The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9236: Open

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“Disciples of the Fantasy Sect, please remember that the trial is risky, and you are at risk of life and death. You can go and prepare. When the entrance to the Thousand Fantasy Forest opens, you can compete for the qualifications of the Fantasy Dao Pagoda!”

Xiao Chunyu struggled to get up and looked at Ye Chen with fear and deep resentment in her eyes.

He was completely defeated. He, who had always claimed to be the number one genius in the Fantasy Sect, was defeated by someone who crossed the level to challenge him!

“I have no intention of competing with you. I am here just for the Illusion Dao Pagoda. The great world is approaching, so I have a better chance of saving my life.”

“You are far from my opponent, and you will not be regarded as an opponent by me. There is not much time left for you to catch up. I hope you have the qualifications to ascend to all time and space.”

Ye Chen only left a few words to Xiao Chunyu, then turned around and left with Ting Yueru. From the beginning to the end, he never glanced at him.

When it comes to talent and qualifications, Xiao Chunyu is not considered the most unparalleled person he has ever seen, but he is definitely not a mediocre person. Although he is not as good as Emperor Zunyu, Zhou Tianqing and others, he can still be regarded as the best choice.



Momo waved her hands in front of Xiao Wu’s eyes excitedly, but found that the man sitting in front of her was staring closely at the direction Ye Chen was leaving.

“His name is Ye Chen, right?”

“He will go to the Thousand Illusion Forest for a trial!”

Xiao Wu came back to his senses and looked at Momo, with a long-lost brilliance shining in his eyes.


Momo also nodded heavily.

“I want to participate in the Thousand Illusion Forest Trial, and I want to worship him as my teacher!”

Xiao Wu clenched his fists and let out a long breath, unable to calm down for a long time.

“But…only the inner disciples are eligible to participate in the Thousand Illusion Forest Trial, are we?” Momo was a little worried. She had already heard of the vicious reputation of the Thousand Illusion Forest. There are countless people.

“It’s not us, it’s me!”

He smiled and gently rubbed Momo’s head: “It’s too dangerous there, wait for me at home!”

Xiao Wu held Momo’s hand with his left hand, but suddenly grabbed it with his right hand and threw it away. He looked back at his hand. The originally newly carved bamboo sword had turned into something unknown at some time. Got a bunch of powder.

Only the residue was blown away by the wind, swaying in the void.

“I seem to have found my own way!”

There was a different kind of light in Xiao Wu’s pupils.


An hour later.

The Huanmen’s library is filled with obscure and mysterious ancient books, all of which were left over from eternity ago.

Every ancient book contains a legend, recording the ups and downs of one era after another, and also recording many things in the Nine Gods Era.

“There is nothing about the Talisman Brood…”

Ye Chen put down the ball of light in his hand, and the dancing divine ring turned into a stream of light and flew away. It returned to its position and turned into a tiny star on the top of the starry sky in the pavilion, constantly twinkling.

Beside Ting Yueru and him, every star in the vast starry sky represents an ancient book and a possibility.

“I am the same here. Among all the ancient books, I have read the manuals of the previous sect masters of the Fantasy Sect. There is no information about the Fugui Brood Nest, but there is only an understatement about the records of Qianhuanlin.”

“Thousands of illusory forests, full of evil stars, densely covered with trees, one wrong step, and you will be reduced to ashes!”

Ye Chen closed his eyes and said softly:

“In this case, we can only break through forcefully. No matter how dangerous it is, can it be more dangerous than the ancient mysterious realm?”

“Unless you are suppressing a powerful man who defies time and space in your fantasy sect!”

Ting Yueru rolled her eyes and said: “How can there be so many powerful people in Wuwu who have been suppressed? This is my home, my sect!”

“This Thousand Illusion Forest belongs to the realm of the Illusion Sect? Why is there such a terrifying existence, and the trial will cause the death of the disciples?”

Ye Chen couldn’t figure it out, but one thing was certain, something must have happened in the Thousand Illusion Forest and the Illusion Dao Tower to be banned.

Could it be related to the Talisman Ghost Brood?

“Since it was sealed by the sect master a thousand years ago, no one cares about that world anymore. Even the great elder may not know the inside story.”

“The sect leader travels around the world. It is harder to see him than to reach the sky. There is no way to verify these. It seems that we can only take one step at a time!”

Ting Yueru said helplessly.

“The master of the Phantom Sect…”

The trial of Qian Huan Lin is about to begin, but for some reason, Ye Chen becomes interested in the mysterious sect leader of Huan Sect, who has never seen the beginning or end of the dragon. In the dark, there seems to be a pair of eyes watching him. them.


After a few hours, Thousand Fantasy Forest finally opened!

The Thousand Fantasy Forest contains all kinds of unknowns and is an extremely mysterious and vast forest.

It is said that there is a more mysterious and vast area outside the Thousand Fantasy Forest. It is a real world, but it is said that no one can see it.

The Thousand Fantasy Forest is a space of nothingness and illusion.

True and false are intertwined here. All the creatures, vegetation, water flows, rocks, and soil here are all visible and inaudible. Everything is false and real and eternal. Although it is not difficult to feel the uniqueness of it when you are there, what gives people a deeper feeling is the depth of your heart

The everlasting sense of crisis. Legend has it that there was an extremely talented and heaven-defying being in the Fantasy Sect, who broke through the Thousand Illusion Forest with an amazing appearance. However, what is surprising is that the records of this place in later generations are almost insignificant, and even his name is not mentioned. No

Once stayed.

Thousand Fantasy Forest is an area full of terror and weirdness, but it is also a sacred forbidden area full of infinite hope and temptation.

On every inch of land, there are countless rare treasures and powerful medicines that can control life and death, and reverse yin and yang. Just viewing them from thousands of miles away has a great visual impact on the warriors.


The sound of the four wards breaking apart suddenly sounded, causing a world, the mysterious aura of this forest to spread out, as if it was constantly merging with the realm of the fantasy door.

“Thousand Fantasy Forest, open!”

“All disciples enter and take part in the trial!”

The mighty voice of the great elder echoed in everyone’s ears, but there was no mention of the content of the trial or how to pass it.

Ye Chen looked at Ting Yueru, and it turned out to be a very mysterious forest as recorded in the ancient books.

With the opening of the Magic Sect seal barrier, the sea of ​​people in the sky was floating and sinking, like an endless dark rain falling, and the drops turned into Magic Sect disciples falling to the ground, running in all directions.

Among the countless disciples, the figures of Ye Chen and Ting Yueru suddenly appeared among them. The warriors passing by looked at the two with envy, jealousy and hatred.

The two of them didn’t care about this, because they became famous in the battle at Huanxiantai, and everyone’s performance was also expected.

“What a strange place. The forest is boundless, but it stretches for millions of miles. There… seems to be a sect there!” Ye Chen’s pupils shrank suddenly. He couldn’t see clearly, but the golden color was bright. The brilliance was shining in his and Ting Yueru’s eyes.


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