The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9233: Crazy

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After burning incense, we went up to the Coffin Peak.

“Chunyu, have you fought with him?”

The fourth elder of the Fantasy Sect gently touched the red jade in his hand and asked softly.

“Grandpa, that boy has some moral skills, but his cultivation is too weak. I have the blessing of the Huan Sect’s earth veins, so I should be able to take him down!”

Xiao Chunyu frowned, then relaxed her brows, seeming to be recalling the previous fight with Ye Chen.

“It’s ridiculous. You may not know some information about the outside world. The power of the Lord of Reincarnation is extremely terrifying.”

“However, the Lord of Reincarnation is powerful in real martial arts, which may not be possible in the Illusion Sect.”

“Also, Ting Yueru’s identity is a top secret in the sect, otherwise the sect leader would not treat her like this. You are willing to be her follower, and when you awaken, you will have a place in the future ascension to the infinite time and space. ”

“As for Ye Chen, he must not be allowed to act arrogantly in the Fantasy Sect!”

The fourth elder’s eyes were focused, and the red jade in his hand flashed with brilliance, and it disappeared into Xiao Chunyu’s eyebrows: “Grandpa, is this?”

“I have come to this realization. I will mediate and schedule the Huanxiantai martial arts fight for two days later. I will strive to make a breakthrough before then and there will be no room for failure!”

“Also, when the time comes, I will use the magic gate’s formation to strengthen your strength and illusion. As for that kid, I’m afraid his strength will be weakened a bit. Only in this way will you have a better chance of winning.”

The fourth elder warned.

“Yes! Chunyu will definitely live up to his trust!”

Xiao Chunyu nodded and walked slowly towards the forbidden area of ​​Lingcoffin Peak.

Although he didn’t know what the words “Lord of Reincarnation” meant, he never expected that the elder would use such despicable methods against a guy who was on the sixth level of the Sky Profound Realm.

Does this guy really have a lot of background?


One day later, Ye Chen naturally didn’t know that he was involved in some kind of storm.

At this moment, he is just thinking about how to completely master the Talisman Ghost Brood.

Judging from the exchanges with several elders, the remaining parts of the Fugui Brood are indeed related to the Phantom Sect.

But perhaps because Tianji was involved, they didn’t say much.

However, Ye Chen had a vague guess that it might have something to do with the Fantasy Dao Tower.

“Ye Chen, you have to be careful in the Thousand Fantasy Forest Trial!”

After Ting Yue settled Ye Chen, she also gave various instructions.

“Are you so confident that I can definitely beat Xiao Chunyu?” Ye Chen smiled, but this girl never took the fight to heart.

“I watched your fight that day. With Xiao Chunyu’s skills, although he is good, he should be far from your opponent. What you really need to be careful about is the Thousand Illusion Forest Trial!”

“What is the so-called Thousand Illusion Forest Trial?”

Ye Chen asked.

To be able to give Ting Yue such a thousand warnings and instructions is inseparable from expectations.

“That is a trial in the Thousand Illusion Forest. Originally, it is open only for three days every year, and is closed the rest of the time. It is very dangerous. In order to be qualified to enter the Illusion Dao Pagoda to practice, everyone has to undergo many trials every year. The young disciple died in the trial of Qian Huanlin.”

“But ever since that time thousands of years ago, when the disciples of the Fantasy Sect suffered heavy casualties, the sect leader issued an order to permanently seal the Thousand Fantasy Forest.”

Ting Yueru explained.

That’s it!

Hearing Ting Yueru’s words, Ye Chen nodded secretly in his heart. It must be because that time the disciples of the Huanmen were killed!

“However, that time was not just because of the sect’s order, but also because many people were unwilling to participate in the practice of the Huandao Pagoda.”

“Why?” Ye Chen asked curiously.

Such a treasure can slow down the flow of time. If this tower can be opened to all disciples in the sect, a large number of approved Immortal Emperors will be cultivated in a very short period of time!

“Why?” Ting Yueru smiled bitterly, “Anyone would covet such a treasure.”

“Because thousands of years ago, many people wanted to destroy the blockade of the Huandao Tower because they were unwilling to use the cultivation resources in the Huandao Tower, which caused a big explosion in the Huandao Tower, destroying the entire Huandao Tower. The formation base was shattered, rendering it useless.”

“Loss of effectiveness?” Ye Chen frowned.

“Not bad.”

“Although the Huan Dao Tower is the heaven-defying treasure of the Huan Sect, it is not even weaker than the Rock God Ancestral Artifact in your hand. It can heal itself. As long as there is energy, it can maintain the operation of the Huan Dao Tower. The more energy there is in the tower, the more stable the Huandao Tower will be. After thousands of years of changes, no one knows what is going on in the Huandao Tower today!”

“In that case, if we enter the Huandao Tower, wouldn’t it be a disaster?”

Ye Chen asked with a frown.

“Yes, in thousands of years, no one has ever entered the Huandao Tower, and no warrior has come out alive, so we have no way of knowing what is going on.”

“However, since the trial in Qianhuan Forest is dangerous, I think the elders in the sect should have a way to solve this matter.”

“Since they have chosen to open the Thousand Illusion Forest again, they will never allow the tragedy of thousands of years ago to happen again, but this Thousand Illusion Forest must be the most troublesome!”

“So if you can’t pass the test of Thousand Illusion Forest, even if you enter the Illusion Dao Tower, it will just add a few dead souls.”

Ting Yueru spread her hands and said: “Now you know why I attach so much importance to the trial of Qianhuan Lin.”

Ye Chen wanted to say something more, but three melodious sounds of bells and drums came like a wave, and a strange feeling came over, interrupting Ye Chen’s thoughts.

“It’s the sound of war drums from Huanxiantai. It seems Xiao Chunyu has arrived!”

“There must be quite a few disciples watching the ceremony today. You must teach that arrogant guy a lesson.”

Ting Yueru smiled teasingly and said, “I will personally take you to Huanxiantai!”


An hour later, Huanxiantai.

Different from the silence at that time, at this time, all seats around the Shen Lei were packed, and the Huan Sect disciples gathered together, making it unprecedentedly lively.

“That outsider actually… wants to challenge Senior Brother Chunyu!”

“What an arrogant young man. Senior Brother Chunyu is the leader among the millions of disciples in the Huanmen Sect. It is said that his strength is not inferior to those of the powerful ones who have just entered the Immortal Emperor. The key is With Huanmen’s earth veins and luck blessing, someone dares to challenge him!”

“Yes, yes!”

“How arrogant!”

“There’s a good show to watch this time!”

“I think so. This Ye Chen is not only arrogant, but also bold. He dares to challenge Brother Chunyu. This is simply asking for death!”

“I think so!”

Just as the disciples of the Huan Sect were talking about each other, a vast wave of waves came from the sky. Xiao Wu in the crowd suddenly opened his eyes, what a strong aura!

“Xiao Chunyu… made another breakthrough in a short time!”


Just when everyone was talking about it, a loud shout rang out. Following this voice, a figure in white appeared like an illusion, and instantly appeared above Huanxiantai. It was Senior Brother Chunyu whom everyone said!


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