The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9182: Qingyun Chamber of Commerce

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Chongyang Master wants to maintain the absolute purity of fire and does not need anyone to burn it.

But in the eyes of Daode Tianzun, the burning of gods can help the fire grow and is indispensable.

He also wanted to use Su Nichang as fuel.

“Moral God, I’m sorry, I have to take away the God of Fire today.”

Ye Chen glanced at Su Nichang.

Su Nichang’s expression was indifferent. The gentle smile she showed in front of Ye Chen before was actually just a forced one.

Her heart was already numb.

Seeing her numb look, Ye Chen couldn’t bear it and naturally didn’t want to see her continue to burn.

Seeing that Ye Chen insisted on siding with Zhenren Chongyang, Daode Tianzun’s eyes became more gloomy.

He thought to himself that if Ye Chen and Zhenren Chongyang teamed up, it would be impossible for him to suppress him anymore.

What’s more, there is a thunder **** Tianzun here who has not taken action.

If Thunder God Tianzun also takes action, whether he can escape unscathed is a question.

“If I leave today, Master Chongyang will tame Yiwei, and I will never be able to suppress him again in the future.”

The moral heavenly master’s mind turned, and he felt that the situation was even more difficult. His eyes finally fell on Master Wentian, with murderous intent in his eyes.

“Ye Chen, you insist on helping Master Chongyang, I have nothing to say.”

“But if you want to tame Ichibi, it’s absolutely impossible!”

Moral Heavenly Lord roared loudly, waved his hand, and the fire energy exploded, turning into more than a dozen skyfire war blades, cutting through the void, and slashed towards Master Wen Tian wildly.

He actually wanted to kill Master Wentian, so that he could end the hope of Master Chongyang and tame Yiwei.

The one-tail is wild and difficult to tame. The only person in this world who can subdue the one-tail is Master Wen Tian.

In other words, as long as Master Wentian dies, Master Chongyang’s plan to tame him will come to nothing.

Seeing that Daode Tianzun took action to kill Master Wentian, Ye Chen, Master Chongyang, Yin Suzhen and others were all shocked.

Master Wen Tian was even more horrified. He did not expect that the Taoist Heavenly Lord wanted to kill him.

The Moral Heavenly Lord took action very quickly, and the dozen or so skyfire war blades struck in an instant.

Puff, puff, puff!

Master Wen Tian was unable to resist, and more than a dozen skyfire war blades struck his body, leaving **** and hideous black wounds.

Master Wen Tian screamed and fell to the ground wailing on the spot. The dozens of sky fire war blades even penetrated into his meridians and organs, turning into terrifying flame energy, flowing like magma in his meridians.

If you look inside Master Wentian’s body, you can see that all the meridians and blood vessels in his body are filled with the intense energy of fire. The meridians and blood vessels, as well as his internal organs, are quickly carbonized under the high temperature.

“Let’s go!”

After severely injuring Master Wen Tian, ​​Daode Tianzun’s eyes were gloomy and he left with his men.

In his eyes, Master Wen Tian was already a corpse.

Although Master Wen Tian’s methods of taming animals are powerful, in the final analysis, his cultivation level is only at the seventh level of the Infinite Realm, and it is impossible to block the invasion of fire.

Fire poison attacks the heart, and Master Wen Tian has only one way to die.

“Master Wentian!”

Seeing Master Wentian falling to the ground and wailing, Ye Chen hurriedly used Bagua Tiandan and Miaofa Lotus, and all kinds of divine light enveloped him to treat his injuries.

Master Wen Tian’s injuries healed quickly under Ye Chen’s treatment.

However, the fire energy in his body has evolved into fire poison.

These fire poisons, before being cleaned out, have completely merged with his meridians.

Suffering from the torment of fire poison, Master Wen Tian had just recovered from his injuries when the fire poison broke out again, raging with intense heat and severely burning him again. Ye Chen still wanted to cure him, but Yin Suzhen held his hand and stopped him, saying: “It’s useless, the fire poison in his body will not be eliminated. No matter how many times you treat him, he will relapse and will be burned to death by the high temperature of the fire.” , turned into coke.

Ye Chen was silent and had no choice but to stop. For a moment, he didn’t know how to save Master Wen Tian.

“Moral God, what a good trick!”

Master Chongyang sneered again and again, naturally knowing that Daodetianzun’s plan was to kill Master Wentian, so that he could fail to tame Yiwei.

“Miss Su, you are the **** of fire, and you are in harmony with fire all year round. Do you have a way to solve the fire poison in Master Wentian’s body?”

Ye Chen looked at Su Nichang and asked hurriedly.

The existence of Master Wen Tian is extremely important, and Ye Chen also needs him to tame Yiwei.

Don’t worry about whose hands a divine beast will end up in. In short, it must be tamed first.

If it is not tamed, everything is empty talk.

Therefore, Master Wen Tian must not die.

After listening to Ye Chen’s words, Su Nichang hesitated and said, “I can solve it, but the cost is huge.”

Ye Chen asked: “What price?”

Su Nichang didn’t say anything, just lowered her head.

Seeing her look like this, Ye Chen understood immediately.

Now Su Nichang’s strength has not recovered much.

If she were asked to take action to treat Master Wen Tian, ​​I am afraid that her vitality would be severely damaged or even completely destroyed.


Ye Chen apologized and frowned as he watched Master Wen Tian suffering from the torture of fire and poison.

“We, the Qingyun Chamber of Commerce, have a divine item called the Starry Sky Divine Spring, which may be able to cure him.”

Yin Suzhen’s beautiful eyes flashed and she suddenly spoke.

“Qingyun Chamber of Commerce, Starry Sky Divine Spring?”

Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. Yin Suzhen nodded and said: “Yes, there are six major chambers of commerce in all time and space, and our Qingyun Chamber of Commerce is one of them. I followed the example of Night Mother Feng Yuying and established a chamber of commerce to collect rare treasures from all over the world.”


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