The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9234: All dharmas will be destroyed!

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With the arrival of Xiao Chunyu, the surrounding void was slightly distorted, and the power of space was constantly vibrating. Some of the weaker outer disciples were directly forced by this power to spit out blood!

This is Xiao Chunyu’s pressure!

The escaping spiritual power surged and directly crushed the entire space. Another breakthrough in such a short period of time!

“This is…”

Seeing Xiao Chunyu’s appearance, everyone looked into the air in shock, with disbelief on their faces.

“This Ye Chen actually dares to anger Senior Brother Chunyu. It seems that he is tired of living!”

“I don’t know whether to live or die, senior brother Chunyu is so tyrannical, this Ye Chen will definitely die!”


The Fantasy Sect disciples were talking a lot. The strong appearance of Senior Brother Chunyu made them full of sympathy for Ye Chen. Some disciples even shook their heads secretly and sighed. It was impossible for Ye Chen to defeat Senior Brother Chunyu!

On Ye Chen’s side, only Ting Yueru was with him. The two of them walked slowly towards the Huanxiantai, one behind the other.


Xiao Chunyu’s eyes scanned the audience, a sneer hung on the corner of her mouth, and she shouted at Ye Chen who was walking from far away:

“Are you going to commit suicide today, or should I give you a ride myself?”

Xiao Chunyu’s eyes flashed with an icy cold light, making no attempt to conceal her murderous intent.

This outsider was taken to Kong Qingtang for the first time when he first came to Huanmen. It was because of his appearance that he was left out by Ting Yueru.

This outsider even refuted his face in front of the mountain gate, and now he dares to openly invite a fight at Huanxiantai!

Hearing Xiao Chunyu’s words, the people present couldn’t help but secretly cried out that they were unlucky. This Ye Chen must be so ignorant that even Senior Brother Chunyu dared to provoke him.

However, even if he dared to provoke him, if it were other people, they would have been scared to death, and how could they have the courage to stand here!

“You really want to kill me?”

Ye Chen walked forward unhurriedly and responded forcefully:

“It’s just you, you’re not qualified yet!”


Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Xiao Chunyu’s face turned gloomy, and a cold chill burst out of his eyes.

“I will crush your bones, drain your blood, and then feed your corpse to the monsters!” As soon as he finished speaking, before Ye Chen stepped onto the battlefield, he took action brazenly!

Xiao Chunyu’s figure suddenly swayed and turned into an afterimage, rushing towards Ye Chen as fast as lightning. The clouds above the Huanxian Platform were moving in all directions while the wind was howling and rolling up thousands of waves.

Just when Ye Chen was about to take action, he suddenly discovered that there was a force suppressing his reincarnation bloodline and strength in the world of Fantasy Sect!

He looked solemnly and glanced at the elders in the distance to understand all the cause and effect.

“It seems these guys are really afraid of me.”

“But what if I suppress my strength and bloodline?”

“So what if a short-term breakthrough occurs!”

“I am the Lord of Reincarnation!”

“The Divine Sword Controlling Thunder Technique, break it for me!”

Ye Chen sacrificed the Heavenly Sword of Samsara, the sword light exploded, thunderstorms rolled in from the sky, and violent thunder sword energy flew out.

“Is this… a swordsman?”

“But why is only the sword intent raging!”

The bamboo sword at Xiao Wu’s side made a slight noise. He raised his eyes and looked into the void, very puzzled.

A layman sees the excitement, an expert sees the door.

Xiao Wu was deeply attracted by Ye Chen’s move!

Although Ye Chen’s movements are only raging with his sword intention, it gives people a natural feeling, as if he was born to be a sharp weapon. The sword intention and his own will cooperate with each other to show the human shape of this weapon. The sharpness and sharpness of the sword.

Xiao Wu’s eyes were glazed over. Is this really the combat power that the sixth level of Tianxuan Realm can display?

At this moment, a violent sword sound spread throughout the space.

The sound of sword sounds came out, and a huge sword energy tore through the void, slashing towards Xiao Chunyu fiercely.


Seeing that Ye Chen still had the energy to counterattack, Xiao Chunyu’s eyes flashed with surprise, but he did not panic.

“Phantom Dragon Palm, suppress it!”

Chunyu waved his big hand, and the clouds in the sky gathered into an evil dragon, spitting out black flames, roaring, and biting Ye Chen.

Bang! boom! boom!

The sound of violent collisions kept resounding, Ye Chen’s sword intention and the cloud dragon on the Huanxian Platform were entangled with each other, and the space continued to collapse, but Ye Chen still stood firm, showing no sign of decline.

On the other hand, Xiao Chunyu’s face was flushed!

Seeing this scene, the surrounding Huanmen disciples couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

“Ye Chen actually resisted Senior Brother Chunyu’s attack, and was even able to fight against Senior Brother Chunyu. No wonder he dared to provoke Senior Brother Chunyu in full view of the public!”

“Yes, Ye Chen’s strength is not bad, but after all, he only has the cultivation level of Tianxuan Realm. No matter how strong he is, how long can he last?”

“Senior Brother Chunyu’s realm is far beyond that of Ye Chen, and he is blessed by the magic gate’s earth veins and luck. His magic dragon palm is even more terrifying. Ye Chen can resist it, which is pretty good!”

“Not bad? I don’t think so. Senior Brother Chunyu didn’t even use the strongest illusion, he just competed with him for combat power!”

“You are wrong. Ye Chen’s strength far exceeds the Tianxuan realm. Otherwise, he would have been killed by Brother Chunyu in one move!”


Hearing the discussions around him, Xiao Wu’s eyes showed a look of enthusiasm. He is also a sword cultivator. Others may not be able to spy on him, but he can clearly feel that his sword veins are trembling!

At this time, Xiao Chunyu’s face was so gloomy that it was almost dripping with water. She was very ugly and wanted to kill Ye Chen immediately.

The stronger Ye Chen becomes, the more he wants to kill Ye Chen!

“Damn you, I will crush you to ashes!”

At this thought, Chunyu’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, and he wanted to use his strongest means to suppress Ye Chen with illusions.

“The evil moon is coming!”


In the void, a huge black hole appeared. The black hole swallowed everything. Countless clouds and mist poured into the black hole crazily. The black hole became bigger and bigger, and finally formed a huge disk shape, with its edges exuding… Faint blue light.


As Xiao Chunyu roared, the black hole rapidly grew in size, and finally turned into a hundred-foot-tall full moon, suppressing it directly from the void, carrying endless destructive power and shrouding it.

Ye Chen stood there, letting the moon cover his head. Ye Chen was as small as an ant.

The entire world he saw was distorted, and where the moonlight shrouded everything, everything was destroyed!


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