The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9178: Appointment



Master Wen Tian said gratefully: “Thanks to the protection of the God of Thunder, otherwise, my Nine Heavens Fulong Seal would have been snatched away, and I might have died.”


The Nine Heavens Fulong Seal is so precious, and Master Wen Tian is in control of it, which naturally arouses the covetedness of all parties.


It’s just that he is a follower of Thor Tianzun, with Thor guarding him behind him, and no one dares to touch him regardless of time and space.


Later, he came to the real world, and there was no danger with Thunder Sky Sparrow guarding him.


Marven Ye nodded, feeling more and more that Yin Su was really powerful.


Being able to form an alliance with Yin Suzhen is naturally a great thing for his reincarnation camp.


Yin Suzhen has shown the greatest sincerity by exposing the cause and effect and looking for Master Wen Tian with him. She also wants to form an alliance.


Ye Chen, Yin Suzhen, and Master Wen Tian, ​​riding on the Thunder Sky Sparrow, shattered the void, and soon came to the Tianyang Domain.


When Yin Suzhen descended on Tianyang Territory, the entire Tianyang Territory was shaken, countless thunder lights burst, and thunder was rolling.


The many powerhouses in the Tianyang Domain were all shocked. Everyone looked at the sky and saw two silhouettes of divine light.


It’s Ye Chen and Yin Suzhen!


The weather that erupted from the two of them could be described as monstrous.


“Hehe, Lord of Reincarnation, you are finally here.”


A laughter broke out.


I saw an old man in a red robe, striding over the Hongqiao, and came to Ye Chen and Yin Suzhen’s side, it was the real Chongyang.


“Thor Tianzun, I’m here, I’m welcome.”


“Master Wen Tian, ​​long time no see.”


The real person from Chongyang also saluted Yin Suzhen and Master Wen Tian, ​​and the ceremony was quite thoughtful.


He saw that Yin Suzhen and Ye Chen seemed to have a very close relationship, and countless thoughts flashed in his heart.


If Yin Suzhen and Ye Chen form an alliance, then Ye Chen’s power will probably expand further.


Master Wen Tian didn’t speak, because Thor was right next to him, he didn’t have the qualifications to speak.


Yin Suzhen nodded and said to the real person of Chongyang: “The real person of Chongyang, I heard that you are going to summon my followers?”


Shenzhen Chongyang laughed and said, “Yes, Master Wen Tian is the number one animal tamer in the world. I have a vicious beast, and I want to ask him to tame it.”


Yin Suzhen’s eyes moved slightly and said, “Is it a tail?”


Chongyang Zhenren said: “Exactly, if Master Wen Tian is willing to take action, I will give him enough remuneration.”


Yin Suzhen said: “No need, even if you tame the tail, if there is a chance in the future, Ye Chen and I will still take it back.”


“Your tameness is nothing but a wedding dress for us.”


This is a very blatant and tense statement.


Shenzhen Chongyang’s face trembled. He actually said that even if he trades with Ye Chen, if Ye Chen has the ability, he can still **** the tail back.


However, these words, said from Yin Suzhen’s mouth, brought people incomparable coercion.


The real person from Chongyang gave a haha ​​and said, “It’s okay, if you are interested, you can grab it now.”


Yin Suzhen said indifferently: “This is your territory, we don’t want to fight you, it’s too bad.”


Of course she wants to get a tail back, but not now.


After all, this is the Tianyang Domain, and it is the realm of Chongyang. If they fight here, she and Ye Chen will suffer a lot, and there is no certainty of victory.


Zhenzhen Chongyang is not an ordinary person. He has a future and must not be underestimated.


Seeing that Yin Suzhen had no intention of fighting, the real person from Chongyang smiled and made an inviting gesture, saying, “Thor God, Lord of Reincarnation, Master Wentian, please.”


He brought the three of Ye Chen and landed in the Holy Fire Hall.


In the open space in front of the Holy Fire Hall, a beast as huge as a mountain was being imprisoned and blocked by thousands of iron chains.


That vicious beast is a poisonous scorpion!


The Chi Demon Poisonous Scorpion was covered in wounds, and seemed to be tortured terribly by Zhenren Chongyang. He was panting with black blood flowing all over his body.


“It is impossible to tame Yi Tai by brute force.”


When Master Wen Tian saw this, he shook his head.


He is a beast trainer and is proficient in all kinds of beast-training secrets. Naturally, he is quite critical of Chongyang Zhenren’s brutal methods.


The real person from Chongyang smiled and said, “This old man doesn’t know how to tame animals, so I still have to ask Master Wentian to do it.”


Master Wen Tian glanced at Yin Suzhen with awe.


He didn’t dare to make up his mind whether he wanted to take action or not, but asked Yin Suzhen’s opinion.


Yin Suzhen said: “You will take action and tame this divine beast. Anyway, this divine beast will belong to our reincarnation camp sooner or later.”


Master Wen Tian said: “Yes.”


After a pause, he showed a hint of hesitation again, and said: “Thor, the **** of beasts is extremely ferocious. If you want to tame it, I am afraid it will take a lot of effort, and even, I am in danger of falling…”


Yin Suzhen said: “If you die, I will join forces with the Lord of Reincarnation to reverse the time and space and resurrect you. In short, you will tame this beast for me at all costs!”


Master Wen Tian said: “Yes! I will follow the instructions of the Thunder God.”


The real person of Chongyang was overjoyed when he saw Yin Suzhen’s death order.


Although Ye Chen and Yin Suzhen both had the idea of ​​taking a tail, the real Chongyang didn’t care.


He believes that with his own strength, he can control Yiwei.


Ye Chen said: “Shenzhen Chongyang, I have brought Master Wentian, where is the God of Fire?”


The deal between him and Chongyang Daoist was that he would bring Master Wen Tian over, and Chongyang Daoist would give him Su Nishang, the **** of fire.


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