The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9235: Attitude

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“Nine Swords that Cut the Sky!”

Ye Chen struck out with another sword, this time using the power of his Samsara bloodline, and exploded the Nine Heaven-Severing Swords to the extreme. As if he wanted to cut through the sky, the sword energy raged wildly.

Although the Huanmen Realm has been tampered with, suppressing his bloodline and strength.

But the horror of reincarnation bloodline cannot be understood by ordinary people, nor can it be suppressed by others casually!



Seeing the sword intent of the Nine Heaven-Destroying Swords melting the sky and the moon, countless disciples of the Fantasy Sect widened their eyes. In the fantasy world, apart from solving it by cleverness, it can also be broken with force?

Although swordsmen are famous for their sharpness, they can cut through mountains, break through rainbows, and even shatter the void. However, no one thought that Ye Chen’s sword intention would actually want to destroy Xiao Chunyu’s illusion world. Pierce it!

“Hmph! Just a mere swordsman, do you want to break my world? It’s just wishful thinking! Explode it for me!”

Xiao Chunyu shouted angrily, formed seals with both palms, and urged the moon in the sky to press down on Ye Chen again.

“It’s over!”

Ye Chen sighed softly, and used his sword again, blasting the full moon into powder and dispersing into the void.

This sword is no longer the domineering Nine Heaven-Severing Swords, but a white sword full of the mystery of the law of time and the atmosphere of the great road of time, the Sword of Time!

The energy of the Zhouguang bloodline and the law of time in his body was released, converging into the sword of time. With the wear and tear of the years, the sword energy swept forward like a torrent.

The most terrifying thing in the world is time and years.

The power of time is enough to turn the vast ocean into a mulberry field and turn the universe into a withered ruin.

Time and years are the most murderous.

These dense time sword energy is like raindrops, covering the void so densely that mosquitoes and flies cannot spread their wings and escape. There is also a mysterious and unpredictable power!

“Damn it!”

Chunyu’s face changed slightly. Unexpectedly, this Ye Chen actually had a hidden hand. Even Tianyue’s self-destruction could not break it. The strange sword intent was still eating away at his will and time!

“Illusion magic, mirror!”

With a low cry, Chunyu’s clothes suddenly bulged, and endless light flickered.

His body has become illusory, like a phantom that may disappear at any time.

Ye Chen’s sword intent struck the Huanxian Platform below, making a sound of gold and stone clashing, and divine light sputtering.

But those rays of light were like a tide, rushing toward Ye Chen’s defection.

“Is it still an illusion?”

As early as in front of the mountain gate not long ago, Ye Chen had experienced Xiao Chunyu’s illusion. He could gain insight into his inner thoughts, and the demon **** who recreated time and space could shake his belief.

“Martial Ancestor Taoist Heart, Wonderful Dharma Lotus!”

Ye Chen took the Taoist Heart of Wuzu to the extreme, and displayed the secret of Buddhism of the Wonderful Lotus. It was like a lotus blooming in his heart, dispelling all the delusional atmosphere of desire.

At the same time, slash out with one sword!

Ye Chen’s sharp sword penetrated the world, and the dense illusion was instantly penetrated, turning into little bits of light rain and exploding. The burning sword was still dancing, towards Xiao Chunyu under the Huanxian Stage fall!

Everyone was shocked when they saw Ye Chen’s move.

“The world of illusion… was completely chopped to pieces by a sword!”

“It’s unbelievable! How did this person named Ye Chen do it?”

For a while, several cries of exclamation sounded in the dark one after another:

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, this boy is indeed not simple. He has the Nine Heaven-Severing Swords, the Heart of the Martial Ancestor, time, Buddhism… Although his cultivation is not high, with the power of martial arts and the power of his bloodline, Chunyu cannot resist it. ”

“You must know that we still resorted to means to suppress the Lord of Reincarnation and promote the disciples.”

“And I have a vague feeling that the Lord of Reincarnation only used a few layers of power.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how he will perform in the Thousand Fantasy Forest.”

“Brother, that boy Ye Chen seems to have used some special means just now! And he also revealed his murderous intentions.”

“Otherwise, Xie Yue’s illusion world will not be broken into pieces so easily!”

The angry voice of the fourth elder sounded.

“I’m going to kill this son and leave him for the future. He will definitely become a hidden danger. That power will never be allowed to survive!”

The immortal emperors in the secret could vaguely feel their heart palpitations when they were narrating with Ye Chenkong Qingtang, and now they reappeared, which just gave the four elders a reason.

His grandson lost, but he had to protect Xiao Chunyu’s future and win over Ye Chen, even if he had to risk his old face.

“What, Fourth Brother, do you want to take action?”

“Tens of thousands of disciples of the Fantasy Sect are present. Do you want to gain a reputation as someone who bullies the younger ones?”

The third elder stopped him with words.

“This matter is not allowed to be discussed further. The matter of the Lord of Reincarnation is classified as a secret of the Fantasy Sect and is left to the sect leader to make a decision. Before that, no one can attack Ye Chen in the name of rebellion!”

The great elder’s words were a warning to the fourth elder Xiao He.



Xiao Chunyu fell heavily from the void, and the Huanxian Platform was almost destroyed by Ye Chen’s sword. His body fell into the gap, which was very miserable.

The whole body is densely covered with swords, and it looks like a hedgehog, but every wound is not exposed, only the pain of the flesh.

Ye Chen did not kill anyone, after all, he still had to test the complete talisman of the Fantasy Sect, the Ghost Brood.


The Huan Sect disciples present turned to stone one after another and fell silent.

“Senior Brother Chunyu, the evil genius of the Fantasy Sect, lost…”

“We still lost to a sword cultivator from the sixth level of Tianxuan Realm!”

Seeing this, Ting Yueru waved her hand with satisfaction, and soon the ethereal voice of the Great Elder came from the void: “In the Thousand Illusion Forest Trial, Ye Chen made an exception to participate!”


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