The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9248: Five declines of the Emperor of Heaven

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“Third Elder?”

Xiao Wu even screamed out in surprise when he saw the person coming. To the outer disciples, this old man was a supreme being from the Huan Sect who could only take a look at him from a distance during the sect’s grand ceremony.

Ye Chen did not intend to disturb the master-disciple ceremony between the two and said: “Now that I have something else to do, I will go back to the Star-Moon Realm first. When the preparations for the Fantasy Dao Tower are completed, remember to inform me.”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for anyone’s reaction, and directly used the Great Wilderness Heaven Stealing Technique and headed towards the Star-Moon Realm.


When Ye Chen arrived at the Star-Moon Realm, he caught the cause and effect of Yiwei!

At the same time, news came from Tianyang Territory that the first tail has been divided.


On this day, Master Chongyang came to the Star-Moon Realm in person.

As soon as the Chongyang Master arrived, the air currents in the Star-Moon Realm suddenly shook violently, and the sky became dark.

Ye Chen went out to greet him and saw the Chongyang Master, stepping on dark clouds, slowly descending from the sky.


Ye Chen looked at the dark clouds under the feet of Master Chongyang, his eyes narrowed, and he caught an extremely mysterious aura. That dark cloud contained strange energy and blood, and was full of evil aura. The dark cloud rolled like mist, and from time to time a few eyeball-shaped objects flashed through it. It was filled with indescribable special energy fluctuations, and there were also deep beast roars

, vaguely coming from the dark clouds.

This dark cloud is actually alive!

It is a living energy body!

“Is it the last part after splitting!?”

Ye Chen’s heart was shocked, and he immediately knew that the dark cloud was exactly the segmented tail, a living energy body, very strange, and it had not yet manifested an animal form.

Chongyang Master stood on the dark clouds with his feet, his body calm and steady. The dark clouds had obviously surrendered to him.

The split tail is indeed tamed.

“Lord of reincarnation, you are well.”

Zhenren Chongyang saw Ye Chen coming out and greeted him with a smile.

“Zhenren Chongyang, have you cut the first tail?”

Ye Chen asked.

“Fortunately, one tail has been cut into pieces. This is your share, but it has not been tamed yet.”

Zhenren Chongyang sacrificed a piece of jade slip and threw it to Ye Chen. Ye Chen took it with his hands and scanned it mentally, feeling that there was a strange energy body sealed in the jade slip. It looked like a red cloud, and the energy exploded manically. Among the red clouds, there were eyeballs and tentacles. Still

There were broken limbs and flowing brains that were boiling, which was very terrifying.

This is exactly the half of the energy that was separated after the tail was cut. It still has a primitive and strange atmosphere, and there are all kinds of indescribable weird phenomena, and there is no sign of tameness at all.

If you want to tame him, you can only rely on Ye Chen’s own strength.

“Master Wen Tian is dead?”

Ye Chen vaguely captured something, looking at Master Chongyang and the “dark cloud”.

“Yes, Master Wen Tian spent all his energy trying to help me tame Half-Tail, and unfortunately died.”

There is no emotion in Chongyang’s voice. The so-called “half-tail” is actually just a convenient name.

After one tail was cut into pieces, it became two pure energy bodies. One was at the feet of Master Chongyang and had surrendered, looking like a dark cloud. The other was sealed in the jade slip in Ye Chen’s hand and was still very powerful. of mania.

“Where is his Nine Heavens Fulong Seal?”

Ye Chenwen had some suspicions that he was a live assassin from Chongyang who killed Master Wen Tian and stole the Nine Heavens Fulong Seal.

Master Chongyang seemed to hear Ye Chen’s suspicion, frowned and said: “Lord of Reincarnation, I know what you are thinking, but I, Master Chongyang, am not that sinister and dirty villain.”

“I never thought about killing Master Wentian. He did die of exhaustion of energy. His magic weapon has turned into primitive spiritual energy and returned to heaven and earth. I don’t know where it was lost.”

The Nine Heavens Fulong Seal is one of the ten ancient artifacts.

According to legend, the ten ancient artifacts are actually energy bodies, constructed of pure energy.

After the master dies, these magic weapons will turn back into their original spiritual energy and return to heaven and earth, waiting for a new destined person to be born.

This step is called “returning to the ruins”.

Now, Master Wen Tian is dead, and his magic weapon has also returned to the ruins. Even Master Chongyang does not know where it fell.

“Sorry, I was offended.”

Ye Chen cupped his hands and apologized to Master Chongyang.

He also knew that Master Chongyang had no conspiracy to take action.

Because, if Master Chongyang really killed Master Wen Tian, ​​the secret would be touched and it would be impossible to hide it.

In other words, Master Wen Tian did die from exhaustion due to taming Half-Tail, and the Nine Heavens Fulong Seal also returned to ruins.

In order to tame Half-Tail, Master Wen Tian actually died.

You can imagine how difficult it is to tame that half-tail.

Ye Chen looked at the restless and violent red cloud among the jade slips and felt uneasy in his heart.

It is so difficult to tame the half-tail. If Ye Chen wanted to tame it, it would probably be even more difficult to do so.

“Lord of Reincarnation, your half tail is not tamed yet, you have to find a way on your own.”

“The half-sealed jade slip also contains a sword technique. It is a gift from me to you. Your swordsmanship talent is extraordinary, so you may not be able to understand that sword technique.”

The True Tao of Chongyang Festival.


Ye Chen concentrated on sensing, and sure enough, he discovered that in the space inside the jade slip, in addition to sealing the half-tail, there was also an obscure and mysterious swordsmanship hidden in the depths.

Zhenren Chongyang said: “That sword technique was spread from the other side of the starry sky and is called the Five Declines of the Emperor of Heaven.” “The Five Declines of the Emperor of Heaven are destruction, destruction, decay, decay, and death.”


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