The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9168: Shocking

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A huge spiritual energy turmoil erupted in the world of the Burning Sun Life Star.

The Throne of Thorns fell, and vigorous thorns began to grow, quickly covering the entire world, like savage poisonous snakes.

Countless thorns grew everywhere, causing Ye Chen’s bloodline to endure huge piercing pain, as if his heart had been pierced by thousands of arrows.

“It hurts so much.”

“Heavenly Monument to the Gods, protect me!”

Ye Chen gritted his teeth, feeling a stinging pain in his heart, and hurriedly mobilized the Tianjun God Conferring Monument, suspended it above the world of the scorching sun, and used the aura of the Tianjun God Conferring Monument to nourish his blood and relieve the pain.

Even so, Ye Chen also broke into a cold sweat.

“How about it, Lord?”

Gu Yongxiao couldn’t wait to ask.

“Barely considered a success.”

Ye Chen nodded, feeling a little dreamy in his heart.

It was like a dream to have the Death Cult’s highest magic weapon, the religious artifact, taken away by me just like that.

Of course, in order to seize the Throne of Thorns, Ye Chen paid a huge price.

Before refining the Throne of Thorns, his Burning Sun Life Star can no longer be used in battle, and he must suppress the Thorns at all times.

The Tianjun God-conferring Monument must also stay in the Life Star World and cannot be used easily.

However, overall, Ye Chen was in a very happy mood. After all, he had taken the Throne of Thorns and caused heavy losses to the Death Cult.


At this time, there is nothing in time and space.

The witch has sensed the secret of heaven and knows that Demon Ancestor Wutian has been defeated, so she wants to recall the power of the Death God’s authority and the Throne of Thorns.

But the next moment, she felt that the connection between her mind and the Throne of Thorns had actually been lost, and she was completely unable to mobilize.

“What’s going on?”

The devil’s expression changed drastically, she counted with her fingers, and then screamed:

“Ye Chen, it’s you!”

“How brave you are, how dare you **** my throne of thorns!”

The witch was furious and panicked in her heart. She repeatedly activated the Throne of Thorns to recall the magic weapon, but received no response at all.

This Throne of Thorns has been sealed in Ye Chen’s life star bloodline. If she wants to take it back, she must kill Ye Chen first.

But how could the legendary Lord of Reincarnation be so easy to kill?

The Throne of Thorns was lost, and the entire Death Cult was alarmed.


The thunder was raging, and it seemed like a disaster was brewing.

Many strong men of the Death Cult have felt this huge change.

There were many powerful men under the Supreme Apocalypse, with a cold glint in their eyes.

After becoming the God of Death, the Witch imprisoned Apocalypse Supreme and suppressed and subdued all the Apocalypse Supreme’s old subordinates.

But now, she has lost the Throne of Thorns, and many of Apocalypse Supreme’s old subordinates have begun to rebel in their hearts.

A terrifying storm is brewing in the Death Cult.

What’s even more terrible is that the witch lost not only the Throne of Thorns, but also part of the power of the God of Death.

She has lent this part of the Death God’s power to Demon Ancestor Wutian!

With the loss of the Throne of Thorns, she suffered a backlash and her vitality was severely damaged. Even this part of her power could not be recovered.


At this time, Demon Ancestor Wutian, after being defeated, fled to a remote void in embarrassment. He thought that the hero was doomed and had to die.

But not long after, he felt that the authority and energy of his own death had not dissipated and had not returned to the witch, but was still in his body.

“Throne of Thorns…Scorching Sun and Life Star…”

“That’s it.”

Demon Ancestor Wutian’s eyes sparkled, and he sensed everything in an instant, knowing that Ye Chen forcibly left the Throne of Thorns behind, which greatly damaged the witch’s vitality, and also benefited him.

“Hahaha, how pitiful God is, my Demon Ancestor Wutian is indeed the real God of Death!”

When Demon Ancestor Wu Tian was at his end, he couldn’t help but laugh wildly when he saw the turning point.


In the Star-Moon Realm, Ye Chen can naturally sense that Demon Ancestor Wutian is not dead yet.

“Demon Ancestor Wutian, although you are immortal, you have no right to be arrogant anymore.”

Ye Chen’s eyes are like a torch and he sees everything clearly.

After entering the Taishang World for so long, Demon Ancestor Wutian was the first super powerful enemy he defeated.

To deal with this kind of enemy, Ye Chen will not show any mercy.

He sent his men to destroy Demon Ancestor Wutian’s lair, which was the Jianmen World.

There is also the once dark forbidden sea, which cannot be let go. In short, all existences in the Wutian camp must be wiped out.

Of course, if there are people who want to submit to reincarnation, Ye Chen will also recruit them based on the situation.

After a busy day, everything has been decided. Demon Ancestor Wutian’s power in the Taishang World can be said to have been uprooted from the roots.

From now on, there will be no Wutian camp or Death camp in Taishang World.

Ye Chen defeated Demon Ancestor Wutian, which directly shocked the entire Taishang World and Tianwaitian.

No one expected that Ye Chen would be so powerful that he could even defeat Demon Ancestor Wu Tian, ​​who holds the power of the God of Death.

Even the legendary Throne of Thorns fell into his hands.

For a time, Ye Chen became famous in Taishang World, and many powerful people came to seek refuge with him, willing to submit to reincarnation.

The world of living beings and the world of **** were merged into the star-moon world. The former king of **** and the Patriarch of the Truth Buddha, Ran Deng, stayed with Ye Chen from then on.

Yunjin and Shanrou became Ye Chen’s personal maids.

After the battle, the grass gods Qingyan and Zilan said goodbye to Ye Chen and returned to Qiancao Villa.

Ice God Tianzun Wu Linghua also said goodbye to Ye Chen. She felt deeply ashamed and said:

“My strength has declined too much compared to its peak. As an ally, I hope it will not hold me back.”

In the battle with Demon Ancestor Wutian, Wu Linghua used 100% of her combat effectiveness, at most 50%, because of the fear and fear of death that existed in her heart.

At her peak, she was completely unafraid of death.

But now, she has become afraid of death, and her strength has declined too much.

“Miss Linghua, don’t blame yourself. When you go to time and space in the future, your power will be fully restored and you will be the supreme Ice God.”

Ye Chen smiled to comfort him without any intention of blaming him.

Wu Linghua sighed quietly and left.

Gu Yongxiao also followed Wu Linghua back because his eyes had not fully recovered. He still needed the energy from Destiny Tianchi to continue treating his eyes.

After sending Wu Linghua away, Ye Chen returned to the Proud World Palace.

At this time, Night Mother Feng Yuying and Xuan Hanyu both chose to retreat.

In the battle with Demon Ancestor Wutian, they also felt their own shortcomings and were afraid of death. Tortured by fear, they were unable to fully exert their strength.

Ye Chen has seen the power of Demon Ancestor Wutian, so he naturally knows how terrifying the power of Death is.

“It would be great if the God of Death was Wan’er.”

Ye Chen secretly sighed in his heart, if Shen Tu Wan’er became the God of Death, then his reincarnation camp’s power would skyrocket.

Unfortunately, the witch became the new **** of death, and Shentu Wan’er fell into a deep sleep.

What Ye Chen wants to do now is to revive Shen Tu Wan’er and then find a way to seize the power of the God of Death.


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