The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9185: What are you?


“Hehe, Junior Sister, apart from me, looking at the entire time and space, who else can perform such a wonderful space secret technique?”

Just when Mei Xin was in shock, a handsome laughter came.

I saw the many spaces shattered, and a tall and straight figure appeared. It was a young talent, handsome in appearance, handsome in temperament, wearing a white robe, surrounded by thousands of layers of space, a layer of Layer space, showing the trajectory of the sky, the rise and fall of the sun, the magnificent atmosphere of the stars floating.

“Senior Brother Bai Yu, it’s you!”

Seeing this young man, Mei Xin immediately exclaimed, her pretty face turning pale.

“Young Master White Feather!”

Chen Hufa was also shocked, only to feel her scalp tingling.

This young man, named Bai Yu, is the legendary Tianjiao who has no time and space, and is also the senior brother of Meixin.

Ancient God Tuo Di has four disciples, Charismatic is the smallest, and Bai Yu is the third.

In terms of cultivation strength, Bai Yu is not that powerful, but his bloodline physique is very special.

His bloodline, named Taiyu bloodline, brings together the ultimate spatial meaning, and is a relatively high-ranking existence in the heavens.

The Taiyu bloodline is opposite to the Zhouguang bloodline.

From ancient times to the present, it is called the universe, and the four directions of heaven and earth are called the universe.

If the blood of the universe is said to be the ultimate in time.

Then, Taiyu’s bloodline is the pinnacle of space!

People with Taiyu bloodline can perfectly control space and control the laws of space, which can be called the forefront of the world.

This kind of bloodline is a very ancient and mysterious existence. Looking at the entire time and space, there is only one person who can inherit and awaken the bloodline of Taiyu, and that is Bai Yu!

Hufa Chen didn’t know that Bai Yu was a direct disciple of the ancient **** Tuodi, because the ancient **** Tuodi was hidden very deeply, except Ye Han, outsiders didn’t know how many disciples he had.

There are even rumors that the ancient gods have many incredible apprentices hidden in the dark.

Any one of them is enough to destroy a space-time!

This is also the trump card of the ancient gods!

Right now, whether it’s Mei Xin or Bai Yu, in front of outsiders, they all pretend to be Tianjiao, the true inheritor of the Tuo Emperor Tianzong, and they won’t easily reveal their identities.

Even so, Hufa Chen also knew that in the Tuodi Tianzong, Bai Yu was authoritative and grand.

His control over the laws of space is incomparable to that of ordinary gods and gods!

“Junior sister, have you completed the tasks entrusted to you by the suzerain?”

Bai Yu looked at Mei Xin with a smile and asked.

Mei Xin’s face turned pale, she didn’t expect to try her best to hide her breath, but she was still discovered.

She was in a turmoil in her heart, thinking of the cruel and cruel methods of the ancient **** Tuo Di, and her scalp was numb.

“Senior brother, you…are you going to take me back? Master…Sect Master, how do you want to punish me?”

Charming heart trembling asked.

“You failed in your mission and even exposed your identity. According to the rules of our Tuo Di Tianzong, you will naturally be sentenced to capital punishment!”

“However, the sect master thinks that your cultivation is not easy, and he can’t bear to kill you. You go back with me. From now on, when I become my blood slave, I will not kill you. Enough.”

Bai Yu’s eyes showed a hint of lewdness, and he looked at her charming figure a few times without concealing her covetousness.

Mei Xin felt a chill in her heart, wanting her to become Bai Yu’s blood slave and being squeezed by him day and night, it would be better to die than life.

“No, brother, I can’t go back with you! Give me another chance, and I will definitely be able to complete the task.”

Mei Xin said hurriedly.

“Hehe, you have no chance, come with me.”

“You have been placed under house arrest by the real person of Chongyang, and you have been placed under the law of karma. You cannot escape, but you can rest assured that my brother and I are clever and can rescue you from the sea of ​​misery.”

Bai Yu looked confident, with a smile on her face, with a wave of her palm, layers of space laws fell on Mei Xin.

Mei Xin’s body originally had the forbidden law of causality laid down by the real person of Chongyang, as if it were a conceptual existence, restricting her freedom.

But now, Bai Yu uses the law of space to block the concept of causality with layers of space, cutting off the thoughts of the real person of Chongyang, and indirectly restoring the charm of the heart.

Mei Xin regained her freedom, but she didn’t have the slightest hint of joy, her face was terribly pale.

She knew that if she was taken away by Bai Yu, it would be far more terrifying than being placed under house arrest by the real person in Chongyang.

“Junior sister, give me the divine spring of the starry sky on your body, hehe, as long as you are willing to be obedient to me in the future, I will not treat you badly.”

Bai Yu grabbed the starry sky bottle on Mei Xin’s body and grabbed it in his hand.

Looking at the crystal clear, sparkling starry sky divine spring, Bai Yu’s eyes also showed a fiery look.

There is not much of a divine object like the Starry Sky Divine Spring. It is a very precious existence, and it is something that originates from the other side of the starry sky.

“Young Master Bai Yu, you brothers and sisters are fighting, but you can’t take away my Qingyun Chamber of Commerce!”

Chen Hufa saw that the divine spring of the starry sky had fallen into Bai Yu’s hands, his face changed greatly, and he argued.

“Hehe, what are you? You are not qualified to speak in front of me!”

Bai Yu’s eyes froze, the spiritual energy in his palm exploded, and layers of space roared out.

That’s a picture that people in the real world can never imagine.

There are layers of space, each layer of space is like a cosmic space, with the sun, moon and stars circulating, and the trajectory of the sky is suspended.

A single layer of space is enough to accommodate hundreds of millions of people, and it can breed hundreds of millions of living beings, countless sun, moon, mountains and rivers.

But now, with a wave of Bai Yu’s hand, thousands of layers of space are opened, and countless layers of universes are stacked together, forming a turbulent wave, whistling and killing.


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