The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9154: That’s it

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As Ye Chen listened to Li Jueyun’s question, a hint of murderous intent flashed across his eyes, and he had murderous thoughts in his heart.

The current Li Jueyun had just fought against Chi Mo Poison Scorpion and had lost a lot of energy.

If Ye Chen takes action, there is a great chance to kill him!

Killing Li Jueyun can also eliminate an enemy and avoid future troubles.

What’s more important is that the Zhouguang bloodline in Li Jueyun’s body is the first-class existence in the world.

If Ye Chen can seize it, with the addition of Zhouguang bloodline, his strength will definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

“One inch of strength, open the sky!”

Thinking like this, Ye Chen immediately punched out, and his fist struck Li Jueyun’s head with extremely ferocious force.

He did not use the power of his reincarnation bloodline to avoid being discovered by the Moral God.

“Ye Chen, it’s you!”

Li Jueyun screamed. Although Ye Chen did not use the power of reincarnation, this move “open the sky with an inch of strength” was so powerful that Li Jueyun recognized it.

Besides Ye Chen, who else in this world can unleash such terrifying punching power?

An unparalleled punch came, and Li Jueyun was horrified. He hurriedly pulled away and flew back, avoiding Ye Chen’s punch in a very embarrassed manner.

Ye Chen punched the place where Li Jueyun had just stood. The force of the fist exploded and the void shattered. The surrounding mountain walls and the earth were shaken open, and the magma rolled, which made Ye Chen’s power even more terrifying.

The woman in black in the distance was at the moment of confrontation with the Chi Mo Poisonous Scorpion. After knowing Ye Chen’s identity, her eyes showed a deep look of surprise. She was so distracted that she was almost killed by the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion. The poisonous scorpion bites back.

“Dragon Fighting Spear, break it for me!”

Ye Chen held his big hand, and the energy of the surrounding lava gathered, turning into a rock gun wrapped in magma. The gun was surrounded by real dragons, making it extremely powerful.

With a wave of his hand, Long Dou’s spear shot out and shot at Li Jueyun from a distance.

Li Jueyun was horrified and hurriedly used the Avenue of Time, forming a solid time barrier in front of him to resist Ye Chen’s Dragon Fighting Spear.

However, when he had just resisted the Dragon Fighting Spear, he felt the sound of sword energy piercing the air coming from behind, extremely sharp and sharp.

Li Jueyun looked back and was immediately shocked.

I saw another Ye Chen, holding the Heavenly Sword of Samsara, with sword energy like a rainbow, stabbing at Li Jueyun’s back.

“It’s a clone!”

Li Jueyun was horrified that there were two Ye Chens in the field, one holding the Dragon Fighting Spear and the other holding the Samsara Heavenly Sword tightly.

The sword-wielding Ye Chen is Ye Chen’s Qinglian clone!

Just now, Ye Chen used the Dragon Fighting Spear, but it was actually just to confuse him. The real killing move was his clone!

Ye Chen’s avatar held a sword, which was as powerful as thunder. The sword pierced Li Jueyun’s back and penetrated his heart.


Li Jueyun vomited blood on the spot and his face turned pale.

If an ordinary person were to be pierced through the heart by Ye Chen, there would be only death.

However, Li Jueyun has Zhouguang bloodline, and the bloodline has its own protective effect.

The moment the heart was pierced, the power of his Zhouguang bloodline was activated to turn back time, restore the heart to the state before it was pierced, and come back to life.

“Damn it!”

Li Jueyun was furious, and struck Ye Chen’s clone with a palm with great power.

The strength of Ye Chen’s clone is only about 40% of the original body, so naturally it cannot bear it.

However, Ye Chen reacted very quickly. The moment the sword pierced Li Jueyun’s heart, he had already controlled his clone to retreat, avoiding Li Jueyun’s counterattack.

“Zhouguang bloodline is indeed magical.”

Ye Chen looked at Li Jueyun with a smile on his lips.

Li Jueyun was stabbed in the heart but survived, and even recovered from his injuries instantly, which Ye Chen expected.

However, Li Jueyun is panting now and his face is pale. It is obvious that using the power of Zhouguang bloodline has also brought huge consumption to him.

Ye Chen can kill him with one sword, but as long as he kills him a few more times, sooner or later his blood will be unable to bear it, and he will die.

“That’s it.”

Ye Chen chuckled, and his body and clone shot out at the same time. The two figures were extremely fierce and attacked Li Jueyun together.

Although his clone is not as powerful as his main body, it holds the Heavenly Sword of Samsara in its hand, which is already an upgraded weapon. It is quite ferocious in killing, enough to pose an incomparable threat to Li Jueyun.

Faced with Ye Chen’s left and right attacks, Li Jueyun suddenly fell into a panic and quickly retreated for more than ten steps. Then he suddenly stood still, with a hint of gloom in his eyes, and said:

“Ye Chen, do you think you can kill me?”

“This is the Zihuang Immortal Palace. I have the blessing of the Moral God, and you are not my opponent yet!”

After saying that, Li Jueyun opened his hands, and an extremely blazing flame appeared on each finger, with ancient runes on them, which was the power of the fire source.

The energy aura from the fire source surrounded Li Jueyun, and the surrounding magma was attracted and flowed over, hovering under his feet, with extremely hot power.

“Give you a chance, get out of here right now!”

“If you want to fight, we will fight again in the future, but today, Chi Mo Poison Scorpion is born, and it is not the time for a decisive battle, so get out of here!”

“Otherwise, if I, the Holy Son, use the ninth heavenly fire seal, you will only die!”

On Li Jueyun’s hands, flames burst out, making his whole person look extremely powerful and his tone was quite arrogant.

However, Ye Chen felt his lack of confidence from his arrogant tone.

“Use the Nine Heavenly Fire Seal and let me see how powerful it is.”

“Haha, even if you are blessed by the Moral God, you are not my opponent now.”


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