The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9250: The layout of Moral Heavenly Lord

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Zuo Qiuyun received Ye Chen’s message and hurriedly responded: “It will be opened in two days. Lord of reincarnation, please be patient.”

Ye Chen nodded and said: “Okay, then I will wait for another two days.”

At the moment, Ye Chen stayed in the Star-Moon Realm and continued to comprehend the magic of the Sword of Destruction in the Proud Heavenly Palace.

As for the half-tailed red cloud sealed in the jade slip, Ye Chen could not think of a way to tame it in a short period of time, so he continued to seal it.

The jade slips given by Master Chongyang had powerful sealing power, but Ye Chen was not worried about it. He transferred the half-tailed red cloud and sealed it into his own Heavenly Emperor’s Spirit Box, and then he felt completely at ease.

If it is a complete tail, Ye Chen cannot seal it, but if it is only half a tail, relying on the power of the Heavenly Emperor’s Spirit Box, it is enough to seal it.


While Ye Chen was waiting patiently for the seal of the Koi Sky Talisman to be opened, there was an undercurrent surging in the Zihuang Immortal Palace, and a mountain rain was about to come.

Ye Chen cooperated with Zhenren Chongyang, and this matter triggered a secret and made everyone in the Zihuang Immortal Palace know about it.

Everyone in Zihuang Immortal Palace is in panic.

Ye Chen’s fighting power is getting stronger and stronger. No one in the real world dares to say that he can suppress Ye Chen.

In the hearts of many people, Ye Chen is a symbol of invincibility. He is powerful, domineering, has great luck, is invincible in the world, and will reach the top sooner or later.

How easy is it for Zihuang Immortal Palace to preserve the fire and confront Ye Chen?

At this moment when the storm is about to come, deep in the Zihuang Immortal Palace, there is a dark hall.

This hall was actually filled with fairy spirit and surrounded by light at first.

However, as Ye Chen’s pressure triggered the secrets of heaven, many of the auspicious auspiciousness of the Zihuang Immortal Palace were suppressed and shrouded in dark clouds, showing a dark and disasterous vision.

In the main hall, Daode Tianzun sat on an equally dim seat. In front of him was the former leader of the evil sect, Yuan Liren. On both sides of the main hall were the senior elders and protectors of the Zihuang Immortal Palace.

“Li Ren, Master Chongyang has betrayed me and is joining forces with the Lord of Reincarnation in an attempt to destroy our Zihuang Immortal Palace and seize the fire. What do you think?”

Moral Heavenly Lord asked in a low voice, his tone full of fatigue.

Cold sweat broke out on Xing Liren’s forehead, and many elders on both sides of the hall did not dare to say anything. They all bowed their heads in silence.

Ye Chen’s current strength and trump card are too powerful. If it were outside and without the support of the Zihuang Immortal Palace’s earth veins, even the Moral God would not be able to suppress Ye Chen in a short time.

Although Yuan Liren is Master Tiannv and the leader of the evil sect in the past, her time has passed, and Ye Chen has progressed too fast, and she doesn’t know how to fight against it.

Seeing that Yuan Liren was silent, Daode Tianzun asked in a deep voice: “I heard that you have a disciple named Gu Su Yu?”

Yuan Liren said hurriedly: “Yes, she is my eldest disciple, but she left the master a long time ago and went out to travel around.”

Tianzun Daode nodded and said: “I know that her physique is quite special. If I remember correctly, it seems to be the Haiyuan Body of Misery.”

In this world, there are various special physiques, the most special of which is the “source body.”

The source body, that is, the extraordinary source body, is born extraordinary, containing the original power of heaven and earth, and is very powerful.

Yuan Liren has four disciples, the eldest disciple Gu Suyu is the most special one.

Because, Gusu Yu possesses the legendary extraordinary source body named “Hai of Bitterness”.

Yuan Liren said: “Yes, her physique is indeed the origin of the sea of ​​suffering.”

