The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9180: The power of the stele



On the side of the Holy Fire Hall, many masters also appeared, confronting Yuan Liren and others, and the two sides were arguing.


“Tian Zun, do you want to do something with me here?”


The real person from Chongyang saw that Daode Tianzun brought so many people over, his face suddenly sank.


Deity Tianzun snorted and said, “Didn’t you say that I don’t have the strength to suppress the scene? Then I want to see how much strength you have.”


As soon as the voice fell, the Taoist Heavenly Venerate brazenly shot, and slapped the real Chongyang with his palm.


This palm blasted out a mighty golden light, with a faint presence of divine might.


Shenzhen Chongyang’s expression changed greatly, and he exclaimed: “It’s the power of Hongjun!”


He felt the blessing of the ancestor Hongjun from the power of the Taoist Heavenly Venerate.


Ancestor Hongjun actually gave the power to help the moral gods.


“Yes, Hong Jun has not forgotten his roots. He still remembers my cultivation.”


“Now he has become the God of Heaven, and he has not forgotten my head.”


“Can your future body compete with Hongjun?”


Tao Dao Tianzun’s two palms are shot in series, and the golden light bursts, shaking the world, and the power is extremely fierce, if it wants to open the sky and crack the earth.


The situation in the real world is becoming more and more complicated, but he still has the confidence to suppress the scene.


Because, he’s not alone.


Behind him, there is an ancestor of Hongjun!


That is the most amazing and most powerful genius ever born in Zihuang Immortal Palace!


With the help of the ancestors of Hongjun, the moral **** at this moment is like a killing god, and every palm wave is earth-shattering.


Faced with the oppression of the Taoist Heavenly Venerate, Chongyang Zhenren was horrified and retreated again and again.


Under the aura of the Taoist Heavenly Venerate, even Yin Suzhen’s thunderous appearance was suppressed.


Marven Ye was taken aback. He didn’t expect Daode Tianzun to get the help of Ancestor Hongjun.


Although the future body of Chongyang Zhenren is a Sanshen Tianzun, there is still a lot of gap in strength compared with the ancestors of Hongjun.


You must know that in terms of strength rankings, the strength of the ancestors of Hongjun is enough to rank among the top three in no time and space!


“Skyfire War Blade, Rain Slash!”


Shenzhen Chongyang stepped back quickly, communicated with the Holy Fire Hall, and squeezed the tactic with his right hand to mobilize the energy of the fire.


A wisp of fire energy roared out, turning into a sword of heavenly fire, slashing towards the Taoist Heavenly Venerate like a chaotic rain.


The real person of Chongyang became the Queen of Xin, guarding the fire and being able to borrow the power of fire.


With his means, the energy of the fire, which is displayed in his hands, is simply superb.


I saw the sky full of flames beheading with blades, and the scene was like a meteor rain, sweeping the world, very spectacular.


“Hehe, Chongyang, my spark, it’s not your turn to meddle!”


Deity Tianzun sneered and drew his palm across the air. He also mobilized the energy of the fire, and turned it into a series of skyfire swords. The supernatural powers were exactly the same as that of Chongyang Zhenren, and the meteors roared out.


The flames slashed wildly in the sky, collided fiercely and whistled, and the sky-shattering flames burst into the sky, turning the sky into a fiery red, and lava-like fires roared everywhere, like the end of the day.


The Zihuang Immortal Palace and many powerhouses in the Tianyang Region, as well as Master Wen Tian, ​​Lei Tianque, and Brahma Xingyan, were all shocked.


Only Yin Suzhen and Su Nishang could maintain a calm look.


At this moment, Ye Chen was also very surprised.


He watched the battle between Daode Tianzun and Chongyang Zhenren, and the picture of the turbulent flow of fire in the sky, vaguely, caught the secret of heaven, and captured a trace of the mystery of the reincarnation star!


“This is the energy of fire.”


“The legendary fire is really part of my reincarnation blood!”


“The fourth star in the blood of reincarnation is related to fire!”


Ye Chen’s heart was turbulent, and under the insight of heaven, he further glimpsed the mystery of the seven stars of reincarnation.


The seven life stars of the Samsara bloodline, the first is called Long Teng, the second is called Lie Ri, the third is nameless, and the fourth is called “Sky Fire”!


Tianhuo Mingxing is the fourth star of the Seven Stars of Samsara.


The seeds of fire in the real world were originally bred from the Heavenly Fire Star.


This day, Huo Mingxing has transcended reality. It is a fantasy existence and is very mysterious.


If Ye Chen can capture the fire and devour and refine it, he may awaken the Heavenly Fire Star and turn this fantasy star into a real existence.


Of course, this step is very difficult.


Because at present, Ye Chen has only awakened to the second scorching sun, and he has not even awakened the third, let alone the fourth.


However, being able to glimpse the mystery of the fourth star, Ye Chen is also considered to be very talented.


At least, he knew that the legendary fire was really a part of his own bloodline.


The seed of fire was bred from the Heavenly Fire Star!


The energy of fire is so vast and great that it maintains the operation of the real world. Even if the universe is destroyed, a new universe can be born from the ruins.


As long as the fire doesn’t go out, the real world can last forever, constantly reborn in reincarnation.


Such a precious kind of fire is actually only a part of Tianhuo Mingxing!


One can imagine how terrifying the energy of the Seven Stars of Reincarnation is.


Tianhuo Mingxing is only the fourth star, and a part of its energy gives birth to the fire.


How terrible would it be if it were a complete Tianhuo Mingxing.


On top of Tianhuo Mingxing, the fifth, sixth, and seventh Mingxing will be so powerful.


Marven Ye’s heart was full of blood, and he looked at Daode Tianzun and Chongyang Zhenren.


I saw two supreme powerhouses, borrowing the energy of fire, to transform into various magical powers, fighting each other, and fighting in darkness.


The energy of fire, in their hands, turned into swords, into beasts, into stars and galaxies, into turbulent magma, thousands of changes, and dazzling people.


Although the Chongyang real person occupies the advantage of the earth veins and air luck, the core sacred object of the Tianyang domain, that is, the fire seed, is the real master, after all, it is the moral god.


Although Chongyang Zhenren is the master of the Holy Fire Palace, he is only a guardian after all, not the real master of the fire.


The real master is the moral god!


Tao Dao Tianzun borrowed the power of fire, and also smoothed the gap between the ley lines and the real person of Chongyang.


In addition, he also has the help of Hongjun ancestors.


Even if Chongyang Zhenren borrowed the power of the future body, he would gradually be unable to match and fall into the disadvantage.


The battle situation was unfavorable, and Chongyang’s face suddenly became very ugly.


“Chongyang, today I’m going to clean up the door. I am the **** of morality and the real master of fire!”


“Heaven Monument, suppress me!”


Deity Tianzun suddenly shouted, murderous intent in his eyes exposed, and with a wave of his hand, he gathered the spiritual energy of all the strong men under his command and summoned an ancient stone tablet.


This ancient stone tablet has the word “天” engraved on it.


It is the legendary stele!


It is also the monument that Ye Chen has always wanted!


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