the Emperor of Heaven and the blessing of Patriarch Hongjun be hidden?

Now, the initiative is in Ye Chen’s hands.

If Ye Chen doesn’t go to Zihuang Immortal Palace, then there is nothing the Moral God can do.

But, if Ye Chen doesn’t go, the second enchantress will have to endure endless torture.

Even the God of Fire, Su Nichang, could not withstand the torture of burning fire, and was tortured to the point of numbness.

How can the second enchantress bear it?

Ye Chen suddenly felt confused and fell into a dilemma.

“Ye Chen, don’t go!”

At this time, a thunderous roar sounded.

Unexpectedly, Ye Xieshen came out of seclusion and flew in the sky.

Previously, Ye Xieshen took Shentu Wan’er to Wuwu Time and Space to fight for the power of the God of Death. He was seriously injured and has been in seclusion.

Now that he has recovered from his injuries, he has captured the hidden secret, sensed the danger, and knew that it was Daode Tianzun who set a trap to lure Ye Chen to death, so he immediately came out to stop it.

When Ye Chen saw Ye Xieshen, he shouted: “Grandpa!”

Ye Xieshen looked solemn and said: “The Moral God is trying to lure you to your death. You must not fall into the trap.”

Ye Chen said: “The Enchantress is in trouble, I can’t ignore it.”

Ye Xieshen said: “Even if she dies, you can resurrect her in the future. Don’t step into other people’s traps.”

Ye Chen said: “If she was burned to death by fire and the entire timeline was wiped out, how could it be so easy to resurrect her?”

After a pause, Ye Chen took a deep breath and made a decision in his heart, saying: “I’m going to save her!”

He is a person who values ​​love and justice. If he does not rescue the second enchantress, he will feel guilty for the rest of his life.

Ye Xieshen suddenly became anxious and said: “If you never come back…”

Ye Chen said: “Then I will never come back!”

After saying that, Ye Chen tore the void directly and left the Star-Moon Realm.

He didn’t want to regret it. Even if he never came back, he couldn’t watch the second enchantress being burned to death.

Ye Chen’s departure immediately shocked the entire Xingyue Realm.

Women such as Fan Xingyan, Chi Feixue, Xia Ruoxue, Wei Ying, Ji Siqing, Wu Yao, Shen Tu Wan’er, etc. were all deeply touched in their hearts.

They made no mistake. Ye Chen values ​​love and justice and will never abandon any woman.

Emphasis on love and righteousness, clear grudges and grudges, this is Ye Chen’s way!


After leaving the Star-Moon Realm, Ye Chen did not go to the Zihuang Immortal Palace immediately.

Because, he knew that if he stepped into the Zihuang Immortal Palace now, it would be almost like sending him to death.

The Moral Heavenly Lord has laid out a dragnet, and many powerful men from the Heavenly Emperor’s ancestral court have also laid out supreme killing formations, waiting for him to come.

Although Ye Chen was concerned about the safety of the second enchantress, he was not a reckless person.

“If my cultivation level can be promoted to the seventh level of Tianxuan Realm, I will be more confident in saving people.”

Ye Chen was thinking in his mind, and stepped directly through the void and came to the Holy Land of Runes, the Yongfu Heavenly Palace.

When the warriors from Yongfu Tiangong saw Ye Chen coming, they all came out to greet him.

Luo Qingli is also in Yongfu Heavenly Palace, but has already retreated.

Elder Zuo Qiuyun came out to greet him personally, bowed to Ye Chen and said, “Lord of Reincarnation, I welcome you.”

Ye Chen nodded and said: “Senior Zuoqiu, has the seal of the Koi Sky Talisman been opened?”

He came here just because he wanted to get in touch with the Koi Sky Talisman.

The Koi Sky Talisman is known as the most powerful light magic weapon in the world, and the Nine Gods Ancestral Artifact was once the most precious treasure of the God of Light.

It is said that this koi heavenly talisman has been tempered by the essence and blood of Emperor Yuantian, so it is very powerful.

Since the death of Light God Tianzun, no one has been able to take charge of this Koi Tianzun.

Ye Chen knew that his trip to Zihuang Immortal Palace was full of dangers, and the existing methods were not enough to save his life.

He needs new opportunities.

This koi talisman is the best opportunity!


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