“A long time ago, she traveled around to find a way to cross the sea of ​​suffering. I haven’t heard from her for a long time.”

Among the many extraordinary source bodies, the Bitter Sea Source Body is a rather special existence.

There is a sea of ​​suffering in this body of suffering. If you cannot get through the sea of ​​suffering, your physique will be worse than that of ordinary people. You will have to endure the torture of the sea of ​​suffering day and night, such as thousands of ants biting your heart and thousands of insects biting your bones. It is extremely painful and uncomfortable.

But if you can successfully survive the sea of ​​suffering, this source body can burst out with extremely powerful energy, and even allow people to reach the sky in one step and become the Emperor of Heaven!

Generally speaking, only in the time and space of nothingness can it be possible to give birth to a transcendent source body, because this involves the origin of the avenue and the original constitution of heaven and earth, which is difficult to be born in the real world.

However, the Source Body of the Bitter Sea is an exception.

This is the most useless source body, and it is possible to be born even in the real world.

Throughout the ages, people who possess the Source Body of the Sea of ​​Suffering have all suffered miserably and died. No one has ever been able to cross the Sea of ​​Suffering and ascend to heaven and become a god.

Yuan Liren was the leader of an evil sect in the past. She once killed and plundered everywhere. When she was slaughtering a village, she saw an orphan girl.

The coldness and numbness in the eyes of that orphan girl shocked Yuan Liren.

Later she found out that the orphan girl had the origin body of the sea of ​​suffering, suffered from pain day and night, and was mentally numb.

She brought the orphan girl back and took her as her apprentice.

The orphan girl was Gu Suyu. After she became successful in cultivation, she left the master’s sect and traveled abroad, looking for a way to cross the sea of ​​suffering.

Before leaving the division, she wanted to assassinate Yuan Liren.

Fortunately, Wan Liren was protected by the earth lineage of Zihuang Immortal Palace and finally escaped the disaster.

For this great disciple, Yuan Liren’s emotions are very complicated, including love, hatred, and fear.

At this time, I was very surprised when I heard Daode Tianzun mention Gusu Yu.

Although Gu Suyu possesses the Source Body, it is the Source Body of the Sea of ​​Bitterness, which is known as the most useless physique. Even if Gu Suyu comes back, he may not be able to defeat Ye Chen.

The Moral Goddess counted on his fingers and said: “I have vaguely captured the secret. Your apprentice is probably the key to our fight against reincarnation and breaking the situation. You summon her back and I will have a chat with her.”

Yuan Liren was shocked and said: “How can my scoundrel resist the Lord of Reincarnation?”

Tianzun Daode nodded slightly and said: “She is very likely to be the key to breaking the situation. Just summon her back.”

Wang Liren felt a shiver in his heart and said: “Yes, Master Headmaster.”

She and Gu Suyu have lost contact with each other for many years, but they are master and disciple after all. If they call sincerely, they can still reestablish contact.

After the discussion was decided, the Moral Heavenly Lord sighed, his eyes full of melancholy, and he seemed to feel the difficulty of fighting against reincarnation.

Ye Chen is so powerful, so powerful that even he feels suffocated.

Ye Chen is only on the sixth level of the Tianxuan Realm, and he is so powerful. If Ye Chen breaks through to the Infinite Realm, he may truly crush reality and be invincible.

“You all stand down and help me call the enchantress over.”

The Moral Goddess waved his hand in disinterest and said.


Yuan Liren and many of the guardian elders bowed and retreated, while someone else went to summon the second enchantress.

Not long after the second enchantress came back from the Star-Moon Realm, she came to the main hall feeling conflicted and anxious.

The Moral Heavenly Lord stood in the main hall with his hands behind his back. The lights illuminated his face in darkness. He stared at the second enchantress and said slowly:

“Enchantress, how do you get along with the Lord of Reincarnation?”


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